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Behind the Anglophone War

What the Ayah family and the Ayah Foundation are going through.

Many are already aware of what the Ayah Family and the Ayah Foundation are going through by reason of their humanitarian endeavours. But to drive the point home, it could be salutary to mention a few pointed instances of hostilities here again.

In 2016, a representative of the Obaki Foundation in Buea was falsely arrested and detained on the flimsy ground that the foundation had sent money through him for the St Valentine Centre, Buea. Even when it was discovered that the transaction was genuine, the Legal Department extorted 10.000 (ten thousand) francs from their senior colleague, Ayah Paul Abine, for the release (bail) of the innocent young man.

The fact is conspicuously notorious that threats to shoot down members of the Ayah Foundation on sight for providing food and shelter for the orphans, the widows, the frail and elderly, the wounded, and the victims of the Anglophone War, generally, in the forests/bushes has brought the life-saving project to a halt.

Not any less notorious is the freezing of our bank accounts, Paypal accounts, mobile money accounts... On the last point just mentioned, I have received from one of my children 305.000 through MTN mobile money account once since the opening of the account. I have not sent any money through that account any one time, nor have I received any other sum of money through it ever.

I was surprisingly summoned up by MTN to regularize the account in the first quarter of 2018. That I did personally, additionally; and on April 2, 2018, MTN sent me the following message:
“L’information personal [PERSONAL?] a été mise à jour pour AYAH PAUL ABINE.”
Only for the very MTN to send me a message on August 10, 2018, closing my account, ostensibly, for irregularity!

Clearly, the Anglophone War is in facets: overt and covert; direct and subtle; general and targeted. So too is the coalition of the belligerent forces. And MTN is incontestably one of them, wearing a mask!

One thing, though! The Ayahs have been in the domain of humanitarian endeavours since 9th January, 1989, when St Valentine Centre, Buea, was founded – way back before the beginning of the current Anglophone War. Any attempt to smear us; all scheming to intimidate us; all insidious manoeuvres to set us up; all such diabolic, criminal efforts are doomed to end up in fiasco!

The inner DRIVE is the BLOOD in our veins!


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