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Amidst an intense violent conflict were opposing factions have taken extremist positions to the detriment of the vulnerable masses they claim to protect, through a secured channel that allows the concerned masses to air their views, the outcomes are always very amazing to some and shocking to others. Such a realistic opportunity exhumes the value of truth through factual individually recorded lamentations, anxieties, fallacies and verities construed in support for the cause the individual believes in. {loadposition myposition}

With the case of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, such a secured opportunity was granted and it yielded the most ever inclusive and consolidated cross-sectional results presenting full unedited individual opinions and word cloud and word list psychological assessments on the mindsets of the respondents. Meanwhile some saw the opportunity as the long acclaimed referendum to decide on the fate of the Anglophones; others argued the authentication of the process, however, in their territorially represented majorities, they made their choices and exploded the survey with very passionate reasons over such choices.
Designed in a manner to understand the causes of the socio-political and economic problems in the North West (NW) and South West (SW) regions of Cameroon and what the respondents thought could be solutions to such a problem, including but not limited to a number of political governance options, through convenience and purposive sampling techniques, the survey registered the views 918 respondents across 38 different countries, having indigenous origin roots from 13 divisions and 57 subdivisions within the NW and SW regions, and representing over 63 socio-cultural groups and other civil society organisations. Besides the governance choices, the survey also sorted to understand respondents’ views on the need to introduce moral philosophy in the educational system of the country and the value of a peaceful alternative for resolving the Anglophone problem and crisis through the reconstruction of the Anglophone identity.
Through a pure doctoral research assessment analysis, the unbiased and most ever inclusive interpretation of the Anglophone’s thoughts towards resolving the crises, astonishingly revealed reflections to the fact that the majority 71.79% of respondents were resident in Cameroon against 28.21% resident abroad even though those abroad had a more feasible access to the survey than those in the country. It as well reflected the total poor count of 9.26% for women and girls participation in the survey. Thus, a true direction from where a true solution to the crises should come from.
The research work also presents the most ever inclusive historical connections that have galvanised to the current violent conflict and the measures that have been taken so far in the attempt to solve it. These include Cameroonian government actions, diplomatic missions and foreign government involvements, and as well as political parties, civil society and religious bodies’ interventions.
Are the extremists’ war waging ideologies going to work, are they solicited by the majorities?
“Facts are facts for it is the will and voices of the people in their vulnerable majorities that will triumph”, exclaimed the researcher. While encouraging the need for empowering more women and girls in the peace seeking courses, the researcher identified that the most burning need for the Anglophones was to reconstruct and revitalise their cultural identities and as well, proposed that the research work be instituted as an advocacy tool and a start-off reference point in seeking durable peace and development in the Anglophone conflict infested zones. It is also a vital tool for further research works.
If anyone ever singly thought that he/she knew or understood the mindset of Anglophones in this conflict and durable solutions, after reading this work, he/she should be ready to realise and accept how empty he/she has been all along.


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Southern Cameroons Crisis: Professor Martin Ayim speaks out Southern Cameroons Crisis: Professor  Martin Ayim speaks out

Professor Ayim hits back. Read and understand.

For the Records and Information to the People:

I love to teach and educate because in education only the truth is said. I say it without mincing words because I have nothing to hide.
1. My wife is not related to Caleche Bongo of the IG as alluded somewhere in desperation. It will be recalled that at one time I was alluded to be related to Millan’s wife, a woman I have never known.
2. Iam not and I repeat not a member of any APNC planning committee and I strongly disclaim any such forced inclusion. I do not support APNC at this time as well.{loadposition myposition}

3. The IG as I know has not endorsed any APNC at this time. IG takes a position of no Conference now when GZ needs more financial attention and that we all can unite to have a big Conference in April.  A Conference now smacks of insensitivity to GZ.
4. The AP is not on any monthly payment of $10,000 or any amount as I read somewhere. Three months ago, Cabinet discussed and approved that an allocation be provided to the Office of the President. No amount was stated. Two weeks ago, the Office was advised by cabinet to provide an itemized budget which as of now has not been provided for cabinet deliberation and decision making. Where Capo Daniel got his false information baffles me. This type of misreporting and misinformation does not help the cause.
5. Funny trend is that once a cabinet meeting is concluded, in just under 30 mins Capo is reporting about the meeting in opposite direction, misstating facts and drawing sweeping derogatory conclusions. Why would a comrade be bent at doing just the opposite each time again baffles me. We pulled some strings and after spending money for travels, got an organization to allow us present at the UN 4th Committee for decolonization.     It was Capo at it again, calling the office. Despite invitation, we got there to realized that though on schedule we could not be allowed to present. We were given visitors passes but no access to the conference room. We were told bluntly about the call. Yes indeed, is that patriotism? Is that love for the cause?
6. There is no approach, more powerful and more accountable than giving the power to communities to take charge of their self defense and for them to elect people in their communities whom they trust. IG came to this after suffering huge financial losses in the hands of dubious people which never reached GZ as intended. LGA by LGA approach eliminates middle people some of whom are building houses and burgeoning at the expense of hardworking boys and girls on GZ. Everyone here belongs to an LGA and County. Join and defend your village, LGA and County. That is community empowerment by the IG.
7. Foreign presence in court in Yaounde is not by accident. IG aggressive diplomacy is yielding results.  More to come. Even it is what, these results should signal that aligning with the IG now, a caretaker government, is imperative. Amazingly some detractors are stock with MTTB which they never promoted, never donated to, and spoke against. Why are people so vicious? When you see positive progress, you want to take stock? Support progress instead.
8. IG does not advocate for any referendum. It is an option that can be imposed on the IG not IG asking for it. IG stands for Unconditional Independence, Statehood Restoration and Sovereignty. IG believes that the UN has not fully decolonized the British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia). That Self determination is universal right. Anyone thinking otherwise or guessing otherwise is just plain wrong.
9. I guess I have updated everyone about innuendoes and the facts as they are.
I did this voluntarily because I believed those here, supporters or not needed to know the truth and the facts. IG is open to criticism and pointers. We did not join the struggle, in my case for 25 years now, as experts. We will learn as we go, make mistakes and stay focused. We are all volunteers to serve motherland Ambazonia. I pity Sako who had to drop a job to create time for the challenges posed to him and the IG after Nera attempted decapitation. Only a Sako can go through this and still have a cool head to make decisions. God bless and protect him. I know what he is going through on daily basis, especially from misreporting, namecalling, and misinformation.
Ambazonians Ambazonians, Sisiku legacy is being maintained and sustained frankly and honestly, he remains our undisputed President.  
So long
Prof Martin Ayim
Chief of Staff

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From The Desk of The Chairman of The Ambazonia Defense Council From The Desk of The Chairman of The Ambazonia Defense Council


From the moment when political opportunist found out that our people favored Self-Defense over the platitudes con men had been feeding them about their liberation being only a matter of marching in the streets and allowing LRC to mow them down in the hundreds and thousands so that their body count will force “saviors” from the UN to come and free them, the issue of kidnapping and ransoming has become a scourge in this liberation struggle. {loadposition myposition}

Having exposed themselves as bandits and conmen operating kidnapping and ransoming rings in the territory, these conmen and armed robbers with their handlers have been trying endlessly their utmost to soil the institution of the Ambazonian peoples defense, the Ambazonia Defense Forces. Their efforts have consistently been futile.

It has come to my attention that some message is being pushed around our community that the ADF has kidnapped individuals, including a certain Franklyn Ngwa Che, and are demanding ransom of 25million frs. This could not be further from the truth.

At a time when we are reaching contenderhood, why will we begin a practice that we had condemned and taking strong actions against these groups of bandits when possible to free prisoners?

The ADF Code of Conduct bars anyone, not just ADF members from doing this and the ADF considers this one of the most unforgivable crimes in this struggle.

But let there be no mistake: the Ambazonia Defense Forces will arrest functionaries of state of the barbaric and genocidal forces waging a war of impunity against our people. Anyone appointed  by Yaounde, and who propagates the continuous occupation of our land by Cameroun and the massacre of our people, be you an SDO, D.O, Governor or General, you are a cog in the Genocidal machine in our land and we will take you out in order to cripple the machine and save our people.

Let the Ambazonian people, human rights organizations, international media and others be informed that any such arrest will be announced by me, on my facebook page or the official page of the ADF. Anywhere else, then you are reading and peddling in falsehood, blackmail and sabotage.

Benedict Kuah,
Chairman of the Ambazonia Defense Council.

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Southern Cameroons: Deceit of National Commission for Bilingualism and Multiculturalism in Cameroon Southern Cameroons: Deceit of National Commission for Bilingualism and Multiculturalism in Cameroon

Since the 1961 reunification of French and British Southern Cameroons, discourses of marginalization, assimilation, “francophonisation”, “frenchification” and internal colonization have emerged in public and academic circles to describe the plight of the minority Anglophone population of Cameroon in the reunified country. An important element of this plight has been the systematic abrogation of the federal constitution that was adopted as basis for the reunification. The calls therefore from the Anglophone populations have mostly revolved around two options: Either a return to federal form of government which was the basis for reunification or the establishment of an autonomous state for Southern Cameroons.

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The Commission on Bilingualism and Multiculturalism in Cameroon created by Presidential Decree No. 2017/013 January 23, 2017, is one of those cosmetic solutions introduced by the head of state of the one and indivisible Cameroon, whose supporters and sycophants chant in public places the misconception of unity and national integration with the objective of deceiving their slave (the Anglophone) a second time. These cohorts are asking the slaves to find a place in their hearts to forgive them for virulent and deleterious acts -genocide, abductions, kidnapping, imprisonment without trial, discrimination, physical torture, and other crimes against humanity perpetrated by the armed forces (Gestapo-Gendarmes, Police, BIR, Army (Infantry, Marine and Air-force) notwithstanding these acts were carefully planned by the Cameroun Gestapo.
The master would often use high sounding words (national integration, regional balance, living together, harmonization, equivalence, national unity, unity in diversity, rigor and moralization, large or grand debate, and a host of other empty terms that carry no meaning just to manipulate the Anglophone who of-course is always submissive and religious. All of these derogatory acts meted on the innocent have been possible with assistance of the celebrated slaves known as the Anglophone Elite.
Activism heightened in October 2016 when Lawyers of Common Law practice complained and the Teachers of all levels of education and of English sub-system, having been afflicted joined the band wagon in November 2016 all in the effort to raise awareness on the Francophone nationalism resulting to the confiscation of political power by the Francophone-they claim Cameroun is their country which had independence on January 1, 1960 and by some negotiation the Anglophone came to join them on October 1, 1961 (our independence date-UN resolution 1608 of 21st April 1961) after the referendum called plebiscite of 11 February 1961 organized by the UN and assisted by Britain and France with their hidden agenda.

The problematic of the apparent union without a deed of being together has resulted to the survival of the fittest where the stronger lives on. It happened in a way that the Anglophone over years since independence 1 October 1961 (was reunification of the two Cameroons and Independence Day for the Southern Cameroons) has been marginalized to a point where they could take it no more. The quasi union has no power but intimidation from the devilish people we call our brothers (Francophone) who by some historical mistake we were Kamerun under the Germans. The Germans came to colonize us when we were a people and had our identity ( kingdoms of Fons and Chiefs ruling clans and tribes). But we fell prey to their power (the military might and money) that rendered us powerless and eventually succumbed to the pressure. This in itself does not mean we were slaves to the Germans after they conquered us. We had our way but changed to following orders now given by our new colonizers. In the process we learned to become civilized and it was a lesson we also learned after the Germans lost us at the end of the Second World War in 1918-1919. That time we became separate colonies under the French for Cameroun and Britain for the Southern Cameroons, together with Northern Cameroons administered under Nigeria as trust territories by Britain with instructions from the UNO now UN. This information may not be coherent historically but it serves as a basis for the truth I am about to bring out to the Anglophone public.
Political Dismissal
In the beginning in the Federal Republic of Cameroon, there was East Cameroun (Francophone) and West Cameroon (Anglophones) with two prime ministers and a President and a Vice. Ahmadou Ahidjo Babatura was President and John Ngu Foncha was Vice President of the Federal Republic and cumulatively as Prime Minister (1961-1965) . Each state under the federal structure ran her affairs.

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Anglophone crisis: Agbor Balla calls for international isolation of Cameroon Anglophone crisis: Agbor Balla calls for international isolation of Cameroon

Human rights lawyer Barrister Agbor Balla has urged the international community to isolate Cameroon as the violence in the two English-speaking regions gets worse and worse every single day.

The plea was made on Monday in Dakar as he attended the release of Amnesty International’s new report on human rights violations in the South West and North West regions of Cameroon.

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The recent report “was conducted after interviews from over 150 victims and corroborates more than a thousand findings, investigations and recordings from victims which Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa has documented for almost two years,” has reported.

“The facts are available for the international community. It is time to isolate the government of Cameroon, review military cooperation in cases of gross human rights violations and where weapons meant for fighting against Boko Haram have been transferred to Anglophone regions and have been used against civilians,” the news site has quoted Balla as saying in a statement.

The president of the outlawed Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has made several media outings lately to support the Anglophone struggle.

International Crisis Group has said a civil war could soon happen in Cameroon.

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Anglophone crisis: Amnesty International releases report on human rights violations Anglophone crisis: Amnesty International releases report on human rights violations

The latest report on the fighting in Anglophone Cameroon has accused government forces and Ambazonian separatist fighters of human rights violations.

The report released on Monday was produced with interviews from more than 150 victims and eye-witnesses including satellite images, we have understood.

The rights group says security forces have indiscriminately killed, arrested and tortured people during military operation which have also displaced thousands.

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Amba Boys on their part are accused of burning down schools and killing scores of security officers as well as targeting teachers and students who defy calls for school boycott.

“They tied our hands behind our backs, gagged us and tied our faces with our towels and shorts, which they tore. They then made us lie in the water, face down for about 45 minutes, “ a man, one of the 23 people detained in the South West region’s town off Dadi, told Amnesty International as part of the alleged torture by the military.


Amnesty blames forces loyal to the government for its heavy crackdown on the activists. “People in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions are in the grip of a deadly cycle of violence”, Samira Daoud, Amnesty’s deputy director for the region has said in a statement.

“Their heavy-handed response will do nothing to calm the violence – in fact, it is likely to further alienate Anglophone Communities and fuel further the unrest,” she has added.


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Two GCE subjects to be retaken Two GCE subjects to be retaken

The Registrar of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board has instructed students to retake two A/L subjects. Literature Paper 3 and Geography Paper 3 will be written again. The board claims that there were problems with the questions of some subjects.

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The information is contained in a note signed by the Principal of GBHS Ndop. Going by the note, A/L Literature in English Paper 3 will be taken on Monday 11 July in the afternoons at 1pm. Geography Paper 3 will follow on Friday 15 at the same time.

The problems with the questions have not been disclosed in the note.

Since the start of the Anglophone Crisis, GCE examinations have not had a good time again. Several postponements have been observed in the organization of the exams. Results have hit an all-time low, as students in the English-speaking regions boycott the exams in their numbers.

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Cameroon on the brink of civil war – International Crisis Group Cameroon on the brink of civil war – International Crisis Group

Cameroon could be gradually moving towards a civil war as the unrest in the two English-speaking regions continues, according to International Crisis Group.

In a recent report, the organisation revealed that about 60 people died in May because of the crisis. This report followed an incident in the North West region several earlier in which more than 20 persons were shot dead by forces loyal to the government.

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The Biya regime claims it was an offensive attack on armed criminals who had taken Santa Subdivision hostage.

But there has been a general outcry, condemning the brutality of security forces. No reports from the government have indicated if there were on casualties on the side of its forces, given that the criminals were armed.

The Anglophone crisis escalated in 2016 when teachers and laws took to the street to demand reforms and decry what they believe was the marginalisation of Southern Cameroons.

Several calls for dialogue from around the world have not made things any better.

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Cameroon: Seven Anglophone activists sentenced Cameroon: Seven Anglophone activists sentenced

After the court hearing at the military tribunal in Yaounde on 25 May 2018, some Anglophone Activists have been slammed jail sentences.

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Mancho Bibixy is part of the list with 15 years in prison. The list continues with names like:

Tsi Conrad 15 years

Tha Emile Agwei 13 years

Tamngwa Malvin 13 years

Guingah Valentine 10 years

Aselecha Marttin 13 years

Awah Thomas 11 years

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A Eulogy to Elah Geoffrey A Eulogy to Elah Geoffrey

Death is like the thief that comes to steal or kill those who are their target. Unfortunately unfortunate the veteran journalist for the Sun Newspaper whose death was necessitated by the made chase of the state thugs of LA Republique Du Cameroun, whose excesses have led to this untimely death.

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"O death where is thy sting and o grave where is thy power"

Life is like a vapour that dissipate without anybody taking notice.

Life is brief as a yawn and reminds us the fortunate to be alive that as sojourners, death should be expected all the time.

Elah Geoffrey had sown bountifully for long, assumed and presumed that his fruits will blossom and he and his family shall be partakers of that bountiful harvest.

Life can't be more rude than when life is  snatched at a youthful exuberance.

Adieu Elah Geoffrey as we shall continue to miss you forever.

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