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The other day we recalled 9/11 for USA and 9/22 for Cameroon.
Today we recall TIANAMEN SQUARE MASSACRE in CHINA that held 4th June 1989 as armed troops with assault rifles and tanks with machine guns were deployed to exterminate anyone who dared challenge the regime, after the Government declared Martial Law to oppress the uprising. This protest was set against the back drop of a failed economic system, galloping inflation and poor governance, starvation and generalized social tensions. Till date, its not clear as to how many people were killed during these protests as the government used crude means to dispose of many corpses. Deaths are estimated at about 2,500 people or more, killed with live bullets.

The ANGLOPHONE MASSACRE of October 1 1989 followed similar circumstances. History always repeats its ugly self because we arent humble enough to learn the lessons it offers us; instead, we are more interested to learn of historic dates. DICTATORS have always believed they are above GOD and above DEATH/DESTRUCTION and they have power over life and death of their citizens and arent held to account for their actions.

OCTOBER 1 2017 will be remembered for various reasons, both positively and negatively. For the first time in history, the Cameroon legislature organized a show of shame to commemorate October 1 as the ACTUAL REUNIFICATION DATE, a date that has been tabooed for 56 years. The truth can be buried but it can never be destroyed. On the day of reckoning, even the deepest oceans will explode and give up their dead and every hidden sin will be brought to light.

True to his menacing words, OKALIA BILAI kept his promise and hell hounds were unleashed upon the dogs to massacre them and to dispose of the corpses in the bushes since there wasnt enough time to bury them in mass graves like we saw with the OPERATIONAL COMMAND, LAKE NYOS, 1984 COUP and others. Such, is BIYA-style mass executions.

What occurred was carefully orchestrated in their demonic kilns.

FIRSTLY, a STATE OF EMERGENCY was declared to prohibit people from staying outdoors after 9pm to 6 am and from moving from one town to another.

SECONDLY, many BIRs were ferried into town by buses; some even came with commercial buses, MUSANGO.

THIRDLY, ISSA TCHIROMA made a trip to Douala, to give EQUINOXE a firm warning for them not to cover the event. (Prior to that a journalist of the said extraction was brutalized and his camera was completely destroyed and the military head warned him sternly, how his station had been supporting the Anglophone problem)

FOURTHLY, the SW Governor did similar by convening press organs to his cabinet to reiterate governments position of repressing truths about the Anglophone crisis

FIRTHLY, the internet was once again shut down as early as Friday for some individuals though the MINPOSTEL published a document negating internet shut down, which was a big lie. Within that time, MTN was carrying out experimental maneuvers on how they could deny internet access without overtly doing so- I explain, the 4G internet signal was visible, showing that there was internet when it was impossible to download or upload anything. In essence, the 4G was deliberately jammed by MTN. MTN sent broadcast messages, apologizing for disturbances in the network and that things were ok now, shortly after that, many subscribers lost internet connection on Friday as from 10;00am. And the BIRs never wanted anyone outside who could film their atrocities and show it to the world.

SIXTHLY, many francophones and some Anglophones who had access to top secret information left town latest Friday September 29. Uniformed officers evacuated their families out of Buea for fear of reprisal attacks.

By that same Friday evening, BUEA and BAMENDA were emptied. Few people ventured out of their houses on Saturday 30th. By that time, the internet shut down was complete for the Anglophone regions.
Then Sunday came and the massacre began. The atmosphere was so tense that going out was a nightmare, talk less of moving with a phone to get pictures would have been suicidal. The curfew didnt say people shouldnt go out during the day yet those who were seen out of home either met their death, were savagely beaten or were simply abducted.

These BIR elements who came disguised in Police and Gendarme uniforms to orchestrate the massacre of Anglophones. Their instructions were specific; [ nettoyez ces secteurs ambazoniens et disposez des corps], and it is exactly what they did. The first protester was shot in Muea on the leg and taken to the Health centre beside the market. At the health centre a shot was fired in the air for everyone to flee and nurses fled. The guy was kept there intentionally till he bled to death. When it was confirmed that he had died, the BIRs took the corpse away to an unknown destination.

In GCE board junction another guy was shot on the buttocks as he tried to block the road with a stone. He died on the spot. At Bakweri town the helicopter shot and killed two people and the BIRS carried the corpses to an unknown destination. Severe shooting occurred behind MOKI garage where houses were sprayed with bullets. A womans gate received bullets in quick succession. In mile 16 several people were shot and wounded and some died on the way to hospital. In one case, the BIRS deliberately sat on his body as he gasped for air and bled to death. Another wounded protester who managed to survive and is at the Regional Hospital BUEA now was locked up in a fridge at the SOPPO Brigade where he was tortured there till he came out white and shivering before he was taken to hospital and handcuffed in bed. As we speak, there are many wounded cases at the Buea HOSPITAL Surgical Ward. Those who managed to survive were pulled by their legs, with their backs on the floor from the road to the hospital as the nurses and patients present wailed and cried and stood there helpless in the midst of such high military power.

One man was shot in front of street 7 and volunteers ferried him to the hospital, the BIRs came and prevented them from getting him to hospital, he was thrown by the road side as protesters fled, where he bled to death and the BIRS ferried the corpse away. Severe shooting was recorded around the SW Governors office and its hard to determine those who were killed there. It will take a while before the exact number of people that were killed in BUEA will be determined. Several arrests were made and since GMI was full, MERMOZ banquet hall was broken into and used as a make shift cell pending the evacuation of these detainees to an unknown destination.

In my opinion, these detainees bust have been executed and dumped somewhere, under the cover of darkness. As we speak, there are several disappearances and people are asking about the fate of their loved ones. GMI BUEA is full every other day, with people who are demanding the whereabouts of their loved ones. Those in BUEA can find out to confirm or to refute this. Many houses at EKONA, MUEA, MOLYKO, MILE 16 and GREAT SOPPO were broken into and several people including women and children were molested. In EKONA both the helicopter and the long range machine gun were used to target people at a distance of 1KM away. During the EKONA crack down prior to October 1, many EKONA denizens had abandoned houses and sought refuge in the bushes and that is where they were targeted. Those bushes will need to be combed to pick up bodies from there. In EYUMUJOCK and other MANYU lands the same was carried out and shooting is ongoing till date. In addition to that, some houses are burnt down and some farms are destroyed. Shutting down the internet in these zones was deliberate, to shut the eyes o the world from the atrocities that are perpetrated by BIYA on the Anglophones.

The objective of the mission to AMBALAND by BIRs WAS SPECIFIC;
KILL AS MANY AS POSSIBLE AND DISPOSE OF THE CORPSES in the bushes as instructed by the Governor. The UN seemed to take interest in the number of deaths, reason why the KILL and DISPOSE agenda was put in place so as to conceal facts about the exact number of deaths. So if we add other hot spots like, FIANGO, IKILIWINDI, LEBIALEM, KUPE, MILE 4 LIMBE, then BAMENDA, BAFUT, KUMBO, and many others places where deaths were recorded, one may need only rocket science to comprehend the 10 deaths that were proclaimed by TCHIROMA. It was GENOCIDE and people will be charged with WAR CRIMES. I hope our leaders are also keeping relevant photographs and videos that will be used in future. People like OKALIA BILAI will be tried in their personal names. The BIYA he believes he is trying to please will not be able to protect him then. Those military men who are receiving orders to execute unarmed civilians with machine guns and helicopter gunships will be held to account for their crimes some day. It will take several weeks if not months to determine how many people were executed on October 1. More and more corpses will be discovered in the bushes as time unfolds. BIYA will also be charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANINTY, as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Dont forget that it was the same man, OKALIA BILAI in complicity with SW Attorney General, ESOMBE EMILE who gave the GMI strict instructions to beat up any demonstrating lawyers within the SW Region if they dared demonstrate. True to LAURENT ESSOs word, these lawyers were treated as COMMON CRIMINALS; severely beaten in public, molested and rubbed in the mud, their wigs and gowns confiscated till date.
Later on, during the UB strike, OKALIA BILAI sent Gendarmes to severely beat up students who were peacefully protesting the additional fees that NALOVA wanted to use as a SHAMELESS CASH IN to secure her retirement. What was a peaceful march turned violent when gendarmes and police pounced on students, sending some into the bushes where some were raped, hostels were broken into and some lost valuables to theft and to destruction, students were beaten and forced to lie face down in sewage drainages. Several arrests and disappearances ensued. If lawyers could be treated as such, what about mere students?
The same OKALIA BILAI asked the Molyko police district to give an ally lawyer JOHN KAMANYI a snake-beating when the latter went to get the procedures for the procurement of a hand gun. It was the latter who fed OKALIA BILAI with the names of all the lawyers who were supporting the AGBORBALLL CONSORTIUM, in his usual double game. He got what he deserved though.
When you listen to LELE LAFRIQUE speak and you compare him with OKALIA BILAI, you realize that here is something definitely wrong with the latter. Dont forget that Bamenda is far more hostile than Buea yet LELE is so civil, as civil as the post he occupies, Civil Administrator not a Rogue Administrator who is taking his office so personal and makes scathing declarations about the same people he is called upon to govern. These are the morons called administrators who are imposed on us because they have god fathers in Yaoundé. If not of RENE SADI, we would have known of retired SDO OKALIA and not Governor OKALIA. He was due retirement even before he became SW Governor and he hopes to escape retirement and become minister from here, reason why he is fighting to shed as much blood as possible. When you shed blood in this Regime, you are either promoted or retained in office.

Why was BUEA which has been relatively calm the worst of all?
The AMBAZONIANS insisted on hoisting their flag at the PM LOUNGE which they did, thanks to tact and with the use of mystical powers by apprentice sorcerers in the words of BIYA. Two flags were hoisted at the 50th ANNIVERSARY square and at the PM LOUNGE, locations that are surrounded by two heavily armed military barracks as AMBAZONIANS kept their promise.

When the MUNAs talk of GENOCIDE, francophones want to hang. How different is this from GENOCIDE when one entity consistently kills the other?

ITEM: BOKO HARAM has been killing thousands of Cameroonians since 2014, how many people have AMBAZONIANS killed for the latter to be called terrorists?

ITEM: BOKO HARAM has been using, phone, TV and Internet lines to spread their was rhetoric and Islamist propaganda for ages, has the government ever shut down the internet in these regions as they do in Anglophone Cameroons

ITEM: In spite of all the atrocities committed by BOKO HARAM; abductions, rape, killings, arson and weird terrorism, the Government has negotiated with them on several occasions, paying them billions that they use to refinance evil but the same government is refusing to dialogue with its own citizens, calling them terrorists but cant negotiate with AMBAZONIA.

ITEM: Francophone Cameroon has registered untold strikes over the past year; politicians, Dockers, bikers, teachers, nurses, doctors, workers of defunct companies and so on but all have ended peacefully without a single shot fired in the air, when its the Anglophones, no matter how peaceful it is, blood must flow.

ITEM: over 8 Anglophones died last December, shot and killed in cold blood but nothing was mentioned of them but for the fact that the government claims they attacked forces of law and order and the latter shot in self defense. Lets imagine a scenario where an unarmed citizens attacking someone with a gun, preposterous! OKALIA BILA went to Limbe to visit a child who sprained his arm during a stampede that was caused by NO SCHOOL ACTORS but never thought of making even a consolatory statement about those who had been killed in cold blood because you dont apologize when you kill a cockroach at home or when you kill your neighbors dog that is destroying your property. What is the message? A francophone life is of superior value to that of an Anglophone, better still, both entities do not belong to the same country.

ITEM: when an entity consistently uses HATE SPEECH against the other entity is it not a precursor for genocide?
EMMA BASILE- ennemi dans la maison
JOSEPH OWONA- les biafrens
OWONA NGUINI-les terroristes qui doivent être pulvérisés
ERNEST OBAMA-les cafares (cockroaches in the house)
JEAN JACQUES ZE- les souris qui dérange la maison et doit être nettoyés
OKALIA BILAI- Dogs that will be decimated (indeed they were as we saw on October 1)
FAME NDONGO-Extremists…

Consistently enough, these are all coming from people of the same extraction.
At the Mungo Bridge, if your ID card had a francophone name, they let you pass to Douala, if not you were retained. The same held for Dschang as we speak, then Mbouda and others. BIYA claims we are one and indivisible but BIYA has finally helped AMBAZONIA to divide Cameroon into two entities with the present military lock down of the Anglophone regions.

ITEM: our brothers in Douala and in Yaoundé are already targeted for what crime? BECAUSE THEY ARE ANGLOPHONES. Massive raids are being conducted there to round up people for inexplicable reasons.

ITEM: when the BOMB exploded in DOUALA, the Governor was quick to link it up with the kind of bombs that are used in Bamenda, even though BOKO HARAM has been bombing us for 4 years now. Surprisingly, FRU NDI mentioned this morning that the three wounded policemen were affected by their own grenade that they failed to cap well. MANIPULATION!

This is how the TUTSI/HUTU genocide began.
BIYA and his cohorts will not only be tried at the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT, but they will also be tried for HIGH TREASON against the Anglophone people. BIYA sent MACHINE GUNS and HELICOPTER GUNSHIPS to massacre his own people, unarmed civilians, the same people who voted him to power.
I wonder whether BOBGA HARMONY, NJOH LITUMBE and others about there are keeping all these pieces of evidence, including photos and videos and testimonies from bereaved family members so as to build a case against BIYA for crimes against humanity. From what we heard and saw. It will take something special for an Anglophone to look at a francophone in the eye and smile from his heart. In some quarters in Limbe, the battle lines are already drawn. Once you meet someone and speak a different expression, the countenance changes instantly. BIYA and his cohorts have finally succeeded in making it an ANGLOPHONE/FRANCOPHONE problem when it was never the case. There will come a time when francophones and their interests west of the mungo will be attacked as they are also attacking our brothers across the Mungo and that will be the actual genocide.

To our brothers working in LRC Military, shall you all stand aloof and watch LRC exterminate us? What makes you think you will be spared by them? Its your turn to join the revolution.

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