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Southern Cameroons: Deceit of National Commission for Bilingualism and Multiculturalism in Cameroon

Since the 1961 reunification of French and British Southern Cameroons, discourses of marginalization, assimilation, “francophonisation”, “frenchification” and internal colonization have emerged in public and academic circles to describe the plight of the minority Anglophone population of Cameroon in the reunified country. An important element of this plight has been the systematic abrogation of the federal constitution that was adopted as basis for the reunification. The calls therefore from the Anglophone populations have mostly revolved around two options: Either a return to federal form of government which was the basis for reunification or the establishment of an autonomous state for Southern Cameroons.

The Commission on Bilingualism and Multiculturalism in Cameroon created by Presidential Decree No. 2017/013 January 23, 2017, is one of those cosmetic solutions introduced by the head of state of the one and indivisible Cameroon, whose supporters and sycophants chant in public places the misconception of unity and national integration with the objective of deceiving their slave (the Anglophone) a second time. These cohorts are asking the slaves to find a place in their hearts to forgive them for virulent and deleterious acts -genocide, abductions, kidnapping, imprisonment without trial, discrimination, physical torture, and other crimes against humanity perpetrated by the armed forces (Gestapo-Gendarmes, Police, BIR, Army (Infantry, Marine and Air-force) notwithstanding these acts were carefully planned by the Cameroun Gestapo.
The master would often use high sounding words (national integration, regional balance, living together, harmonization, equivalence, national unity, unity in diversity, rigor and moralization, large or grand debate, and a host of other empty terms that carry no meaning just to manipulate the Anglophone who of-course is always submissive and religious. All of these derogatory acts meted on the innocent have been possible with assistance of the celebrated slaves known as the Anglophone Elite.
Activism heightened in October 2016 when Lawyers of Common Law practice complained and the Teachers of all levels of education and of English sub-system, having been afflicted joined the band wagon in November 2016 all in the effort to raise awareness on the Francophone nationalism resulting to the confiscation of political power by the Francophone-they claim Cameroun is their country which had independence on January 1, 1960 and by some negotiation the Anglophone came to join them on October 1, 1961 (our independence date-UN resolution 1608 of 21st April 1961) after the referendum called plebiscite of 11 February 1961 organized by the UN and assisted by Britain and France with their hidden agenda.

The problematic of the apparent union without a deed of being together has resulted to the survival of the fittest where the stronger lives on. It happened in a way that the Anglophone over years since independence 1 October 1961 (was reunification of the two Cameroons and Independence Day for the Southern Cameroons) has been marginalized to a point where they could take it no more. The quasi union has no power but intimidation from the devilish people we call our brothers (Francophone) who by some historical mistake we were Kamerun under the Germans. The Germans came to colonize us when we were a people and had our identity ( kingdoms of Fons and Chiefs ruling clans and tribes). But we fell prey to their power (the military might and money) that rendered us powerless and eventually succumbed to the pressure. This in itself does not mean we were slaves to the Germans after they conquered us. We had our way but changed to following orders now given by our new colonizers. In the process we learned to become civilized and it was a lesson we also learned after the Germans lost us at the end of the Second World War in 1918-1919. That time we became separate colonies under the French for Cameroun and Britain for the Southern Cameroons, together with Northern Cameroons administered under Nigeria as trust territories by Britain with instructions from the UNO now UN. This information may not be coherent historically but it serves as a basis for the truth I am about to bring out to the Anglophone public.
Political Dismissal
In the beginning in the Federal Republic of Cameroon, there was East Cameroun (Francophone) and West Cameroon (Anglophones) with two prime ministers and a President and a Vice. Ahmadou Ahidjo Babatura was President and John Ngu Foncha was Vice President of the Federal Republic and cumulatively as Prime Minister (1961-1965) . Each state under the federal structure ran her affairs.

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