SOUTHERN CAMEROONS|FF0000 Sun, 18 Mar 2018 13:44:38 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Bamenda: Kidnapped Delegate Pleads From Captivity Aron Nimbom was kidnapped by yet to be identified people on last month while he was driving home from a funeral in Bamenda.

The North West regional delegate for social affairs, Animbom Aaron, who was kidnapped last February 25, 2018 in Batibo by suspected separatist fighters has in a video, allegedly released by the Ambazonia Defence Forces, called on the government through the Minister of Social Affairs to show the arrested Ambazonia leaders to the public so as to save his life.
The delegate who was seemingly in the same clothing as the day of his abduction said; “I am Animbom Aaron Yong, Regional Delegate of Social Affairs for the North West Region. I am pleading to the Minister of Social Affairs to intervene that the leaders of Ambazonia, that were arrested and we are told that they were brought to Yaounde, should be shown to the public to show that the people are alive, because I am here and they have given me 48 hours that I will be sacrificed if these leaders are not shown to be alive. I have been kidnapped by the ADF and I am pleading to the Minister of Social Affairs to intervene at the level of hierarchy so that my life can be spared.”
Animbom Aaron was kidnapped on February 25 in Batibo as he was returning from a funeral in the village, just over a week after the Divisional Officer for Batibo Marcel Namata Diteng was equally abducted on February 11 from the Grand Stand while preparing for Youth Day activities. {loadposition myposition}
The whereabouts of the D.O of Batibo are still to be known as the military continues and extensive search for the two kidnapped officials.
The Ambazonia leaders including the self-proclaimed Interim president, of the virtual republic, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe were arrested in Abuja, Nigeria on January 5 during a meeting.
Since the arrest of these leaders, no one has been able to see them.
Communication minister had announced that they have been transferred to Cameroonian authorities and are doing well in a security prison in Yaounde. He promised that they will be tried according to the law and their rights will be fully respected.
However, apart from Minister Tchiroma’s declarations, no other confirmation of their presence in Yaounde has been registered as family members and lawyers have not had access to them as at now.
The arrest and subsequent transfer of the Ambazonia leaders resulted in further escalation of violence in the North West and South West regions characterized by attacks on military posts and reprisal killings by separatist fighters and the military.

The Sun Newspaper

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Batibo remain the battle ground that makes Atangana Paul Nji panicking Batibo remain the battle ground that makes Atangana Paul Nji panicking

Atangana Paul Nji had made so much noise about his ability to fight against the Secessionists as well as terminate this menace that has rocked LA Republique Du Cameroun.

The Batibo battleground has humiliated the scouts of LA Republique Du Cameroun and has silenced the so much noise that Atangana Paul Nji made when he promised Paul Biya to deliver.

Atangana Paul Nji has come to realize there is a limit to folly and there is a limit to stupidity as his controversial ban on motorbikes instead has made matters worse.

Now with confusion looming everywhere {loadposition myposition}
Atangana Paul Nji is in a position of dilemma as every move that he has taken hasn't made things better.

Shockingly and frustratingly Atangana Paul Nji made falsehood declarations that LA Republique Du Cameroun has only lost twenty seven scouts since this heavily misguided war was launched.

Is Atangana Paul Nji's place to declare the number of the scouts who have been killed since this illegal war was declared?

Why is LA Republique Du Cameroun afraid to announce the actual number of their scouts that have been slain and why is LA Republique Du Cameroun afraid to announce that she has hired Chadians and South African mercenaries to help them in this fake war?

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Keeping them Honest: Are we losing the message war? Keeping them Honest: Are we losing the message war?

Every Anglophone must let the world know that our people are being massacred because of our God-given natural resources. This is a debate the Biya regime and its supporters don't want because they cannot defend the wanton and systemic pillage and exploitation of Anglophone resources to finance a Beti cabal of tribal jingoists, while a majority of Anglophones are wallowing in poverty.

Can anyone explain why the public investment budget for the South region is more than the combined budget for the two Anglophone regions which produce over 60% of national GDP? We must tell the true story of the Anglophone resistance. Contrary to what the conventional western media has been reporting, the issue is not about national unity and territorial integrity or French marginalization of English.{loadposition myposition}

This struggle is about a people who produce 60% of Cameroon's wealth with little or nothing to show for it. Change always comes when the present generation decides to no longer accept what the last generation accepted. Biya will have to kill all eight million Anglophones to continue stealing our resources. We will fight till the last man. The resistance continues...{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: Sixty days after the illegal kidnapping of Ayuk Tabe, his detention location remains a mystery Cameroon: Sixty days after the illegal kidnapping of Ayuk Tabe, his detention location remains a mystery

The President of Ambazonia was kidnapped in Nigeria breaching international protocol in Nigeria before being illicitly taken to Cameroon. This illegal transaction between Buhari and Biya void of any legal justification based by an extradition convention has placed Nigeria in hell. Her battered image has been made worse since Buhari chose the part of evil, sheepishly assuming that the case of Southern Cameroon's was just like that of the Biafra's in Nigeria.

Unfortunately for him, this isn't the case and Nigeria and Nigerians are sweating under this heat that has ruined the few chances that APC had in the forth coming Presidential and other elections in Nigeria. Diplomatically Buhari's folly has damaged Nigeria's image as the giant of Africa. Since their purported arrival in Cameroon as announced by the minister of Communication, nobody knows their whereabouts and lots of speculations have been made. Some persons had assumed that they had been killed, others assumed that they weren't even brought to Cameroon in the first place. {loadposition myposition} 

Sixty days incommunicado and without any information filtering out is cruel and inhumane. Illegally kidnapped to Cameroon on the 26th of January, national and foreign media had announced that thirty seven others were arrested in Abuja had been illegally incarcerated at the Secretary of Defence ( SED) There is nothing to this date to proof that they had been detained there. The other source of information that was given by Spokesman of the Cameroonian military, Colonel Didier Bandjeck, the mulatto claims that Ayuk Tabe and his close collaborators had been handed over to the Judicial Police for investigations to be conducted.

According to this arrogant and nauseating Mulatto, Colonel Didier Bandjeck,it's judged not to be necessary to divulge where they are detained. " I don't have the right to talk with somebody in custody , address all your supplications to the Attorney General of the Republic. All over the world, such instructions are sacred and the opportunities to speak are restricted by the Attorney General of the Republic" declared Colonel Didier Bandjeck, in charge of Military communication.

This case is giving Nigeria, the UN and LA Republique Du Cameroun sleepless nights as another wave of massive demonstrations have erupted against the Nigerian embassies, the seat of the UN and against Britain. This wave of massive demonstrations are planned to humiliate an already disgraced cow driver, Buhari Muhammadu and his vampire friend, Paul Biya of Cameroon.

Lawyers Ben Muna and Agbor Balla have complained about the lack of collaboration between the lawyers and Police elements that doesn't permit them to meet with Ayuk Tabe and his close collaborators. The wife of Ayuk Tabe, the leader of the restoration movement of the Southern Cameroon's has equally shown her frustration seeing or meeting with her husband as well as his release..

" In a missive widely circulated on the media, she categorically states that her husband isn't a terrorist but a humanist who saw the misery and frustration of Southern Cameroonians, illegally panel beaten by francophones and treated as slaves in their own land" She equally requested that the vicious regime of LA Republique Du Cameroun should show a video of her husband and his collaborators to attest that they are still alive.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Why Southern Cameroons Appear to be stuck into French Cameroons Why Southern Cameroons Appear to be stuck into French Cameroons

The KNDP was formed in 1955 by John Ngu Foncha. The party initially sought a close relationship with the UPC Union of the Peoples of Cameroon the main opposition party in French East Cameroun.
The KNDP , in the early days, contained a number of UPC members who had fled persecution in the French zone.

The SDF was formed in Bamenda in 1990 in opposition to the ruling CPDM party that was born from the UC –UNC party of Mr. Ahijo in East Cameroun. 
The SDF, in her early days contained, a sizable number of francophone members who had fled persecution in the UC, CNU-CPDM in the French zone.

The KNDP was dissolved by Mr. Ahijo into UC to form CNU = UC+KNDP now called CPDM, at the behest of the French colonial master of those days called Mr. Jean Ramadier .

The SDF is in an all evident close relationship, not with an opposition party in East Cameroun, but with the ruling CPDM party that is responsible for the current constitutional mess in both Cameroons. (UC+KNDP)=CNU = CPDM ).

The same story ( our history not Mr. Foncha nor Mr. Ahijo's story ) is repeating itself today with Mr. Fru Ndi but with the odd paradox that the SDF,which is the main and only anglophone opposition party might be absorbed into the ruling CPDM just as the KNDP was dissolved into the CNU.

We must recall and never forget that the CPDM is the son of Mr. Ahijo's UC (Union Camerounaise) hence CNU or UNC ( Union Nationale Camerounaise) and today’s RDPC ( Rassamblement Democratique du People Camerounias), which translates into “ Democratic Reassembly of the Cameroon Peoples”. All these different names are a cosmetic makeup to fit the convenience of the French nominated Cameroonian politician to stay in power and toe the line of the 26-12-1959 Cooperation agreement between France and the nascent pseudo independent state of La Republique du Cameroun so as to safeguard the French colonialist unionist ideology at the end of the UN Trust Territory agreement in 01-01-1960.

It must be stated that France sole interest in LRC is nothing more than the goal of capturing and securing the rich oil wells of the Ex UN Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons which was not, cannot and shall never become a colony of France. France sole interest in LRC is for the capture and indirect annexation of Southern Cameroons in a fraudulent way and against international Law, UNGA Resolution 1806XV against which France and all her ex colonies except Mali voted on that fateful day 0f 21-04-1961 at the UNGA.

France fraudulently misinterpreted the UN Trusteeship Agreement as a developement contract for which the UN or LRC must pay France for her development services in LRC. The pre independence cooperation agreement between France and LRC was based mainly on her reliance on the Ndian and Bakassi Oil wells as a legal tender since LRC is void of the black gold that is petroleum.

This fraudulent and illegal annexation was to be done as per the classic French colonial policy and ideology of the “Code Noir” i.e. the Black (Slave) Code designed by France for the administration of the Slave camps in the West indies with specific reference to Haiti .

“The Code Noir was a decree originally passed by France's King Louis XIV in 1685. The Code Noir defined the conditions of slavery in the French colonial empire, restricted the activities of free Negroes, forbade the exercise of any religion other than Roman Catholicism, and ordered all Jews out of France's colonies.” (

The Code Noir was hence upgraded into the “code de l’indegenat” for the administration of the same slave camps ,but this time right there in Africa after the abolition of the slave trade. Old habits die hard !

“The Code de l'indigénat was a set of laws creating, in practice, an inferior legal status for natives of French Colonies from 1887 until 1944–1947 but it lived on in many former ex French colonies in Africa and in LRC until this day.(

The code de l’indegenat during the colonial era enabled the enslavement of the African right there in his Continent with no need of deporting him to the Americas. The indigenes just as in the slave camps of the America and Haiti were and are nothing more than indigenes as compared to French colonial interests in raw materials of these colonies where basic human rights are a secondary and insignificant detail.

The KNDP was dissolved into the CNU now CPDM at the behest of the French colonial master of those days called Mr. Jean Ramadier . 
The SDF (just as the KNDP) is in the process of being absorbed into the CPDM at the behest of the same french colonial master.

Both the KNDP and the SDF just as the UC-CNU and CPDM were/are financed indirectly( via exorbitant loans) by the colonial master France pulling the strings behind the stage in LRC which is the only Country in the world that does not recognizes nor celebrates her Independence Day ! Of course ! France will do any and everything so as not to lose the rich oil wells of Ndian and Bakassi !

Prior to independence, St Dominique – the country that is now Haiti – was France's most profitable colony, thanks in no small part to its particularly brutal system of slavery. In 1791, the slaves revolted, and in 1804, after defeating Napoleon's armies, founded the world's first black republic.

Following Haiti's independence, former French slave-owners submitted detailed tabulations of their losses to the French government, with line items for each of "their" slaves that had been "lost" with Haitian independence. In 1825, the French King, Charles X, demanded that Haiti pay an "independence debt" to compensate former colonists for the slaves who had won their freedom in the Haitian Revolution. With warships stationed along the Haitian coast backing up the French demand, France insisted that Haiti pay its former colonizer 150m gold francs – ten times the fledgling black nation's total annual revenues.

Under threat of a French military invasion that aimed at the re-enslavement of the population, the Haitian government had little choice but to agree to pay. Haiti's government was also forced to finance the debt through loans from a single French bank, which capitalized on its monopoly by gauging Haiti with exorbitant interest rates and fees.

The original sum of the indemnity was subsequently reduced, but Haiti still disbursed 90m gold francs to France. This second price the French exacted for the independence Haitians had won in battle was, even in 1825, not lawful. When the original indemnity was imposed by the French king, the slave trade was technically illegal; such a transaction – exchanging cash for human lives valued as slave labour – represented a gross violation of both French and international laws. And Haiti was still paying off this "independence debt" in 1947 – 140 years after the abolition of the slave trade and 85 years after the emancipation proclamation.

A lawsuit launched by the Haitian government to recuperate these extorted funds was aborted prematurely in 2004, with the French-backed overthrow of the government that had had the temerity to point out that France "extorted this money from Haiti by force and… should give it back to us so that we can build primary schools, primary healthcare, water systems and roads".

The French government was similarly quick to suppress a Yes Men-style prank announcement last Bastille Day pledging that France would repay Haiti. On 15 July, the day after the hoax, a spokesperson for the French ministry spokesperson told Agence France Presse that the French government was pursuing possible legal action against the pranksters.

The problem here is that the Cameroon politician and their political parties seam not to be aware of playing the same French colonial policy in their very own Country that can never progress democratically, institutionally, economically in such a neocolonialist and absolutely illegal scenario where it is abundantly clear that the ideology of “ one and indivisible Cameroon aka French slave enclosure” has woefully failed the People of both Cameroons. These Cameroonian politicians are unable to set the terms for a termination of the 26-12-1959 Cooperation agreement between France and LRC of which the ex UN Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons was not a party.

Signed December 26, 1959 by President Charles de Gaulle of France's and President AHIDJO.

Up to this day, neither Paul B, Georges Pompidou, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, nor François Mitterrand, nor Jacques Chirac, nor Nicolas Sarkozy nor François Holland, have changed anything in it. But it's article 6 which arouses more curiosities because it was added after the Independence of Southern Cameroons on 01-10-1961. Article 3 lands us in the heart of the STRUGGLE !

1. France will determine the political, economic and sociocultural policy of Cameroun.
2. France will have to mint a currency the FCFA for Cameroun, 
3. France will guide the determination of school programs at all levels 
In Cameroun 
4. France will hold in her Treasury, a portfolio called “operation account, 100% of the reserves of Cameroun.
NB: this percentage was modified in 1972 and 1973 respectively via Brazzaville and Dakar to the BEAC and the WAMU, at 65% and finally today it stands at 50%.
5. Cameroon's strategic raw materials will have to be exploited by France in priority. If they are not interested, only then will Cameroun be able to find another partner or exploit them by herself.
6. November 10, 1961: military assistance. Whenever the Camerounian president will be overwhelmed by external aggression or internal rebellion, he may appeal for the military aid of France. If he is no longer in the ability to do so due to the absence of some means of communication, the Ambassador of France in Cameroun can do so in the place and on behalf of the Cameroonian authority.

This is the agreements a “country” signed...

Clearly, La République du Cameroun has never been out of colonization and her independence of 01-01-1960 was rendered null and void by the traitorous “accord de cooperation signed by Ahijo and Charles De Gaulle some 5 days before her independence day! 
However! Southern Cameroons was not and shall never be a colony of France.

Is it far-fetched , in the light of the above, to conclude that nothing has changed in the mindset of both anglophone and francophone Cameroon politician in the past 60 years ?

The KNDP of Mr. Jean Fonstia of Dschang brought us into this mess and the SDF of Mr. Jean Fouda Ndi of Babajou is maintaining us in the same mess and has gone as far as asking Mr. Jean Ramadier for a colonial military base in Bamenda to secure the illegally and fraudulently expanded French slave enclosure of Cameroun? AMBAZONIA & LRC SHALL BE FREED !

 {loadposition myposition2} Mola Niba

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Anglophone Crisis Watch: February 2018 Briefing Anglophone Crisis Watch: February 2018 Briefing

In Southwest and Northwest regions, security forces continued to clash with Anglophone separatists and attack civilians; separatists could intensify attacks around senatorial elections planned for 25 March. Security forces killed civilians and burnt houses in Bole Bakundu, Southwest 1 Feb.

In clashes and attacks in Northwest 1-8 Feb three security personnel and nine others killed. Separatists killed three gendarmes in Kembong, Southwest and abducted local official in Batibo, Northwest 11 Feb. Incidents involving security forces left three people dead: one in Banga Bakundu, Southwest 14 Feb, one in Angie, Northwest 14 Feb and one in Ndongo, Southwest 17 Feb. Separatist armed group Tigers of Ambazonia 16 Feb killed one gendarme in Kumba and another in Bebensi 18 Feb, both Southwest. Marines killed four armed men in Mundemba, Southwest 20 Feb. {loadposition myposition} 

One gendarme killed in Munyengue, Southwest 24 Feb. Security forces killed armed separatist and several civilians in Ebonji, Southwest 25 Feb. Separatist armed group Ambazonia Defence Forces abducted local official in Batibo, Northwest 25 Feb. Soldiers in pursuit of separatists crossed into Cross River state, Nigeria 26 Feb, reportedly killing at least one civilian there. New separatist armed groups formed: Banso Resistance Army and Donga Mantung Liberation Force. Separatist Interim Govt of Ambazonia Governing Council 19 Feb warned against holding senatorial elections, planned for 25 March, in Northwest and Southwest.

EU, U.S., France and Equatorial Guinea called for dialogue to end violence and UK minister visited 13-14 Feb urging de-escalation. In Far North, Boko Haram (BH) continued attacks: militants killed military officer in Limani 1 Feb and 25 other people in multiple places 3-24 Feb. Security forces killed BH suicide bomber, while another detonated explosives killing only himself in Kordo, near Kolofata 11 Feb. President Biya 7 Feb scheduled senatorial elections for 25 March; opposition Mouvement pour la Renaissance du Cameroun (MRC) 19 Feb decided to boycott on grounds that most councillors and mayors who will vote belong to ruling party. Main opposition party Social Democratic Front 24 Feb elected MP Joshua Osih as candidate for presidential elections later in 2018. {loadposition myposition2} 

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The genesis of the exodus of the people of Southern Cameroon's The genesis of the exodus of the people of Southern Cameroon's

The genesis of the exodus of the people of Southern Cameroon's or British Cameroon's began when the youths discovered that they were excluded from jobs and thus economic and social welfare, they had no other alternative but to seek solace in other countries where the platform for job availability is based on performance and not on relationship or occult conditions. A platform where genuine intellectual prowess is tested and given the latitude to operate freely. Unfortunately in the Francophone modeled Centralized system which does not give room to checks and balances, indirect rule and independent judiciary.

These factors and the rigid militarization of Southern Cameroon's by a French speaking militia that heightens the policy of apartheid that has been openly used against the people of Southern Cameroon's by the francophones. Take a look at the check points in the Southern Cameroon's and the shabby treatment meted on people as compared to the Police Check points in the French Cameroon.

The demonstrations of the 22 of September and 1st of October 2017 were only an eruption of bad feelings that had been corked up as pain for more than fifty six long years. Francophone Professors must admit that if the initial phase of this nation, the Federal Structure had remained in changed,these grievances won't have come into light.{loadposition myposition}

They must admit that without the Francophones elite in Policy making boards, attempting to Francophonize the people of Southern Cameroon's through their vicious plan d'adoption, the crisis won't have ever occurred.

Have Francophones asked themselves why a nation should live in deceit and falsehood?

Why is the independence day of LA Republique Du Cameroun, which is the 1,1,1960 not celebrated as a national day?

The 20 th May Coup d'etat orchestrated against the people of Southern Cameroon's is today celebrated as national day. How can this fake event become a national event when Francophones voted illegally in 1972,in the criminal agenda referendum of 1972?{loadposition myposition2}

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The Anglophone Crisis-Cameroun: Francophones lopsided and loaded with falsehood The Anglophone Crisis-Cameroun: Francophones lopsided and loaded with falsehood

Analysis,Synthesis and synchronized statements on the Anglophone crisis by most Francophones has been lopsided and loaded with falsehood. It defeats the purpose for which a crisis is analysed, if the intention isn't to provide solutions but to apportion blame. Francophones have sheepishly vehemently refused to admit that the two separate entities that make up the Cameroon's aren't compatible and can't be fused into one or integrated as an entity. Francophone Media Houses have been allowed to organize symposiums, debates and conferences, whereas the same Media outfits of English Expressions are barred from doing same. {loadposition myposition}

The historical trajectories can't be presented adequately by the Francophones or what the Francophones present is the muddied version of the Historical trajectories aimed at deceiving public and international opinion. Professor Claude Abe, a counterfeit sociologist just like the likes of Professor Emmanuel Pondi etc aren't sincere and do practice professional dishonesty in their sordid analysis of the sociopolitical crisis rocking the Cameroon's. For Professor Claude Abe to allude that the sponsorship of this great resistance of the people of Southern Cameroon's is from the diaspora is sheepishness and myopic analysis.

Haven failed to ask and synchronize reasons for a heavy presence of Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora makes his analysis a huge scandal and an academic genocide. Yes according to this pseudo intellectual and pseudo Professor, the radical literature aimed at radicalizing the people of Southern Cameroon's was put in place some twenty years ago. If this analysis of his are accurate and meaningful, why didn't the so much trumpeted secret service of LA Republique Du Cameroun.{loadposition myposition2}

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The Anglophone Crisis, Biya’s Youth Day Address & the Generational Question The Anglophone Crisis, Biya’s Youth Day Address & the Generational Question

To extricate himself from this debacle of denial, Biya must face the painful truth about the nation in crisis and be under no illusion that military force can defeat the Anglophone resistance. And if the president sincerely thinks youths should assume the mantle of leadership, why, at 85 and after 35 years in power is he contesting the 2018 presidential election?

By Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai*

Across the world, it is the practice of leaders to address their fellow citizens by means of national broadcast, wherein they take stock and make visionary statements about the future direction of the country. President Paul Biya’s traditional youth-day address was disappointing for failing to accurately capture the state of the nation. It was obvious the president wanted to paint a rosy picture over an otherwise gloomy state of affairs, and ended up wasting a golden opportunity to honestly engage with Cameroonian youths, whose future is being mortgaged on the altar of empty grand-standing. “In the decades ahead, you will be our country’s leaders, hence the need for you to be up to the task, by acquiring the necessary skills and experience. However, first, you must understand that the "new world” which is unfolding before our very own eyes could be tougher and more unstable than the old one,” Biya noted. No one is impressed by the hackneyed mantra that youths are tomorrow’s leaders, or that they hold the nation’s future. This is trite and sounds like a broken record. The more serious questions to ask are: what quality of youth? Which future? Biya’s claims were so hollow; his diagnosis of the problems facing youths was pedestrian; his proposed solutions were empty platitudes; indicative of leadership dysfunction and apathetic indifference by the man Cameroonians elected as their president. Little surprise the speech was roundly dismissed as empty rhetoric.

It is obvious, Biya doesn’t care about youths and his promises have lost credibility with each youth day address. How can youths who have been excluded from any meaningful participation in the running of public affairs by the greed and primordial interests of the president’s generation, be ready to face the challenges in this overly complicated, globalized world? Since this generation of youths are ill-prepared to be tomorrow’s leaders, on which generation should Cameroonians now depend for their political destiny? Is it the generation that succeeds two failed generations? Is it this generation that has been demoralized, abused, instrumentalised; onto whom has not been bequeathed any values and patriotic sense of duty to the fatherland?

Few will argue that Cameroon is a gerontocracy, where a group of tired old men tottering on the borders of senile decay have taken the country hostage. The four most important personalities of the nation, together, combine for 317 years - Biya (85); Senate President, Niat Njifenji (83); House Speaker, Cavayé Djibril (78); PM Philemon Yang (71). At age 76, Laurent Esso’o has been Minister of Justice, Public Health, Defence, Foreign Affairs, Secretary General at the presidency and is back as Justice Minister. The cabinet is full of octogenarians and septuagenarians who continue to be recycled into different portfolios. Even if their age is no problem, what about the age of their ideas? In the legislature and judiciary, the median age of the top brass is above the official retirement age of 55 years. Tired old men like Nfon Mukete, Achidi Achu, Enow Tanjong, Mafany Musonge, Philemon Yang and others in their generation, ought to have long quit the stage to become elder statesmen who, in tricky times like these, would be consulted for their wisdom and experience. Recently, Biya recycled another bunch of spent forces, all facing creeping senility, to the Constitutional Council. When will these old people retire?

The other fundamental point about the president’s address is the claim that “the situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing.” This is a big, fat lie that fosters apprehension in public consciousness, and raises questions about Biya’s sincerity to address the crisis, beyond mere lip-service. Despite the militarization of Anglophone regions, at least five soldiers were killed in sporadic attacks, a day after Biya spoke - an indication the Anglophone resistance is not about to end just yet. Biya should stop putting a bold face on an appalling situation that has all but passed crisis point. There is no better way to work one’s name into the book of infamy.

Predictably, Biya blamed falling oil prices for the parlous state of the economy. The truth is that the economic trajectory created by low oil prices was compounded by the absence of fiscal buffers. Instead of saving for the proverbial rainy day when oil prices were high, Cameroon actually increased its debt portfolio to finance conspicuous consumption. The national debt has more than tripled since debt relief under the enhanced Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative in 2006. Besides, huge contracted, undisbursed external loans of FCFA 3.7 trillion (21% of GDP) have become a drainpipe on the treasury. These loan obligations were signed in 2013 but government’s failure to meet the conditionalities stalled disbursement. Over FCFA 12 billion is wasted annually to pay interest on loans that are idle in foreign banks. According to the IMF, China holds the largest share of Cameroon’s undisbursed loans (36%).{loadposition myposition}

These undisbursed loans hang over the heads of the largely overrated but underachieving economic management team like an albatross. The country is being denied the benefits of counter-cyclical fiscal policy tools of budget and capital spending, needed to reflate the economy; further stifling productivity in real sectors of the economy, like manufacturing. With over 60% of the populace under age 25, and with poverty stagnated at 40%; according to the World Bank, Cameroon is sitting on a power keg, given that the ILO puts youth unemployment at a whopping 75%. The government must diversify the economy and create the enabling environment for the private sector - the engine of economic growth - to attract capital and foreign direct investments and create jobs. The over dependence on dwindling oil revenues and external borrowing that has bloated the national debt is unsustainable. Instead of measures taken to boost job creation, Biya said: “As at 31 December 2017, 473,303 jobs had been identified for youths, exceeding our set target of 400,000.” Whether he was speaking in metaphor, the ludicrous assumption that identifying jobs somehow translates into actual job creation provokes a certain queasiness that betrays Biya and his speech writers as incapable of creative thinking.

With gallant effrontery, Biya parodied US President John Kennedy by admonishing the youths to: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Hear Biya: “rather than yielding to the tempting mirage of illegal emigration and undertaking a hazardous and often doomed trip, I invite you to play an active part in our great vision to achieve emergence by 2035. I believe I can safely say that the State has done much in recent years to prepare you for this lofty task.” Such glib talk is a mea culpa expression of incapacitation, and a very grave self-indictment that underlines Biya’s defeatist resignation to the fact that Cameroonian youths will continue to vote with their feet, braving the odds to seek greener pastures abroad because they see no future in a country, captured and taken hostage, by a rapacious, vampire elite that have stolen and amassed enough wealth even for their unborn generations of children.

It does not require special intelligence to recognize Cameroon is ailing. The problem is inextricably tied to poor leadership, linked to a poor recruitment process. No country, afterall, can rise above the level of its workforce, especially at the leadership level. In consolidating his personal power, Biya relies on patronage networks of cronies, loyalists and tribesmen. Many youths without connections to these patronage and ethnic-clientelism networks in the system, must bribe their way into professional schools like ENAM, which opens avenues for corruption and rent-seeking. A majority end up frustrated, bitter and disillusioned. The angst and anomie driving the Anglophone resistance are deeply embedded in the generational question. The consequences of excluding youths from the commanding heights of authority in public affairs, is so bad that the best Cameroonian youths are outside the country or outside government. This tragedy is a vicious cycle: tired old men who at one time or the other, contributed to the nation’s downturn continue to be recycled in office giving them the opportunity to continue perpetuating their failure in the affairs of the nation. More often than not, they are clueless, inept and ill-equipped for the enormous responsibility of nation-building. For example, aside his nuisance and entertainment value, what technocratic capacity has Issa Tchiroma in a communication landscape driven by information technology and social media? The nation undoubtedly gets a raw deal when the wrong people get into offices. The result is widespread ineptitude. Little wonder Cameroon’s fortunes have continued to plummet just as she diminishes in stature and integrity.

In a genuine democracy or even any context, there is something absurd in one man ruling a country for 35 years and counting. It just cannot be that there are no other capable hands to continue wherever he stops! As has been apparent in the course of history, with each passing generation, the state of leadership deteriorates in double proportion. Whilst a systemic failure to sacrifice for the nation’s greatness signposts the leadership quotient of Biya and his generation, it should now be obvious that, Biya’s inability to harness the talents and qualities of Cameroonian youths, to help lift his administration to a commanding height of moral regeneration and socio-economic progress, is a regrettable personal failure. This failure has made Ambazonia very appealing to Anglophones, as a great country waiting to happen. Not even an Anglophone president under the present dispensation will alter this dynamic!{loadposition myposition2}

]]> ( Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai) SOUTHERN CAMEROONS|FF0000 Fri, 23 Feb 2018 11:47:15 +0000
We wont Allow Senate Elections Hold in British Southern Cameroons We wont Allow Senate Elections Hold in British Southern Cameroons

In the highest interest of peace and security of our people whose representatives were denied a right to raise a finger or voice in both Houses of Parliament regarding their plight, our God fearing people should not fall into another dead trap called "Senate Elections" with their eyes wide open.

In today's Cameroon, it has been proven time and again that SENATORS represent the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC not the people. Let those who are seeking to become Senators therefore, seek APPOINTMENT from the PRESIDENT and not VOTES from our people they have engaged in a systematic SELLOUT and elimination.{loadposition myposition} 

It is incumbent on all of us to make sure that Senate elections exclusively organized to keep the rich and wicked minority in power while maintaining the poor and marginalized majority in permanent poverty do not hold.

If allowed to hold, this elections will continue to legalize pain and poverty in Ambaland, while undermining peace and prosperity throughout British Southern Cameroons.

Before you elect to participate in this election, please, first ask yourself, how many more people must they rape, maim, abduct, kidnap or kill before you stop endorsing their selfish agenda over our desperate masses?

Southern Cameroons must be free for all.

David Makongo

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]]> (Concord Newsdesk) SOUTHERN CAMEROONS|FF0000 Tue, 20 Feb 2018 10:15:14 +0000