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Dear Ambalanders, Do not be discouraged. Remember that like our thumbprints, each of which is unique, so too are our thoughts on the same or similar issues. One thing that my learning through teaching taught me, is that whenever I marked examination scripts, I always loved to get back to the scripts several months after in order to evaluate myself on how I marked the scripts. In these later reviews, I always discovered that those who passed my examinations, understood my lessons but the same students never gave me the same answer especially, word-for-word.

In a restoration struggle like ours, there cannot possibly be an equal number of persons with exactly the same understanding of what we want, how we should pursue it, when we want it, who should get it, and for whom it should be gotten, for there could be as many views as there are different fingerprints.

The above observations speak to the apparent discordant voices coming out of the meetings over the Southern Cameroons struggle in the last couple of days in Nigeria. In the quiet of my reflections I can discern that every individual or group making his or their voices heard, is fighting for the bigger picture, i.e. the common interest of Southern Cameroonians and their Nation -Southern Cameroons. The differences arise from the points of divergence on approaches to be employed for securing the same goal.

Many have described the point at which our liberation struggle has reached to be a disastrous cross-road pregnant with such negative energies that put the life of the struggle at the highest risk imaginable. I disagree. I rather think, hope and trust that the paramountcy of the common objective and the ownership of this objective by the grassroots population of our country will cushion risk and harness the negative energies into the “synergy” that will produce an unexpected amount of positive energy that will fire the struggle in the weeks ahead right back into the orbit of success, and definitively so. A lot of heat will be produced in this process and thank God, we have a formidable cooling system, “corporate” prayers for peaceful exit from bondage into sustainable peace-flavored independence.


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