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Dear Mr. Ben Aki  Open Reply to your Audio Message

I write to reply to one of your recent audio messages circulating on social media. In this message which I listened to with keen interest, you termed people financially supporting refugees and self-defense as terrorist and as such will have to answer for their crimes. I noted with enthusiasm that like every other “Cameroonian”, except the president and his government, you are interested in getting a solution to the crisis that has been rocking the country for over a year now for which the regime has woefully failed or refused to solve. Your proposals are tempting but less informed.

You totally ignored or have forgotten how we got to this point. A few years ago, all “Cameroonian” contributed happily to support soldiers at the Boko-Haram war front, when they needed support. How then is it that this same people are fighting against soldiers now?

Let me spare you the details of how we got here. When you deploy the kind of illiterate, corrupt and irresponsible security forces that Cameroon has to an area while congratulating them for their past irresponsible exploits, you must expect rapes, extortions, arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings etc. These things continue to take place till date in the Anglophone regions. With this kind of behavior, what do you expect from the population? It is said that violence begets violence. The people had no other choice but to resort to self-defense.

Very early in the crisis, everyone had called the government to restrain from violent repressions. I would have expected that you first of all condemn the violence and call for demilitarization of the regions before making any proposals. The Anglophone in the diaspora have tried to expose the situation to the international world in a hope of bringing the regime to order. While they are doing this and hoping for the better, the regime is continuing with its deadly repressions. The regime has shown a clear and an unstoppable determination to annihilate us. It is either you are killed defending yourself with a chance of staying alive or you are just slaughtered like a dog.

You proposed the implementation of decentralization that was passed more than 20 year ago. Why has it not been implemented up till now? What makes you think it will be implemented any time soon? When the constitution was changed in 2008 in favor of removing presidential term limit, it was immediately implemented. This means that the regime picks and chooses what it wants to implement. Whatever is proposed and even voted that is not in line with what the regime wants will simply not/never be implemented.

I think that your over-education is getting into your head. Education is supposed to give you a critical mind and not make you the mouth piece of the people. The choice of the state is not your call or that of the regime but that of the people. If you talked about a referendum, I would have understood.

On your threats on the diaspora, that is something hard to respond as it is unreasonable. It’s as if you are a government and have the monopoly of swaying international opinions.

With your same audacity permit me tell you that everyone involved directly or indirectly in the genocide that is presently being perpetuated against my people is a criminal, a terrorist, or an enabler of terrorism. That includes you. Be assured that the long arm of the law will get to you all in due time.

It is very obvious that you have very strong ties to the regime. It will be very patriotic of you if you advise it to follow the advice of everyone including the international community and stop the killing of both its young and innocent soldiers and civilians and call for an inclusive dialogue now. Stop trying to portray yourself as a solution provider when you are actually motivated by greed and selfishness. You are only adding fuel to the fire.

Tabi Obenofunde

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