Martha, 44 and a resident of Mbengwi in the North West Region of Cameroon was arrested on Thursday 3rd August,2017. This arrest was laid right in front of her kids( age range between 8-25years), her sister Bridget Agei and her aunt Christina Tah.

From eye witness accounts, two men came to her house that also hosts a liquor joint and demanded to buy drinks. She told them that she couldn't serve them first of all because she had family visitors and above all, her stock was empty. The men then called a bike rider to pick them up. Three minutes after the customers took of, uniform officers showed up and asked for the two men. Someone pointed to the direction they took and the police men went after them,apprehended them to her house. The commissioner of police came and asked for guns that were in their keeping.{loadposition myposition} 

They all said they hadn't guns on them and an instant body search was carried out on them. Southern Cameroon adherent cards were alledgedly found on the men  and they were ferried straight to the charge office. At 10.30am that same day, some police officers came and took Martha away telling everyone around that the Senior Divisional Officer wanted to have a chat with her. She was brought back to her house later that sameday, all her children and relatives sent out at that time for them to conduct a search. Her house was frantically ransacked but nothing was discovered.

They then took her back claiming that they needed to take some statements from her. She willingly got into their car and followed them. The following morning, her brothers Elias and Joel, her sister Bridget and her aunt went to the Mbengwi charge office to look for her but were told that she had been whisked-off to Bamenda.

When they arrived Bamenda, they were also told that she was not there until a smart sister of hers tipped one of the officers on duty who led her to see Martha. She was seen in a very disturbing physical and psychological condition. She had been tortured to the extent that her eyes were all swollen and she had marks all over her face.

That was the last time any family member set eyes on her. They were later informed that she had been transferred to Yaounde. On Monday 7th, the whole family went to the Kondengui maximum prison to look for her but to their greatest shock, they were told that the group that was arrested in Mbengwi was slated for execution today August 14.

Since then,we learned that they have been transferred to the SED concentration camp and no one has heard her or seen her again. Her family are now languishing in utter bewilderment and wondering what must have become of her or what the future holds for her. They are praying that people of good will should intervene so that their whereabouts should be known and her release secured.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Cameroon: The price of being "Anglophone" -Justice Ayah Paul Abine writes Cameroon: The price of being

At the time of my official assignment as Advocate General of the Supreme Court of Cameroon, my University classmate, Mr. Ndjodo Luc, was of the same grade and seniority in the legal profession as myself. But by law in force, he could not be my head of Department because I was/am older than him by two years. In this particular case, Ayah the ‘anglophone’ was not only marginalized but he lost even his position as a second class ‘citizen’. A francophone judge of index 1115 was appointed the deputy head of department, relegating Ayah the Anglophone on index 1400 to the third position.{loadposition myposition} 

This was just the starting point of my road to Calvary. Even as I embraced all the ignominy in stunning resignation, I waited for six months before being given an office. When the first consignment of new vehicles came, Ayah was given but a second hand official car which shortly went bad. I then took to my boss a list of spare parts needed for repairs but the latter, The Procureur General, hurled the list at me, insisting that the list must be translated into French before he would even look at it.
By the list of ‘seniority’ made by the court, I was the 9th (Number 1 Anglophone) in a descending order. What was all the stranger was that I was not given a new official vehicle even when the second consignment of fifteen new vehicles came. As a result, I had to go to work often by taxi. How could we get to this? It is no news that I went for 17 months without salary which has been confiscated by the state. That money, some of which was due as far back as 2013, is being owed me, even as these words are being written. I was therefore left without even a personal car!

Surprising as it is that, in the face of all these trials, I remained calm and uncomplaining; it is anyone’s guess that a conspiracy was still hatched to get rid of me. May I spare the readers the boredom of their re-reading a narrative of all that I have gone through in recent times. But I would be doing no-one justice if I failed to recount that I have been in captivity seven months now without an inkling of the reason for my ordeal and that by God’s grace I am still alive. Nor do I find it superfluous to repeat the plots and intrigues to see me dead ‘’naturally’’.

It is no news that after withholding my 17 months arrears of salary, they have sent me on retirement to further send me to an early grave in a two-pronged attack. As a sudden cardiac patient (which condition developed as a result of this aggression on me) put on a special diet, disconnecting my salary is a lethal injection. And being in captivity, I would not be able to follow up the payment of my pension. Bringing me even food as prescribed would cease; of course…..
As for Ndjodo Luc, why give me such a long rope? He has withheld my allowance for the second quarter of the year on the curious ground that I must hand over as a condition precedent. There can be nothing short of malice here because it is he who has to notify the decree of my retirement to me. He has not done so yet. It would be insulting to suppose that, at his level, Mr Procureur General does not know that notification comes before handing-over. His action then should be nothing short of persecution – torture!
And to buttress that, Mr Procureur General is eager to seal the only crevice that sustains my life, he broke into my office within weeks of my unofficial information that I am retired and installed someone in it. The very Procureur General who took six months to give me an office! God alone knows where all my personal effects in the office are after this official breaking – in (robbery)…

In an attempt to stem the conspiracy against me and in frantic struggle for survival, I wrote to Mr. Procureur General, demanding notification of the decree of my retirement. In my captivity, the letter was via the Secretary of State for Defense – another University classmate, Mr. Jean Baptiste Bokam. It is dead silence since the letter landed on Mr. Bokam’s table about July 25, 2017.
Gosh! So many war fronts against a single individual – Ayah Paul the Anglophone: a sudden cardiac patient whose blood pressure rose to close to 280 (276 to be precise) during the last cardiac crisis! The Price of being outlandish! The price of being ‘anglophone’! The price for standing by the truth at all times and against all odds!
Solace! My God is alive!{loadposition myposition2} 

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Southern Cameroons Crisis: Activist Akuroh John Mbah Speaks, calls for 3 days ghost towns Southern Cameroons Crisis: Activist Akuroh John Mbah Speaks, calls for 3 days ghost towns

Akuroh John Mbah from the SCACUF advocacy committee announces major victories, re-iterates need for 3 days ghost towns .{loadposition myposition} A must watch.

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Danger For Cameroon! Mamfe Bishop Cries Out! Danger For Cameroon! Mamfe Bishop Cries Out!

The Bishop of Mamfe, His Lordship Andrew Fuanya Nkea, says a wave of dangerous events is lurking over Cameroon.

According to the Prelate, Cameroon is living through perilous times where relativism has given way to absolutism.

To him, more and more Cameroonians are involved in crimes in a country where corruption has been elevated to a virtuous act and a way of life, while patriotism has been slaughtered on the altar of personal self-aggrandisement.

Bishop Nkea was speaking at the Saints Peter and Paul University Parish Buea, on Saturday, August 5, while delivering a homily during a Requiem Mass organised in honour of deceased Sports Commentator, Zachary Tokoto Nkwo.

Mgr. Nkea’s homily was predicated on the theme; “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” The Bishop of Mamfe said he borrowed the phrase “danger for Cameroon” from late Zachary Nkwo. This phrase, he said was often used by the deceased each time he was running commentaries on radio.{loadposition myposition}

According to him, Zachary Nkwo’s use of the aforementioned phrase was not intended for the Cameroonian audience that barely listened to his commentaries on radio, but rather the danger alerts were often directed to the players on the pitch to fall back and defend the colours of their father land. The Prelate said the phrase “Danger for Cameroon” has today become a very apt phase in a crisis-ridden Cameroon that needs people to stand up and defend it.

He lamented that the respect for human rights has become very irrelevant in Cameroon as people are assassinated without remorse.

The courts, the Chief Shepherd of Mamfe went on, has lost their credibility as justice is not only manipulated by the rich and powerful at the detriment of the poor, but that the courts are being used as institutions for scores settling.

Mgr. Nkea further bewailed that some people are constantly struggling to defile the sanctity of the church.

This, he said, explains why Men of God have been dragged to court, while others have been assassinated for speaking the truth.

The Bishop warned that Cameroonians must repent from their evil ways and seek God’s face to avert the looming danger.

The former Rector of the St. Thomas Aquinas’ Major Seminary Bambui, said though Zachary Nkwo was not an ardent church goer, he loved God and did his job well.

He recalled an incident some years back when he (Nkea) was still a Priest serving in Buea Diocese. “One Sunday I was celebrating Mass at St. Martin de Porres Parish Bokwango, after seeing Uncle Zach’s wife and children in church without their father, I asked his wife where the husband was and she said he “is at home father”’’.

After Mass, I got into my car and drove straight to Uncle Zach’s house. Behold I met Zach behind the house and started chiding him for not coming to Church. After absorbing my fury, Zach in his usual composed, recollected and his taciturn mood asked me in a soft voice “Fr. have you had breakfast?” the Prelate recounted.

Mgr. Nkea said after asking him such a question, he further said “what goes around comes around. Fr I will come to church.” The Requiem Mass was presided at by the Bishop of Kumbo, His Lordship George Nkuo and concelebrated by a college of priests.

Only A Confused Gov’t Can Fight The Church

Mgr. Nkea’s Episcopal warnings came a few days after celebrated Nigerian Cleric, Apostle Johnson Suleman during his crusade in Limbe warned that any Government that is fighting against the church is a confused Government.


{loadposition myposition2}

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After Hostile Diaspora Reception: Gov’t dispatches military artilleries to Anglophone Regions to forestall attack After Hostile Diaspora Reception: Gov’t dispatches military artilleries to Anglophone Regions to forestall attack

For the past 72 hours, the Northwest and Southwest Regional capitals have been teeming with heavily armed military officers.

The population of Bamenda and Buea, Monday, August 7, woke up and discovered major streets in their Region inundated with uniform officers.

Our military source, who refused to be named for fear of victimisation, said they were drafted into the Southwest and Northwest Regions after Government, acting from a tip-off and military intelligence reports, learnt that they could be an attack on the two Anglophone Regions.

According to him, it was in bid to pre-empt any attack that  hundreds of them were ferried in at the depth of the night with armoured vehicles and weapons and stationed at strategic positions to secure the city and fight back in case of an attempt on Buea or Bamenda.

The heavy presence of military officers in Buea, chief town of the Southwest Region, has also led to a corresponding increase in the number of citizens in police and gendarme custody, as those found at certain period of the day without their national identity cards are ferried into custody.{loadposition myposition}

Tongues are already wagging that the troops may have been drafted in on Sunday breaking Monday when there was an unexplained black out in Buea.

It is even rumoured that the blackout was used to slip in the troops into the Regions.

Many people who spoke to  this reporter  said, the energy company, ENEO, has become a citizenly friendly company in recent months.

According to them, before ceasing electricity, the company often issued media announcements, informing the population that there will be no electricity from a certain period of the day.

“But the August 6 blackout, which lasted for over one day, was unprecedented. This was unlike ENEO, which often informs its clients about any blackout, so I knew that something was amiss,” our one of our respondents said.

Meanwhile, our military source said the troops, which were ferried into Buea and Bamenda and are now residing in camps and ‘not very comfortable with the weather conditions of the two Regions, characterised by heavy rain fall and extreme cold.

In a bid to battle the harsh climatic conditions, constant exercises, punctuated by brief breaks, midnight roll calls have been instituted to keep the troops alert and ready to quell any attack.

Communications between the troops and their family members are have been barred during working hours. Strict military discipline has also been instituted, to prevent the troops from careless drinking in bars, which is considered dangerous to their mission.{loadposition myposition2}

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Mbengwi-Cameroon: New Controvesy on the arrest of "alleged" Ambazonian terrorists Mbengwi-Cameroon: New Controvesy on the arrest of

Canal Two reports of New controversy which has sparked up concerning the discovery of explosives in Mbengwi. The Douala based TV Channel reports that  one of its Correspondent is in Mbengwi and is reporting that the home where the explosives were allegedly found(seen in these pictures) is the home of a certain retired gendarme officer who is now blind and not the home of Dasi Alfred( seen in the picture above)as reported by govt. {loadposition myposition}Inhabitants in Mbengwi are categoric: The weapons  exposed on TV doesn't belong from their locality. Plus they are questioning why the officers of law and order didnt invite the press or a neutral body to witness the raid and seizure of the explosives. However Governor of the Northwest, Adolphe Lele Lafrique says the arms caché were found in Mbengwi and is calling for vigilance. Affaire a suivre!{loadposition myposition2}

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Dr David Makongo writes third open letter to President Paul Biya Dr David Makongo writes third open letter  to President Paul Biya


Dear President Biya,

It is with great honor for your high office that I come back to you with my third open letter in connection with the Southern Cameroons quest for peaceful resolution. It is sad and very conceening to observe that some ungrateful close confidants of yours want to see you dragged in the mud with a bloody nose before you leave Etoudi. I therefore urge you to dribble them and organize a peaceful referendum in Southern Cameroons. You could make a new legacy for yourself if you can peacefully and voluntarily organize a referendum to allow the people of Southern Cameroons decide whether or not they want to stay with LRC or go their own separate ways?

The Southern Cameroons plight is deeper in Cameroon than it seems on the surface abroad. Your collaborators are lying to you again by insinuating that North West and South West Regions are stable. And that if any instability, then it could only come from the outside. Big lies. Ghost towns (“Country Sunday”) are not abroad. You live with them right there in North West and West Regions.{loadposition myposition}

It is surprising, therefore, to so many people how they managed to persuade you to abandon the problem back home and send the most untrustworthy people abroad to tell lies such as; there was no lawyers strike to a very knowledgeable and wise diaspora population in South Africa, Belgium, Canada, USA, UK and also to mislead and misguide the U.N. As your emissaries came to the UN for explanation that is how the U.N. sent them back to you with diplomatic rebuke “to start inclusive dialogue to address the outstanding root causes of tensions” in the Anglophone regions, uphold human rights and hold those responsible for administering justice to “high standards.”

What are the root causes of the Anglophone problem? <ANNEXATION>

Dear Mr President, it is important for you to note that despite its shortcomings, the U.N. has always viewed itself as a community of values.

-The ANNEXATION of Southern Cameroons is a violation of these values;
-The kidnappings, torture and raping of Southern Cameroonians are in violation of these values;
-The unwarranted arrests (of Dr. Balla, Justice Ayah, Dr. Fontem, Mr. Mancho and all other SC in LRC jails), illegal detentions and Nuremburg style trials without due process of the law are in violation of these values;
-The shutting down of internet and militarization of Southern Cameroons are in violation of these values.

It is equally important for you to know that if we must avoid blood shed, in addition to following recommendations of the U.N.

  1. Instruct government to release everyone in jail without conditions to diffuse tention and to start real “inclusive dialogue with freed leaders and the interim government of Southern Cameroons.
  2. Organize a referendum in NorthWest and South West Regions to allow the people decide for themselves which way they want to go? Conduct this test and apply the will of the majority to avoid unforeseen circumstances for the country.

Mr. President, though I’m not a prophet of doom, if there is anything I can guarantee you with this writeup, it is the certainty of the fact that the union between Southern Cameroons and LRC has broken down irretrievably. True!

Fellow Southern CAMEROONIANS, in an overwhelming majority have followed their conscience to separate and start the task of building the new independent State of Southern Cameroons. There’s no turning back, Mr. President!

The above is in line with Resolution 1514 of the U.N. which provides that when the union has failed one people can separate if it is the will of the majority.

Thus, organizing this referandum through peace and dialogue could go a long way in saving part of your legacy to the total bewilderment of some of your deceitful allies and ungrateful employees who are betting Or plotting for your shameful downfall.

Only those who have lived in the bowels of the beast know it from the inside!

Yours very sincerely

(Dr. David Makongo USA, Senior Negotiator & Legal Consultant)

{loadposition myposition2}


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MORISC spokesman Boh Herbert says S.Cameroonians are hungry to get to Buea MORISC spokesman Boh Herbert says S.Cameroonians are hungry to get to Buea

Our people are so hungry for freedom and so anxious to get to Buea that they are not savoring small victories on the way there and they are growing increasingly deaf to the kind of diplomatic lingo that rebukes colonial regimes like Yaounde. The meeting yesterday at the UN HQs in New York with Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed was one of those small victories on the way to Buea. As the leading diplomatic organization in the world, the UN was not going to put an exclamation mark at the end of its rebuke of the Biya regime. It came very close to pelting Prof. Ghogomu and team with rotten eggs. Thanks to the hard work that our people have done in preceding LRC to the UN with the truth, the lies Yaounde hatched for this delegation failed to convince. The readout of the meeting published by the Office of the Spokesperson has two very important messages for the colonialists in Yaounde:{loadposition myposition}

First, the UN wants Yaounde to know that the world body holds the regime to "higher standards" than they have shown so when it comes to the rule of law and respect for human rights. Translation: can Yaounde please live up to standards! We are appalled by the low or sub-human standards you now follow. Additionally, the UN means that the colonial regime cannot use the pretext of the activists did X, Y, Z to justify doing A, B, C. That is what happens when the colonialists get to the UN only to find that we reported them a long time ago. The lies don't add up.

Second, and most importantly, the UN basically instructed the colonial regime to stop running around the world and complaining like crying babies to organizations like the UN and the African Union. The solution to the problem of recolonization that you are accused of, said the UN is not so many words, rests in you climbing down from that high horse and calling an inclusive dialogue with the stakeholders (Southern Cameroonians).

Forget the other points about we support you on the fight against terror and we praise you for being welcoming to refugees. It is the bite-and-blow that the UN masters so well. The two points I have highlighted above are diplo-talk for "get out of here, you evil regime! Go put your house in order by dialogue go with those you are disrespecting!"

Someone is licking their wounds...

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: Consortium calls for Suspension of Ghost Towns on Monday Aug 14 to Wednesday Aug 16 Cameroon: Consortium calls for Suspension of Ghost Towns on Monday Aug 14 to Wednesday Aug 16

The anglophone civil society consortium has called or the suspension of Gohst Towns next week. The suspension was made public in a press release which was published on their Facebook page on August 8, 2017.

Below is what is stated in that press release:{loadposition myposition}

It has come to our knowledge that the 15th of August 2017 is the feast of Assumption; the Day Catholic Christians believe Mary the mother of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven body and soul.
Consequent on that, we, members of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, CACSC have unanimously agreed to suspend ghost town operations scheduled to run from Monday the 14th to Wednesday the 16th of August 2017. We pray all Catholics and Christian Faithful in general to use these days and intensify the ongoing Novena, so that the Lord may make haste to deliver us according to His Word.
It is our fervent believe that all and sundry understand the purpose of our ongoing resistance; it is not possible to seize your freedom and be able to control your own destiny without sacrifice. We all understand how difficult it is, but we must go all the way. Some of our compatriots have already paid with their lives, while others have offered their freedom and the rest their comfort off the motherland. We must negotiate this defining bend with even greater determination; the kind of determination that will tell the world that we are effectively in total control of our land.
We are hereby calling on the peace-loving people of Southern Cameroons to arm themselves by stocking their homes with as much foodstuff as possible. This phase will require a lot of sacrifice and we are urging you all to scrupulously respect the directives that will be dished out in the days ahead so that we can all stay safe.
As we resist in fasting and prayer, let us remember our brothers in the underground bunker at the SED. Information reaching us indicates that Patrick Ndangoh who sent out the video showing their terrible conditions has been beaten to near death with wounds all over his body. An additional reason for our renewed call to sacrifice! {loadposition myposition2}

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Apostle Suleman’s prophecy about Southern Cameroons Independence throws Population In Pandemonium Apostle Suleman’s prophecy about Southern Cameroons Independence throws Population In Pandemonium

“I don't know much about your country but as I was praying this morning, God told me Son! Limbe will become like London."

These were the words of prophesy delivered by celebrated Nigerian Cleric, Apostle Johnson Suleman, on Tuesday, August 2, at the start of a two day crusade at the esplanade of the Limbe Omnisport Stadium.

According to the firebrand Man of God, there is a link between Limbe and London.{loadposition myposition}

However, frontline activists dreaming of a statehood for the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon have gone celebrating since the prophecy was issued in Limbe and are using it to re-fire their campaigns.

These words isolated from many other pronouncements he made including prayers for Cameroon have gone viral on social media.

Anglophone activists and others in the Diaspora have picked up the message to mean that God is on the verge of giving them a new country.

Even those who openly criticised the Man of God at the onset of the crisis in 2016, when he announced during one of his live Sunday Service on television that " Southern Cameroonians or East Cameroonians there is nothing worth fighting for'' have  now jumped into making meaning out of the Limbe pronouncement.

These are the same persons who criticised the prophet in 2016 when he asked the nation to pray against a 'Black Sunday' shortly after the Eseka train derailment that claimed many lives.

Besides many other things he said and prayers the preacher made for President Paul Biya and those in position of authority, the activists  have lifted just the line on Limbe to engage in their social media campaigns.

A handful full of other Cameroonians saw something different from the message which the Journalist cum preacher made concerning the sea side town.

During the August 3 crusade, Suleman in the course of preaching said, Limbe was a city of oil but its population was living in abject poverty.

He prayed for the population of Limbe, starting from market women before proceeding to pray for the President, his cabinet, the military, paramilitary, navy, police and all sectors of the nation.{loadposition myposition2}


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