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5,000 Southern Cameroonians Arrived Nigeria as refugees to Escapade ongoing Genocide . Attached Pictures of new arrivals in Cross River State- Nigeria.

Amidst the ongoing massacre and genocide pertutuated against Southern Cameroonians by the Biya regime, at least 5,000 Anglophones have cross to the boarders into Nigeria to escape systemic killings, mass arrests, torture, brutality and other atrocities now being referred to as Genocide following the uncovering of mass graves in Buea. The systematic killings by la Republique du Cameroun military and police force has continued unabated since October 2016 with over 300 killed on 1st October 2017 and buried in mass graves in Buea. {loadposition myposition}

"What I saw on the filled today made me weep, Southern Cameroonians are suffering here, Children going for days without food after trekking miles from Anglophone Cameroon and sleeping in the Bushes to get into Nigeria" An official within UNHCR Nigeria office told me on phone. This is a growing conflict he added. Yesterday alone we register 103 families with over 300 individuals !

Following the declaration of independence by Southern Cameroons Governing council made by the Chairman Sisiku AyukTabe, seeking the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence. At least 5000 Southern have arrived Nigeria as refugees to escape systemic killings since October 2016. Mostly from Mamfe, Bamenda, Buea, Limbe, Akwaya and Kumbo areas.

When will the International community come in for Southern Cameroons to enforce her right to self Determination. More refugees are on the way. {loadposition myposition2}

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Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara: Cameroonian politician in detention says Ambazonians should be listened to Jean-Marie Atangana Mebara: Cameroonian politician in detention says Ambazonians should be listened to

Atangana Mebara discloses from his prison cell that he has been following the Anglophone crisis, which now dates a year ago, and says demands of his English speaking brothers and sisters should be taken into consideration.

The information the politician said he got about the crisis was so disturbing, thus he thought to make his own contribution, after having had the opportunity to meet with some of the Anglophone leaders who were detained.

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He said he noticed a good number of French speaking Cameroonians had still been saying there is no Anglophone problem even at this stage. On the other hand, some of them are behind this struggle but with hopes that the regime in power is toppled.

Southern Cameroonians are fighting notably against the treatment they have been receiving from those in power. As pointed out by Mebara, Anglophones come second place when it comes to administrative positions in the country as well as in other domains; documents are written in bold letters in French and then the translation in English comes with tiny characters in case it’s translated.

When some of the French speaking brothers and sisters are transferred to work in Northwest and Southwest Regions, they tend to impose French on the inhabitants of these areas.

For this crisis to be ended according to Mr Paul Biya and some international organisations, dialogue is the solution.

The question now is; who are those going to the dialogue table? What is the key thing that will be dialogued about?

Atangana reiterates the fact that, Southern Cameroonians should be treated as they deserve in their country.

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Cameroon: Agbor Balla visits victims of police brutality Cameroon: Agbor Balla visits victims of police brutality

While visiting St. Martin de Porres Catholic Mission Hospital, Njinikom in the North West Region. We were motivated by the dedication of the doctors, nurses and Reverend Sisters.

We were immediately touched by the case of Muhmara Njong, a 24 year old young man from Ndop, who was not protesting. He was attending a family funeral before they got surrounded by the army, soldiers caught them and brutalized them. He tried running away but he was shot in the leg, the soldiers got into their vehicle and drove on his bleeding foot.{loadposition myposition}

He narrates his ordeal while shedding tears. The nurses explained to us, his surgery lasted several hours with the doctors borrowing veins from his left leg just to save his right leg.

We must continue to unite and show strength and solidarity even in the face of pain and weakness, because together we are stronger and all our wounded brothers and sisters will return stronger!

— Agbor Nkongho

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MoRISC releases blistering report of atrocities caused upon the people of the Southern Cameroons MoRISC releases blistering report of  atrocities  caused upon the people of the Southern Cameroons

MoRISC releases a blistering and detail 20 page report of the atrocities being caused upon the people of the Southern Cameroons / Ambazonia titled TEARS, JOY & CARNAGE

And in a surprise move and for the first time; MoRISC in the very first paragraph of this report has officially endorsed a total name change of the Nation from Southern Cameroons to AMBAZONIA.{loadposition myposition}

With field report contributions from Tabe Napo, Ntumguia Ralph, John Ful, James Fru, Elvis Ngomba, Tanya Chi, and additional research by Innocent Chia, Vyviane Mbanwie, Catherine Nformangum, Sy Ambe, Jude Ozughen, Lambert Mbom, and Jude Ambe, the venerated spokesman of MoRISC Boh Herbert has with his strong team painfully and meticulously researched and has now put on paper a powerful document detailing all the carnage caused by the brutal regime upon Ambazonians as they joyfully and peacefully moved towards the restoration of their independence and are now in the stage of defending it. MoRISC by he sheer detail of this report has now cemented into all future Ambazonian history books the first official document put together by us Ambazonians as we seek to tell the world of the genocide ongoing in our sovereign nation. This is the type of document the United Nations Human Rights Commission will be needing to have on its table as they meet this Monday and Tuesday in Geneva to discuss the situation in the Cameroons. This is the type of documentation La Republique du Cameroun will never want to see the light of day.

Ambaflashpoint has also gathered that the legal team of the Governing Council is also in the process of putting together a similar type of document for use towards all legal moves against the government of Paul Biya as well as against specific persons. After going through the entire 20 pages of this fine document, Ambaflashpoint would like suggest that the legal team of the Governing Council should take advantage of this ready document and immediately liaise with MoRISC so as to coalesce all efforts as our Nation fights back against one of the only post colonial Colonialist regime of Yaoundé.{loadposition myposition2}

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Bamenda: Victim of police brutality convocated for refusing bribe Bamenda: Victim of police brutality convocated for refusing bribe

Franco-Cameroun govt agents issue "convocation" order to Lady Citizen of the State of British Southern Cameroons, who refused receiving money for her silence on govt abuse and killing of citizens.
October 13, 2017

The LRP gov’t and agents are in Bamenda and Southwest threatening People whose relatives were shot dead or wounded that they should receive a small amount of money so as to stay quiet if the UN or Human rights commission comes to question them.
This lady was summoned to AYABA hotel in Bamenda. She went there and discovered the game going on and left in anger. She was later called on Phone to go back to the same place which she rejected. Later on Friday 13 Oct. she was served convocation to appear before the colonel at up station Bamenda.{loadposition myposition}
Please, whatever we do, we know the devil we are dealing with. If you collect the bribe and stay quiet, next year they will come and shot another family member and still give you 10 or 50 000. The next person to be shot might be you. So, Denounce or reject this SCAM going on. NO amount of money is equal to the life of our brother lost.
It was noted that many fons have collected bribes to stay out of the struggle. Many other people are there working with the agents to identify other fellow citizens such as this lady whose phone number was used by the police to call her while she never gave to them, her this convocation was served to her through the office of her BOSS, meaning there is someone who is giving details about her to the agents.
If only the compensation was to be done, how much has the government allocated for this. Now it is to enrich the agents carrying on the compensation because they will give you any amount of money and you do not have to question or bargain. You are forced to sign under gun point and threatened with arrest if anything comes up. You enslave yourself more by collecting bribe to stay quiet about your relative killed by your enemy you are now eating with.
May the blood of the dead be on anyone who will collect money to hide anyone shot and killed in this struggle.

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Anglophone Crisis : Dead On Arrival Anglophone Crisis : Dead On Arrival

President Biya somehow has become a born again believer in dialogue hence dispatching his Prime Minister to go meet the same people who have been assaulted physically and psychologically with indelible prints of death and destruction.

Why should Paul Biya be taken seriously? Why should any anglophone give PM Yang an ear? Families in the North West and South West Regions are mourning, some with relatives in hospitals between life and death thanks to the instructions of the commander in-chief of the armed forces Paul Biya and that same Biya is asking anglophones to meet not even him but his errand boy? Really?????{loadposition myposition} If this is not induced "dialogue" why Biya only after ordering the torture of anglophones now realizes the need for dialogue? By the way how would Yang Philemon be meeting those he and his ministers have called dogs, thugs and terrorists? The president's envoys should be ignored wherever they go in the English-speaking regions not because there isn't a need for dialogue but because Biya's call for peace is nothing more than the peace that must exist between the lion and the goat. To Paul Biya peace means anglophones must accept subjugation by the francophone majority as a way of life. That is unacceptable.

If Biya truly wants peace, peace must be an offshoot of justice. Any dialogue must be preceded by the unconditional release of those detained, amnesty for those in exile and soldiers who committed atrocities publicly tried, both governors of the South West and North West Regions and Senior Divisional Officers sacked. Finally any meaningful dialogue must be between Paul Biya and anglophone leaders with no ties to the CPDM. Sending Yang Philemon, CPDM polit-bureau or Central Committee members out is nothing more than mission-allowance driven trips tagged as a crusade for dialogue. Anglophones are too smart to be tricked this time.{loadposition myposition2}

If the Yang mission is Paul Biya's idea of dialogue his message will be dead on arrival.

Divine Nchamukong

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Cameroon: After Surviving Military Brutality, 93-Year-Old Woman Recounts Tear-Provoking Ordeal Cameroon: After Surviving Military Brutality, 93-Year-Old Woman Recounts  Tear-Provoking Ordeal

Beautiful eulogies and dirges were already composed for 93-year-old Sarah Apah, when armed troops raided Ekona, a locality in Muyuka Sub Division of the Southwest Region on September 28.

The nonagenarian, who has been praying to meet her maker in peace, was almost sent to celestial bliss untimely, when a gendarmerie officer used the stock of his smoking gun and knocked the woman down.

News of her supposed demise spread like a hurricane. Before the twinkling of an eye, the population of Quarter 3B in Ekona, where the patriarch resides, had gone wild, questioning why the troops had to brutalise a helpless old woman.

Armed troops had on that September 28, raided Ekona, arresting young people who were still sleeping and looting property.  {loadposition myposition}

The military invasion came after the September 22 streets demonstrations that swept across major towns in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

Speaking to The Post, the grandson of Apah, whose name The Post is withholding for security reasons, said: when they discovered that their grandmother was brutalised and she was bleeding, “We struggled and rushed her to the Muyuka hospital for medical attention.”

As the rumours of her demise went viral, the Mayor of Muyuka, Michael Nkeng, went to the resident of the nonagenarian, but he was led back to the Muyuka hospital where Apah was.

When the Mayor got in, the woman was elated to have been visited by the municipal authority and recounted her ordeal.

“I was in my room when I heard a strange bang on the door. I was terrified and I approached the door to find out who the person was. To my greatest surprise, I saw two military men inside my house, before I could ask them what they were looking for, I felt a strong grip on my shoulder. Before I knew it, the other person hit me on my forehead and I fell on the floor. I felt blood oozing out of me and I began shouting and calling for help,” she narrated.

Mayor Nkeng sympathised with the woman and handed her FCFA 50,000.

The 93-year-old is now battling for her life.{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: Buea Mayor Slams Diaspora, Calls Anglophones Terrorists Cameroon: Buea Mayor  Slams Diaspora, Calls Anglophones Terrorists

The Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge, has chastised Cameroonians in the Diaspora while calling Cameroon Anglophones terrorists. In his welcome address during the Regional seminar to drill mayors in the Northwest and Southwest Regions on the recovery of local Council and State budgets, the Mayor of Buea, chastised all people involved in the ongoing Anglophone Crises. Welcoming the Minister Delegate in charge of Decentralisation at the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, Jules Doret Ndongo, Mayor Ekema expressed joy for the fact that, despite attempts by some Cameroonian to disturb the peace and unity in the two Anglophone Regions, the Minister was able to make it to Buea. "One will imagine how you would have
been wondering and pondering of what awaits you in the city of Buea, but your massive presence here is eloquent testimony of proof that you have not been brainwashed by sycophants, terrorists, adventurers and a bunch of scammers through the social media who have no future and lavish in asylum camps beyond international borders." He assured the Minister of a peaceful stay in the city of Buea as he chairs the seminar.{loadposition myposition}

I assure you of the peaceful climate prevailing in our municipality and we assure you of your safety which has been guaranteed by the meticulous Governor Okalia Bilai and his command staff," Mayor Ekema averred.

This is not the first time that Anglophones have been called negative names in recent times. Last time, it was the Minister of Communication, 'Issa Tchiroma who labeled Anglophones as terrorists. Also, the Governor of the Southwest Region, Okalia Bilai, referred to the Anglophones as 'Dogs'.

Despite the Mayor's assurance to Minister that Buea is peaceful, this is not the situation on the ground as the population has been living in fear lately. There have been continuous arrests in the municipality, youths arrested in their homes early in the morning in the neighbourhoods of Muea, Mile 16 and other vicinities. There is still constant fear also as activities in the municipality are yet to return to normal due to the high level of militarisation.


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Manyu: Eyumojock Chief woos rampaging soldiers with food and drinks Manyu: Eyumojock Chief woos rampaging soldiers with food and drinks

As the lock down in Manyu persists, the Chief of Eyumojock, HRH Ntuifam Jacques Ita invited soldiers who have brutalized and killed his people to share a meal with him in his palace. While a majority of villagers declined the invitation saying they cannot share a meal with people who have the blood of their children on their hands, some argued that Chief Ita was offering an olive branch so the soldiers should spare his people further torture and killings.{loadposition myposition} Others even urged the chief to poison the food and kill the soldiers to avenge the deaths of civilians killed. Others wanted the food to be drugged, so the soldiers would be taken hostage once they eat and fall asleep, and their weapons confiscated. Either way, from pictures, we can now identify some of those who have been wreaking havoc on our people...After killing our people, they come to celebrate with our food and drinks.{loadposition myposition2}

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Southern Cameroons Massacre: Biya dispatches Defence Mninister on evaluation meeting to North West and South West Regions Southern Cameroons Massacre: Biya dispatches  Defence Mninister on evaluation meeting to North West and South West Regions

Under the high instructions of the President of the Republic, the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo, arrived Buea on Thursday, 12th October 2017 to preside over an important an evaluation meeting of the security situation in the North West and South West Regions which have fallen prey to terrorists' acts and other security threats for well over a time.
The Governors of the two concerned Regions and the high command of the central and territorial defence and security forces as well as officials of the military tribunals are taking part in the meeting.
The meeting will scrutinise the security situation and evaluate the workability of the various security measures on the field to adapt them to the the yardstick of respect of law and order. The meetingis taking place behind closed doors.

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