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The Unionist, The Federalist, The Restorationist within The Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

The erstwhile British Southern Cameroons has been, (is) a victim of circumstances generations after generations. We live in the most decisive times of our history, where we must either live free or die. The next generation and generations to come will judge us how we behaved or handled this times. This revolution is the quest to be or not to be, we are a people with a common past and a common destiny.

Any Southern Cameroonian born who has stayed neutral in this present crisis, who has said little, done nothing about this revolution, has continue to be referred to or thinks the status` quo: is a Unionists. This group falls in the error of margin because it has not worked. it has not worked for 57 years, it shall never work till thy kingdom come. These are people who have resigned their destiny to the hands of others. Though, they are the less than 1%, these people are selfish. They think only of their families, their jobs, their investments, their positions, what they stand to lose were Federalist and Restorationists succeed. These are the like of senators, parliamentarians and civil servants, because of them the Cameroun Republic feels it is right to rape our girls and women, maim our people, intimidate and arrest arbitrary. imprisoned our people, kill us and destroy our properties with impunity. They have condoned fear, the blood flowing on our land is on their hands. History will judge them and the next generation and generations to come will be ashamed of them. Their strong point is live and let’s live.

The Federalists:

The federalists are the 1%, they are the very confused ones. They are midway between unionist and Restorationist. They forget we have been here, they forget only a dog goes back to its vomit. They entertained fear, claiming we should aim high to settle low. The federalists don’t believe in themselves, they die many times with their mind-eye fill with impossibilities. The federalists are worse than unionist, they are sharp on both sides. With the federalist; history repeats itself with no lesson learned. To them, they have been no systematic dismantling of the Southern Cameroons identity, no discrimination, no assimilation, no annihilation. They think it is because of the bad policies of a dictator that we should move from a poorly implemented decentralization to a full-fledged federation. The federalist got nothing to offer, they can’t blend with the unionist because of lack of trust, they can support the Restorationists because of fear of the unknown. They are the loss ones. Their strong point is die and let’s live.

The Restorationist:

‘We have lived together as French prawns and English prawns, French Cameroun and English Cameroon, East Cameroun and West Cameroon, Cameroun East of the Mungo and Cameroon West of the Mungo, evolving through federating, uniting and decentralizing. It has not worked, it shall never work: let’s go our separate ways as the Cameroun Republic and the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Our coming together has been like an illness never seen before, we have tried everyday herbs, it has not work, we have sacrificed the chicken, sacrificed the goat, sacrifice the cow, it hasn’t worked either. Now, we are sacrifice human blood, to end up at the dialogue table where separation shall be the ultimate end. Because two hostile people can not live together. We are different from them: we speak English, they speak French. Our colonial background is different, our culture, our identity, our way of life is different from theirs.’ This is the core belief of the Restorationists. To them, trying a new form of existence is the only way.
The Restorationists are in the majority, they constitute 99% of the erstwhile British Southern Cameroonians. Some of them are the silent unionists and silent federalists. They are resolute, unbend, they are determined, and nothing can stop them. Like Mandela, the legendary greatest African revolutionist, the Restorationists have learn to speak the language of the occupier. Speak to someone in the language he understands he looks at you, speak to someone in his own language he responds to you. They strong point is let’s die so you live free.

The ultimate end:

Be you a Unionist, a Federalist or a Restorationist: after the killing, the destruction, the pain and the suffering the ultimate end shall be dialogue with the ultimate resolution being separation. The Federal Republic of Ambazonia shall prevail.
TJ Nsoyuni.
Opinion Writer.

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