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Cameroonian writer, pan Africanist and Executive Director of AFRICAphonie, Mwalimu George Ngwane, has been elected to the African Advisory Committee of the International Minority Rights Group Africa as member of Board of Trustees.{loadposition myposition}

Ngwane was elected with three other members - Dr Melakou Tegngem from Ethiopia, Ms Evelyne Neisere from Kenya and Ms Juliet Nakoto Odol from Uganda - during a Board meeting that held in Kampala, Uganda from 8th to 9th February 2019. According to the Executive Director of Minority Rights Group Africa Mrs. Agnes Kibajuni, Ngwane’s election into the Board brings a new vision and fresh impetus that would combine practitioner track expertise and academic policy in the pursuit of the objectives of Minority Rights Group International London in general and Minority Rights Group Africa in particular.

Minority Rights Group is an international non-governmental organisation working to secure the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples as well as promoting cooperation between communities worldwide. It shall be celebrating its fifty years of existence in April 2019. The Regional Office of the Minority Rights Group in Africa is based in Kampala, Uganda while other offices are located in Brussels, Hungary and Delhi.

Throughout its ten years of existence Minority Rights Group Africa has worked in the areas of land rights (in Cameroon it works with MBOSCUDA), ethnic, indigenous and linguistic minorities within Africa. Of concern to the Board members was the shrinking space of civil society organisations due to political intolerance and government highhandedness.

The Executive Director of Minority Rights Group Africa made an overview of the minority rights situation in Central Africa Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Ethiopia and South Sudan with a clarion call for the respect of minority voices and views.

It is expected that Mwalimu George Ngwane’s election into the Board of Trustees shall open windows into the minority rights situation especially within the Central Africa sub region.

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Cameroon: Elecam working towards 'free and fair' Legislative, Municipal Elections Cameroon: Elecam working towards 'free and fair' Legislative, Municipal Elections

The elections governing institution at the beginning of the year set the objective of 10 million registered voters before the electors are called to the polls.{loadposition myposition}

When the voters registration operation ended in 2018 at the time electors were called to the polls for the October 7, 2019 presidential election, about 6.7 people had enrolled in the electoral registers both back at home and in the Diaspora. The number of registered voters by then, lured Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) to set the target of 10 million registered voters by the time electors are called to the polls for the expected legislative and municipal elections this year 2019.

The Director General of Elections at ELECAM Erik Essoussè said the target was because Cameroon has potential electors who could be more than the number should they enrol their names in the electoral registers. Since the official launching of the operation to revise voters registers, this year, Electoral Board members of ELECAM have been combing all the nooks and crannies of the country to supervise the operation and encourage potential voters to register. Staff of ELECAM Council branches have also been on the field registering the yet unregistered potential voters.

They take advantage of every gathering such as churches, markets and popular road junctions to install the electoral kits and register willing voters. It is in this connection that they had a stand at the just-ended Promote 2019 Business Forum in Yaounde to exhibit ELECAM activities and also register voters. The institution has also stepped up material preparations for the registration operation by acquiring the state-of-the art registration kits that are better adapted to the field as they are less cumbersome to carry around and produce better results in terms of pictures and receipts printed.

ELECAM has been carrying out awareness creation campaigns in the va rious media and in posters put in strategic positions in major cities. Elections Cameroon has been working in collaboration with some political party officials who by law form part of the Joint Voters Registration Commission. According to the Director General of Elections, Erik Essoussè, the involvement of political parties in the voters registration operation is average.

ELECAM continues to en courage political parties to be more involved in the operation considering that political parties are the main beneficiaries in the electoral process. In the present focus, the Director General of Elections at ELECAM throws more light on the steps taken by ELECAM to reach the target registered voters. It also presents the ongoing registration operation in some branches of ELECAM.

Source: Cameroon Tribune

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Cameroon: 30 dead in road accident along Yaounde-Bafoussam highway Cameroon: 30 dead in road accident along Yaounde-Bafoussam highway

30 deaths have been recorded in an accident which occurred on Friday 6 July, along the Yaounde – Bafoussam highway.

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The victims were on a 30 seater coaster, which lost control and crashed in a bush around Boutourou, a locality not far from Ndikilimeki, in the Mbam and Inoubou Division of the Center Region.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred at 4:00 am Friday morning. The bus had left Yaounde for Mbouda, before crashing around Boutourou.

“The driver was sleeping while driving. Everyone was surprised by the sudden diversion of the bus into a bush. Some of the passengers got flung out of the vehicle in the course of the accident. Almost everyone died either on the spot or at the hospital.” A source commented.

Reports have it that, the bus was carrying over 30 passengers. Majority of those on board were holiday makers.

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GCE 2018: Gunmen disrupt exams in Muyuka GCE 2018: Gunmen disrupt exams in Muyuka

The first day of writing is reported to have been disrupted in Muyuka by gunmen.

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The gunmen stormed the school campus of Government Bilingual High School, Muyuka Subdivision, Fako Division in the Southwest Region.

It occurred at the time students were already seated and taking the GCE advanced level Economics.

 With the terror which set in, everyone who was writing abandoned what they were doing and started running in different directions for their lives.

This year, 129, 700 candidates will be sitting in for the General certificate of education examinations but 5000 less than the number last year.

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Cameroon: Rumours of Lake Awing explosion lead to increased consumption of palm oil Cameroon: Rumours of Lake Awing explosion lead to increased consumption of palm oil

Inhabitants of Bamenda and its environs were deceived into drinking gallons of palm oil as precautionary measures against the effects of a purported explosion of Lake Awing in the Northwest Region.

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Even though the author of the information is unknown, it spread like wild fire and majority of the population got to believe the story.

The population of that area remained fear stricken till the moment when photos of the lake were taken by those resident around the area, and shared for the public to see.

While some drank palm oil like beer, others rubbed it on their nostrils in an attempt to prevent suffocation.

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Comparative analysis of the regimes that have managed or mismanaged Cameroon Comparative analysis of the regimes that have managed or mismanaged Cameroon

President Ahmadou Ahidjo became the President of the Federal Republic of Cameroon in 1961.

He knew that his country was in need of a lot things that could guarantee the welfare of the people of Cameroon.

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Ahmadou Ahidjo understood that for a country to run hitch free, three main components were the main ingredients that could guarantee social cohesion, peace and harmony.


These components were Economic, social and Political coefficients.

Strategically Ahmadou Ahidjo created hundreds of public enterprises aimed at job creation and job opportunities.


The youths were gainfully employed and most young enterprising Cameroonians wanted to remain at home than desire leaving the Country for the myopic greener pasture.


Nurturing a new nation made up of two separate cultural heritage and identity was cumbrous and like a good midwife, he made sure these identities weren't tampered with as most West Cameroonians and East Cameroonians were recruited and posted to their respective areas to work.


At the political scene and domain, Ahmadou Ahidjo was influenced by the cold war as well as copied from other African rulers the desire for a one party system.


The one party system that got enacted in 1966 through a Presidential decree barely five years after the forged reunification of the two separate nations called the Cameroon's.


Political parties like the KNDP weren't comfortable with the creation of a single party tagged the CNU. One of the KNDP scribes by name Bernard Fonlon Nsokika (Professor) in his book entitled " Shall we make or mar" condemned this new enshrined dictatorship.


This centralized system of governance through a personality cult was established by Ahidjo and continues right to this day.


In 1972 through the engineering of French advisers who wanted the swallowing up of the English speaking Cameroonians by at means and at all cost.


This coup d'etat orchestrated against the people of Southern Cameroon's was the genesis of the present sociopolitical tension and crisis that is witnessed today.


Ahidjo ruled Cameroon for twenty five years and handed power fraudulently engineered engineered to Paul Biya who was appointed Prime Minister in 1982 bypassing the constitution that requested the speaker of the National Assembly, Solomon Tandeng Muna.


This was another ugly revelation that a Southern Cameroonians could never rule in Cameroon.


Then enters President Paul Biya BiMvondo, the man without any clear cut vision or mission for the state of Cameroon.


Barely after two years as head of state, Paul Biya was accused by the failed coup d'etat plotters led by Adoum Garoua, for nepotism, gangsterism, gigantic fraud, embezzlement of public funds and poor statesmanship.


The failed coup d'etat orchestrated against his regime instead made matters worse as his government became a Beti oligarchy and projects all directed to his home town of Ebolowa.


Unfortunately unfortunate for Biya his poor administration had down seeds of discord and these seeds of discord were going to erupt someday like a bomb.


The poor handling of the Southern Cameroonians that began in 1983 with the annexationist tendencies engineered in a booklet and titled agenda 8 or plan d'adoption with a strong desire to completely deface every thing Anglosaxon in Cameroon.


The first Minister of Education to be axed by Paul Biya for his failure to implement the destruction of the Anglosaxon educational system was Professor Georges Ngango.


His catastrophic game plan has gotten us to this position and this is the man who had no vision and no mission.

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Cameroon: Episcopal conference on 9-day prayer program, for peace in Cameroon Cameroon: Episcopal conference on 9-day prayer program, for peace in Cameroon

The Catholic Religious authorities of Cameroon have decided to go on a 9-day prayer session to ask for God's intervention in the crisis that are plaguing the English speaking Regions of  the country.

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The program started on 11 May and will be ending on 20 May 2018 as indicated by the Archbishop of Douala, Samuel Kleda.

"Christ has done everything, so that we live together as Christians and get to know whom he is" the president of the National Episcopal conference said.

In a report published on 26 April 2018, the international crisis group (ICG) said that the catholic church could play a key role in the solving of the Anglophone crisis

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Cameroon: Woman resurrects in Mbanga Cameroon: Woman resurrects in Mbanga

Marie Djomo who died 5 years ago, is reported to have reappeared at their home on Wednesday.

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This is a story that has frightened every inhabitant of Mbanga as she died and was buried in 2013.

According to CRTV, that reported the story, on 9 May 2018, the 40 year old appeared at their residence and the family members could recognise her especially seeing some marks on her of the operation which she underwent  before dying.

To show that the lady actually died, her relatives went to the grave where she was buried.

For further clarification, they plan to do DNA test to confirm that they are not mistaking the person.

Presently the resurrected woman is at a pastors place where she is being taken care of.

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Cameroon 2018: An April of irregularities Cameroon 2018: An April of irregularities

Boko Haram (BH) slightly increased operations in Far North against military and civilians, and Anglophone separatists kept up insurgent attacks against security forces and officials, especially in Southwest region.

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BH attacks in Logone-et-Chari department bordering Lake Chad picked up after ten-month lull there: fighters injured soldier in Amatalia 2 April; over 50 BH fighters thought to belong to al-Barnawi's faction 3 April launched large attack on military base in Sagme, killing six soldiers, fifteen assailants also killed; fighters kidnapped driver between Sale and Zigague 9 April; killed two fishermen in Ngame 17 April. Soldiers and local vigilantes of Zigague 18 April attacked BH cell in Dougouma across border in Nigeria, killing four fighters. In neighbouring Mayo Sava department to south, BH fighters killed one civilian in Limani 2 April, killed two more in Allargno 9 April and armed forces killed two BH fighters in Cherif-Moussari 25 April.

Anglophone separatists conducted attack in Belo village, Northwest region 5-6 April killing one gendarme; killed one soldier in Ediki, Southwest 13 April and same day injured three more in Meme, Southwest; clashed with security forces in Dadi, Southwest 16 April; separatists killed three security forces and bomb killed two others in Lebialem department, Southwest 21-22 April. Separatists 20 April attacked convoy of Southwest governor in Lebialem. Separatists 28 April killed two gendarmes in Bali-Nyongha, Northwest. Priest kidnapped in Belo 30 April. Several new separatist militias formed in April and separatists killed at least three civilians accused of being informants for security forces. Security forces reportedly continued to set ablaze civilian houses in areas thought to be sympathetic to separatists such as Lebialem.

Constitutional Council 5 April announced results of 25 March senatorial elections: ruling party CPDM won 63 of 70 seats; as per constitution President Biya appointed senators to remaining 30 seats, giving CPDM 87 of 100 seats.

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Cameroon-Yaounde: 5 die in road accident Cameroon-Yaounde: 5 die in road accident

Five deaths have been recorded in a road accident which occurred on the Mbalmayo-Yaounde road axis.

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The tragic incident took place on Friday 06 April 2018 at about 8:30pm.

In the accident, five deaths and several injured persons were recorded.

According to what Cameroon concord, a transportation vehicle of the Caravane agency, coming from Ebolowa, crashed against a trailer, carrying sand which had had a breakdown.

This happened precisely at the level of the Ovangoul village, as CRTV sources reveal.

The situation comes up when Cameroon is struggling to battle against road accidents, by organising road safety campaigns.

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