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A fight for freedom is never a programmed activity. Mistakes are going to be made and people will perish when they least expected. Tempers would flare even amongst those in the war chamber.

It can never be a perfectly executed dance with timed exits and entrances. Every sacrifice is important.The person jailed loses his freedom,the person on the run or in hiding lives in flight and wishes on some days he was already in jail.The person who loses his or her life is at peace but paid the ultimate price.The person actively fighting and receiving stab wounds is in active pain. The people on the ground burying the dead and caring for the wounded are drained of their humanity.

The rest of us watching helplessly on the sidelines carry the burden of the story which we must spread to the four corners of the earth. Please, let us do our part and stop this blame game while posturing with hindsight wisdom. It saps energy from those on the frontlines.

The Prime minister of Cameroon has allocated 10 billion fcfa to local councils across the country. Contained in a release signed Thursday in Yaounde, Philemon Yang says the money  is to enable these decentralized structures carry out development projects for the 2017 financial year.
The text which falls in line with the decentralization process transferring resources and competences is coming amidst social tensions in the Anglophone regions at the heart of which is the governance system.
The head of state, president Paul Biya enacted a decree in 1996 making the country a unitary decentralized state but government is yet to fully apply the decree more than 20 years after.
Critics are questioning whether 10 billion will be enough to meet developmental needs when councils themselves can't raise finances.

5 billion will come from the ministry of finance for the day to day running of councils, while the rest will be provided by the Ministry of economy, planning and regional development.

The functional budget will take care of the salaries of Mayors announced since 2015 but still to be a reality.The 10 billion francs is a partial transfer of funds according to the 2004 decentralization laws.

Saturday, 25 February 2017 11:54

Editorial: And my Tears Stopped Flowing!

It was a sunny day in Douala and people were going about their normal activities as I drove into Bepanda from shooting in Limbe. Suddenly there was commotion in the place, as I wound down to find out what was happening, I heard cries of indignation and before I could ask passersby what was happening, my eyes beheld what in other spheres would have been a sacrilege of the first order; a statue of one of the venerated architect of our statehood, John Ngu Foncha was being dragged along the streets by a policeman looking angry that someone dared to honour someone who ought to be placed on the "slaughter" of history.

That day, I understood what it meant to be regarded as an "enemy" in a house you believe to be your own. That incident did not make me a militant for for change or for Anglophone renaissance, it simply strengthened my resolve not to be on the wrong side of history. It made me understand the need not to be on the fence when it mattered most to be in the fray. I knew from that moment that even in God's Kingdom, the "Red Line" had been crossed.

I am sorry if I appear to be taking so much of your time, but it may be nice of you if you follow me through this journey. It is 4,30 am where I am battling with my health and I have been winning this battle against sickness because of hope; the joy to see that what only ten years ago seemed a forlorn dream is about to happen in my lifetime; that Anglophones are nearing the finishing line.

The events of the past two days, the unfortunate and astronomical rise of conspiracy theories meant to cast a shadow on that lofty dream sent me into tears all night, but at this moment, the tears are gone. The reality is here; that the hour just before dawn is the darkest! Darkness does mot give up to light without a fight; that is why Christians hang on the Biblical quote which says tears will last an entire night, but joy comes in the morning.

We are all Wrong
The stone throwing and insult trading going on right now should have have been expected. If Simon Peter could deny Jesus Christ his master whom he so loved three times in just one night, then we should be allowed to make our mistakes. And shamefully I also got caught in the fray, in fact we are all wrong. A lot of us may even be the true authors of what we are accused of, but we must remember that it took Jesus- God to rebuke the devil who had exploited Peter's weakness to tempt his master. Thus the famous phrase " get thee behind me Lucifer". Jesus rebuked the devil and not Peter.

No wonder, one-time US President, Theodore Roosevelt once said "He who makes mo mistakes, makes no progress". The mistakes we have all made these past few days have shaken the foundation of our unity so violently and all of us can now see that our house is still on sandy soil. This should be God's perfect plan to let us heal our land, takeaway our imperfections and drain off the bad blood so that we enter into the new country more united and more resolute to do good to one another than it would have been the case.

All of Us are Winners
When you see a man eat and drink and then tells you " God is a fool", do not hate him, do not chastise him, just seek to understand that he is undergoing a transformation. It has got right to the point where that which we hold sacred is in the market place and no one can tell for sure today with whom lies the truth; we shall all be winners in this if we put down our arms and think of the common good of all. Let the healing process begin now and end no more. We must he's ourselves first before calling on others to do same. Wherever you are and whatever you were planning to do to hit the "other" camp, put down your arms and try rather to contribute in making peace. That is how we shall all emerge as winners.

CATTU Executive Secretary, Consortium Leader, Tassang Wilfred releases video relieving Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo of their duties as interim Consortium leaders.

He says the decision came about after a broad based consultations that was carried out amongst the consortium leadership on February 20th 2017.

The decision was published in a communique that was released on that same day,February 20th 2017.In the communique,the authority of the leadership of the Consortium was reaffirmed with, Mr Tassang Wilfred, and Barrister Eyambe, current President of Meme Lawyers

taking over the running of the affairs of the Consortium until when the arrested leaders who are currently under detention are liberated.

The second major decision that the leaders took,was a reschedule of the Ghost-town days.Mr Tassang said, the consortium is henceforth demanding the people of Southern Cameroon s to respect Ghost towns only on Mondays, beginning as from Monday, 27 February 2017.

Below is the communique from the Consotium:

Consortium Advisory Board Reconstitutes Exco, Hails Interim Team .
Members of the Advisory Board of the Consortium of Anglophone Civil Society Organizations, CACSC have completed a series of consultations and meetings aimed at stabilizing the organization once more to enable it attain its objective of taking the people of Southern Cameroons out of slavery and servitude.

At the end of the discussions that involved all the executive members and advisers not detained, with the exception of George Ngwane who never took his appointment and Barrister Bobga Harmony who resigned his position as shown on Release NO. 3 of the 13th of December, 2016, the Board Members evaluated the grounds covered by the interim team led by Tapang Ivo Tanku and Mark Bara since they were designated on the 17th of January, and congratulated the duo for a job well accomplished.

They particularly expressed satisfaction at the wonderful role played by the two officials, given that they served as an interface between the public and the Consortium leaders, most of whom were underground, with two others in detention.
On account of the brilliant record established by the two young men who showed proof of so much sacrifice for fatherland; the Members of the Advisory Board unanimously agreed to exceptionally appoint them into the Communication and Strategies Department, although the Consortium is run by heads of affiliated civil society organizations operating in Southern Cameroons. Board Members also decided on the creation of specialized departments and committees within the Consortium to facilitate the work of the executive body.
To render the Consortium stronger and bolder in carrying out its activities and in line with the standing orders of the organization, Board Members empowered the two executive members who are available; Barrister Eyambe Elias Ebai- Deputy Secretary General and Mr. Tassang Wilfred Fombang- Programs Coordinator to run the structure and foster the people's struggle, lobby for the release of our leaders, children and all other Southern Cameroonians abducted so that together we can guide Southern Cameroonians cross the finishing line.

They noted that henceforth it is the signatures of these two that shall engage the responsibility of the Consortium.
The Consortium reiterated its resolve to work towards unity with all other organizations seeking the liberation of Southern Cameroons by peaceful means; we do not stand for violence and armed confrontation, but shall push through with civil disobedience and other forms of peaceful protests internationally recognized.

The Consortium Board Members frowned at the revelation that some well known individuals hacked into the organization's newly created Facebook account; Consortium Southern Cameroons, changed the password and left a divisive and heinous message intended to embarrass the leadership. They directed the creation of a new page by name; Consortium Sucam.
Finally, the Members of the Advisory Board warmly congratulate all the people of Southern Cameroons who are sacrificing enormously week after week to keep the struggle alive. They promised not to let anyone down, but to go all the way until we achieve the restoration of the Southern Cameroons Statehood.
God is with us!
For the Consortium.

On 22 February 2017, the Federal Council of Nigeria approved the project to construct a bridge linking the country with the highest population in Africa to Cameroon, we learn from Nigerian media sources. The estimated cost of this project is US dollars 40 million (FCfa 24.8 billion equivalent), of which US dollars 38 million (FCfa 23.6 billion) for the actual bridge, and US dollars 1.9 million (FCfa 1.2 billion) for supervision of operations. According to the details given by the Nigerian authorities, this bridge will be built in the area of Ikot Efiom in Nigeria, and should join the 403-km road being completed, linking the towns of Enugu (Nigeria) and Bamenda (North-West Cameroon).

Financing for this cross-border road project, according to the Nigerian government, will be provided by the African Development Bank (AfDB). As a reminder, with its market of almost 170 million consumers, Nigeria is the primary supplier of Cameroon (22 and 17.8% of imports in 2011 and 2012), with whom trade exchanges total on average FCfa 382 billion a year, according to the Cameroonian Ministry of Commerce; not to mention contraband products, which are traded on both sides of the 1500 Km border separating the two countries.


The small town of Nkep, close to Bangou, in the Western region of Cameroon, is getting ready to become a tourist spot. In this village where he was born, Cameroonian industrialist Francis Nana Djomou, the boss of Biopharma, a cosmetics company leader in the Cameroonian market and claiming today a presence in 22 countries; is building a giant tourist complex.

Based on information revealed by the Pan African magazine Jeune Afrique, the complex which covers 20 hectares of the family domain has ultramodern bungalows; a botanical garden with rare species; a zoo and a farm; horse-riding, conference and fitness centres; football pitches, basketball and tennis courts at international standards, as well as a vast 3-hectare plantation for organic farming.

The complex in which this businessman will invest no less than FCfa 2 billion, should be operational by 2019; as, we learned, Francis Nana Djomou is hoping to turn it into one of the accommodation sites for teams during the 2019 AfCON organised by Cameroon. With one of the groups based in Bafoussam, in the Western region of Cameroon.

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