SOUTHERN CAMEROONS|FF0000 Sat, 16 Dec 2017 11:10:36 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Riddled with bullet holes: Southern Cameroonian narrates ordeal Riddled with bullet holes: Southern Cameroonian narrates ordeal

Southern Cameroonian citizen releases video footage of his body badly injured after he was shot at by Soldiers from French Cameroun.

In the footage, he shows how the bullet penetrated his upper body.He narrates that he was home with his wife last weekend on saturday breaking Sunday with his wife, and around midnight, he heard a knock on his door, so his wife reponded asking who is there, what they heard as a reponse was shutup!!at that same moment , their main door was smashed the door.Fearing for his life, he escaped throuhh the back window into the neigbouring bush.He kept running for his dear life, one of the soldeirs who stormed his residence, took chase of him, firing many shots at him, with one penetrating his body.{loadposition myposition}

Citizens in Manyu are living under serious  fears as the area has been invaded by trgger happy soldiers who are patroulling the whole region.Many residents have sought refuge in neigbouring Cross River State of Nigeria.A small conitgent of armed yoths have decided to take matters into their hands to protect heir villages from the invading soldiers.There have been instances of exhange of fire between soldiers and the unkown gunmen over the past days.Today alone, there have been several reports of fighting in the area.

National Telegraph, a Manyu insider media organ reported that, only less than 24hours ago, unknown gunmen have entered Mamfe Town and there are indiscriminate exchanges with LR soldiers.

National Telegraph's secret stringer is reporting that there's total confusion in Mamfe Town as we write. Reports say the unknown gunmen are heading towards GHS Mamfe as National Telegraph reported yesterday.

National Telegraph can capture pictures of parents running helter skelter to schools to get their children. It's red in Mamfe, a parent tells National Telegraph. National Telegraph will bring you details in the moments that follow.

The Management of the venerated National Telegraph now states that to have a hint isn't a crime. We are on ground and are trusted by all and sundry. 

Another active news organ namely Baretanews reported that, as we write, there has been an ongoing open day light gun battle between colonial gendarmerie forces and Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces in Mamfe town. You can compare it to Baghdad. We will overcome

BaretaNews (14/12/2015, 11:25, Amba Time).

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Anglophone crisis: History can repeat itself Anglophone crisis: History can repeat itself

The Biya regime has commissioned General Daniel Elokobi to massacre his own people in Southern Cameroons.

Mr Elokodi, who comes from Southern Cameroons, was appointed to led the oppression in his homeland in the wake of growing sporadic attacks on security forces.

To La Republican du Cameroun, it's a tactical way of forcing the crocodile to eat its own tail. But they forget that once the crocodile  feels hurt, it will turn against  anything else it sees around.

Let's take  a step backwards into history.{loadposition myposition}

General John Garang was commissioned by Sudan to massacre his own people in South Sudan when they rose against the central government in Sudan in   1979 for breaching the accords of 1972 signed in Addis Ababa under the OAU[AU today ].

After fighting for the government for a while,  John Garang turned against the same regime one  morning .

Sudan was finally partitioned in  2011.

Instead of deploying armed forces to murder the people of Southern Cameroons, the regime should rather organize an inclusive dialogue with the leaders of Ambazonia.

But shockingly, the main preoccupation of the forces behind the scenes is to help Biya rule for life, even if it means killing as many people as possible.

However, it's worth noting that these killer armed forces may get fed up some day and turn around to handle the masters.{loadposition myposition2}

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Chronicles of the Anglophone Problem: Biya Continues His March of Folly, Makes Manyu Ground Zero in His War Against Anglophones Chronicles of the Anglophone Problem: Biya Continues His March of Folly, Makes Manyu Ground Zero in His War Against Anglophones

This week it became clear that 85 year-old President Biya has a death wish. It appears that he and the diabolical old men around him (Cavaye, 77; Niat, 83; Esso, 75; Musonge, 75; Yang, 70, etc), have become metaphorical vampires who have decided to sacrifice the blood of young people on the altar of power, intransigence, and political inflexibility. Biya’s march of folly has taken him straight to Manyu, which might well be the Waterloo of his regime.

Manyu county/division is a difficult place for any occupation force. Manyu is arguably the intellectual power house of Southern Cameroon. The Manyu and Akwaya peoples are also fighters and survivors. Unlike other Southern Cameroonians, the people of Manyu are politically diverse. Manyu is the home of two towering men at the center of the Anglophone uprising: Barrister Nkongo Felix Agbor-Balla, leader of the banned Consortium of Anglophone Civil Society, who was jailed for 7 months by a regime that has no notion of human rights, and Julius Ayuk Tabe, President of the self-styled Federal Republic of Ambazonia, which symbolically declared its independence on October 1, 2017 amid much bloodshed. A third person, or rather group of persons from Manyu who complete the picture of political diversity of the county is the CPDM block led by Chief, Senator Ndieb-Nso George Tabetando, Senator Simon Anja, MP Susan Okpu, MP Elias Igelle, and Minister Victor Mengot.{loadposition myposition}

The Manyu were the first to put up resistance against the occupation forces of la République du Cameroun in October 2017. When Biya declared war on Anglophones on November 30, 2017, Manyu was the first target of his military action. When the unelected, colonial prefect, Oum II Joseph committed a crime against humanity by expelling poor, powerless, men, women and children en masse from 15 villages in Akwaya, Eyumojock, and Mamfe into the forest, everyone expect a reaction from the Manyu elements in the halls of power. Chief Tabetando and his CPDM became as silent as the grave to which their people are being consigned on a daily basis. Did Tabetando and his colleagues lose their nerve and their tongues? They did not lift a finger to protest the deportation and slaughter of their people, a clear crime against humanity. The silence of all the vibrant Manyu cultural associations in Cameroon is also deafening indeed!

Nevertheless, the Manyu youth on the ground have shown that they are the fighters we thought they were. While Biya’s army, paramilitary gendarmerie, and police have tortured, killed, raped, maimed and imprisoned hundreds of Anglophones for simply and peacefully calling for change, his war against Anglophones has not turned out to be a walk in the park as his warmongering tribesmen and women had expected. The casualties sustained in Manyu are rising dangerously high. In the last three weeks, the army and gendarmerie have lost an average of eight dead and several wounded per week. No army can sustain those kinds of losses. It is only a matter of time before Biya runs out of money to fund the expensive military occupation–and buy caskets. Biya has to continuously buy over-priced military hardware from France. Actually, the son of Manyu who has been put in charge of the suppression and elimination of his people, General Daniel Elokobi, is in France begging for lethal military supplies. Biya will also go to France next week, cap in hand, begging President Macron for money to buy weapons and feed his occupation forces. Will Macron do what his predecessors did and throw Biya a financial and military lifeline to massacre Anglophones?

A Burkinabé proverb states, “ the abuse of power wears out power, abuse of force transforms the abuser into a spent force.” The Anglophone is first and foremost a political problem. Only a damned fool thinks it can be solved militarily.
In the meantime, there are signs that this armed resistance is spreading to Kumba. Before two long, it will reach the Northwest, and its clans of fearless warriors. I am thinking specifically of Nso, in Bui county/division, home of fiery MP. Joseph Wirba. The Anglophone uprising is not going away. It has now taken center stage in the Cameroon Parliament, the Senate and the media. As I predicted, the Anglophone problem will bring down Biya’s government. The man is not aware that he is sleep-walking on an active volcanic crater. Don’t wake him up, please.{loadposition myposition2}

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Anglophone crisis: Several injured in fighting within Southern Cameroons Anglophone crisis: Several injured in fighting within Southern Cameroons

Several people have been reported wounded in clashes between security forces and unidentified armed men in Kumba and Tombel, South West region.

Conflicting reports put the figures at five or eight injured persons.

At least eight security officers have been injured according to BaretaNews.{loadposition myposition}

Cameroon-Info-Net reports that five security officers were injured and several Ambazonian separatist armed men died.

Meanwhile New York based activist Tapang Ivo reported that, a military post had been brought down in Kumba and several soldiers are feared dead.

The attack is believed to have occurred on Saturday night breaking Sunday.

This is part of the ongoing clashes between government forces and armed men who are linked with what is termed the Ambazonian defence forces.

Cameroon Concord can't independently very the circumstances of the attack. But updates will be available as soon as we have them.{loadposition myposition2}

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Manyu Crisis: Shock and consternation grips Biya's poorly trained scouts Manyu Crisis: Shock and consternation grips Biya's poorly trained scouts

Shock and consternation gripping Biya as his poorly trained and poorly motivated scouts fall under attack.
The fool hardy declaration of war against the Anglophones by Biya is working tremendously against the regime.
The regime did not take cognisance of historical facts as well as physiological and sociological factors.
It must be noted that the Germans were panel beaten by the Manyu peoples,the Kom people and the Nso people because they were and are warriors by birth.
On the 8th of December, 2017, the militia of LA Republique Du Cameroun met their nemesis when twenty Jamjamarie elements, six BIR elements were killed and a BIR military boat sunk. It is the darkest day in the annuals of Cameroon military history for LA Republique Du Cameroun to suffer such devastating blow from the enemy.{loadposition myposition} 
It highly indicates that it was a war declared in error and poorly prepared or planned.
Today the world is watching at the folly of a regime that has rejected a peaceful negotiation approach and prefer using the wrong route of violence, pain, bitterness and unnecessary expenditure. Weapons and soldiers don't win wars that are ideological in nature because even if all the war arsenal is assembled and given to LA Republique Du Cameroun, it won't still win the war unjustly and wrongly declared by Paul Biya against the people of Southern Cameroon's.
The hostilities and brutish nature perpetuated by the Jamjamarie elements originated from France and wrongfully deployed in the Southern Cameroon's as a repressive force is making matters compounded and worsen.
The peoples of Southern Cameroon's aren't comfortable with their presence anywhere. They are seen as imposters, thrive in armed robbery and looters. These hoodlums aren't going to admitted by the same people the same regime that pretentiously pretend that Cameroon is one and indivisible have a maiming agenda, incarceration agenda, a bunker torturing chamber and above all a genocide plan against them.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Mamfe: Cloud of Consternation and Mayhem unraveled Mamfe Town Mamfe: Cloud of Consternation and Mayhem unraveled Mamfe Town

A Dark Cloud of Consternation and Mayhem unraveled Mamfe Town As
La Republique soldier Invade Homes of Civilians and Killed 14 After Losing the Agborkem German Battle !

As I write Mamfe is Now a desolate City with No body seen on the streets. Thousands continue to move into Nigeria as Refugees.

A minimum of 14 Manyu County Citizens had been killed by Biya Paul colonial forces after the Colonial Forces where defeated in Agborkem German. The said Restoration Forces had brought down a minimum of 9 BIR and colonial Policemen in the past couple of days in Agborkem German and confiscate weapons from the Colonial military and move into unknown destinations.{loadposition myposition}

Yesterday Night colonial forces as early as 6pm for fear of further attacks from the Restoration Forces began indiscriminate firing of live animation and send the city in what Eric Tataw described as worst than Bagdad. This boys were then deliberately pull from their homes and murder by colonial forces to show the World that the Terrorist the Colonial President himself a chief Terrorist Leader declared war Against had been killed. The narratives by Suzy Sparks are completely misleading and should be ignored. This boys do not look like fighters associated with any of the Self defense group fighting for the Independence of Southern Cameroons.

This are Civilians pull from their homes and shut by the colonial government. The colonial President had instructed the Colonial military to killed civilians of Manyu so he can present their bodies to the world as terrorist. Agbor Raymond spoke with me and said most of those killed were pull from their homes.

I Mourn for the Death of my brothers. The Price of the Independence had been paid by you guys. We shall over come Rest in peace.

I Still continue to believe that the Independence of Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia can be achieved Peaceful if Colonial President see reasons. Peaceful Resistance will continue until freedom comes and reign in Southern. Ashu Kingsley. ( Prophet and Statesman) Manyu County.

Ashu Kingsley

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Mamfe Court Jails Four Ambazonians Mamfe Court Jails Four Ambazonians

At least four Southern Cameroonians have been sentenced to 100days imprisonment. Presiding at the session, Wednesday December 6, 2017, Justice Patience Arikai Tanyi, President of the High Court of Manyu and Courts of First Instance, Mamfe and Presiding Judge at Court One Mamfe, sentenced Brandon Afangha shown on picture above alongside three others. According to the judgement, the quartet were found guilty regarding their participation in the September 22 uprising in Mamfe Central and Manyu. National Telegraph's secret stringer has confirmed with sources at the Mamfe

{loadposition myposition}


Principal Prison that the foursome are currently serving their terms. Meanwhile, two amongst the recently jailed inmates have told National Telegraph that they wouldn't give up even if Mr. Biya jails them for 27years like Nelson Mandela, adding that they'll fight till Ambazonia is free. National Telegraph has also gathered that some arrested on October 1, 2017 are expected in court on December 13, 2017. One of those to appear in court was quoted as saying that jailing them wouldn't stop the resolve of Southern Cameroonians to fight for their rights. In the meantime, National Telegraph still seizes the opportunity to reiterate that as first ever newspaper to be based in Manyu, with a permanent head office and staff, as bona fide, venerated and plenipotentiary as she has always been, no one has died in Manyu regarding the Anglophone crisis since the beginning of December. National Telegraph however maintains that Manyu is heavily militarized and an uneasy calm reigns as more than at least 15 villages have been abandoned by denizens for fear of the unknown. The Publisher and Editor-in-chief of the venerated National Telegraph was also quoted as saying that any other report of dead soldiers and civilians as at December 1, is false and fake. " I'm an Investigative Journalist and Seeker of the Truth, I write news though I do activism. As Publisher and Editor-in-chief of the venerated National Telegraph, I pride self in reporting only facts. Therefore, I don't expect my person or stories to be loved by all and sundry. After all, I'm not a Preacher of Prosperity Gospel"

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Six military vehicles invade President Sisiku's home Six military vehicles invade President Sisiku's home

The president of the interim government of the 'Federal Republic of Ambazonia ' has raised alarm of what he terms invasion of his home in Ewelle, South West region, by armed vehicles from La Republique.

Mr Sisiku raised the concern in a tweet.

{loadosition myposition}

"About Six heavily armed La Rep du #Cameroun military trucks have invaded my home in #Ewelle. My elder brother (sick) was at home. This is another test of our resolve & infringement on our rights to self-determination, another abuse of our basic rights to live freely," Mr Sisiku has tweeted.

The tweet appeared earlier on Tuesday.

This comes at the backdrop of heated sporadic attacks on security forces by unidentified armed men.

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Anglophone crisis: Manyu inhabitants flee to Nigeria Anglophone crisis: Manyu inhabitants flee to Nigeria

There are reports of the people of Manyu division in the south west region fleeing to neighbouring Nigeria.

BaretaNews has illustrated the migration with ample images featuring heavily laden children, women...trekking vigorously.{loadposition myposition}

This comes just a few days after a communiqué allegedly issued by the SDO of Manyu stirred serious commotion in the region, urging the inhabitants of some villages to relocate immediately.

The SDO for Manyu and the governor of the South West region have dismissed the statement as fake.

Manyu has come in the spotlight of the crisis of late following the killing of some armed men from the Biya administration by unidentified armed individuals.{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: 8 soldiers brought down in overnight fighting in Manyu Cameroon: 8 soldiers brought down in overnight fighting in Manyu

Cameroon Concord has learned that 8 soldiers from Cameroon's Rapid Intervention Unit (BIR) in its French acronym have been killed in overnight fighting in Manyu on Monday, December 4th 2017.

 AmbaNews, an activist news platform confirmed that two separate incidents in the Local Government Area of Eyumojock left a total of eight soldiers from La Republique du CameroUn dead.{loadposition myposition} 

One incident took place at Babong village where a group calling itself Tigers claimed responsibility for TAKING OUT four BIRs. A serious gun battle had ensued between the BIR soldiers and the Tigers (one of the defence groups, fighting for the restoration of the independence of Ambazonia). The Tigers succeeded to bring them all down. In a private message from the commander of the Tigers to the AmbaNews news room, he recounted the operations and tactics his group used and then ended; "we brought down four homeland invaders".

In a second encounter which occurred almost simultaneously, an identical number of four soldiers were brought down trying to gain access into Akwaya South from AgborKem village.

In both operations, the weapons of La Republique'an armies were taken away.

Both stories have been confirmed by a top Ambazonian military officer in Mamfe currently serving La Republique du CameroUn.
Cameroon Concord cannot independently confirm this report.We shall be updating our readers as we get more information on this news update.{loadposition myposition2} 

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