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Five deaths have been recorded in a road accident which occurred on the Mbalmayo-Yaounde road axis.

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The tragic incident took place on Friday 06 April 2018 at about 8:30pm.

In the accident, five deaths and several injured persons were recorded.

According to what Cameroon concord, a transportation vehicle of the Caravane agency, coming from Ebolowa, crashed against a trailer, carrying sand which had had a breakdown.

This happened precisely at the level of the Ovangoul village, as CRTV sources reveal.

The situation comes up when Cameroon is struggling to battle against road accidents, by organising road safety campaigns.

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Incest reported in Douala Incest reported in Douala
A young man aged 24 proposed having a paradoxical love relationship with his mother. In order to lure the mother to bed, he proposed the sum of 300.000 frs or the equivalent of( 455 euros) This drama took place in the Ndogpassi neighborhood, in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon.{loadposition myposition} When he realized that he had failed to convince his mother through his friend, Romeo then decided to do it himself. His mother in all her gentility denounced such an indecent act As a consequence of the rejection of his romantic adventure, Romeo savagely trashed his mother who was rushed to the hospital. Romeo is now a wanted man by the forces of law and order.{loadposition myposition2}
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Homicide in Ebolowa: The Parent of a students beats to death a student in Ebolowa. Homicide in Ebolowa: The Parent of a students beats to death a student in Ebolowa.

The said parent said in tears that his intention was just to inflict punishment on the child for haven used the money meant for his Examination fee. The young Steve Loic , a student in a School in Ebolowa( South Region) died some days ago. He died from an adult dose of a punch given him by his own father, Pauline N, who thought he was giving him a lesson that he won't forget not even in a hurry. {loadposition myposition} The father of the decease thought he had kept the Bepc examination fees out of the child's reach, unfortunately unfortunate, that wasn't the case as the father latter learnt. The father, Pauline N got infuriated with anger and it took over a better portion of his composure. This anger caused the passing away of his son Steve Loic, who is equally reputed to be a drug addict, struggling with Tramol addiction. The Young man died on his way to the Hospital.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Cameroun: Man sues nephew in Court in Yaoundé Cameroun: Man sues  nephew in Court in Yaoundé

It's so saddening today that the African sociocultural and cosmic Fibre that use to connect families and lineages together seemingly have become ruined by copy catting of European ways of life. These mundane European ways of life that aren't comparable to ours have left societies in a state of topsy turvy. If this wasn't the scenario, how could a nephew be accused by the uncle for haven confiscated his home, illicitly converting it into his father's residence.

The complainant, Florent . E accuses his nephew for illicitly converting his house to his father's residence. Tabling the matter at the Nfoundi Court of First Instance, his nephew presented his own version of the story. " As a son of my father, my sister hadn't any place she could call her home.{loadposition myposition}

My father then showed her a house in the Etoudi neighborhood. Before she died she left behind very firm instructions, alluding that the house should become the property of their elder brother, who had passed away several years ago. The house was then given to his daughter.

When she became of age or matured,she came and requested for the parcel of land that is being occupied by sister and her children. My sister rejected her request. Unfortunately she decided to begin creating problems here and there. Now her children want to recuperate what belongs to them and they are refusing to bulge.

It's for this reason that this complaint has been filed in two different courts for judgment and verdicts by the competent Court Judges.

The case has been adjourned for a latter date. Cases in Cameroon often suffer from protracted adjournments and this kills the spirit of equity and justice .Justice delayed is justice denied.{loadposition myposition2}

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Marie Archangelo: Author of CRTV news jingle is no more Marie Archangelo: Author of CRTV news jingle is no more

The music community in Cameroon is bereaved as they lose to death, one of theirs, Marie Archangelo.

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Cameroon concord learned that Marie Archangelo died on Thursday 11 January 2018.

She had her last breath at her residence in Yaounde, after suffering from a tumour that made her face hard to be recognised.

''We received news of her demise with so much sadness. But at the same time, we believe that she has gone to rest, because after having suffered for a very long time, it is truly a rest well deserved'' the first daughter of the deceased said.

Marie Archangelo had suffered for two years with her ailment. Revelations indicate that, in spite of the number of places she was taken to for medical attention, there was still no way.

The late mother of 9 was a native of Mbangassina, in the Mbam and Kim Division, and sang patriotic songs like; ''va de l'avant Paul Biya'', ''Cameroon nouveau'' and ''Kaele''.

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Samuel Etoo's reaction to claims that he is bleaching his skin Samuel Etoo's reaction to claims that he is bleaching his skin

There have been controversial claims especially on social media, that Etoo is bleaching his skin.

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People making such comments as betatins reports quoting je wanda magazine, do so after comparing the former captain's photos of the past and the ones now in which he appears lighter.

The Cameroonian born attacker, gave some justifications for the state his skin in an interview with Je Wanda Magazine. ''it is a laser treatment, that will last about a year, and one of the immediate unpleasant effects is that it lightens my skin slightly after each session. But fortunately, my natural colour comes back sometime later.

''I am firmly against the bleaching of thee skin. There is nothing more beautiful than one's  natural colour, what ever it is'' Samuel Etoo explained

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Water Scarcity hits Bamenda despite the noise made about the billions of francs spent to upgrade the water system. Water Scarcity hits Bamenda despite the noise made about the billions of francs spent to upgrade the water system.

Cameroon like most African countries badly needs people who have vision so that projects conceived don't fail even before there are being realized.

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The Bamenda giant water project is already suffering from lapses that weren't previewed before the project was conceived.

On Thursday, the indigenes of Bamenda had no water flowing on their taps and the situation was rescued in some quarters by the Army Rescue Unit that carried water for distribution or rationing .

The draught threats have only come to highlight the need for water resources to be harnessed and stream lined for effective and efficient management and supply.

Bore holes drilled and channelled to reservoirs can rescue this crisis, but do we have the political will to create projects that have the populace in mind?

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Cameroon hosts logistics base for Africa's standby force Cameroon hosts logistics base for Africa's standby force

Cameroon is the host nation for the continental logistics base of Africa's standby force.

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The base was inaugurated on Friday by Prime Minister Philemon Yang in Douala.

The standby force is expected to maintain peace in the continent.

Africa has in the past relied mostly on external forces, especially from the UN, to handle its internal crises.

These foreign forces have often faced criticisms from people who believe that they are out to exploit African virgin resources.

There have also been cases of indecent behaviour from such forces, with several cases of rape reported in places like Mali.

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More than 4500 accidents in Cameroon in 2017 More than 4500 accidents in Cameroon in 2017

More than 4500 accidents were recorded in Cameroon during last year, Le Jour newspaper has reported.

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Just between January and August about 4190 cases were observed.

It's estimated that about 179 of such accidents resulted in death.

Over 784 cases involved injuries.

And about 3227 instances of material damage concluded the report.

Bad roads and human errors are remain the main causes of road accidents in Cameroon.

Mr Biya's country has witnessed one of its worse years in decades, with the burning down of the National Assembly building and perpetual arsons in Southern Cameroons.

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Cameroon: Governors' meeting ends amid security concerns Cameroon: Governors' meeting ends amid security concerns

The second semester meeting of regional governors has ended in Yaoundé amid growing insecurity challenges, especially in Southern Cameroons.

The ten representatives of the state at the regional level had been meeting for the past three days to discuss issues including the safety of people ahead of the approaching festive season.

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But most importantly the Anglophone crisis is still posing a bigger thread to what has been termed national unity.

Clashes between security forces and Ambazonian separatists are claiming several lives in Southern Cameroons.

Some pundits are already wondering if the meeting is just another platform for people to talk and eat, given that the same meeting was held earlier in the year and the crisis was discussed. Yet there is apparently no promising step from government besides torture, killings, and illegal arrests.

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