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The Presidential candidate of a coalition of political parties whose ambition is to create a favourable platform that can guarantee the possibility of joint ownership of landed property. If voted, Akere Muna has promised that things will be settled as far as landed property is concerned. This promise was made on Tuesday in Yaoundé, during a meeting with women and maidens, selected across the social strata of the nation.

In perfect harmony with himself, dressed in an attire so simple that meets the occasion, Akere Muna responded to all the questions that were asked. Some of the questions were related to the numerous cases of social injustices faced by the woman folk and most importantly the maiden. Women are often denied the right to own landed property, especially in Cameroon. According to Akere Muna, this problem is " as a result of bad governance,lack of political will and overt corruption" in the nation. According to Akere Muna, this phenomenon should be treated as a priority in order to protect the most underprivileged. " in case of expropriation on landed property, it should be established in the first place that she has such rights as well in such expropriation exercise to be indemnified" The problem is in the political system which is stinkingly corrupt and damaged by bad governance.

On paper one can be requiring 10 hectares of land but gets 15hectres, meaning that the 5 extra hectares are sold out to some other person. One can convert someone's landed property and make it his through fraudulent manipulation of expropriation exercise and that becomes history. There is a lot of such stories in Kribi. In order to construct a route, it's imperative to carry out a lot of analysis and geotechnical findings. However it's true that the route can pass through landed property that demands indemnification. This was seen during the Chad- Cameroon pipeline project. Properties were seen that acquired for expropriation. Therefore our major problem is corruption , according to Barrister Akere Muna. In Cameroon, expropriation is practiced by those who are in need of expropriation such as mineral resources, infrastructural construction.

The indemnification is granted according to the function and the quality of investment located on the piece of land. The expropriation is calculated according to the size and the amount can be cheap or expensive. Lots of Cameroonian cities have been subjugated under this phenomenon of expropriation. Such is the case of cities of Douala, Yaoundé, Bamenda, Bafoussam or other villages equally expropriated at the same rates as in urban centres. The solution as proposed by Akere Muna is"We should tackle this problem of natives and settlers that is mounting unnecessary pressure on how to define the status of a city. How do they bury their dead? How much of their landed property is left unused as of now and how can it be protected? There is the need for a political plan that truly favours a veritable protection of landed property that is patrimonial to the community.

I believe that in such villages, there is still land that needs to be reserved as community land. I shall provide the finances so that the population can establish a community reserved patrimony, so that the returns from it can be used to refund the finances that were used to obtain it and use it for other developmental projects .

In the long run the village become the owners of the land and as such the notion of joint ownership is developed. This permits villages to be able to raise funds for their respective development projects, thus building their subsistence capacity that protects them. This equally shall help check unwanted conflicts within families, neighbors and villages. As a consequence of such trivial conflicts, families have been divided and thus communities become fragile" Equally on that same Tuesday, Muna talked on education and the entrepreneurship of the Cameroonian woman and many other issues.

The political aspirant of the coalition of four political parties such as ( The Alliance of Progressive Forces,The National Front for Development, The National Patriotic Party of Cameroon,and the Socialist Party of Cameroon) This coalition intends to make a contact tour of the South West Region and this is expected in the days ahead.

Atangana Kouna stopped net from jumping out of Cameroon for fear of the unknown, mostly believed to be Kondengui central Prison for his embezzlement charges Corruption and total abuse of Finances by Ministers in Cameroon are always that giant trap that catches up with them as nemesis. If Atangana Kouna was told that someday moving out this carelessly drawn triangle, called Cameroon was going to be a near impossibility, he won't have admitted even in his wildest dream.

Today Atangana Kouna was stopped from boarding a plane destined for France. It's saddening that most African Ministers are empty headed and so callous minded, so much so that they fail to understand that they are mere servants, called to serve the state in their various ministerial portfolio.

The case of Cameroon is so pathetic and regretting because most Ministers aren't audited by an external auditing firm so as to ascertain how much was granted as the budget and how much wasn't dispensed for use as credits? Struggling to smuggle himself out using the Turkish Airlines this morning.

It's certainly as a result of the development in the residence of his friend, brother and former minister like him, Mebe Ngo'o that had been placed on super surveillance, that he thought of jumping the boat of turbulent waves and troubled waters. Atangana Kouna has now been placed in a house arrest and prohibited from receiving well wishers in his residence. The entire frontier post and Police have been firmly instructed by the head of state through the Inspector General of National Security to stop these excessively illegal enriched moguls.

The concern were in custody at the Gendarmerie in Mundemba for questioning after an attack on the Brigade that took place on the 27th of February, 2018. These two presumed restoration forces were extra judiciary murdered on Sunday, a gross violation of human right. They are amongst some armed gang that has given trouble in Mundemba.


They were arrested after a very heavy gun battle erupted when they were attending the wedding ceremony of a soldier. It was during these fierce gun battle that these two presumed restoration forces were arrested with cutlasses, hunting guns and amulets. Those invited to the wedding ceremony had returned home,the two presumed restoration soldiers were then taken to the brigade and were extra judiciary murdered by the primitive and vampiric thugs had of LA Republique Du Cameroun.

Another presumed restoration soldier was arrested on Sunday with a huge stock of tramol that he was supposed to distribute. LA Republique Du Cameroun has trained her scouts in lies telling and fabrication of false exibites, so it's so difficult to believe anything presented by LA Republique Du Cameroun.


The President of Ambazonia was kidnapped in Nigeria breaching international protocol in Nigeria before being illicitly taken to Cameroon. This illegal transaction between Buhari and Biya void of any legal justification based by an extradition convention has placed Nigeria in hell. Her battered image has been made worse since Buhari chose the part of evil, sheepishly assuming that the case of Southern Cameroon's was just like that of the Biafra's in Nigeria.

Unfortunately for him, this isn't the case and Nigeria and Nigerians are sweating under this heat that has ruined the few chances that APC had in the forth coming Presidential and other elections in Nigeria. Diplomatically Buhari's folly has damaged Nigeria's image as the giant of Africa. Since their purported arrival in Cameroon as announced by the minister of Communication, nobody knows their whereabouts and lots of speculations have been made. Some persons had assumed that they had been killed, others assumed that they weren't even brought to Cameroon in the first place.


Sixty days incommunicado and without any information filtering out is cruel and inhumane. Illegally kidnapped to Cameroon on the 26th of January, national and foreign media had announced that thirty seven others were arrested in Abuja had been illegally incarcerated at the Secretary of Defence ( SED) There is nothing to this date to proof that they had been detained there. The other source of information that was given by Spokesman of the Cameroonian military, Colonel Didier Bandjeck, the mulatto claims that Ayuk Tabe and his close collaborators had been handed over to the Judicial Police for investigations to be conducted.

According to this arrogant and nauseating Mulatto, Colonel Didier Bandjeck,it's judged not to be necessary to divulge where they are detained. " I don't have the right to talk with somebody in custody , address all your supplications to the Attorney General of the Republic. All over the world, such instructions are sacred and the opportunities to speak are restricted by the Attorney General of the Republic" declared Colonel Didier Bandjeck, in charge of Military communication.

This case is giving Nigeria, the UN and LA Republique Du Cameroun sleepless nights as another wave of massive demonstrations have erupted against the Nigerian embassies, the seat of the UN and against Britain. This wave of massive demonstrations are planned to humiliate an already disgraced cow driver, Buhari Muhammadu and his vampire friend, Paul Biya of Cameroon.

Lawyers Ben Muna and Agbor Balla have complained about the lack of collaboration between the lawyers and Police elements that doesn't permit them to meet with Ayuk Tabe and his close collaborators. The wife of Ayuk Tabe, the leader of the restoration movement of the Southern Cameroon's has equally shown her frustration seeing or meeting with her husband as well as his release..

" In a missive widely circulated on the media, she categorically states that her husband isn't a terrorist but a humanist who saw the misery and frustration of Southern Cameroonians, illegally panel beaten by francophones and treated as slaves in their own land" She equally requested that the vicious regime of LA Republique Du Cameroun should show a video of her husband and his collaborators to attest that they are still alive.


The unfortunate victim got missing after the very fierce battle that took place on the 27th of February, 2018 at Ikassa that saw the death of three restoration forces. The corpse of the gendarme was recovered on Friday, the 2nd of March,2018, not far off the locality of Mundemba, Ndian division of the South West Region.

The sub officer of the Gendarmerie was presumably killed by the restoration forces before dumping his corpse into the steam. According to media reports, there was a bloody confrontation between the restoration forces and scouts of LA Republique Du Cameroun in Ikassa. Two Gendarmes were missing since the 27th of February following an attack on the Marine by close to fifty restoration forces.

Gendarmes were therefore deplored in Mundemba. It was after this incident that these two Gendarmes got missing. Three presumed restoration forces were killed on that fateful day.


The allies of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement have rallied towards the upcoming Elections. Six members of Government under the auspices of the Minister of Communication, who are not members of the CPDM are involved. According to Mutation daily of the 5th of March 2018, the President of the Republic, following the cabinet rebrand, has reassured all the allies of the CPDM that the nation is on a good footing. According to our correspondent, the head of state has allowed election issues in the hands of the six ministries of allied Political parties.

They are in charge of the upcoming elections. The closest election that is on schedule is the senatorial election, previewed for the 25th of March, 2018. It's worth noting that on the 7th of February, 2018, the President of Republic signed a decree summoning the electoral college. Granted on this day and after Election Cameroon, ( ELECAM),the body that has been empowered to register, conduct and proclaim the results of Elections in Cameroon. Only nine political parties have indicated their willingness to participate in the Senatorial election that has on offer of 70 senatorial seats.


Coming back to the most recent appointments and cabinet reshuffle, it can be noted that Bello Bouba Maigari, the minister of Tourism and Leisure( MINTOUL) president of the National Union for Democracy and Progress. ( UNDP),a political party allied to the CPDM, remains as the minister of that ministerial portfolio.

It was in 1997 that Bello Bouba Maigari signed a platform with the CPDM. In 2004 and 2011, these political parties have made special appeals to their respective militants to vote for Paul Biya as their Presidential candidate. Mutation recalls that according to this platform, those who had signed an alliance with the CPDM, were handsomely rewarded with ministerial portfolios. In 2011,Marie Rose Dining militant of the party was appointed Secretary of state at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. Another political party that have envisaged the Senatorial election but is so quite is the ( FSNC) of Isa Tchorima Bakary, the minister of Communication.

This minister is amongst members of government who have beaten longevity records as members of government, according to the press. The National Alliance of Democracy and Progress ( ANDP) a break away faction of UNDP is also preparing quietly for the senatorial elections. Having a senator in the just ended Senatorial mandate, they are aspiring to improve on their membership. In order to do so, they have registered to contest in South West and Far North Regions.


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