CAMEROON THISDAY Wed, 22 Nov 2017 23:52:36 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon: Lecturers at Douala university on strike Cameroon: Lecturers at Douala university on strike

Reports reaching Cameroon Concord suggest lecturers at the University of Douala have a begun a strike action to decry unhealthy working environment.

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The lecturers, acting under the  teachers' union, SYNES, intend to suspend all academic activities, with the exception of  students defending their theses, until November 26.

The teachers deplore the lack of toilets, offices, and the general insalubrious nature of the institution.

Reports say the administration of the  university has promised solutions to the concerns raised but the strikers promise to remain adamant until concrete action is taken.

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Cameroon: Two traders dead in Douala Cameroon: Two traders dead in Douala

Two traders reportedly lost their lives on Saturday morning after a row in the economic capital of Cameroon.

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The incident occurred at Marche Ndogpassi, reports say.

The two business persons were were reportedly scrambling for selling space when the one stabbed the other.

The stabbed lady died instantly and the crowd fell on the murderer.

Before the police arrived at the scene both traders were lying in pools of blood, already dead.

For now, Cameroon Concord can't tell what actually provoked the row, or who was wrong.

This is a good characteristic of Douala. There are alot of unkind guys who harm their compatriots every day. But they rarely get away with it, given the prevalence of mob justice.

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Cameroon: 'Justice Minister Laurent Esso's night club burnt down' Cameroon: 'Justice Minister Laurent Esso's night club burnt down'

A night club and some surrounding buildings got burnt on Friday night in Douala.

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The merrymaking area which has been identified by media reports as La Cle Night Club is believed to be owned by Justice Minister Laurent Esso.

The exact cause of the tragedy is not known to Cameroon Concord yet.

This comes barely hours after the burning of the National Assembly.

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Senator Mukete’s return throws Meme CPDM into pandemonium Senator Mukete’s return throws Meme CPDM into pandemonium

Social media reports and widespread rumours went viral that the revered Paramount ruler of the Bafaws, Senator Nfon V.E Mukete, has journeyed to the land of no return.

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The patriarch of Meme Division in the South West Region, has for over four months, been absent in public life.

From information gleaned, the Nfon has been out of the country for medical reasons, due to a deteriorating health problem.

But earlier this week, the senior Statesman staged a spectacular come back into the country, ahead of the official opening of the ordinary session of the National Assembly devoted to the examination of the 2018 State budget.

His returned to the country threw CPDM militants in Meme into pandemonium. The militants were already in splinters on whether to accord the nonagenarian a homecoming after recovering from a health problem or not.

While one of the factions supported the organisation of  the homecoming, the other faction rubbished the idea. 

Those in favour of the homecoming slated it for Tuesday, November 14. But later rescheduled for Saturday, November 18, due to what they termed senatorial engagement for the Paramount ruler.
Announcements read through radio stations had indicated that militants of the CPDM and Quarter Heads were going to offer the Nfon a hilarious welcome. Organisers of the event claim it will afford the Senator an opportunity to commune with the population and his subjects who have missed the presence of their leader.
However, acrimonious meetings and secret phone calls have since gone into play to stop the occasion. A cold war reportedly developed among party barons over who ordered the militants to receive the Nfon.
Some of Nfon Mukete’s political adversaries are promising to use their contacts in Yaounde to deal with anyone who signs an announcement urging militants to receive the Nfon.

But the pro-Mukete are resolute  to organise a grandiose event in honour of the Senator on November 18.

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4 Women deliver in open air after hospital shutdown 4 Women deliver in open air after hospital shutdown

At least four women in Boyo Division of the North West Region have given birth in open air after the shutdown of the St. Martin de Porres Catholic General Hospital Njinikom.

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The activities of the hospital were suspended on Friday, November 10, 2017, on the instruction of the Archbishop of Bamenda, His Grace Cornelius Fontem Esua, after the people of Njinkom stormed the hospital on Saturday, November 4, 2017, demanding the sacking of the hospital Matron, Rev. Sr. Olive Nga.

In his letter dated Friday, November 10,  to Rev Sr. Roberta Feh, the Provincial Superior of Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis Shisong captioned:  “The Suspension of Activities at St. Martin de Porres Catholic General Hospital Njinikom,”  Archbishop Esua said he was deeply saddened by the events that took place at the hospital on Saturday, November 4, when the population of Njinikom, stormed the hospital and demanded that the hospital Matron, Rev. Sr. Olive Nga, should leave the hospital either “dead or alive.”

 “This is unacceptable and I strongly condemn this act of barbarism which is not in consonance with the mission and teaching of the church.

“Considering the fact that this has greatly affected the normal functioning of the hospital, because most of the workers who are “not of Kom origin are being threatened and some have even fled for their lives, I am, therefore, as the Archbishop of Bamenda, under whose authority all Catholic institutions carry out the works of evangelisation in the Archdiocese of Bamenda, ordering the immediate suspension of activities in the hospital, except the emergency services to the sick, until further notice. In the meantime, we are initiating consultation with the various stakeholders with a view to finding a long and lasting solution to this problem,” Mgr. Esua wrote.

Following the Archbishop’s epistolary, all activities in the hospital were suspended but for very critical ones. Four women who were in advanced pregnancies left the hospital, but before they could get to their destinations, all four delivered in the open.

It was thanks to the collaboration of other women in Njinikom who helped their peers to deliver them of their babies. 

Because of the prevailing situation a crisis meeting was convened by the Boyo Senior Divisional Officer, Fidele Tegni.

Speaking in the presence of the administrative, municipal, traditional and religious authorities, the Member of Parliament for Njinikom and Belo Subdivisions, Hon. Evaristus Njong Ndim, regretted the unfortunate incident and urged his people to exercise restraint and stop the blame game.

According to him, the population should be part of the solution, given that genuine dialogue has been convened by the Boyo administration to probe into the matter.

“The truth, which we cannot deny, is that the Njinikom Catholic General Hospital is owned and managed by the Franciscan Sisters, a charitable organisation. The truth is that this hospital was constructed by the Church, we participated in it and we are part and parcel of the hospital.... 

“Mistakes have been committed at all levels, that is why the Archbishop told us that he is sorry for what happened and had to suspend the activities of the hospital.  He will surely open the hospital within three days if we present our proposals that will lead us to operate in peace...,” Hon. Njong said

On his part, the Mayor of Njinikom, Terence Chah Bam, said if the crisis was tactfully handled, it would not have degenerated.

He condemned all those who want to give Njinikom a bad name to hang it. 

“We want the world to know that nobody beat or molested the Matron of the General Hospital Njinikom, Rev. Sister Marie Olive Ngah, nor the Archbishop. So many telephone calls have kept us restless. Nobody rough handled them,” Mayor Chah Bam averred.

Meanwhile, Boyo SDO, Fidele Tegni, warned that emotions should not becloud reasoning in finding a lasting solution to the crisis.

“We are facing enough insecurity crises in the Region and people should be very careful with what they post on social media, even our local journalists, should watch out on what they broadcast or publish as news.  News should only be based on facts and to tell the truth. Some people who did not verify their facts went and said the Matron and the Archbishop were beaten, which is not true,” the SDO said.

According to Tegni, it was based on the misinformation that he has convened a crisis meeting in his office in Fundong to resolve the problem for the hospital to resume its activities.

“I believe in Njinikom intelligence and I am hopeful we will come out of the crisis,” the SDO stated.

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Cameroon: Two dead in East region Cameroon: Two dead in East region

Two people are reportedly dead in the East Region.

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They include a Chinese gold miner and a Cameroonian.

The incident occurred on Wednesday in a village called Mali in Betare-Oya subdivision.

A Chinese miner reportedly shot dead a villager who had come to push the miners away from eating further into their land.

The Chinese national was later attacked and killed by the people.

Two other Chinese miners survived the attack thanks to the timely intervention of the forces of law and order.

Eyewitness reports say the drama was the result of  ongoing conflicts between the local population and the Chinese miners.

The miners are accused by the villagers of eating into their land without any compensation.

The corpses and the injured guys were taken to hospital in Bertoua.

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Cameroon: Woman, four children stranded after husband sells house Cameroon: Woman, four children stranded after husband sells house

A mother of four is in limbo in Douala after discovering that her husband has sold their only home and disappeared.

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Local media reports say the woman and her children only realised that things had changed when strange individuals stormed the building to claim ownership.

While seeking protection from government, the desperate woman has refused to quit the house. Only a bulldozer can uproot her from there, she's quoted as saying.

The couple have been together for 20 years already, it's reported.

While the exact cause of the incident is not declared yet, it's believed the whole drama began in 2015 when one of their daughters gave birth to a child. Apparently the man was not ready to be a grandfather.

CamerounWeb reports that every attempt to contact the husband has gone down the drain. "Try," he has reportedly told his children.

The identity of the family  has been withheld to protect their dignity.

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When will Paul Biya memorise another word in English? When will Paul Biya memorise another word in English?

"I do so swear".

The Republic of Cameroon is a 'bilingual' nation. But can you answer this question?

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Do you remember the last time you heard President Paul  Biya utter a word in English?

If I do remember well it was in 2011 when he was being sworn in once more as president of La Republique du Cameroun. "I do so swear," he had said.
That's a long time already, isn't it?

Before 2011, Mr President had memorised a speech in English which he delivered in Bamenda in 2010.

Now can you guess when next he will memorise another word in English?
Certainly Mr Biya may say another "I do so swear" in 2018 if he wins the the upcoming election.

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Cameroon:GHS Bambalang set on fire Cameroon:GHS Bambalang set on fire

The chain of arsons has extended to Bambalang, a village in Ngoketunjia division in the North West Region.

Government High School Bambalang was set ablaze on Tuesday at about 8pm local.

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The timely intervention of the population with water saved the the building on fire.

Reports from reliable sources say the unidentified arsonists who jumped into a nearby bush upon seeing the night-watchman, had set the fire on the building of the 2nd Cycle of GHS Bambalang.

This is the second failed attack on schools in Bambalang. Last week GBHS Bambalang was also set on fire but it didn't last, with the timely intervention of the people.

Schools have partially reopened in Bambalang.

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Cameroon: Is the military behind persistent arsons in Ambazonia? Cameroon: Is the military behind persistent arsons in Ambazonia?

The recent wave of arsons in 'the Federal Republic of Ambazonia' has left several unanswered questions. Who could be the the mastermind?
Most cases of fire consuming schools have been very suspicious. The first observation is that the buildings are set ablaze in the presence of heavily armed uniform persons.

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Secondly, most of the schools are burnt only when students are somewhere else.
Thirdly, the arsonists mostly escape successfully even when they act in broad daylight at heavily guarded places.

But most importantly, BaretaNews has 'uncovered' a very useful clue.
The news site reports that one of its reporters overheard a bitter exchange of words between a police commissioner and an unnamed principal of a boarding school in Buea last Thursday.

The two guys were reportedly quarrelling over the payment of police officers to guard the unnamed school.
The reporter said the  principal refused to pay the routine FCFA 15000 to the commissioner.
The lady maintained the officers had been sleeping instead of watching over the institution.

This suggests, according to BaretaNews, that  men in uniform could be part of the chain of arsonists in Southern Cameroons.

Even so, it's difficult to conclude at this level. Most of the schools burnt down have been defying ghost town and no-school-resumption calls. Others are believed to have received warnings from anonymous sources, cautioning against school resumption.

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