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Studied B.Sc Journalism and Mass Communication at University of Buea


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A gang of thieves made up of three men, have been arrested in the South West Region by forces of the Kumba Central police station, where the culprits are presently locked up for the meantime.

Aged 23, 19 and 25 years, the trio were specialised in carrying out armed operations on churches and the residences of pastors.

A magistrate of the Kumba town happens to have fallen victim to these bandits’ criminal endeavours. At the judge’s place, they made away with the sum of 400, 000FCFA and an automatic pistol.


Information coming from the Police forces reveals that the gang has an accomplice in town, who has been giving them information for their operations. This partner in crime is still at large.

The gang which decided to specialise only in the desecration of religious sacredness, was presented to the press yesterday Tuesday with their loot, estimated to cost 10 million FCFA. They will be presented before the prosecutor today Wednesday.


Following manifestations which took place on the 29th of June 2017, by haemodialysis patients who blocked the entrance to the Yaounde General hospital on that day, the Minister of Public Health Andre Mama Fouda, has promised them that, a cargo plane and a ship are on their way to Cameroon with the necessary dialysis equipment.

Andre Mama Fouda explained that, the reason for the insufficient equipment is the irregularities that are in a majority of the Centres but that, everything is now under control as dozens of tons of kits are expected to arrive Cameroon in a week’s time.

The patients could not bear it any longer as some of them had even lost their lives as a result of this lack of resources. On the day of these public manifestations, the patients only allowed media men access to the hospital.


They made their minds known to anybody who could get them “we have begun fresh manifestations at the Yaounde General hospital. One of the worst things we are facing here is the shortage of water. A good number of us have been deprived of dialysis for over 9 days now, reason being that, the equipment is not sufficient. When we learned that the multipurpose sports complex had been renovated with billions of francs, we realised something was missing somewhere and that missing thing was the remedy to our situation.

In October we had 14 machines after the promise of the minister. He assured us of an improvement latest this past April. We are already in June but yet nothing to show for. We have already lost some of our friends, and we don’t want more of that” the patients revealed.

Statistics show that, at least two million people in Cameroon, are affected by this insufficiency.






Thursday, 29 June 2017 15:08

24-year old UB student found dead

This incident took place in the Bakweri town of the South West Region, where the corpse of this young girl was found lying head-down behind their house, after three days of intensive search.

Ekale Adele Elise as her names were gotten, went missing on Sunday the 25 of June 2017. Her dead body was only discovered on Tuesday, deposited beside their home. She is suspected to have been murdered and then her corpse carried and dropped where she was found by her residence.

It is worth noting that, she was still putting on the “kaba” which she was last seen with before she went missing on Sunday.

Police officers have opened investigations to figure out who could have perpetuated the ungodly act.

Insecurity is what now obtains in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, as this only adds to the numerous mysterious deaths that have been recorded in the two regions in particular and the country in general.

This equally comes at a time when the Vice Chancellor of the Buea University has been changed, presumably due to her incompetence in managing her students who have so far not been happy with the system of Education they had under her.




Custom officers at their Fotokol control duty post, are said to have seized 200kg of drugs which were destined for the Nigerian based terrorist group Boko Haram, KOACI.COM reveals.

The information was confirmed yesterday morning, by a security source serving as a member of the multinational mixed force, fighting against the insurgency, who preferred to remain anonymous.

According to this source, 3000 packets of tramadol were intercepted by agents of the Cameroon customs, working around the Fotokol border between Cameroon and Nigeria in the Logone and Chari division of the Far North Region.

Besides the packets of tramadol, Indian hemp which was on its way to Chad where Boko haram is trying to make their presence felt after pledging their allegiance to ISIS, was equally seized. The Indian hemp was put in gallons, sachets and cartons.

It is with these drugs that, the terrorist sect transforms the young minds of girls at a tender age, who become courageous enough to commit suicide without having to think twice. It is equally used on their baby boy fighters, whom they capture from villages. At the initial stage, they are still shaky, but when they must have been transformed with the narcotics, they are ready to shoot and kill anybody who stands on their way.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017 03:19

Cameroon: Two lives perish in road accident

A bus belonging to a transport agency, collided with a trailer at the Sambo locality.

The road accident occurred on Friday 16 June, on the Yaounde-Douala highway, precisely at Sambo which is located between Pouma and Boumnyebel. The 70-seater bus coming from Douala, hit the Trailer which was coming from the opposite direction, that’s from Yaounde.

When the incident occurred, the bus rolled over ending up with its wheels facing up. It was thanks to other road users, that the victims were extracted from the 70-seater. No time had to be wasted as smoke was perceivable in the air, being produced by the bus, which could eventually end up in a fire.

It was only later on that the members of the gendarmerie brigade arrived. According to information they revealed, two passengers had died on the spot while dozens were wounded.

The surviving victims were immediately transported to Pouma and Edea health centers for medical attention.

Due to the accident, road circulation at that point, was brought to a stand still for over some hours. The other road users had to make a stop to see what was happening and even give a helping hand where needed.

This is happening when Minister Edgard Alain Me’be Ngo has launched a road safety campaign, to curb over speed and illicit road users.

While Amnesty International and other foreign bodies continue to criticize the government of Cameroon over the poor, inhumane and over congested state of prison facilities in the country, the regime 84years old Paul Biya rather than seeking solutions and embarking on measures to increase the capacity of these detention centers is rather chocking it with daily and continuous illicit arrest.
Their victims, agitated Anglophones who complain of over 60 years of gross marginalization and injustice. It all started in November 2015 when common law lawyers decided to embark on a sit down strike until certain demands are meet. Planned peaceful demonstrations in Bamenda, Buea, Limbe, Kumba and Muyuka by the lawyers met with stiff resistance from the regime as dozens of lawyers were publicly beaten as some got arrested.

Reports have it that the arrested lawyers were later released. In solidarity with the lawyers strike and in a bid to restore the Anglo-saxon values of the educational sector in Cameroon, trade unions and teachers groupings in the North West and South West Regions declared an indefinite sit-in strike.
The light autumn wind was still been neglected by the government but never did they know it will soon become a tornado. Maters escalated when a radio comedian and pidgin news broadcaster, Mancho Bibiyin, popularly called Mancho BBC, staged a coffin revolution on Monday November 21, 2016, by matching with a coffin on the streets of Bamenda calling on the Government Delegate, Vincent Nji, to provide answers as to the undeveloped status of the town. Matters got out of hand as riot police officers tried to restore peace. Lives were lost and a handful arrested.
November 29, 2016 eight days after teachers of the North West and South West decided to embark on an indefinite strike action, violent protest erupted in the University of Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. Over 20 students were severely injured as security forces open fire to disperse protesting unarmed students who staged a peaceful match to table certain demands to the vice chancellor among them being her immediate replacement.
Hundreds of students got arrested, but were later released after spending days at various detention centers in the region. Unconfirmed reports however hold that at least three of the arrested students were remitted in custody. After the failed CPDM rally in the North West regional capital of Bamenda which took place on December 8, 2016 massive arrest were made with reports of some of the arrested youths been ferried to Yaounde and Baffussam.
Massive arrest took place towards the end of last year but the epitome has been this January.  With the creation of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, CACSC, headed by Barrister Agbor Felix with Secretary General, Dr. Neba Fontem, matters seemed to have gotten out of hand as violent protest erupted in towns like Bamenda, Limbe, Kumba and Muengene during Ghost Town days declared by the consortium. As a result dozens of youths got arrested in all towns with some taken to unknown destinations.
While the number of those arrested is still unknown since the government smuggles some out of the region by night, parents continue to weep while others pray for the released of their children as reports flood the social media that some of them might have lost their lives due to the inhumane living condition.

Tuesday 17 January, a day never to be forgotten
Until now, those arrested were merely civilians but that was about to end and the government had put in place a well mapped out strategy to this effect. Tuesday 17, January 2017 was indeed the day the struggle took another twist. At exactly 1PM after a press conference granted by Issa Tchiroma Bakary, a release from the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization declared null and void the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium.
As the sun set and Anglophones tried to digest the news of the banning of the consortium, Barrister Agbor Felix Nkongho and Dr. Fontem Neba, president and Secretary General of the consortium were arrested in Buea. Before the information could get out, internet connection was disconnected in throughout former southern Cameroon.
A week after that 17 January, Cameroonians were shocked to get news on the arrest of the initiator of the Bamenda coffin revolution, Mancho Bibinyi and surprisingly the Advocate General at the Supreme Court, Justice Ayah Paul Abine. While reports hold that the arrest might just be in it introductory state, fear had gripped Anglophones that forced many to go into hiding or self exile like Barrister Bobga Harmany.

Yaoundé’s main prison was built in 1968 with a capacity of 1,000 prisoners. Today, France24 Observer which obtained the recent secretly filmed footage from inside Kondengue,estimates that around 5,000 prisoners are housed there. The last official count was 4,234 prisoners, reported by the Ministry of Justice in 2015.

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