CAMEROON THISDAY Fri, 28 Jul 2017 11:04:14 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cavaye Yenguie Djibril, enraged after Minister Taiga sacks three of his relatives Cavaye Yenguie Djibril, enraged after Minister Taiga sacks three of his relatives

The Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and animal husbandry Dr Taiga, is reported to have relieved three of the Speaker of the National Assembly's relatives of their duties for corruption allegations.

As a result, Cavaye in an infuriated state, threatened to eliminate the Minister from government.

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In less than a month after the threats, Dr Taiga, on the 25th of July 2017, appointed new people to those posts; Mohaman, Oumate Abba and Hassan, thus proving to the Speaker that he was the one in charge and not him.

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Rene Emmanuel Sadi chairs governors’ conference today Rene Emmanuel Sadi chairs governors’ conference today

The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, Rene Emmanuel Sadi is expected to lead a meeting in Yaounde, which brings together governors of the 10 Regions of Cameroon. Talks will be centred on the security measures to be taken in Cameroon and the upcoming school year 2017/2018.

The conference holds at a time when some of the country’s soldiers died in a shipwreck in the South West Region, coupled with the restless menaces from the Boko Haram terrorist group in the Northern part of Cameroon.

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Issues related to the hitch free start of the 2017/2018 school will equally be discussed given that, the English speaking Regions; North West and South West did not have a steady academic year and there are no signs of smooth resumption.

Another key issue that will be at stake is the Afcon 2019 which Cameroon shall host. Many things need to be met up with in the various Regions like roads, lodging facilities and above all stadiums, of which observers still wonder if Cameroon will live up to expectations.

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Suspected robber burnt to ashes in Bafoussam Suspected robber burnt to ashes in Bafoussam

A suspected armed bandit has been reduced to ashes in the West Region of Cameroon.
The incident happened on Sunday .
The man, identified as Charles Fokou, was part of a gang of three.
The gang is believed to have launched attacks on locals on Saturday.{loadposition myposition}
But the start of the tragedy began earlier on Sunday when the gang fell on a judo practitioner , who raised the alarm.
The public came out and tortured Charles Fokou beyond repair before setting him ablaze, CRTV reports.
Reports say, Charles' guardian-his aunt -could identify the corpse only through his toes.
In the meantime, the police have opened an investigation into the incident, especially to identify the rest of the gang.{loadposition myposition2}

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Biya compensates fishermen who found Bishop Bala’s corpse Biya compensates fishermen who found Bishop Bala’s corpse

As a sign of appreciation for the great job which the fishermen did, President Paul Biya thought it wise to give the men some money which was handed to them by the Governor of the Centre Region, Naseri Paul Bea.

Among the beneficiaries, was the Malian Fisherman who found the corpse. He was the one to whom highest credits were given. He saw the corpse after three days of intensive search by both members of the National Marine and local fishermen. “I thank the government, we all are happy” the Malian expressed his feelings.

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The amount in the envelope was not disclosed but the content of the envelope was obviously heavy.

While the fishermen are being appreciated, the Bishops of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon, are cracking their heads on how to lay hands on the person or people behind this assassination according to them, as they don’t believe the state’s verdict on Bishop Jean Marie Benoit’s death. Government says the man of God got drowned.

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South West Cameroon: Buea population stunned by spate of ritual killings South West Cameroon: Buea population stunned by spate of ritual killings

The population of the South West Regional Capital, Buea is awash by spate of ritual killings that has resurfaced in the metropolis.

Denizens of Bakweri Town are still in shock and consternation when they got up on Tuesday, July 18, and found the corpse of Odilia Molua along the Small Soppo stretch of road.

The deceased in her 30s was reportedly dropped-off by a taxi driver as explained by an eye witness.

“When I got close to the lady after she has been dumped by the speedy taxi driver, I discovered that there was some white substance coming out from the woman’s mouth, so I shouted to attract a few people who rushed to the scene and also saw the dead woman, but the driver had already driven off. We then alerted the forces of law and order,” the eye witness recounted to reporters.

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It would be recalled that the July18 incident came barely a fortnight after a University of Buea student, Adele Elise  Ekale, residing at Bakweri Town was also found dead. 

Her corpse was discovered behind their house, two days after she went missing. One week later, the deceased boyfriend, Pasu Seji, was apprehended by the Buea Municipal Police at the Muea Market, while attempting to escape.

As the tears of mourners were still oozing out, the mortal remains of another girl was discovered in Bomaka, in her own pool of blood.

The frequent death, especially by young girls in Buea, has made denizens restive. Many are hoping that the administrative authorities of the Region will beef up security to unmask those behind what is referred today in Buea as serial ritual killings.

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The future of female leaders in Cameroon The future of female leaders in Cameroon

Leadership in Cameroon like in most parts of the world is highly male-dominated.
Since independence in the 60s, Cameroon has got only two divisional officers even though there are 58 divisions in the country.
The second lady was commissioned on July 19 in the South Region. Rachelle Nga Zang is the Divisional Officer of Mvila.
Most of the divisional officers, if not all, are trained by the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM).  And surprisingly this school receives female students every year.
Are women , thus, incompetent as administrators?
Is there anything holding them back?

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This may prove hard to decipher given that there are female ministers, senators and you name them, in Cameroon.
But shockingly still, no woman has ever been governor in Cameroon. There are ten regions in the country, headed by a governor each.
This situation casts some doubt on the possibility of having a female president anytime soon.
Edith Kah Walla, the main, if not the only, female hopeful for the recent and upcoming presidential elections has a tough piece of meat to chew and swallow.
However, this may not shock some observers, who must have noted that the top preachers of democracy and equality have not had a female president since the start of their gospel. Look round; America and France- mothers,fathers, and great grand parents of democracy and freedom.

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Buea Cameroon: South West Chiefs bash Francophonisation of UB Buea Cameroon: South West Chiefs bash Francophonisation of UB

Members of the South West Chiefs’ Conference (SWECC) have slammed the flooding of Francophone students in the University of Buea (UB) at the peril of Anglophones.

The traditional rulers accused Government and UB administrative staff of gross marginalisation of Anglophone students, seeking admission into the citadel of learning.

“Many Anglophones are denied entry into UB on ground that they did not pass the English Language exam at the GCE Ordinary Level, whereas the students have studied, written and passed exams using the English Language.

But Froncophones who can barely speak English, take a few weeks of preparatory classes and are admitted into UB.

The very administration allows Francophone lecturers who can barely speak English to lecture students, and sometimes do so in French or Pidgin.

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This is gross marginalisation of Anglophones in their own Region and it must stop.”

To the Chiefs, Government and UB officials must rigorously respect the admission requirements of UB, which is a pass in the GCE Ordinary Level English.

The Chiefs also said Francophone students seeking admission into UB must sit a competitive entrance examination written in English and not the so called immersion programme.

The Chiefs raised the issue in Buea, July 17, during an executive meeting of SWECC, chaired by its President, Senator Nfon VE Mukete.

The monarchs suggested that if the administration wants to do justice to Anglophones, the classes and test taken by Francophone students should also be taken by Anglophones who failed English Language at the GCE Ordinary Level. 

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Brigade commander sacked for collaborating with bandits Brigade commander sacked for collaborating with bandits

The commander of the Mbouda Gendarmerie station in the West Region, has been deposed for having links with men of the underworld.

Richard Mbomo as he is called, had been subject to a number of accusations for working hand in hand with armed robbers whom he was supposed to be fighting against.

The affair degenerated when a young girl was kidnapped by a 45 year old, who felt like satisfying his sexual desires. After a search was carried out, he was caught red handed, raping the girl.

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The girl’s father, who was the one that caught them, was well beaten by the rapist. His cries attracted residents of that neighbourhood, who came and bundled him up to the Brigade station of Mbouda.

The following day, the unfortunate family went to check the criminal, and file a case against him. On reaching there, they discovered that the shameless man had disappeared. This served as a confirmation of all the accusations that had been tabled against Richard Mbomo, who was dismissed as a result.

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South-Ocean Division: SDO prohibits child labour during holidays South-Ocean Division: SDO prohibits child labour during holidays

The Senior Divisional officer of the Ocean Division in the South Region of Cameroon, as published by Le Messager Newspaper on 18 July 2017, signed a release prohibiting the trafficking of children below 14 years in his Administrative setting.

He warned parents who would go against this decision, threatening them with severe sanctions.

The Divisional Administrator makes it clear, “the labour of children below 14 years is strictly prohibited all over the National territory. Every parent is thus called upon not to submit their children to commercial slavery but rather, they should look after them during holidays. Anyone who goes against this will be sanctioned accordingly”.

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This decision was not warmly received by a greater part of the population “the SDO is not aware of our realities. My children have to help me prepare to meet up with their school needs. Is he the one who will come and buy their school requirements? I cannot cease from sending them to go and sell. Let him do his worst. If the children are seen and taken off the streets, I will abandon the kids with them and they will be the ones running after me to come and get them” a business woman commented.

While the population is against this move, Associations for the rights of the child, are strongly behind the SDO. They say the administrator should be congratulated for the step taken. “Someone needed to start from somewhere” they added. They further reiterated that, strict measures against child labour should put in place and well respected.

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193 Gallons of illicit fuel Impounded in Bamenda 193 Gallons of illicit fuel Impounded in Bamenda

A hundred and ninety three gallons of illicit fuel has been impounded from some vendors in a crackdown operation in Bamenda. This fuel is considered by the authorities as a contraband and as such, the sale is carried out in hiding. The famous Zuazua or Nfunge is sited at almost every junction in the town of Bamenda and with its lower price can knockout the fuelling stations from the business in no time.{loadposition myposition}

Authorities also want to put an end to this practice for it is also dangerous to the people around where it is being stored for it is highly flammable thus putting the lives of those around at risk.

Authorities attempted impounding this illicit fuel some couple of months ago but were met by stiff resistance from the motorbike riders who staged a drama by trashing some Gendarmerie officers who attempted confiscating the illicit fuel and destroying the taxi in which they were using to carry out the activity.{loadposition myposition2}

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