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Cameroon's Information Mninister has accused Amnesty International of becoming a propaganda machine for the Islamist radical group Boko Haram.
Minister Tchiroma Bakary was speaking to the BBC on Thursday at the backdrop of accusations of brutal torture of Boko Haram suspects by Cameroonian security forces.
In a recent report, the rights group accused Cameroon of beating, waterboarding and forcing Boko Haram suspects into stress positions.

And some died as a result.
But Mr Tchiroma rubbished the reports, insisting that the country's security forces were out to protect the "physical integrity" of the nation and there was no need to kill innocent civilians.
He remarked that by persistently accusing Cameroon, Amnesty International has become a propaganda tool for Boko Haram.
"Why don't Amnesty International ask Mr Shekau[Boko Haram leader] to leave us alone?" he asked, the BBC reports.
This is certainly not the first time Amnesty International is accusing Cameroon of human rights violations.
But Cameroon has always dismissed every bit of it.

Cameroon has dismissed allegations that her gendarme officers murdered 97 Nigerian fishermen in the Bakassi peninsula.
The incident reportedly happened about two weeks ago.
Cameroon's information minister considers the claims as "baseless" and "unfounded".
However, the minister insists that some Nigerians on cameroonian soil had refused to pay taxes on grounds that they were foreigners.
Every foreigner who respects Cameroon's laws is welcome, he pointed out.

The fishermen, who constituted the majority of the alleged victims, had been killed after they refused to pay a  levy on fishing boats , according to media reports.
The Bakassi peninsula is a disputed area at the borders of Nigeria and Cameroon which was ceded to Cameroon in 2005 by Nigeria following a ruling by the International Court of Justice.
Nigeria is currently investigating the allegations.
In the meantime, one wonders why it has taken so long for  Cameroon to react.
Some 34 Cameroonian military persons are still missing after their boat capsized on a mission to the Bakassi peninsula.

Thursday, 20 July 2017 07:44

Railway line to link Chad to Cameroon

The governments of Cameroon and Chad have signed a convention to construct a railway line linking Ngaoundere in Cameroon with N'djamena in Chad.
This was the outcome of a meeting between officials of both nations on Wednesday in Yaoundé.
The line will cover about 900km, reports say.

The project, according to media reports, could cost FCFA 3 billion.
Visibility studies will soon get underway.
Cameroon and Chad intend to improve their relationships.
Both countries, besides being neighbours, are engaged in the war against the terror group, Boko Haram.

The Yaoundé, Olembe sixty thousand seater capacity stadium will be ready to host the 2019 African cup of Nations. Cameroon's sports minister, Bidoung Kpwatt told the press today in Yaoundé. This reassurance comes to dispel wide media allegations that the Italian company, Piccini charged with the construction of the stadium has stopped works claiming they can't meet up with  delivery deadline.
Minister Bidoung Kpwatt in a usual high tone emphasized mr Biya's desire to see the project realised and his Country host the male  AFCON in his era. As such, he added that, construction materials prefabricated in Italy will begin arriving the country by September 2017 and the foundation will be dug by August next month and above all, the stadium is expected to be delivered by November 2018 two months to the kick off of the biggest continental football jamboree.
This Tuesday's press conference comes at the heels of one which was organised in a mad rush yesterday Monday, July 17 by Piccini in collaboration with the Italian embassy to inform the Cameroonian media men on the evolution of the project hence castigating the negative impression held by many regarding piccini.
 It should be noted that speculations have been rife on mainstream and social media platforms that Morocco has been given the hosting rights since mr Biya's kingdom seems not to be ready due to heavy inertia and severe administrative bottle necks. But this information can not also be ignored since the CAF inspection mission is still to visit the various facilities prior to the competition and only their report shall guarantee Cameroon's full hosting rights.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say Cameroon is one of the countries on earth with good laws which are never respected. Despite the provisions of the 1999 law which States that, a general manager and his deputy shall be appointed either by a 2/3 members of board of directors or presidential decree for a period of three years renewable twice and not more than nine year in special situations, some Beti indigenes, tribe men of mr Biya still go against this splendid legal framework put in place. The record holder of them all is Ernest Ela Evina, the general manager of the national center for studies and mechanization of agriculture (CENEEMA) in Cameroon.

Mr Ela Evina has been at the helm of this very important center since creation in 1972 giving him 43 years in the same office. Some observers say this is unique in the world even as the center's set objectives are still far from being attained nor matter the noise made by the Yaoundé government that the country has embraced second generation agriculture that entails the use of machines. The unpopular GM, mr Ela Evina received new tractors from the government by year 2000 aimed at boosting the agro sector in the country but to the greatest dismay of all and sundry, these tractors were distributed to ministers and top ranking officials in Cameroon and today, most of these machines are lined up in the packing lots of these top barons and in bad state most of them from the Beti tribe meanwhile these tractors are highly needed in the north west and northern regions for the cultivation of rice and maize.

However, mr Ela who has been forgotten in his post is said to be the remaining official who was appointed by Cameroon's former president Ahmadou Ahidjo. Apart from mr Ela's disturbing record, another GM who has won mr Biya's heart is Adolphe Moudiki, who has been discretely at the head of the national oil and gas company ( SNH) for 24 years. Mr Moudiki is a magistrate and former justice minister.

Amongst others who are actually working in absolute illegality as per the 1999 lwa in its sections 47 sub 1 include; Pierre Ekoule Mouange, GM of the Douala stock exchange market has been in office for 12 years, on his part, Michael Ndoping GM of the cocoa and coffee interprofessional board is still there after 11years, Mekoulu Mvondo another tough Beti mafia has ruined the national social insurance fund ( CNPS) for close to 10 years today with no major results to boost of as the enterprise is rather rocked with terrible scandals of embezzlement. This gross disregard of the law and longitivity in office, is said to be the raison d'être of the heavy inertia that characterises the 34 year old regime of Paul Biya.

A hundred and ninety three gallons of illicit fuel has been impounded from some vendors in a crackdown operation in Bamenda. This fuel is considered by the authorities as a contraband and as such, the sale is carried out in hiding. The famous Zuazua or Nfunge is sited at almost every junction in the town of Bamenda and with its lower price can knockout the fuelling stations from the business in no time.

Authorities also want to put an end to this practice for it is also dangerous to the people around where it is being stored for it is highly flammable thus putting the lives of those around at risk.

Authorities attempted impounding this illicit fuel some couple of months ago but were met by stiff resistance from the motorbike riders who staged a drama by trashing some Gendarmerie officers who attempted confiscating the illicit fuel and destroying the taxi in which they were using to carry out the activity.

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