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Concord Essen

Concord Essen

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Never in the history of Cameroon have the people of the North West and South West Regions been this determined to break the colonial yoke and free themselves from oppression and marginalisation.

Confirmed: Hon. Joseph MBAH NDAM, Vice President of La Republique National Assembly Resigns to Reconvene at Buea.


oday George Ewane the crooked CRTV correspondent who analyzed the empty speech that Biya read or presented to an empty Hall during the 72nd General Assembly, added and spiced that empty speech with lies telling and falsehood.
Everyone listened to that empty speech and it does not need any analysis as such.
Biya talked on Climate change and terrorism especially BoKo Haram.

For Ewane to have qualified the Anglophone crisis or better still the Southern Cameroon's case as Boko Haram is madness and sheer dishonesty on his part and lack of professional ethics.
The speech was void of the usual lie of Cameroon being one and indivisible. This lie can't hold water and can't survive the scan of truth but sheepishly George Ewane who has sacrificed truth for gastrointestinal journalism can't draw a clear line between falsehood and truth.
His like are plentiful in CRTV who have lied until the people now shun them.
George Ewane lied that President Paul Biya of LA Republique Du Cameroun attended the launch that President Donald Trump of the United States of America offered to African dignitaries and Head of states.
Today he addressed an empty Hall and hopefully CRTV will announce that it was a full Hall.

Confirmed: Hon. Joseph MBAH NDAM, Vice President of La Republique National Assembly Resigns to Reconvene at Buea.

In an interview granted to the Cameroon Journal, CJ, the SDF MP for Batibo who is one of the Vice Presidents of La Republique National Assembly thundered; "... I think that by 1st of October, this matter should be over. We should be looking at Buea, not Yaounde... I don't doubt it. I have been much in this issue since 1990.... and this is the breaking point.... its a very considered opinion. I'm talking to you from Batibo, my hometown. And the people who voted me came to me. I cannot be against the people - my people..."

Find below, the interview in its entirety.


Cameroon Journal, CJ: Hello honorable. Good evening sir. I hope you can get me now well clearly. We were struggling to speak on IMO app.

Hon. Mbah Ndam: Yes.

CJ : This is Chris ANU. We have spoken before in the past. Its been a while. This is Cameroon Journal. Yes, sir, I just listened to a statement that you made at the rally there in Batibo early today. You made the statement that you are not returning to Yaounde till you know the direction that your people were taking. What did you mean by that? You mean you are withdrawing from Parliament? Is that what you meant?

Hon. Mbah Ndam: Of course, when I say that until I know what my people are becoming, I am believing that by the 1st of October, this thing should be over.

CJ: Oh that's wonderful. Basically, you are saying that, 'I am not a parliamentarian in La Republique du CameroUn...or'

...Chris ANU seems not to have completed his emphasis when Mbah Ndam hurriedly came in.

Mbah Ndam: You have heard me say it. I don't want you people to put more words into it.

CJ: No...If I understand you. When you say up till 1st of Obctober, what do you mean?

Hon. Mbah Ndam: I mean that, I think that by 1st of October, this matter should be over. We should be looking at Buea, not Yaounde.

CJ: Oh, okay. So what happens if by October 2nd, we are still talking about the Republic of Cameroun including Southern Cameroons - you will go back to Yaounde?

Hon. Mbah Ndam: Why do you doubt that? I don't doubt it. I have put in much in this issue since 1990.... and this is the breaking point.

CJ: So what moved you today to have taken this position? Did you premeditate over that or it just occurred to you?

Hon. Mbah Ndam: Its a very considered opinion. I'm talking to you from Batibo, my hometown. And the people who voted me came to me. I cannot be against the people - my people.

CJ: Have you consulted with the leaders of the SDF?

Hon. Mbah Ndam: That's another ball game. That's one's responsibility. I have taken my responsibility. At the party level.

CJ: Would you expect other SDF and CPDM Parliamentarians of the Southern Cameroons to resign?

Hon. Mbah Ndam : I am not prepared to answer question for others. Because I do not like those insinuations. I am here in my village. I have been here for more than two weeks now to listen to my people and I have made my pronouncements and you people have it on record and you saw the population. There should be no conjectures.

CJ: No, I mean. I'm only asking a question. Have you spoken to the chairman of the SDF since you took this position today?

Hon. Mbah Ndam: I have not yet spoken to anybody of my party. I have taken a decision of mine.

CJ: Have they reached out to you?

Hon. Mbah Ndam: Not yet because we are still in turbulence. You being outside do not know how it is going in here. I have lost PHS Batibo. It has been burnt down today in broad day light. And I keep grappling with the children who had gone there; let them go back to their parents or from wherever they came.

Please, it was great how our courageous youth and Takumbeng demonstrated in the homeland and our leaders joined in spirit before the UN, but let's not fall into a naive euphoria that any big daddy "Trump" or "UN" will do all the independence and kickout of Biya for us. No! They won't do it until we did it and showed to them that we don't only talk about independence but we act independently from all powers as being our own power like one man, one people, one nation!

So what is the most important right now:

 1. We realize that unless Biya's troops and politicians are not kicked out from our territory, we are not fully independent yet. And before that didn't happen, we cannot call our leaders a "government" yet but only a "Secretariat" or "United Front Leadership". Governments need to be elected by the people in order to can them call a "government". And as long as this government has no army and police, that government is still a very weak one as well.

2. In order to get that kickout done any of our groups' leaders must understand that a) his group cannot defeat Biya-Françafrique alone b) commitment to guerilla professionals in asymetric warfare has to be made c) infighting with other pro-independence groups has to stop d) SCACUF & SCYL & AGC & RoA have to sign a Commemorandum which shows that they are forming a united Department of Defense and follow the common bylaws of a true United Front which can then prepare a referendum in the homeland. We need one central command, with one "Defense Minister" but who doesn't give the commands, but the guerilla professionals and external military advisors give the commands under the masterplan for how to reconquer our territory piece by piece. The first piece has to be held militarily like a fortress against all odds. From there you build on further.

3. The people and foot soldiers need to understand that going unarmed in masses very courageously against armed enemy soldiers is very brave and honorable, but that is only be done in masses when the chance of overwhelming the enemy is high. Otherwise all single guerilla actions of small platoons must be strictly carried out by method of the "hidden hand" so that the enemy cannot trace back who it was. And furthermore the whole population has to learn all the guerilla tactical skills from the professionals and obey strictly in the chain of command.

4. Every Chief, Fon, politician or journalist who is still collaborating with the enemy has to be instructed, that if he does not defect to our side now he will be depowered, dispossessed and dishonored later after independence. If our leaders don't do that they won't be taken seriously internationally.

4. Independence will not be reached on 1st October this year, but only when the enemy is defeated and kicked out. But common deadlines of commemoration days can help to push forward our pressure on  La Regime on all diplomatic and military and economic fronts. So don't get disappointed, if independence is not reached by one single group or by Christmas yet, and don't critizise any single leader for that, instead ask every other of our groups: "What can I help to make you better?" The Amba awareness is growing exponentially and on our new Constitution of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia and on our passports there will be no name "Southern Cameroons" any more, because we won't be any southern appendix of any French, British or Camerounese neocolonialist anymore, but finally our own independent state with independent name.

5. Every group and leader of ours who still thinks it or he can win the war alone and then depower the other groups or leaders and set up his own buddies as ministers later, is wrong, because the new, modern, democratic Constitution, to which any future leader and politician has to swear an oath to, will prescribe a way to first elections and candidacies and parties, which will expose any dictator or military general without the necessary competences for his regarding position for which he/she is candidating for. Also the hopes to win a million bucks in this power game will be disappointed, because the people will only elect the humble ones who serve primarily the people not their own pockets. So now it's the time for any group to subordinate to the United Front and show the matching diplomatic roadmap of corporation to the common defense action. Leaders who play the eternal king are out!
By Christoph Hans Messner

Four US Congressmen on September 19 wrote to USA secretary of states calling on the USA government to press Paul Biya to dialogue with the Anglophone community. Full letter below:

The Honourable Rex W. Tillerson
Secretary of State
 U.S. Department of State 2201 C Street, NW
 Washington, D.C. 20520

Secretary Tillers,

As Members of Congress from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we write to express our deep concern regarding the violent crackdown by the Government of Cameroon on the country's English-speaking minority. This crackdown has included the detention of at least one U.S. citizen and one U.S. resident who were visiting Cameroon. We urge you to call upon the Government of Cameroon to abide by its commitments to respect the rights of its citizens and to either appropriately charge or release imprisoned U.S. citizens and residents.

This letter follows similar correspondence sent to you on June 26th of this year by Maryland Congressmen Anthony Brown and Jamie Raskin that underscored the increasing unrest in Cameroon  since November 2016 when the country's Anglophone population began demonstrating against policy changes that have marginalized that community. The Washington Post reported that in response to those protests more than 100 people were "violently arrested" during one demonstration and four individuals were shot dead by authorities during another rally. Newsweek reported additional deaths following subsequent demonstrations.During the course of demonstration, the government  cut off internet access to the Anglophone regions to prevent the circulation of information and videos  of the security forces' actions.


The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression, Mr. David Kaye of the United States, subsequently called upon the government to restore internet services and characterized their cut-off as "an appalling violation of the right to freedom of expression." Recently, members of the security forces detained Mr. Fabian Fomuki, a U.S. citizen from Massachusetts, and Mr. Patrick Ndongo, a long-term U.S. resident from Maryland, without charging either man with violating the law.
On August 2, the International Crisis Group released a report highlighting this government repression and calling for the release of leaders of the Anglophone community and for sanctioning of security forces who committed abuses. Additional demonstrations are expected when the schools reopen next month because the government is banning use of  English language in both institutions. we urge you to continue to do everything in your power to ensure the well-being of these citizens.

We believe that it is in our nation's interest to promote a de-escalation of the conflict between the Government of Cameroon and the Anglophone community, and a peaceful settlement of differences. To that end, we hope that the State Department, will encourage the Government of Cameroon to comply with its obligations under international law with respect to thc treatment of civilians and engage the leaders of the Anglophone community in a constructive dialogue to ease tensions and rebuild trust based on the rule of law, equality, and respect for human rights.
We also ask that the U.S. Embassy in Yaounde continue to closely monitor the cases of Mr. Fomuki and Mr. Ndongo. We request that these individuals receive independent medical evaluations and either be released from custody or formally charged and provided with access to a fair and speedy hearing. It has recently come to our attention that U.S. Embassy staff in Yaounde has been denied access to Mr. Fomuki since August and that the Charge d'Affaires has since delivered a formal protest about this development. We appreciate all ongoing efforts to ensure that U.S. Embassy staff have access to Mr. Fomuki and to every U.S. citizen and resident that the Government of Cameroon may be detaining.
Thank you for your consideration of these concerns. We look forward to your response.

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