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A pastor in Zimbabwe is making headlines after claiming to have had a conversation with God on phone. According to the BBC, the pastor was reportedly captured on camera on phone, saying “Hello, is this heaven?” before his followers.

Pastor Paul Sanyangore from Victory World International Ministries made claim in a video released in March but the claim has gained media prominence only of late.

In a media outing at the start of the month, the “man of God” had promised to reveal God’s phone number, the BBC reports, citing a Zimbabwean news site H-Metro.

Pastor Paul Sanyangore is in the growing list of pastors who play bizarre and harmful stunts on people, says the BBC, quoting Times Live.

Previously, a South African pastor had used insect repelling on his followers’ faces. Another person had made his congregation eat grass.

Sowetan Live, according to the BBC, describes the claim as “bizarre”.

So God is embracing digital technology like everyone else.

The three Social Democratic Front (SDF) Mayors of Kumba, May 19 defied the orders of the Senior Divisional Officer(SDO) of Meme, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong, and boycotted a unity march which was organised in the metropolis to tell the  international community that the country is one and indivisible and that its citizens are living in peace, tranquillity and harmony.

In prelude to the unity march, the SDO told reporters that if the Mayors failed to partake in the unity march and the May 20th celebrations, he was going to take drastic actions against them.

Despite the administrator’s threat of sanction, the three Mayors failed to take part in the unity march, but they, however, showed up at the Grandstand on May 20th dressed in their mourning attire, according to the prescription of the party.
The SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, had in a two-page communiqué called on all the militants of the party to boycott the May 20th celebrations.

According to the SDF chieftain, the party’s National Day boycott was going to be a strong protest against the State.

Fru Ndi had stated that Mr. Biya’s inability to provide simple solutions to pertinent problems posed by respective trade-unions and associations and his unwillingness to provide Cameroonians with an inclusive Electoral Code and general government inertia were at the core of the socio-political crises rocking the country.

“The on-going crisis which may result to a blank academic year for our children is an important part of our nation’s fundamental questions, our Government’s ability to inclusively and democratically guarantee social cohesion and our national unity is a cause for concern,” Fru Ndi had said.

He further stated that the party has called on President Biya to engage in genuine and inclusive dialogue in order to settle the many fundamental problems plaguing the nation.

 “As such, we are therefore taking a stand not to participate in the upcoming celebrations of our highly endangered national unity. This is in strong protest against the current decaying state of our nation,” Fru Ndi added.

Meanwhile, he told his party militants that the 27th Anniversary of the party on May 26 will be celebrated without any feasting. “This will be in remembrance of all those who have lost their lives and in communion with all those unjustly locked-up by the Government.”


The erstwhile President of the Cameroon Bar Council, Barrister Ben Muna, has accused the Biya Government of cultural genocide on Southern Cameroonians.

The legal luminary made the accusations in Yaoundé, May 19, while addressing executives of an international watchdog association called International Crisis Group.

The group, which is on a fact-finding mission in Cameroon bordering on the on-going Anglophone Crisis, paid a curtsey visit to the Barrister’s office.

Citing article 2 of the Geneva Convention, the former National Chairman of the Alliance of Progressive Forces (APF) asserted that the former British Southern Cameroons and French Cameroons voluntarily came together on an equal basis, and that repeated attempts to assimilate Southern Cameroonians is tantamount to cultural genocide.

The lead Counsel for the detained executives of the outlawed Anglophone Civil Society Consortium said the on-going Anglophone Crisis has been triggered by pent-up resentments of decades of marginalisation, poor governance, corruption, nepotism and tribalism.

Barrister Ben Muna told Dr. Richard Moncrieff, Hans de Marie Haungoup, who led the Crisis Group to Cameroon that the Anglophone Crisis remains a potential danger because young Southern Cameroonians, who have never experienced war may lose patience and become cantankerous.

To the politician, the fragile peace which Cameroon enjoys today is thanks to the level-headed and ever patriotic Southern Cameroonians, who have, for close to five decades, refused to pick up arms against a Francophone-dominated Government.

According to him, this non-violence stand taken by the Anglophones was to avoid the gory and bitter experience they led during the 1960s UPC upheavals against the Ahidjo regime.

The human rights advocate prescribed genuine and inclusive dialogue as the only way to get Cameroon out of the current crisis.

“Violence will not help anybody, but will further plunge the country into chaos,” Muna averred.

Dr. Richard Moncrieff and Hans de Marie Haungoup will continue their findings, after which, they will write and present a report to international human rights bodies about the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon.

The Garoua based football club will be playing home this Tuesday afternoon at 4:00pm, against the Egyptian table leaders, Al Ahly. Cotton sport presently occupies the 5th spot on the Elite 1 classification table in Cameroon.

This encounter will take place at the Roumde Adjia Omnisport stadium in Garoua.

It counts for the second round of the group stage of the 2017 CAF Champions league.

The Garoua public is expected to show up massively in order to watch the football bonanza.

Supporters of Al Ahly who are 86 in number, will equally be there live. Of the 4 Cameroonian clubs that were representing the nation at the international level, Cotton Sport is the only club that is not yet disqualified.

The others, Apejes and Young sports for the CAF Confederations cup and UMS Loum for the CAF Champions league already received their exit tickets a long time ago.

The Star Newspaper Cameroon published on its frontage in its May 22nd Edition 2017 an image titled: Police Battle SCNC in Belgium, but that same image and its accompanying video speak a completely different language.

The president of La Republique signed a series of decrees appointing and dismissing local administrators on Monday.

The message,that was read on the lone state broadcaster CRTV, brought tears and joy to several families.

And what was probably disturbing about it is the fact that most of those who were sent on retirement or fired are as young as the president’s grand children. They certainly got to those positions when Paul Biya had been in power for several years.

Paul Biya who took over from Ahidjo in 1982 is hoping to make miracles by 2035 and make his country an “emerging nation”.

For that reason, he dismisses and retires those who are either too “old”, too weak to think clearly or “unproductive”.

On his part, he is strong, young enough to take the nation to emergence by 2035. Eighty-four years is not a problem.

There is every indication that our “father” does not want to admit that age is also weighing on him. During celebrations marking  the National Day in Yaounde at the 20th May Boulevard, there were signs of fatigue on his face.

What is he telling Cameroonians? That he is more intelligent; smarter; stronger and more Cameroonian than everyone else?

A single regime yet several prime ministers have come and gone. More than three decades of “change’. That’s strange.

In fact, if the regime must hold tight to the string of powers, let there be no retirement or dismissal.

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