CAMEROON THISDAY Thu, 21 Sep 2017 12:08:27 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon: Minister accused of stealing land in Yaounde Cameroon: Minister accused of stealing land in Yaounde

Minister Koung A Besike is accused by inhabitants of the quartier golf in Yaounde of Mafia and corruption to the profit of rich persons of that area.

In 2013, this population, sent a memorandum to Paul Biya, outlining their worries concerning their pieces of land.{loadposition myposition} The president ordered an investigation but till date, nothing has been done about it.

This time around, the minister is accused of illegally giving parcels of land to pot-bellied embezzlers of the regime to add to their stolen money. Among them is the head of CONGELCAM, Fosso Nguchingue.{loadposition myposition2}

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Quarters in Yaounde, buried under water after heavy downpour on Monday Quarters in Yaounde, buried under water after heavy downpour on Monday

Many parts of the Capital city, were filled with water at high levels after torrential rainfall on Monday. Its inhabitants who were going about their daily activities got hooked where ever they found themselves after the downpour. Those who wanted to keep moving, got themselves well wetted.

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As revealed by info:net, Laure, a resident of that area, got blocked and did not know what to do. She even stopped a taxi which she hoped will take her home but unfortunately the cab driver did not intend to go her way due to the traffic congestion towards that direction.

This young lady decided to walk on foot. As she moved on, she bumped into a devastating situation, the entrance into a bakery was submerged under water.

As the case got worse, some people had to pay 200 FCFA for others to carry them on their backs across the water which covered some people right up to their waists.

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Attempts to burn down GBHS Ndop fail Attempts to burn down GBHS Ndop fail

Reports say attempts to set fire to Government Bilingual High School Ndop in the North West have failed after a reportedly timely intervention of security forces.

State broadcaster, CRTV, reports that the incident took place at about 8pm local time on Saturday. The alleged arsonists are believed to have set fire to a few desks before security forces stepped in and put it out.

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In the meantime we don't have further confirmations as to whether the fire consumed beyond the desks mentioned.

The reason for arson could be linked with the school boycott campaign in Southern Cameroons.

Several other schools have been successfully reduced to ashes including GBHS Kimbo in the Bui Division, burnt down on Monday September 4, 2017.
Ndop is a little town in Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region.

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Minister of Secondary education has warned those still locking shops in Buea Minister of Secondary education has warned those still locking shops in Buea

Massena Ernest Ngalle Bibehe on his visit to launch the new academic year in Buea on
4 September, noticed that the turn out of students and pupils was not as effective as
expected. He then pointed out shop owners who still sealed their shops as the ones
promoting respect of ghost towns, thus preventing people from going to school.

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With authority from the Minister, Buea council administrators equally threatened the
people explaining that, out of the over 500 shops in the municipality, 300 belong to the
council. And that as they keep on locking their shops, they should be ready to pay tax
when the time comes.
Ngalle Bibehe advised the South West population not to joke with the future of their
children. The deputy mayor of the Buea council supporting the Ministers call, asked the
inhabitants of that municipality to follow their example who have sent their children to

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Biya's propaganda missions received FCFA 130 million Biya's propaganda missions received FCFA 130 million

Leaked information suggests that recent propaganda delegations dispatched abroad by President Biya to counter the cries of West Cameroonians received FCFA 130 million from the government's coffers.

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In a communiqué signed by the Minister of Finance last month, the money was given to Laurent Esso,Lejeune Mbella Mbella, Ghogomu Mingo and the rest of the teams who went to the US, Belgium and South Africa some weeks ago to give Biya's side of the story.

Cameroon-Info.Net relates the story with ample illustration in the communiqué in French, which it claims to have obtained from an anonymous source .
In a country grappling with several challenges, it's rather absurd to waste as much money to stifle a genuine struggle, especially when there are better options on the table.

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Centre Region: Over 10 dead in collision between two trucks at So’o Centre Region: Over 10 dead in collision between two trucks at So’o

A tragedy occurred on Friday 25 August, in which a military truck, carrying two church choirs; saint Rita of Hiala choir and the sacred heart choir of Mvole, who were headed for a funeral, collided with another truck, coming from the opposite direction.

This took place between the Yaounde-Mbalmayo axis, precisely on the So’o bridge. The military truck carrying the choirs, had left Yaounde for a funeral, but they met their ends, when this other truck  carrying a container collided with them after struggling to dodge another truck that was badly parked.

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This incident took place under a heavy downpour. Circulation on that road was halted for some time till the time when the Army rescue unit had come and cleared it up.

Victims were transported to hospitals in Mbalmayo and Yaounde, for medical attention, while corpses were taken to the mortuary for subsequent identification by family members.

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Kumba denizens protest after death of theirs, in gendarmerie cell Kumba denizens protest after death of theirs, in gendarmerie cell reports that, on Wednesday 23 August, protesters manifested their anger towards the forces of law and order in kumba, for being the cause of the death of their brother, John Su.

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After the deceased was locked up, his health situation started deteriorating. His family noticed that and pleaded for his release on bail, but the gendarmerie officers denied to grant it. They didn’t pay the least attention to their cries.

John consequently died in his cell. Kumba residents felt so irritated and manifested their rage accusing the gendarmes of homicide.

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Should beer be celebrated? (International Beer Day) Should beer be celebrated? (International Beer Day)

Friday 4 July 2017, was observed as the International Beer day, which is aimed at celebrating the beer product, which has become an indispensable commodity in the world especially in Cameroon.

Cameroon is one of the highest beer consumers in Africa, with Nigeria at the top. Any event that takes place in Cameroon is incomplete without some bottles of the “precious liquor” as it has been made to be. Football gatherings are highly sponsored by brewery industries for example, the “33 Export” beer is being portrayed as the number one football supporter in Cameroon.

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The day which was founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California in the United States, to be celebrated every first Friday of August, is aimed at honouring those responsible for brewing and serving beer.

Everyone is expected to offer at least a beer to a friend, so that they enjoy the taste together while showing gratitude to bartenders and brewers.

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Bishop of Kumbo Diocese calls for school resumption Bishop of Kumbo Diocese calls for school resumption

The Bishop of the Kumbo Diocese, His Lordship George Nkuo, who is the Vice President of the Bamenda Provincial Episcopal Conference, has called on Catholic faithful to commence with registration of their children in schools for the 2017/2018 academic year. He said the main mission of the Catholic Church is the education of the children.

He went as far as sending communiqués to Parishes in his Diocese which called on parents to send their children to school as this new academic school year begins. The Bishop begged parents not to use their children as sacrifices for this struggle, that another means could be devised.

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Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) strongly supported the man of God’s message putting forth as justification for this call, the situation of teachers of private institutions, who have gone without salaries for months now, as a result of the school boycott. They further said the boycott is instead killing children of poor Southern Cameroonians, given that rich parents have sent their children to study in French speaking Regions of the country.

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Musango Bus driver saves 70 from grave accident Musango Bus driver saves 70 from grave accident

The skillfulness of a Musango Bus driver saved the lives of the passengers he was carrying in the Matomb locality of the Centre Region, even though three people got wounded.

Sources say that, the Musango driver struggled to dodge a truck that was trying to overtake a car coming from the opposite direction which would have collided with the 70-seater bus if not for the swiftness of the driver.

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The Eseka gendarmerie officers went to the scene to find out who was on the wrong so as to mete out sanctions accordingly. Their boss Jean Baptiste Bokam, has been singing about road safety campaigns which most of them do not take seriously. They only come to the scene when there is already a situation at hand. When it is still at the level of prevention, all they care about is the money they are bribed with.

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