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Freedom Today Or Tomorrow: Let Your Conscience Guide You

Brain washing or having a sense /feeling of recognition by La Republique determine those who now push and cry that schools reopen . LR has convinced the brainwashed by telling them that," Those who say schools be shut down are all abroad and their own children in schools while we stay home in Cameroon and receive all negative consequences of children not going to school". This statement is brainwashing because education is not necessarily about schooling. Workshops are better placed in the present situation of the country than rushing to obtain certificates that neither give us clear cut skills to compete nationally and internationally. This type of education is only useful for those with godfathers who will give such youths/citizens fake certificates, fake recruitments into government offices and higher schools of learning and this outcome is a fake society . It is not uncommon to see a medical doctors from the said schools butcher patients in hospitals. The teachers in teaching, teach " wrong stuff" . Etc. The brainwashed Southern Cameroonian does not see that, all about schools reopening is for LR's advantage only. How many children of peasant farmers are in ENS, EMIA, ENAM etc.? You must have a godfather to cross. SO WHY RUSH CHILDREN TO SCHOOLS today so that tomorrow they beg for dresses and shoes from you as graduates? We are helping LR to go ahead with corruption, embezzlement, annexation and all other societal ills including the selling of the future of our children by buying their deceitful brainwashing ideas. Why do we not open our workshops at all angles and give children skills that will help them to be independent financially at early stages of life so that they can return to formal education later while we handle this rubbish?


Play a good role in parental counseling. Can your child look and copy your life style and even call you their role model? In other words are you a good parent? Or are you a parent with La Republique blood flowing in you or are you helping in bringing up these children in God' s principles? Are you comfortable with your LR connections so that the rest of our children may rut in jail, poverty and servitude while yours continue to foster the tribe of privileged slaves?

Those who are asking you to send children to schools have their children pampered by our endowed natural resources and your tax money. For some time now, they have received no money from the physical stamps etc we buy .This money always ends up in individual pockets. When you assess the number of children deceived to write ENS a year and the amount each student pays before writing the exam, multiplied by total number of students who write the exams and adding to the total number of exams launched each year, then you will see why they are preaching the song for schools to reopen. These exams are announced when the list of those to enter the schools had already been compiled with each candidate handing in heavy envelopes for LR circles to share. When we get back our land it will certainly not be a problem taking care of the teachers who were not paid during the period of crisis.

Our children have a right to decent education, meaningful and purposeful education. You have a right to good health insurance considering the natural resources we have. Everybody has the right to enjoy a certain percentage of these resources. It is every parent's dream to endow their children, both with a good education and a thriving economic legacy. Good parents don't only want to leave behind an inheritance for their children, they think of their grand children as well. Let us not be a penny wise and a pound foolish.

What if churches and school proprietors call us to send children to school? These are businesses and they are under pressure. This is because, they are trying to come out of the heat LR is putting on them. But know that if we say no, they will not enter our homes. What do you say about those in prison and those who have died, those in exile? Where is your steadfast contribution as an individual or community?

Why do they say there is dialogue yet those who spoke the truth and asked for dialogue are in prisons? Well let us know the fact and the truth; if our parents had done their assignment, we most certainly won't be here. Shall we look at our children and allow the fear of hunger defeat our good reason? Are we able to stare them in the face and tell them:
"Dear children, we are sorry, you will have to handle this situation on your own when we are gone?"
Dear good parents, let your conscience guide you.

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