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Formerly the managing director of BICEC, Alain Ripert has been promoted to the position of administrator of BICEC and member of the board of CEPAC in charge of the overseas departments. The news of his departure was already circulating at the end of BICEC’s board meeting on March 23, 2018, but there was no clarification on where he would land. {loadposition myposition}

Nonetheless, he will manage BICEC until the end of August 2018. The departing managing director is being replaced by Sylvain Faure, the current president for market development of BPCE international, the entity to which subsidiaries such as BICEC belongs. The appointment of Sylvain Faure occurs while the group is implementing an exit strategy in Africa and according to analysts; the operation with BICEC is the most complicated for the French Group. Let’s note that Alain Ripert achieved his goals to put BICEC on track. Indeed, speaking during the launch of the renovation works at the headquarters in Douala, he saluted the work of his collaborators and team to whom the group realized a turnover of CFA60 billion and a net profit of CFA10 billion in 2017.

This performance offers him a glorious exit following the discovery of a fraud scheme, which is still being investigated, within the group two years ago. The bank has not yet published the whole figure of its operation in 2017 so it is difficult to assess the real extent of the performance that year.


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Ecobank mobile app reaches 4 million users milestone in Africa Ecobank mobile app reaches 4 million users milestone in Africa

LOME, Togo, April 3, 2018/ -- The upgraded version of Ecobank’s ( revolutionary mobile app has attracted 3 million new customers in just 6 months, taking the total number of users to 4 million.  

The app builds on the core functionality that saw the original version applauded as a game changer for African banking by using digital technology to combat many of the financial inclusion barriers faced by those on the continent. This includes the dearth of rural branches, affordability of products, high transaction costs and minimum opening balance requirements.

Ade Ayeyemi, Ecobank Group CEO, says Ecobank’s strategic mission is built around using mobile banking to deliver innovative, efficient and cost-effective services to those who have typically sat outside of the formal economy, and therefore goes far beyond the reach of the traditional branch and ATM networks. Subsequently, while the app won one million customers in its first year of launch, upgraded features have seen the rate of sign-ups treble in half of the time. So far this year, app usage has been growing at an average 700k new customers per month.  {loadposition myposition}

“Customers can use the app on their mobile to instantly open Ecobank Xpress Account™, which doesn’t have any account fees, paperwork or minimum balance requirements, or to send and receive money across 33 African countries,” he explains. “Therefore, our app not only removes the barriers that have financially excluded so many Africans but offers next generation functionality to help them send money, make withdrawals or pay for goods and services.”

Patrick Akinwuntan, Ecobank’s Group Executive, Consumer Banking, says that Ecobank is committed to providing all Africans with access to financial services, but doing so in a way that conjoins functionality with convenient, accessible and efficient banking channels, such as the rollout of Ecobank Xpress  Point Agents.

“We want to be the digital bank of choice for all Africans,” he said. “Functionality is one thing – giving our customers unrivalled convenience is another. The Ecobank Xpress  Point Agents that can now be found in your local neighbourhood enable you to deposit money into your app-based Ecobank Xpress Account™ and begin to make digital payments on the app using Ecobankpay. You can also withdraw funds in local currency that may have been sent to you from friends or relatives using our innovative instant transfer or Xpress Cash capabilities.”

The Ecobank Mobile App is available for download from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ecobank.

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Media Contact:
Mireille Bokpe-Anoumou
Group Communications
Tel: +228 22 21 03 03
About Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (‘ETI’ or ‘The Group’)
Incorporated in Lomé, Togo in 1988, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (‘ETI’) ( is the parent company of the leading independent pan-African banking group, Ecobank. It currently has a presence in 36 African countries, namely: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Democratic Republic), Côte d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Group employs over 17,000 people in 40 different countries in over 1,200 branches and offices. Ecobank is a full-service bank providing wholesale, retail, investment and transaction banking services and products to governments, financial institutions, multinationals, international organizations, medium, small and micro businesses and individuals. Additional information on Ecobank can be found at


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Cameroon: Tension so rife again in the Southern and Northern Regions. Cameroon: Tension so rife again in the Southern and Northern Regions.

French tabloids must as a matter of urgency stop lies telling about what what is happening in the Southern Cameroon's. These incongruous write-ups is part of the cheap state propaganda and cheap blackmail that the state had paid French tabloids to carry out, in order to frustrate the Restorationist.

A French tabloids like Popouli and Messenger attempted in their folly comparing the Restoration forces to Boko Haram insurgents. If I may ask,What is the ideology of Boko Haram and What is the ideology of the Restoration forces of the Southern Cameroon's? Boko Haram insurgents assume that Western styled Education is evil and on the other hand,,the restoration forces have no link with the Boko Haram insurgents. If LA Republique Du Cameroun had accepted the glaring truth that can't be defaced or challenged,that resolution 1608 granting independence to British Cameroon's, this contraptions won't have been taking place.{loadposition myposition}

French tabloids writers have refused to learn historical trajectories and have been blinded by greed and avaricious intentions. The kidnappings that have become rampant and were made dramatic last Saturday have become a new way of obliging LA Republique Du Cameroun to the negotiation table and thus separation of ways. The purported 100 million francs claim has been rubbished and disclaimed by these restoration forces. No amount of money was requested from anybody and French tabloid writers should understand that no military approach can subdue the people of Southern Cameroon's.

Those kidnapped in Fontem, Alou and Lebialem was orchestrated by the obnoxiously, obnoxious attitude of LA Republique Du Cameroun, characterized by clandestinely transporting people to places to deceive public and international opinion. Why were students from Dschang University being ferried to Lebialem to stand and dance, pretentiously welcoming the newly appointed members of government, when they weren't from Lebialem? Prof Lekie Ivo Tambo was released unconditionally and given a letter to the regime. Paul Tasong narrowly escaped being picked up but his home at Alou got razed down by fire. He took refuge in the residence of the Senior Divisional officer for Lebialem Division. The former mayor of Alou, Fogap Pierre was wounded by bullets, when he was attempted clearing the mounted barricades Latter on some classes of the Saint Peter and Paul minor Seminary were gutted by fire.

Fire incidents also occurred in a school in Buea. Whenever fire accidents occurred in the Northern and Southern zones, the fires weren't an accident but acts of vandalism, perpetrated by Southern Cameroon's rebels but this same accidents occurring in French Cameroun, are tagged as electrical accidents caused by short circuits.

According to Ungithoh Zachary Cheikoh,the Senior Divisional officer for Lebialem, one hundred Million francs was requested. This is falsehood and lies telling, so common place with the poorly trained, educated and poorly oriented ENAM graduands. No franc was requested for the liberation of Professor Lekie Ivo Tambo. What caused his liberation is his poor health and advanced age.{loadposition myposition2}

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Senatorial Elections 2018: The Constitutional council validates the Senatorial list of the CPDM in the West. Senatorial Elections 2018:  The Constitutional council validates the Senatorial list of the CPDM in the West.

This was the last list that was hotly contested by the Social Democratic Front and the rejection of the appeal by the SDF puts to question the objectivity and neutrality of the Constitutional council. Rejecting the SDF request for cancellation of the CPDM list, validates the list of the CPDM in the West.{loadposition myposition} 

This puts to rest the contentions at the Constitutional council after the first audience last Thursday. It's worth recalling that the SDF has made a request for the cancellation of the CPDM list in the West Region based on irregularities that were observed on the seventh candidate.

The Outgoing Senator for Bafoussam, Senator Paul Tchatchouang, one of the candidates on the SDF list. The contested candidate by name Joseph Teingnidetio according to him is an unknown whose Birth certificate indicates that he isn't from the West. The rejection of the Social Democratic Front request means that all the list that were validated by the Electoral body, Elecam shall contest in the Senatorial elections in the West come March 25th, 2018.{loadposition myposition2} 

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African Cup of Nations Tournament 2019: The second Inspection mission of the Confederation of African football is in Garoua African Cup of Nations Tournament 2019:   The second Inspection mission of the Confederation of African football is in Garoua

The second Inspection mission of the Confederation of African football is in Garoua for the second phase of the inspection tours to Cameroon. This second phase shall span from the 19th of March to 22 and of March 2019. These two experts shall be visiting the stadia in Garoua,,Bafoussam, Limbe, Douala and Yaoundé.

Precisely in Garoua, they are expected to observe the stadium used by Cotton Sportif of Garoua and the training ground at Poumpoumre, the training ground of Cenajes of Garoua, the training ground of Rey-re, the Omnisport stadium of Roumde -Adiia of Garoua and its Annex stadium of Roumde-Adjiia.{loadposition myposition} 

These experts are Jean Louis Romain, an expert from Roland Berger's Cabinet and Ismael Wally,the chairman of the delegation. This second phase or lap is geared at seeing how far the preparations by the Cameroonian government has gone and how far are they respecting the guidelines as well as specificities of the experts.

The Prime Minister, Philemon Yang has gone to the respective stadia to accelerate work on the field as requested by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya. The team that came is expected to crown their visit by meeting with the Prime minister and the Minister of sports and Physical Education.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Cameroon: Military Cooperation and collaboration.. Multinational military exercises taking place in Douala. Cameroon: Military Cooperation and collaboration.. Multinational military exercises taking place in Douala.

As reported by Cameroon Tribune, a large contingent of the African Standby Defence force, shall have joint or combined military training drills, aimed at sharpening their minds as well as preparedness for warfare in an era, marked by sectarian and armed conflicts. This combined military sessions shall go on for two weeks.{loadposition myposition}

The joint multinational military exercise has been code named as " United Focus 2" it's main objective is to be combat ready confront extremism and armed militia as well as terrorism.

Sharpening the operational capacities of the contributing member Countries, especially those of the Lake Chad Basin. Cameroon: Sports, football: Birwe Minkreo is the new Coach for L'Aigle de la Menoua" The erstwhile coach of Cotton sports of Garoua and the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon'' under 17 Coach. He has signed a contract with L'Aigle de la Menoua that has a specified duration of 8 months. Birwe Minkreo was sacked as the head coach for Cotton Sports of Garoua after a dismal performance of the club after four days of play.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Cameroon: Senatorial Election: All the electoral material is now ready according to Elecam. Cameroon: Senatorial Election: All the electoral material is now ready according to Elecam.

The political parties that indicated their willingness to participate in the forth coming senatorial election were at the Elecam office to collect their campaign materials and memorabilia . {loadposition myposition} This is what the 9 political contenders have to collect for now. According to the statistics made public by SOPECAM,there are 50.800 voting papers and 65.500 campaign memorabilia. All of this chunk was printed in two days so as to meet the exigencies of the Senatorial Elections.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Cameroon: The Garoua Regional Hospital to become operational in December. Cameroon: The Garoua Regional Hospital to become operational in December.

According to the National Cameroon daily, Cameroon Tribune, the Regional Hospital under construction as well as refurbishment shall become functional in December 2018. It must be noted that hospitals aren't only infrastructure, far from that. A hospital should have standards, should meet the aspirations of the patients, care givers as well as the staff, should provide the much needed services and by specialized personnel. {loadposition myposition} If this is done, patients won't be flown out of the country as medical tourist. If this is checked, hospitals in the Country shall be able to raise a lot of revenue for the state and can even foot their bills. This joyous announcement was made in Garoua during the visit of the Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda, that took on the 14th of March, 2018.

However this pompous announcement is only coming as an exigency of the African Nations Cup tournament, earmarked for 2019 in Cameroon and Garoua, being one of the designated stadia. Cameroon lacking behind in terms of medical care delivery, was tasked to construct more top quality health facilities that can meet the demands of the Confederation of African football. Is it today that the Ministry of Public Health has understood that the suffering people of Garoua badly need a specialized hospital? Why hasn't it being upgraded to a Specialized hospital?

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Germany on verge of deporting Ambazonian activist Germany on verge of deporting Ambazonian activist

An Ambzonian frontline activist who has been on the raders of the Yaounde regime is on the verge of being deported from Germany.Gwan Philip Ngassa who is a frontline activist and one of the demonstrators at the British and French Embassies in Berlin Germany has been in deportation custody  eversince January ending of 2018.

Mr Gwan Philip is an asylum seeker in Germany.He is a member of the Southern Cameroon National Council which has been putting pressure on the Biya regime and calling for an Independent state of Southern Cameroon. Mr Gwan Philip Ngassa was also one of the protesters at the United Nations Headquarters In Bonn Germany in early January of 2017. During this protest action against the regime of Mr Biya, the Cameroon regime sent in spies to take down names of protesters to which Mr Gwan Philip was booked.If deported, Mr Gwan Philip will face the same like that of Mr Ayuk Tabe and 419 others who were forcefully deported from Nigeria on 26th January 2018.

The SCNC issued a statement calling on the Germany authorities to show merc.Below is the statement:{loadposition myposition}

                                                                                                                                                    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
This is to certify that Gwan Philip Ngassa is a registered member of the Southern Cameroons National Council, a pressure group fighting for the independence and full sovereignty of the former British Southern Cameroons.

That Gwan Philip Ngassa has been facing persistent harassment, arrest, torture and detention because of his frontline role in the struggle for the liberation of the oppressed minority English speaking people of Cameroon.

That we are thankful to God he succeeded to escape, no matter how he did it and whatever his plans, he must not come back to Southern Cameroon until he hears from us.

That We have finally laid our hands on a photocopy of the warrant for his arrest which weighed on his head and which was delivered by the said ‘’La Republic’’ agent based in the southern Cameroon to the person of the Attorney General of that English speaking Region Resident at Buea for Rioting and provoking Violence through social media against ‘’La Republic’’ (French Cameroon) following the present English Speaking separation movement.
That due to his courage and zeal for change as he demonstrated it physically by his public demonstrations and also through the Media from his Facebook posts denouncing the recent and ongoing series of killing of English Speaking Cameroonians back in Cameroon.

That many of our leaders have been killed and some have been arrested dismissed from their jobs and moved to Bafoussam and Yaoundé which are both French speaking regions of Cameroon.

That the main leader Sisiku Ayuk and 47 others were arrested in Nigeria and brought to one of the ‘’La Republic’’ French speaking regions of which we know not their whereabouts.

That right now there exist no freedom of speech and security in the English speaking regions of Cameroon as people fighting for the independence and freedom of the English regions of Cameroon as Gwan Philip Ngassa did before his escape are been tortured, locked up and killed by the ruthless ‘’La Republic’’ government .

we are issuing this document therefore to solicit for understanding and compassion to the German authority to grant Gwan Philip Ngassa mercy for him to be able to have a stay there in Germany because right now our country Cameroon is going through tremendous violence and killing especially the Anglophones, and coupled with the fact that he is one of those fighting for the liberation of the Anglophones with a warrant on him, Cameroon will not be favourable to him to get into now.

Therefore, we advise it will be hazardous for Gwan Philip Ngassa to make any appearance anywhere in Cameroon, because if caught he will be tortured and sentence to life imprisonment and worst of all his life may be terminated because Cameroon judiciary is the most corrupt in the world supporting government activities.

Nonetheless, we are taking up the matter seriously with the administration and should feed you with the latest development, and we shall be very grateful if you understand with us and keep Gwan Philip Ngassa in your country for his safety.
Accept our warmest regards:



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Eséka rail accident: Camrail requests international independent expertise to determine the real cause Eséka rail accident: Camrail  requests  international independent expertise to determine the real cause

On March 14, 2018, during the hearing at the correctional chamber of Eséka court, Jean Pierre Morel, the current managing director of CAMRAIL said that an international independent expertise was needed to determine the real causes of the 2016 Eséka train derailment.

According to his statements, after the incident, CAMRAIL set an inquiry commission to determine what happened. The experts then concluded that at some point of the journey, the train was over speeding. That speed has been the cause of this accident, they said. However, they did not explain the reason why the train suddenly revved up even though there was no sign of anomaly since the train left Yaoundé.{loadposition myposition}

He also explained that Cameroon’s government acquired the wagons involved in the accident following an international call for tender the country launched in 2010. He further added that according to the concession agreement, between CAMRAIL and Cameroon, the country was responsible for the replacement of the rolling stocks. Moreover, he said, after the 40 wagons were constructed by CSR Nanjing, the technical testing (in accordance with the international standards) was positive.

Jean Pierre Morel continued saying that security being a “constant concern” for CAMRAIL, the railway company not only implemented the security measures set by the former operator REGIFERCAM but it also strengthened them based on Bolloré group’s experience in the management and operation of rail networks in Africa.  

According to our sources, during the next hearings, the court will hear Didier Vandenbon, CAMRAIL’s managing director at the time of this accident, and the train driver who was driving the train involved in the accident.

For the record, on May 23, 2017, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, secretary general at the presidency published a statement which revealed that an investigation launched and conducted by the government concluded that CAMRAIL had the overarching responsibility in this accident.


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