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Ambazonian Genocide: Senior Journalist Ekinneh Agbor Exposes Cameroon's Top Military Agent

Many people doubted the fact that it was LRC soldiers who have been burning villages and school institutions in Ambazonia all along, till DIDIER BADJECK confirmed it on air, claiming that he population has been fraternizing with terrorists and deserve to be punished. Many so called Ambazonia assailants who are purportedly arrested are innocent people who couldnt run or defend themselves. Since LRC Army are unable to defeat Ambazonia warriors, they now vent their frustration and anger on the civilian population who cannot defend themselves; arresting innocent people, burning entire villages as was the case in KWAKWA, KEMBONG, BELO and parts of MBONGE.

EKINNEH AGBOR relayed this information in his post of February 12, 2017. EKINNEH AGBOR has made significant intellectual contributions to the struggle this far, writing extensively on various subjects, without mincing words, EKINNEH distances himself of all pettiness and hammers on the hard facts in strong unequivocal language, keeping it honest as usual. Though he dwells mostly on the narrative and cross examines situations subjectively in hindsight.
EKINNEH closes his debate in the interrogative, leaving room for the reader to reader to draw his own conclusions.

Read full article here:Cameroon Defence Ministry spokesman admits War crimes

EKKINEH need not express anger over the above declarations because BADJECK was simply confessing what instructions LRC gave its soldiers to carry out in the Ambazonia territory. DIDIER BADJECK actually confirmed the fact that LRC soldiers have been deliberately perpetrating CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in Ambazonia territory in reprisal attacks all this while.

The helpless and vulnerable population has borne the brunt of the anger of the LRC military as they have been molested, beaten, killed, abducted, their homes burned down with old people inside and their property destroyed.

BADJECK openly justified these atrocities that have been meted out on civilians on International Media, that the civilian population deserves to be PUNISHED because they are harboring terrorists in their villages,
Giving him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps BADJECK doesnt know the far reaching implications of his declarations. Being a protégé of the BIYA Regime, BADJECK believes that he is above the law like his BIYA champion who is above all the laws of the land and he can perpetrate these atrocities and get away with it.

BIYA gives the military a free hand because the regime is highly unpopular/obnoxious and has lost all legitimacy in public face, reason and it can only hinge on the military for its survival. BADJECK like the top military officials are the ones who are draining the State Treasury of billions of francs in fraudulent payments, fictitious military claims at the state treasury, and the sale of military fuel to the public and other things, in the same way as LRC top military sold ammunitions to pirates during the BAKASSI days.

The 2016 CONAC report talked of fraudulent payments worth 15 billion xaf from the state treasury but it failed to mention that top military personnel at the military court were the architects of this fraud; only the Finance officials were mentioned. BADJECK and other will be tried for Crimes against Humanity when the time comes.

MILOSEVIC perpetrated similar atrocities in the BALKANS in the 1990s and imagined he will get away with it, until the slow mill of justice caught up with him and he died in detention, his Hench men who controlled the military like RADCO VLADIC and others who masterminded the genocide fled into hiding hoping to get away with Crimes against Humanity. RADCO went into hiding for several years till the long arm of the law fished him out and he answered for his crimes.

Most of the atrocities and Crimes against Humanity that were carried out in Northern LRC during the fight against BOKO HARAM were perpetrated by LRC soldiers and blamed on BOKO HARAM. LRC claimed that the indigenous population was harboring terrorists, reason why entire villages were burned down by LRC soldiers.

The same military atrocities have been perpetrated during the Anglophone crisis, with arson, abductions, indiscriminate killings, destruction of private poverty and many other atrocities under the guise of punishing civilians who are hiding terrorists.
For those who want to sympathize with LRC, they should think again:

When lawyers were beaten, dragged in the mud and their robes and wigs confiscated in full view of the public, no one had raised finger against forces of LRC.

When University of Buea students were beaten and drenched in sewage because they were asking for the respect of their rights, no one had raised a finger.

When many Anglophones were abducted and detained in Yaoundé for several months, no one had raised a finger against LRC.

When octogenarians were brutalized in Ekona by LRC forces and many houses were looted in Munyenge, no one had raised a finger yet against these forces.

When homes were broken into in KEMBONG and young men were shot in the foot, no one had attacked the forces of LRC.

When a pregnant woman in labour died because she was prevented from reaching the hospital due to the state of emergency no one had raised a finger.

When little WIDZEREN, a 14 year old kid who posed no threat to anyone was shot in the eye, no one had shot even a dane guns.

When MENYONG GEORGE and many others received multiple shots on their legs no one had raised a broom.

When 10 people were shot dead on December 2016 in Bamenda, only a catapult was shot.

When mass killings occurred on September 22nd 2017 in Ambazonia territory, only peace plants were raised.

When foreign soldiers came and perpetrated atrocities on October 1 2017 with an estimated 150 killed, perhaps only a flag was raised. Many people with bullet wounds were prevented from reaching the hospital, reason why they bled to death because the forces showed no mercy, reason why Ambazonia soldiers have vowed to show no mercy, paying the oppressor in his own coins.

When entire villages in Manyu were raided and youths were shot in the leg just because they were boys, no one had raised a finger against the forces of LRC

Sam soya beheaded and the video was broadcast on media, it was deliberate an act, sending a message to the Ambazonians.

Why is the world almost always silent in the face of these atrocities?

Where was the world when ADOLF HITLER was exterminating the JEWS across Europe, with an estimated 6 million JEWS killed?

Where was the world when the HUTUS and TUTSIS tore each other apart?

Where was the world when Milosevic and his killer machinery were exterminating the Kosovo Albanians in the Balkans?

Where is the world as BIYA is is killing Anglophones and burning down entire villages because these people have a different political opinion from the Biya klepto-Gerontocracy that has impoverished the masses for 36 years.

Is it true that there is a conflict between State Sovereignty and intervention for Humanitarian purposes?

Will the world stand by and watch till millions of Anglophones are killed before stepping in?

Even among the Catholics who are so strict with marriage, the marriage vow FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE has its limitations. A woman cannot remain in an abusive relationship where her life is in danger in the name of marriage. A woman cannot see a man attacking her with a sharpened machete and she stays in the relationship in the name of love, knowing well that she will be killed. The church doesnt call that love but suicide. She takes up the matter with the Bishop and he grants a separation to the couple even though that doesnt give either partner to right to remarry. Good enough NEBA NATHAN is a staunch catholic; he can contradict me if Im wrong.

This brings to play the RIGHT TO SELF DEFENCE which is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.

Shall we stand by and give BIYA the open cheque for him to kill as many of us as possible without defending ourselves? When a defenseless people are continuously killed by armed forces, the people reserve the right to defend themselves.

Self defense is a fundamental human right that is recognized by law.

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