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Concord Essen

Concord Essen

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Cameroonian writer and lecturer Patrice Nganang is to spend all end-of-year feasts behind bars after his trial was adjourned to January 19.

The last court hearing reportedly last just 15 minutes, the time dedicated to reading of the charges and other stuff. 

The outspoken author, who has been taken back to the Kondengui Central Prison, is accused of treating President Biya with contempt.

He is also accused of threatening to send a bullet into the skull of Mr Biya.

Like many others, Patrice Nganang may have to spend quite some time in detention as the case may be adjourned more than a thousand and one times. 

The secretary general of the Commonwealth of Nations is un Cameroon to discuss the Anglophone crisis.

Patricia Scotland is expected to start meeting officials later in the day. 

She will reportedly meet with President Biya, some ministers, opposition leaders and leaders of civil society groups.

This comes amid heated tension between security forces from Cameroon and armed men reportedly from Ambazonia.

There have been several deaths in recent weeks, reports say.

Many people are expecting Britain and France to intervene as soon as possible because they were at the beginning of the so-called partition and reunification of Cameroon.


The African Development Bank (AfDB) will disburse €66 million (more than $77 million) for the construction of a bridge linking Cameroon and Chad. This was announced by AfDB on Monday, December 11, 2017.  

The 620m bridge which will link Yagoua (Cameroon) and Bongor (Chad) will be built over a period of 4 years. It will built across the Logone River which is a natural border between the two countries. 

This infrastructure will help boost trade between the two central African countries. "Besides its direct impacts on users and residents of the neighboring villages, the bridge should unlock the economic potentials in agriculture, timber and mineral sectors, in northern Cameroon and in the southwestern region of Chad", Ousmane Doré, AfDB’s Director General for Central Africa Regional Development and Business Delivery Office, said.

This disbursement follows the conclusion of a co-funding agreement signed by the pan-African institution and the European Union in March 2017. The agreement should allow the construction of many cross-border infrastructures in order to boost economic integration in the region.


A preacher once told his congregation: “Next week, I plan to preach about the sin of lying. To help you understand my sermon, I want you all to read Mark 17.” The following Sunday as he prepared to deliver his sermon, the pastor asked for a show of hands. He wanted to know how many had read Mark 17. Every hand went up. The preacher smiled and said: “Mark has only 16 chapters. I will now proceed with my sermon on the sin of lying.” This joke says a lot about human nature, but shows how Francophones are often caught committing the sin of lying about the Anglophone problem. Francophones are wont to wish into reality what is not there, and to deny the truth when it suits them. Lying is a sin that was committed by five Francophone Ministers who told the world at a press conference that there is no Anglophone problem in Cameroon. The integrity deficit associated with lying about the Anglophone problem is a travesty that insults and diminishes every Cameroonian and must stop. 

The point must therefore be made, and with emphasis, that there is an Anglophone problem but the problem is deeply embedded in the asymmetrical political structure of the country, which has led to institutional paralysis engendered by leadership failure. Anglophones are divided over the Anglophone problem, just as Francophones are united in their bellicosity and belligerence towards Anglophones whom they cast as treasonable felons and secessionists who cannot be trusted. Francophones have used this self-fulfilling fallacy as an excuse to exclude Anglophones from the commanding heights of decision-making and treat them as second class citizens. But facts don’t lie like the lying laity of Mark 17.

Consider this: over 55 years after independence and re-unification, there has never been an Anglophone President or an Anglophone Secretary General or Director of Civil Cabinet at the Presidency. Nor has an Anglophone ever held the strategic ministerial portfolio of Defense, Finance, Territorial Administration, Communication, External Relations, National Education or even in charge of the Police, Gendarmerie, the Army and Intelligence services; not even ambassadors to English-speaking countries like the USA and Nigeria. For a region that represents about 20% of the population, accounting for over 60% of GDP, the fact that the lone oil refinery named in French (SONARA) is in Anglophone Cameroon, yet has been run by Francophone general managers with a predominantly Francophone workforce since its creation is unacceptable. It just cannot be that there are no competent Anglophones to occupy these positions.

As if that was not enough, higher institutions like the National Polytechnic, ENAM, IRIC, ESSTIC, INJS, IFORD, CUSS, Public Works, ENSPT, IRAD, are heavily laden with French courses; another way of saying, Anglophones need not apply. Although Cameroon is officially a bilingual country where both English and French are equal, when has the president ever made an official address to the nation in English? All official correspondences are in French, even when directed to Anglophones. French is the language used in the administration, police, gendarmerie, army and the courts. Anglophones have to seek translators at their own expense. All road signs are in French and there is not a single word in English on the FCFA currency in circulation; is this constitutional?

The facts and figures of Anglophone marginalization under President Biya are staggering. Of the 700 ministers appointed since Biya took office in 1982, only 76 (10.8%) have been Anglophones. In the current 63-member cabinet, there are only six Anglophones (9%) and only, Philip Ngole Ngwese (2%) out of the 38 Ministers has a cabinet portfolio. There are four Anglophone Secretary Generals (10%) and three Anglophone DAGs (7%) in the central administration. In state corporations, there are less than 15 Anglophones (11%) out of over 130 general managers. Of the over 130 Board chairmen of state corporations, there are only 10 Anglophones (7%).


There are increasing indicators that the Biya’s dynasty in La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) and their 56 years of colonial grip over the territory of Ambazonia is gradually, but surely coming to a culmination. The one year and continuous resistance of Ambazonians against the almost six decades long slavery leaves no one in doubts that the strong man of Central Africa and his proxies are gradually falling from grace and falling for good. This is further compounded by the increasing exhaustion of the octogenarian lion man, without a cogent successor plan. The political stage is thus exposed for a possible free for all combat between different geopolitical interests in LRC come 2018. The worst of it, is the fact that General Ivo Yenwo, the secretly deposed Ambazonian born, Director of Presidential Security, is still nowhere to be found after he allegedly disappeared last time with a contingent of troops.

This is creating serious panic and fear among political bigwigs and citizens in public offices in theYaoundé.

Recall that BaretaNews had reported some months back the alleged disappearance of the Nso born military general after mysteriously surviving an assassination attempt purportedly orchestrated by his boss Paul Biya and those around him. Since then, there seem to be no traces of his whereabouts and so, there is serious panic in high places in Yaoundé, with different conspiracy theories that the general is either planning a revenge attack on the limping Yaoundé regime out of the country or he may be the hidden face behind the General XXX of the Ambazonian 

Interim Government. With all these, there are very high speculations of heightened political violence all over the Cameroons possibly in January 2018.

Last week, BaretaNews reporter came in contact with a senior administrator in one of LRC’s ministries in Yaoundé, who was parking out the belongings of her children from one of the cozy student hostels in Buea, and transporting them back to Bamenda, her hometown. Upon interrogating why she was doing that when the children have not yet graduated from the university, this administrator asked BaretaNews reporter; “haven’t you heard that January will be hot in the country?”

After some probing questions, she told our reporter that Yaoundé is in panic over the disappearance of General Ivo Yenwo with a group of soldiers, coupled with a fight for political succession between the North and South.

According to her, the issue of General Ivo has become a gossip story in every lip at the various ministries, to the extent that officials or civil servant only discuss about it in hiding and in a group of two. When a third person shows up, the discussion is immediately halted. She stated that there are speculations that he (General Ivo) is training the soldiers in an unknown neighboring destination to come and attack those who purportedly orchestrated his attempted assassination. Therefore, every government official in Yaounde, especially those close the old man, Paul Biya, now live in fear of the unknown.

The senior administrator, further revealed that there is also unsmiling political scheming going on in the background between the Hausa-Fulani North and the Ewondo/Beti extractions, on who to succeed the ailing president Paul Biya. While the North is spitting fire and vowing not to tolerate another mandate of Paul Biya or any one from his center-south extraction come 2018, Mr. Biya’s Kinsmen have sworn to retain the supposed Unity Palace, with or without the presence of their son (Biya) around the scene.

This is happening as Southern Cameroonians too, are insisting on delivering themselves out of the 56 years of LRC colonialism, to the resistance of the colonial master.

With all these schisms, tension and political uncertainties, the lady concluded that nearly every enlightened persons in Yaoundé, with access to information already knows that 2018, especially the month of January shall be bloody across the Cameroons. Consequently, sending her children back home until further notice is a proactive measure, aimed at preventing them from being stranded in Buea, in case of any eventuality.

Whatever happens in January, whether civil war or no civil war; whether General Ivo attacks Yaoundé or not; whether the scheming between the different geopolitical interests in LRC heighten in January or not; all what is in the agenda of Ambazonians is their freedom from 56 years of servitude. If LRC wants to become a failed state after Ambazonia has been freed, that is their own internal political squabble and is not the political business Ambazonians.

Agbor James,

BaretaNews Political Activist


A man has reportedly passed the competitive entrance examination into the National School of Administration and Magistracy after being declared dead before the oral phase.

Ndjomo Milsaint, 39, passed away on October 9, and the final phase if the exams took place in November.

The alarm was raised by one of the 'unfortunate candidates' of the exams on his timeline. 

"I'm a victim of injustice. Six of us sat the exam as internal candidates into ENAM, Cycle A of Social Affairs Administration.

"But one of us died before the interview: Ndjomo Milsaint, may his soul rest in peace.

"And curiously his name featured among the five successful candidates, though he had died before the interview.

"The only name that disappeared is mine: Eyengue Mvogo Daniel, in spite of the fact that I did the interview and am still alive," Eyengue is quoted as saying on Facebook by Cameroon-Info.Net.

The deceased is reportedly from the South region, President Biya's very own region of origin.

The 2017/2018 session of exams into ENAM was one of the most controversial, with the director of the institution and the minister of public service fighting over the power to publish results.

Over 400 names were reportedly added by the minister to a list previously published by the director . 

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