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Consortium urges Southern Cameroons MP/ Senators to Choose the Right side of History, Blasts Commission on Billingualism

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty in the words of Thomas Jefferson echoed at the la republic parliament by Hon. Joseph Wirba in the December 2016 session. Those of us who have been expecting that the people purportedly elected by us to represent our views before government and translate exactly how we feel at any given moment, may well be on course to talking for someone else, if we were to go by the opening addresses presented in both houses by the eldest Members who all happen to be nonagenarians from Southern Cameroons.

The two old folks contented themselves with speeches carefully prepared for them by the authoritarian government in Yaounde that is determined to threaten and blackmail everyone to submission. The address presented by Senator Nfon V. E Mukete stood in sham contrast to his previously held positions. In his capacity as President of the South West Chiefs' Conference, Nfon Mukete endorsed a strongly worded memorandum addressed to the Head of State by the five Bishops of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province, dissecting the Anglophone Problem, decrying our marginalization and proposing a two-state federal system of government as solution. Threats on the lives and businesses of his children and himself have, from all indications weighed down on his ability to reiterate what he stands for. Although MPs of the CPDM Party in the North West and South West regions did hold a meeting with representatives of Common Law Lawyers in Yaounde and came out with some strong resolutions, they soon appeared to regret holding that meeting, judging from their actions in the aftermath of the meeting.

Most of the MPs rather resorted to doing the contrary of their earlier spirit and began only speaking to back the government. Those of the opposition SDF have received a marked degree of praise for remaining steadfast by those involved in the struggle. They marched in the streets of Bamenda and Buea to show condemnation and solid., with the poor treatment of students of the University of Buea who were attacked on Campus and at their hostels, tortured, maimed, raped and detained in large numbers. At successive NEC meetings in Bamenda they also came out with strong resolutions berating the rampant kidnappings and extortions. These efforts not, withstanding, we are expecting them to all remake history like their peers in the late 1950s who left a truculent Nigerian Parliament at the time and moved en mass to Buea to exercise their rights of self determination.

The people you all claim to represent are watching you and taking down important notes that shall be written on the sands of time. The current threats on the life and freedom of SDF MP representing the Jakiri Special Constituency in the North West Region, Hon. Wirba Joseph just because he used the rostrum at the National Assembly last December 2016 to decry the dehumanizing treatment being meted out on Anglophones in Cameroon, forcing him to flee to safety is eloquent proof that no one, not even an elected official with immunity can expose the plight of the annexed people of Southern Cameroons and go free.

It is within that framework that the Consortium is calling on all It is within that framework that the consortium is calling on all the other 64 MPs/Senetors of Southern Cameroons extraction not to choose the wrong side of history by staying in Yaounde to do business as usual while their constituents are abducted, kidnapped, maimed and tortured by the day by forces of occupation, thrown in jail and heard summarily in Kangaroo courts on trumped up charges daily. It would be an aberration for these MPs/Senators to do business as usual while their territory is under military occupation with all what that entails, while their peoples are deprived of the internet for 57 days and counting, while their markets and other infrastructures are set ablaze daily by rogue regime with intention to force the already very improvised masses to submission.

If despite all these unacceptable and demeaning acts on their people, the MPs/Senators still go ahead to sit down in Yaounde and continue to share from the table of the oppressor, that should serve as undiluted evidence to national and international opinions that these so called legislators were never truly elected by their people, but hand-picked through a flawed electoral process to the regime’s dirty chores even against the interests of the same people they purport to speak for.We hold this view strongly because if the MPs/Senators believe thy owe their seats at the House of Assembly to the votes cast by their constituents, they would be the voices of these people and stand with them by refusing to take part in any deliberations until those captured and imprisoned in Yaounde are released, until the internet signals are returned to their regions and until the concerns being expressed by their people are addressed.

Bilingualism & Multiculturalism Commission

Yesterday, Wednesday the 15th of March, 2017 President Paul Biya appointed officials into his Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Commission by decree as usual. The Consortium had previously dismissed the creation of that Commission as cosmetic, and the naming of its officials has proven the point we made earlier. By designating former Premier, Peter Mafany Musonge, a well known xenophobe as Chairman, President Biya simply confirmed our position that the body was just another diversion from the burning issues of the day. Prior to the creation of this Commission, many have existed with the same status; the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms- NCHRF, the National Anti Corruption Commission- NACC, the National Communication Council- NCC, Elections Cameroon- ELECAM and many others with very mitigated results.

That is clear testimony to the effect that this so-called Commission on Bilingualism is a toothless bulldog only meant to divert attention from the real concerns of Southern Cameroonians/Ambzonians.We call on our people to totally disregard the putting in place of such a structure as a farce. We want to make it once-more abundantly clear that in no circumstance shall anyone hold any talks on behalf of Southern Cameroonian, Ambazonians in the absence of the leaders of the Consortium: both those incerated and the ones on the run, and in the presence of representatives of the United Nations, the United Kingdom and the African Union for the conclusions and resolutions to be mutually binding on all.

It is also of importance to mention here that the people of the Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia have triumphantly rejected the current political class winning and dinning with our oppressors in Yaounde, mainly because they have proven over the years that they represent nothing but their selfish interests. The Consortium seizes this opportunity to re-emphasize our option to pursue the total restoration of the statehood of Southern Carneroons/Ambazonia by all peaceful means possible.

We call on our people to remain steadfast and resist all forms of provocation from the forces of occupation parading our streets eager to spill blood. We once more remind them that we shall never relent in our efforts to secure their freedom and ensure a brighter future for our children.

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