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An open letter to Innocent Chia and Boh Herbert:  OUR REVOLUTION WOULD NOT BE DERAILED BY POWER MONGERS

Leadership can be complicated but it comes with a basic itinerary, good leaders use it to give their people reasons to support them, not so good leaders use it to give their people reasons they want to leave them; the resignation of Boh Herbert and MORISC from SCACUF and Innocent Chia's biased portrayal of the same organisation comes to play.  It is generally very disappointing for individuals who claim to have the best interest of our people at heart to make public, views that are counterproductive to the struggle of the people of Southern Cameroons and the future of our children, some of which need just basic purified drinking water.

I do agree with Boh Herbert that we do have a leadership crisis, perhaps this is self explanatory because it seems the best are in jail right now and until we get them out, anything short would be considered a sellout.  However, we are in cognisance of the fact that, the best ideas to move this struggle forward so far, have emanated from SCACUF considering the developments that have been spearheaded by their initiatives.

Unless Innocent  Boh Herbert and MORISC can present something better and convince the people to follow him , our people would stick with SCACUF until better comes.  Initially, I was all in for an interim government to be elected so as to put pressure on La Republic and to open a room for international interests and perhaps negotiations. However, under the tutelage of Boh Herbert, MORISC hastening to organise an election and their sudden resignation from SCACUF is a distraction and must fail. Unity is our main weapon and Bo Herbert's attitude seemingly fuelled by an unstoppable desire to grab power is suspicious, divisive and puts into jeopardy, the liberation of Southern Cameroons which has so far been incredibly sustained by the poor "old mamies" in Ndu, Bokova, Barambi, Batibo and the "old papas" in Kupe, Matoh, Kembong, Ekondo Titi and Eyumojock who have forgone selling their plantains, okra and crayfish on market days to make sure that ghost towns are a success.  The people are happy with what SCACUF is putting together so far, and the developments discussed below are definitely milestones in our struggle and only give the people hope for a fresh referendum sooner or later.

1.  To say the least, SCACUF's paying the retainer and signing of legal documents with Foley Hoag to begin proceedings for the Southern Cameroons case is the best PR that this struggle has seen so far.  Foley Hoeg is highly reputed and would therefore do a great job on mounting pressure on the UNO, AU and  La Republic.  The internationalisation of our struggle definitely gets better with their involvement.  Haven said that, more transparency is needed in the proceedings and unless it is for strategic reasons, there people of Southern Cameroons need to be informed on the step by step development of the case, mindful of the fact that the final battle would however be fought and won by Southern Cameroonians at home.  Block by Block, every mother, every father and every child big enough must contribute towards a better future.

2.  The launching of Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) is a massive success in many ways.  It doesn't only serves as a direct antithesis to the propaganda spewed by La Republic on a daily basis via crooked CRTV, Cameroun Tribune, and other state media, it also serves as a symbol of unity, determination and strength considering the fact that it is fully and voluntarily funded by Southern Cameroonians and their sympathisers.  SCBC is a big inspiration to the young Southern Cameroons Tech start-ups in the Silicone Mountain that so far has received unbelievable set backs from La Republic following the internet saga.  Now that the TV is on and running, in no particular order, the next step is Radio and internet and this is a massive step that I can't even overemphasise on the merits.

3. The recent "Block by Block" and or "Community Mobilisation" project led by Atam Millan has all the credibilities to register another milestone in the struggle.

My Advice:  Resignation is some times dignified but when one seems to put their personal reasons before the needs of the people, when you resign at a time that your people need your service the most, at a time that unity is key to our collective struggle, that's not dignity, it is a betrayal.  
My people, there would be more resignations along the way, and some would completely give up the struggle but remember that true leadership is born in crisis and only the ones who can stand the heat would last.  This struggle would not be derailed by power mongers.  The honourable, diligent, brave, hardworking and politically conscious people of Southern Cameroons from Bui County to Ndian, from Bokova to Kembong would fight tooth and nail for unity because it is the deadliest weapon we have and thus the best way forward.



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