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Comparative analysis of the regimes that have managed or mismanaged Cameroon

President Ahmadou Ahidjo became the President of the Federal Republic of Cameroon in 1961.

He knew that his country was in need of a lot things that could guarantee the welfare of the people of Cameroon.


Ahmadou Ahidjo understood that for a country to run hitch free, three main components were the main ingredients that could guarantee social cohesion, peace and harmony.


These components were Economic, social and Political coefficients.

Strategically Ahmadou Ahidjo created hundreds of public enterprises aimed at job creation and job opportunities.


The youths were gainfully employed and most young enterprising Cameroonians wanted to remain at home than desire leaving the Country for the myopic greener pasture.


Nurturing a new nation made up of two separate cultural heritage and identity was cumbrous and like a good midwife, he made sure these identities weren't tampered with as most West Cameroonians and East Cameroonians were recruited and posted to their respective areas to work.


At the political scene and domain, Ahmadou Ahidjo was influenced by the cold war as well as copied from other African rulers the desire for a one party system.


The one party system that got enacted in 1966 through a Presidential decree barely five years after the forged reunification of the two separate nations called the Cameroon's.


Political parties like the KNDP weren't comfortable with the creation of a single party tagged the CNU. One of the KNDP scribes by name Bernard Fonlon Nsokika (Professor) in his book entitled " Shall we make or mar" condemned this new enshrined dictatorship.


This centralized system of governance through a personality cult was established by Ahidjo and continues right to this day.


In 1972 through the engineering of French advisers who wanted the swallowing up of the English speaking Cameroonians by at means and at all cost.


This coup d'etat orchestrated against the people of Southern Cameroon's was the genesis of the present sociopolitical tension and crisis that is witnessed today.


Ahidjo ruled Cameroon for twenty five years and handed power fraudulently engineered engineered to Paul Biya who was appointed Prime Minister in 1982 bypassing the constitution that requested the speaker of the National Assembly, Solomon Tandeng Muna.


This was another ugly revelation that a Southern Cameroonians could never rule in Cameroon.


Then enters President Paul Biya BiMvondo, the man without any clear cut vision or mission for the state of Cameroon.


Barely after two years as head of state, Paul Biya was accused by the failed coup d'etat plotters led by Adoum Garoua, for nepotism, gangsterism, gigantic fraud, embezzlement of public funds and poor statesmanship.


The failed coup d'etat orchestrated against his regime instead made matters worse as his government became a Beti oligarchy and projects all directed to his home town of Ebolowa.


Unfortunately unfortunate for Biya his poor administration had down seeds of discord and these seeds of discord were going to erupt someday like a bomb.


The poor handling of the Southern Cameroonians that began in 1983 with the annexationist tendencies engineered in a booklet and titled agenda 8 or plan d'adoption with a strong desire to completely deface every thing Anglosaxon in Cameroon.


The first Minister of Education to be axed by Paul Biya for his failure to implement the destruction of the Anglosaxon educational system was Professor Georges Ngango.


His catastrophic game plan has gotten us to this position and this is the man who had no vision and no mission.

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