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In a country where 99% of academic titles are political, where majority of historians prefer to sit in the Central Committee than stand in the classrooms, where many Professors prefer to be Political Analyst on prime-time TV than academic researchers, where history has become a vehicle for indoctrination, distortion of the truth and manipulation of public opinion in denial of the Anglophone Problem, it became categorically imperative for a Mr ‘No Body’ to ensure that ethno-regional bias, partisan politics and historical negationism stay off the academic discourse of our history.


After eight long years of research, endless trips to the UN, London, Paris, Lagos, Yaoundé and Buea (not exclusively), perusing volumes of declassified data, interviewing the last remaining personalities who had a multifaceted association with the Endeley, Foncha, Jua and Muna governments; luminaries of the Anglophone struggle, senior officials of the Cameroun government, a deal has finally been struck with a US based Publishing House to make available theThe Unrefined History of Southern Cameroons” in multiple formats at different locations across the globe.

With a profound recognition that people who do not know where they come from cannot pretend to know where they are going to, this historical compilation it is a natural cry and a debt bequeathed on this generation of Southern Cameroonians to unveil the inconvenient truth and set the record straight once and for all.

Written with superb confidence and impregnated with overwhelming facts and evidence that challenges decades of politicized controversies, this monumental art of historiography x-rays the former UN Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons from discovery by Portuguese explorers and British Baptist Missionaries, through colonisation by the Germans, the British and the Republic of Cameroun.

This masterpiece is stocked with de-classified narratives, hundred plus pictures and startling revelations from some personalities who played a pivotal role in the pattern of events that took place prior to reunification and after the shady 1972 referendum.

It exposes the dark side of the Reunification Movement, Ahidjo’s deal with General de Gaulle and argues convincingly that what happened in Buea on 1st October 1961 in the middle of the night and in the absence of the United Nations was not independence, but a concealed master plan to handover Southern Cameroons to France on a platter of gold.

While taking cognizance of the fact that there is no territory in British colonial history that has been left in the plight of the Southern Cameroons, it blames the United Nations for failing to implement UN General Assembly Resolution 1608 (XV) and for conniving with the territory’s colonial masters to obliterate its identity.

In the circumstance of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis, it holds the golden key to a permanent solution.

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