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The anglophone Consortium led by interim leaders Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo have just released an 18 point diplomatic action plan in the struggle to restore the statehood of Southern Cameroons.Below is the outline posted on their Facebook wall:

1. The international community has written
2. US state department has condemn and called for dialogue
3. Karen Bass, US congress woman personally wrote on the issue.
4. Canadian and UK MPs have individually written on our case.
5. Dr. Balla University in USA has petition the United Nations
6. All mainstream media(CNN BBC RT etc) has written
7. Aljeezeraa has been on our case
8. The University of Pretoria human rights center, the top in Africa has
requested South Africa government to intervene and help us. They also have asked UN to appoint a mediator.
9. African Bar Association has also condemned
10. International Commission of Justice wrote bitterly and chastised La Republique
11. Amnesty internationaal has called for dialogue and release of our leaders
12. UN expert wrote and called for Internet restoration
13. African Union Chair had also condemned and calling for dialogue
14. Diaspora has been on weekly protest in all embassies

15. Punchline Africa TV together with other media in Africa has been voicing our concerns.
16. France Radio International-RFI today morning debated our case seriously
17. Some major European and African countries will be pushing our case further. We are sorry we cannot disclose the names but rest assured it will change the face of the struggle in due time.
18. UN fact finding mission according to our Intel are planning to come in if we hold on to the protest

And much more actions have been going on diplomatically but diplomacy is slow but we would get there. We have been annexed for 56 years. We are just 3 months into the struggle. All those actions above give our case international attention. All we ask for our people is to remain resolute, to be patient and continue shutting down schools as well as observing ghost towns. These two actions back home hurt La Republique and with the diplomatic push we are doing out here will lead us to freedom. Stay the struggle on. Victory is near.

Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo.
For the Consortium.

 "While there is Internet and telephone blackout in Southern Cameroons, and over 4 million people have been forced by a rogue and repressive government to live as if they were in one big jail without any rights, the Cameroun Ambassador to Washington is planning on having a photo opp party to celebrate the victory of their national team at the last African Cup of Nations. His big plan, in accordance with what his government has been doing in Yaounde, is to say Cameroon is "one and indivisible".

Embassy staff are calling around trying to have as many Southern Cameroonians as possible to attend the event.

What do you think? I think it should either be boycotted or, Southern Cameroonians should invade the space and let all the foreign dignitaries that have been invited to know our displeasure.

Biya's regime will never stop at finding ways to crackdown on anglophone actisists.In a latest development, regime agents have been sending out fake messages to Southern Cameroonian citizen's phones. The anglophone consortium warns that citizens should not fall into the trap probably scripted by  Francophones whoose mastery of the English language is not up to standard:

"OFFICIAL MESSAGE OF THE EYE FOR EYE BRIGARGES: we have now enough elements to neutralized by any means neccessary any of the traitors or ennemies of our struggle in and out of the country but we need sponsors. Any body who is willing to sponsor any target is hereby invited to contact us: tel/whatsapp: +237673237023"

The consortium urges all citizens of Southern Cameroons to use social media to spead the word.There have been a lot of comments trending on Facebook about the fake message.A Southern Cameroonian blogger, Maybelle Boma posted this on her Facebook wall:

Tassang Wilfred asks the people of Southern Cameroons to think about the following when they feel weak or about giving up.

With 3 million clients currently connected to its network, Nextell is the 3rd mobile operator in the country in terms of customer base, far behind MTN and Orange Cameroun. In 2017, this telecoms operator owned by the Vietnamese firm Viettel, is planning to follow closely behind its competitors, by attracting 2 million new customers, to bring its customer base to 5 million clients.

The information was revealed this 17 February 2017 by Haman Oumar, Deputy Managing Director of Nextell. This was on the set of the Cameroonian private television channel Canal 2 International. To reach this goal, the same source explained, Nextell is counting the upcoming launch of “the real 4G”, specified Haman Oumar.

As a reminder, Nextell was the first operator to benefit from the authorisation to roll out the 3G technology in Cameroon. But, the delays observed in the company’s starting activities prevented it from profiting from the 2-year exclusivity granted by the Cameroonian government on this technology.

In March 2015, its two competitors MTN and Orange renewed their licences in Cameroon, with the authorisation to roll out 3G and 4G, which both operators launched the same year, within nine months of each other.


Over the 2017-2018 period, the Cameroonian government is planning to surface a total of 1,615 km of new roads, the Minister of Public Works, Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, announced during a press conference organised on 14 February in the capital of the country.

To reach this objective, approximately 1,000 km of roads will be asphalted this year, the Prime Minister, Philémon Yang, revealed while presenting the economic, political and cultural programme of the government for 2017 to the parliamentarians. This was in November 2016 in Yaoundé.

In this regard, a global envelope of FCfa 461 billion will be injected this year in the road construction, renovation and maintenance works in the country. Some works to be undertaken as part of the emergency plan launched by the government will necessitate FCfa 100 billion, FCfa 12 billion will be transferred to local governments, while the contribution from the budget of the Ministry of Public Works will be FCfa 312 billion.

In other words, in 2017 and 2018, the Cameroonian government will largely exceed its commitment to asphalt an average of 300 km of roads per year. This commitment comes with the ambition the public authorities have of reaching the target of 8,500 km of surfaced roads in Cameroon by 2020 (against slightly over 6,000 km currently). Which will in reality correspond to only 17% of the national road network.


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