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This involves fugitives who have fled their country the Central African Republic, due to the unrest that is plaguing the nation in order to seek refuge in Cameroon.

In its edition of 6th July 2017 as published by Cameroon-info:net, Le Jour daily newspaper revealed that at the moment, inhabitants of the Kette locality are living a life of terror.  This council area is located in the Upper Nyong Division of the East Region. They are equally at the frontier which separates Cameroon and the Central African Republic.

They are therefore the ones in grave insecurity brought by the CAR refugees, who have been aggressing the population and raping the women.


Emmanuel Gbanga, the Mayor of the highly affected municipality said, “they carry out barbaric acts, brutalising the population and raping the women”

The Cameroonian daily, précised that the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), had succeeded to census this foreign population that had settled on Cameroon soil. Some of them live in Camps while others have succeeded to infiltrate into the population, making it hard to know who is who. An inhabitant of this area attests that, “they are everywhere, all around the village you will find Central Africans. Some of them are even benefiting from the generosity of the population who have given them pieces of land to cultivate and settle on”.


A gang of thieves made up of three men, have been arrested in the South West Region by forces of the Kumba Central police station, where the culprits are presently locked up for the meantime.

Aged 23, 19 and 25 years, the trio were specialised in carrying out armed operations on churches and the residences of pastors.

A magistrate of the Kumba town happens to have fallen victim to these bandits’ criminal endeavours. At the judge’s place, they made away with the sum of 400, 000FCFA and an automatic pistol.


Information coming from the Police forces reveals that the gang has an accomplice in town, who has been giving them information for their operations. This partner in crime is still at large.

The gang which decided to specialise only in the desecration of religious sacredness, was presented to the press yesterday Tuesday with their loot, estimated to cost 10 million FCFA. They will be presented before the prosecutor today Wednesday.


Following manifestations which took place on the 29th of June 2017, by haemodialysis patients who blocked the entrance to the Yaounde General hospital on that day, the Minister of Public Health Andre Mama Fouda, has promised them that, a cargo plane and a ship are on their way to Cameroon with the necessary dialysis equipment.

Andre Mama Fouda explained that, the reason for the insufficient equipment is the irregularities that are in a majority of the Centres but that, everything is now under control as dozens of tons of kits are expected to arrive Cameroon in a week’s time.

The patients could not bear it any longer as some of them had even lost their lives as a result of this lack of resources. On the day of these public manifestations, the patients only allowed media men access to the hospital.


They made their minds known to anybody who could get them “we have begun fresh manifestations at the Yaounde General hospital. One of the worst things we are facing here is the shortage of water. A good number of us have been deprived of dialysis for over 9 days now, reason being that, the equipment is not sufficient. When we learned that the multipurpose sports complex had been renovated with billions of francs, we realised something was missing somewhere and that missing thing was the remedy to our situation.

In October we had 14 machines after the promise of the minister. He assured us of an improvement latest this past April. We are already in June but yet nothing to show for. We have already lost some of our friends, and we don’t want more of that” the patients revealed.

Statistics show that, at least two million people in Cameroon, are affected by this insufficiency.






The Federation of Cameroonian Employers (GICAM), voted their new president on Thursday 29 June 2017. He is coming to replace Armel Francois who had been acting as interim president since the death of Andre Fotso in August 2016.

Tawamba will be the 12th president of the federation which has been existing for 60 years now. He was the lone leader of his list which had as slogan “GICAM in action” and with which he won 153 votes out of 169. The authorities who supervised the elections claimed they were free, fair and transparent.

With his experience and expertise in financial and administrative management, he will be immediately assisted by Sanda Oumarou who is the first vice president.

After Tawamba emerged the successful candidate, he said he plans to take the federation to another level “I want to bring back all the members of GICAM, to rebuild our federation and make it stronger” he revealed.

Yesterday, 30 June 2017, the business tycoon held his meeting with the other members of his federation, which lasted one hour thirty minutes that is from 3:30pm-5:00pm. During this meeting, the team was trying to figure out how they will be executing their plan of action. One of the key changes that the new president has made so far is, reducing the mandate from five to three years.                        



Thursday, 29 June 2017 15:08

24-year old UB student found dead

This incident took place in the Bakweri town of the South West Region, where the corpse of this young girl was found lying head-down behind their house, after three days of intensive search.

Ekale Adele Elise as her names were gotten, went missing on Sunday the 25 of June 2017. Her dead body was only discovered on Tuesday, deposited beside their home. She is suspected to have been murdered and then her corpse carried and dropped where she was found by her residence.

It is worth noting that, she was still putting on the “kaba” which she was last seen with before she went missing on Sunday.

Police officers have opened investigations to figure out who could have perpetuated the ungodly act.

Insecurity is what now obtains in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, as this only adds to the numerous mysterious deaths that have been recorded in the two regions in particular and the country in general.

This equally comes at a time when the Vice Chancellor of the Buea University has been changed, presumably due to her incompetence in managing her students who have so far not been happy with the system of Education they had under her.




The premises of the National printing house (Imprimerie Nationale) were filled with enraged workers yesterday 28 June 2017, who said they had had enough of discomfort at their job site.

They were demanding unpaid salaries and improvement in their working conditions. In lamentation, the protesters said their working conditions are deplorable beyond imagination; ceilings are rotten, seats are tattered and even the road leading to the place is unkempt.

This is the same thing that happened in 2015. Workers were requesting payment of their salaries which had been held for years for no good reason. It’s not as if it is a private enterprise, as a matter of fact, it is one of the top public organs of the country. All administrative documents are printed there such as, birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates.


All of these irregularities are happening under the reign of Nkomo Walter Paul who was appointed by a presidential decree, on the 25 of May 2017. He is an ex-Mathematic pedagogic inspector at the Ministry of Secondary Education. He replaced his predecessor Gabriel Nna Abessolo who died in November 2014 in Yaounde following an illness.

He has before him, the task of convincing the bitter employees to resume work, because everything was brought to a standstill yesterday. No sounds of Machines were heard, only the angry voices of the workers could be heard.

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