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Philémon Zo’o Zame, managing director of Cameroon’s telecommunication regulatory agency (ART) took a step further in the agency’s fight against the unlawful operators in the sector.  

Indeed, the managing director has just published another statement informing that the unlicensed operators could incur fines between CFA100 million and CFA500 million.

He reminded those operators that they were allowed a 6-months deadline from May 2, 2017, to submit their license application.

This deadline has passed and in line with the agency’s mission, a team will check the licenses this month.

 Philémon Zo'o Zame also said that he was amazed to notice that despite the various notices from ART, some operators and added-value suppliers still operate in the telecommunication sector without a license.


Did Paul Biya burn Alain Edgar Mebe Ngo'o's opportunity card as a possible successor by dismissing him and appointing Rene Sadi as a Minister without any portfolio? These two personalities have often been presented by opinion holders as potential candidates to succeed Paul Biya,in case of incapacity.

Alain Edgar Mebe Ngo'o is under police scrutiny and scanner while Emmanuel René Sadi is maintained though without any portfolio, following the cabinet reshuffle that took place on the 5th of March, 2018. Following these very tense atmosphere following the cabinet reshuffle, the head of state has destroyed the chances that Alain Edgar Mebe Ngo'o had in the succession race.

As far as Emmanuel René Sadi is concerned, Mutations speculates that " Emmanuel René sadi' greatest blunder and weakness was the failure of the implementation of the Decentralization process, coupled with the unresolved sociopolitical crisis rocking the Anglophone regions of the Cameroon's.

It's been more than a month since the Sub Divisional officer for Batibo was arrested and closely followed by that of the Regional Delegate for Social Affairs all in Momo Division" A situation that was never announced by the deposed Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization,Emmanuel René Sadi.

As a sanction, he was demoted from his ministerial portfolio as he was a disappointment to the head of state" According to Mutation the succession path is now closed. This closure of the succession path therefore means that Emmanuel René sadi will no longer have the privilege to control the National territory and as such forfeit his huge network of appointments of Sub Divisional officers, Senior Divisional officers and Governors. Very close and intimate observers, according to the press think that whenever the President reflects in that direction, " he feels the need to place trusted ones under police scrutiny.

The President does not only protects his adversaries but as an utmost priority desire preparing his departure from the political scene discretely. When Emmanuel René sadi was the Secretary General of the CPDM, the illustrious son of Yoko was already highly esteemed and prepared as Paul Biya's successor . As concerns Alain Edgar Mebe Ngo'o as reported by Mutations, he was brutally sent out of the race.

The erstwhile Minister of Defence and Transport has now seen his dreams and aspirations shattered and battered. He can't any longer succeed his father and as such withing the very close cycle of potential successors of Paul Biya, only Laurent Esso and Louis Paul Motaze are still in contention. Louis Paul Motaze had been repositioned as the Minister of Finance while Laurent Esso maintained as the minister of Justice and keeper of the seals. They have preserved their respective opportunities to possibly succeed Paul Biya.

The Most quoted resolution 1608 of the United Nations General Assembly of 1961 that granted independence to British Southern Cameroon's is now quoted by the European Union obliging the Satanic regime of Paul Biya to deescalate the very tense sociopolitical climate heightened by the savage militia or thugs that have burnt down homes,villages, burnt human beings in their sleep as well carted away money and belongings like fridges, mattresses, television sets,,bikes and vehicles.

The European parliament has requested for a very heavy hand on treating the excesses of the Biya's regime. The European Union has started categorically that the illegal kidnapping of the Government of Ambazonia in Nigeria wasn't the right approach in handling the crisis that started in 2016.

From the European Union headquarters in Brussels, a political lobbying group led by Frederica Mogherini has requested that the European Union as economic partners with the African, Caribbean and Pacific Nations could insert enormous pressure both financially as well as economically.

This pressure group is obliging the unconditional and immediate release of the members of the Southern Cameroon's leaders from the stinkingly dirty detention centers across French speaking Cameroun. According to him it's imperative to stop this crisis before it spreads like wild fire across the gulf of Guinea.

" The European Union Commission has the mandate to mediate and resolve conflicts affecting their partners in a manner of objectivity and neutrality" This task equally involves the former colonial masters who have an obligation to ensure peace. Arne Gericke, the coordinator of MEP GRATUIT ELECTEURS and the Coordinator of the group ECR have asked the ACP delegation to the European Union for the promotion of autonomy to be state fast.

Ambazonia has become the latest hot spot in Africa and demands the muscular intervention of the former colonial masters so that peace can reign. It must be recalled that the African Union through the Human Right Court for arbitration ruled in favour of the peoples of Ambazonia. This ruling asked LA Republique Du Cameroun to withdraw both its administrators and its military from the territory of Southern Cameroon's.

This is because they are a people with a right to self determination and self actualization. "The European Union has a particular responsibility towards the people of the Anglophone regions of Cameroon".

Today the 8th of March 2018 marks a very gloomy day for the womanhood as many
Mothers have been burnt down in their sleep and many women incarcerated in the the stinkingly dirty detention centers across the French speaking Cameroon.

How can women be joyous in celebration 

When their other sisters have been gruesomely murdered by state thugs?
How can their mood of celebration be worth anything substantial when the other women of the French speaking Cameroon aren't bothered or disturbed about the plight of these other women subjugated to torture and gruesome treatment such as rape, shabby treatment and scorn.

How can women be celebrating when their children aren't with them and shall never again be with them because some scouts arrogantly shot them?
What thing can move them to celebrate when tears and blood is oozing down their blood stained cheek as flooded water?

Today more out of intimidation and threat did women working with state institutions move out disguised in their normal dressing mood, go to the ceremonial ground.

Carrying their uniforms in bags and parcels did these women stake their lives to match in the Southern Cameroon's as others largely boycotted the event as a none event.

Pretence and empty arrogance hasn't help
The once boastful and arrogant LA Republique Du Cameroun that has seen ceremonies that once were celebrated in pomp and pageantry across Cameroon.

Adorning those handpicked members of the constitutional council in judicial robes was a mockery and a serious offence to the legal profession in Cameroon?

Where did almost 90% of the installed members of the constitutional council do their legal profession, so as to have the legal mastery of interpreting and incising judicial matter?

Cameroon is a state well known for fraud Abuse of office and outright deceit aimed at pompous and false grandeur. How could these people be dressed in such borrowed robes like stage managed clowns exercising false solemnity.

Shall the constitutional council not be another saw dust blown into the eyes of the International and local observers clamouring for good governance, equity and justice?

Cameroon has been soaked in a myriad of constitutional constipation that has reduced a country into a village cabal. Shall the constitutional council be competent enough to address issues such as the falsity of the oneness and indivisibility of Cameroon?

Shall this same constitutional council be able to rewrite the wrongs and injuries that the erstwhile people of Southern Cameroon's have gone through as a result of the many attempts by the Francophones to assimilate them by hook or by crook?

Shall the Constitutional council call for the arrest of all the Generals, Colonels and Captains who had burnt down villages and people as old as 90 in Kembong,Mbiim, Belo, Kwakwa, Akwaya etc?

If the constitutional council shall be another source of constipation, then it's so saddening and sickening for Cameroon. 
A nation run by tribal vampires sponsored by a cabal.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Thursday that African countries should be careful not to forfeit their sovereignty when they accept loans from China, the continent’s biggest trading partner.

Tillerson is using his first diplomatic trip to the continent to bolster security alliances on a continent increasingly turning to Beijing for aid and trade. [L5N1QP17F]

He may also seek to smooth relations after U.S. President Trump reportedly dismissed some African nations as “shithole countries” in January. Trump later denied making the comment.

“We are not in any way attempting to keep Chinese dollars from Africa,” Tillerson told a news conference in the Ethiopian capital. “It is important that African countries carefully consider the terms of those agreements and not forfeit their sovereignty.”

The United States is the leading aid donor to Africa but China surpassed it as a trade partner in 2009. Beijing has pumped billions into infrastructure projects, though critics say the use of Chinese firms and labour undermines their value.

Tillerson said Chinese investments “do not bring significant job creation locally” and criticised how Beijing structures loans to African government.

If a government accepts a Chinese loan and “gets into trouble”, he said, it can “lose control of its own infrastructure or its own resources through default.” He did not give examples.

The growing Chinese lending to the continent has also attracted criticism from some Africans, who say China’s agenda is to feed its appetite for African raw materials like oil, timber and minerals, and secure contracts for its firms.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, visiting Zimbabwe on Thursday, told reporters it was inappropriate for Tillerson to criticize China’s relationship with African countries.

“It was not appropriate to criticise the relations of his hosts — when he was a guest there — with another country,” he said. Many African governments enjoy close ties with both Washington and Beijing.

Kenya, for example, inaugurated a $3.2 billion railway funded by China last year. For the last three years, Kenya has received more than $100 million annually in U.S. security assistance.

Asked about Tillerson’s criticism of China’s approach on the continent, Kenya’s foreign affairs minister Monica Juma said: “This country is engaging with partners from across the world driven by our own interests and for our own value.”


Tillerson arrived in Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous nation, on Wednesday and visited the African Union headquarters on Thursday. The complex was funded and built by China and is seen as a symbol of Beijing’s thrust for influence and access to the continent’s natural resources.

Ethiopia is home to some of Beijing’s biggest investments, from a railway to Djibouti that opened last year to factories and industrial parks.

Earlier this week, Tillerson criticised “China’s approach” to Africa which he said encouraged dependency through “opaque contracts” and “predatory loan practices”.

Ethiopia’s prime minister resigned suddenly last month and a state of emergency was imposed but protests in the restive Oromia region have continued.

The secretary of state met Hailemariam Desalegn, who resigned as prime minister but is still acting in the post awaiting a replacement. Details of their discussions were not released.

Tillerson said after meeting his Ethiopian counterpart Workneh Gebeyehu that the answer to political turmoil in Ethiopia was greater freedoms.

“It is important that the country moves on past the state of emergency as quickly as possible,” he said.

Tillerson reiterated previous calls for African states to cut ties with North Korea.

North Korea has more than a dozen embassies on the continent. The Trump administration has said that Pyongyang earns hard currency from arms deals with African government and the trafficking of wildlife parts from Africa.

Tillerson is due to fly to Djibouti, host to military bases owned by the U.S., China, Japan, France, and Italy.

He will then visit Kenya, a key U.S. ally in the fight against al Shabaab Islamist militants in Somalia, before travelling to Chad and Nigeria, which are also battling to contain Islamist insurgents.

Analysts say Trump has focused mainly on security concerns in Africa at a time when China, Turkey and other nations are ramping up diplomatic and business links.

“When you look at the set of countries that are being visited I think it kind of reinforces the perception that security, indeed, is the overwhelming focus,” said Brahima Coulibaly, the director of the Africa Growth Initiative at Brookings Institution.

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