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Following the recent tragic arrest of the legitimate anglophone consortium leaders, Dr. Barrister Agbor Balla and Dr. Fontem Neba by security forces of president Paul Biya, Mark Bara and Tapang Ivo both anglophone activist residing out of Cameroon, where assigned by the consortium to coordinate the actions for the winning West Cameroon struggle.

In this regard, we are tasked with the following:

1. To ensure the most effective month-long ghost town from Jan 23rd to Feb 23rd, 2017, every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the entire West Cameroon.

2. To ensure the strict respect of peace in all our actions as we fight to promote democratic accountability, the rule of law, and good governance among the peaceful people of West Cameroon under colonial pressure from the brutal and barbaric regime of President Paul Biya.

3. To propose, coordinate, endorse, and implement any other strategy meant to attain the goals of the legitimate consortium.

We call on the public to give us the leadership trust and remain strong for the big win. We must remain united. We succeeded to UNITE West Cameroon this week.

Creation of the Consortium

When lawyers and teachers finally went on strike in October and November 2016 respectively, after several months of government inaction, government ministers of the Departments of Higher Education, Justice, Communication and Secondary Education, in keeping with the policy of disregard and disdain for Southern Cameroons flooded the public media with invectives and disparaging comments.

Perhaps, the most incendiary incident was the repeated outings of Mr. Atanga Nji (Minister without Portfolio) who demonized his fellow Southern Cameroonians, threatening them with fire and brimstone. They denied the existence of ‘An Anglophone Problem’ and their remarks inflamed public passions.

In the midst of the furore and the multiplicity of groups which emerged from the embroglio caused by the Government ministers, it became necessary to create an umbrella organization which will canalize, constructively, the desires, the demands and the aspirations of the people which have found legitimate expression in the on-going strike actions.

In this regard, on 5 December 2016, Civil Society organizations, trade unions and professional groups came together and created a platform which would henceforth articulate their interests, advocate, advise, speak for and on behalf of the marginalized people of Southern Cameroons by identifying and making known these problems and providing policy alternatives that can better the lives of our indigenous people.

The Consortium shall work to rebuild our unity which had been fractured by half a century of divide and rule, political greed and selfishness.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017 07:07

Cameroon is a disaster waiting to happen

It was Lenin who advocated, in language worthy of Machiavelli, that one must embrace one’s enemy so as to easily suffocate him. The government’s pig-headed decision to arrest leaders of the Consortium after failing to reach a compromise with them at the negotiating table is an act of desperation, or worse still, a product of bad advice that serves no purpose, other than deliver the most embarrassing verdict on the government’s credibility and poor democratic credentials.

The gov’t should stop chasing shadows because you cannot conquer or defeat the quest for freedom with intimidation and brute force. The Consortium is a resilient spirit that is deeply embedded in the resolve by Anglophones to free themselves from the yoke of 55 years of Francophone bondage. Arresting Anglophone leaders is a meaningless show of crude power and a tragedy that raises fundamental questions about the President’s judgment and character. It is unacceptable and even less than honorable for the regime to resort to such executive lawlessness, which will do nothing, but close the door on dialogue and harden Anglophone resolve for independence.

The message must therefore be conveyed to Paul Biya in whatever language he understands, that Cameroon is a disaster waiting to happen and time is running out for the regime to figure out why the load on the head of a man with crooked legs remains permanently unbalanced. Mr. President, read my lips!

Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai

Nigeria's air force killed 50 people and injured 120 in an air strike on a refugee camp in the northeast on Tuesday, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said. The military said the strike had targeted Boko Haram.

MSF said the strike occurred in Rann in Borno state, the epicenter of the jihadist group's seven-year-old bid to create an Islamic caliphate. Regional military commander General Lucky Irabor located it at Kala Balge, a district including Rann.

Irabor, who said it was too early to determine the cause of the mistake, told journalists an unknown number of civilians had been killed, adding that humanitarian workers from MSF and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) were injured.

"MSF teams have seen 120 wounded and 50 dead following the bombing," said Charlotte Morris, a spokeswoman for the medical charity. "Our medical and surgical teams in Cameroon and Chad are ready to treat wounded patients. We are in close contact with our teams, who are in shock following the event."

A spokeswoman for ICRC said six Nigerian Red Cross members were killed and 13 were wounded.

The insurgency has killed more than 15,000 people and forced two million to flee their homes, many of whom have moved to camps because it has been too dangerous to return home.

The air strike came amid an offensive against Boko Haram by Nigeria's military over the last few weeks. President Muhammadu Buhari said last month a key camp in the jihadist group's Sambisa forest base in Borno state had fallen.

A statement issued by the presidency said the air strike was a "regrettable operational mistake" that happened during the "final phase of mopping up insurgents in the northeast".

Boko Haram has stepped up attacks in the last few weeks as the end of the rainy season has enabled its fighters to move more easily in the bush.

A video featuring an audio recording purporting to be Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, which was posted on social media late on Monday, said the group was behind twin suicide bombings at a university earlier that day which killed two people and injured 17 others.


Indomitable Lions’ forward Ndip Tambe who ply his trade for Spartak Tmava has said the team needs to be focused and push hard for victory in the next game against Guinea Bissau.

Drawing with Burkina Faso 1-1 in the first game, the Lions need to win against Guinea Bissau to progress to the next stage. Cameroon will play their second Group A clash against Guinea-Bissau on Wednesday.

Both sides played to 1-1 draws in their opening fixtures in Saturday, with Guinea-Bissau holding hosts Gabon and the Indomitable Lions letting a lead slip against Burkina Faso.

Cameroon have played Guinea-Bissau on two previous occasions in Nations Cup qualifiers, the last in 2012, winning both games 1-0.

The personnel of the State of Cameroon will gobble FCfa 998.5 billion in 2017 out of a total budget of FCfa 4,373.8 billion. Thus, close to a quarter of the personnel of the State of Cameroon will gobble FCfa 998.5 billion in 2017 out of a total budget of FCfa 4,373.8 billion. Thus, close to a quarter of said budget.

Compared to 2016 when the government allocated FCfa 955.2 billion to settle civil servant salaries, we note an increase of FCfa 43.3 billion in expenditure on State workers. “This increase, per the Finance bill, is highlighted by assuming responsibility for new teachers who graduated from the Ecoles Normales Supérieures, as well as students from Grande Ecoles, the announced recruitment in the armed forces and police”. Likewise, the 2017 Finance bill projects that the figure for civil servant salaries will continue to increase until 2018, as it is planned that the amount for this sector will rise to FCfa 1,053.9 billion. And in 2019, this will be FCfa 1,112.7 billion.

The civil service workforce increased rapidly between 2006 and 2012, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) report on Cameroon produced in 2014. The number of civil servants rose from 167,000 to 250,000, being an additional 6.9% per year, while the average annual increase in the population is estimated at 2.5%.


Patrick Mugadza has been told he undermined the authority of the longtime Zimbabwean leader, who turns 93 next month. He was later charged with criminal nuisance, according to the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

The pastor made the prophecy last week.

Mugadza first came to prominence in December 2015 when he was arrested for staging a one-man protest against Mugabe in Victoria Falls.

Gift Mtisi of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said: "He was arrested on charges of undermining the authority of the president."

"They are claiming he made a public statement – I think at a press conference – that President Robert Mugabe would die on 17 October [2017] unless he prays.

"He says it’s not an offence [because] he just conveyed God’s message, a prophetic message. Upon arrest he was told of the charge but he hasn’t been formally charged."

Mugabe's health is a regular subject for speculation in Zimbabwe.

Mugadza is understood to have been arrested at a court in the capital where he was due to go on trial for wearing Zimbabwe's national flag without permission in November last year.

Anti-government protesters last year turned the Zimbabwe flag into a symbol of opposition to Mugabe's long rule. The pastor draped his over his shoulders. Prosecutors said he "disrespected" the national symbol.

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