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Cameroon: Should the Anglophone Diaspora boycott Biya's Cosmetic Dialogue?

In a rather bizarre display of self-aggrandizing impertinence, Biya used his address to engage in confrontational political snipping against the Diaspora, blaming them for financing and fanning the Anglophone crisis. The President in very unglamorous terms described the Diaspora as criminals who no longer hold Cameroonian nationality and urged their host countries to expel them.

It needs to be emphasized that such a confrontational disposition is unhelpful, as it further deepens the rumpus between the Diaspora and a government that views its citizens abroad with hostility and suspicion. Assuming arguendo that the Diaspora is financing the Ambazonia resistance, it certainly is not in the spirit of dialogue and reconciliation for Biya to issue threats at the same time that he is inviting the Diaspora to the negotiating table. What if the Anglophone Diaspora rejects the dialogue and increases its funding of the Ambazonia resistance? What will Biya do?


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