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Ambazonia: Activist expresses regrets over Anglophones clinching as slaves to LRC

I can only express regrets over those Anglophones who want to continue being slaves to LRC. Anglophones are once again on the cross roads of marginalization with the creating of the Constitutional Council. This is where I join BEN MUNA to say that Anglophones must continue to fight, even if it takes 100 years to liberate themselves from such captivity.
FRANCIS WACHE mentioned in 1996 that the AJIDJO/BIYA regimes have kept prostituting with the constitutions over time to ensure that an Anglophone never becomes president and that is a truism.

When the PM was Anglophone (FONCHA) under AHIDJO, the constitution was amended to grant succession right to the speaker of the national assembly. When the speaker of national assembly was Anglophone (MUNA) the constitution was amended and the speaker had to ensure a smooth transition of power by conducting elections in which he (the Speaker) will not be a candidate, invoking the maxim of someone not judge and jury in your own case.

When Biya came he ensured that the speaker remained francophone and now that the Constitutional Council is set up, the pioneer chairman is a francophone, so either ways, power remains in the hands of the francophones.
The constitutional council president has accession rights to the throne in the event of vacancy of the throne.

So where does that leave the Anglophones?

President of the Republic- francophone

President of Constitutional Council - francophone

Secretary General at the Presidency- francophone

Director of Civil Cabinet - francophone

Head of Economic and Social Council- francophone

President of Senate -francophone

President of National Assembly -francophone

Finally, prime minister who is a toothless bull dog comes after how many places in State Protocol? Even the Secretary General at the Prime Ministers office possesses more powers than his boss as the former receives direct orders from the Presidency, to the utter dismay of his boss and this post has been reserved almost exclusively for the Anglophones.

Biya has put in place his rigging machinery to ensure an absolute victory in the next elections, regardless of the fact that people are dying on a daily basis in the Anglophone zone. They will tell you that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow but an appointment of this nature has its youngest member being above 70 years then I begin to doubt what the above adage means. Perhaps someone takes delight in celebrating senility here.

At the height of the Anglophone crisis, the Common Law entrance exam that was organized in ENAM had just 02 Anglophones featured out of the 20 admitted candidates. Biya once again reminds Anglophones that they are a captured people who are used as a trophy to brandish to the captors. . Biya has once again reminded Anglophones as it has been said in several quarters that an Anglophone will never be president, reason why we must continue to use all means to fight.

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