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Nine political parties have already deposited their files for this election at the Head office of Elecam ( Elections Cameroon) and at their branch offices across the National territory. The parties that have indicated their readiness to participate in the Senatorial Election of the 25 of March, 2018 are as follows:


Besides the SDF, a majority of the Political parties are affiliates of the CPDM. The MRC that has 50 municipal councillors out of 10600 that constitute the electoral college of the special electoral college, have requested for a boycott of the elections which they have termed as a sham. Logically the CPDM that has a large amount of the councillors who have rights to vote aren't complaining.

Taking into consideration the fact that the Senatorial Election is done to have only 70 senators as the remaining 30 are appointed by the President of the Republic.

This crude, gruesome treatment is barbaric and condemnation. How on earth can such awkward attitude from the Gendarmerie elements of Cameroon at such a moment when human Right has become topical? This torture chamber discovered in Ndogbong, Douala is a typical example of the various detention centers across the Nation that have such torture chambers.

The disappearance of Ibrahim Chayi for more than a week,despite frantic, search efforts by relations across the Douala Gendarmerie cells, forced this shameful exposure.

Ibrahim Chayi before his kidnapping, was a drug vendor and his crime was that " He was selling fake drugs to his clients " He was kept in custody at the Gendarmerie at Ndogbong, where he was terribly tortured. On its Publication on the 22 of February, 2018, Nouvelle Expression detailed the presence of such torture chambers across Cameroon. " The arrested person was invited to the Gendarmerie by a plain clothed Gendarmerie element. This was on the 25th of January 2018.

The Plain clothed Gendarmerie element requested if he had Laroxyl, a drug prescribed for neurological disorder or Hypertension" He was then accused for selling fake drugs illicitly produced by himself. The family members were requested to pay an initial one million francs but had to pay 300,000 FRS just because he sold a fake drug.

The Operational Commander of the military for the Littoral was so disappointed at this shameful attitude. Such attitude according to him only helps to tarnish the image of the Gendarmerie and the Military in Cameroon.

The President of the National Assembly has summoned his clowns for another circus show come March 6, 2018. It's designated to hold at the Conference Centre to swear in the appointed members of the Constitutional council.

These persons were appointed by presidential decree. The Release of the President of the National Assembly is in line with the constitutional depositions of the Cameroon Constitution, especially article 14, paragraph 4 which stipulates that when the Senate and the Parliament meets in a joint session, the Bureau President of the National Assembly chairs the deliberations.

Titus Edzoa breaks the silence of solitude after being released in 2014 from the Kondengui Central Prison, Yaoundé, by attending the Elective convention of the Social Democratic Front. Titus Edzoa was allegedly detained for the embezzlement of public fund and served 17 long years in detention.

Titus Edzoa was invited to the Elective convention of the Social Democratic Front. The elective convention of the Social Democratic Front shall witness for the first time an elected Presidential candidate that won't be the Chairman of the Social Democratic Front. John Fru Ndi has told the world that his desire is being the chairman of the Social Democratic Front and not its Presidential aspirant for the 2018 Presidential election.

The Presidential aspirants for the Social Democratic Front for the 2018 Presidential election, shall be known from a list of three aspirants. These aspirants being Joshua Osih, Joseph Mbah Ndam and Fobi Simon Nchinda.

Cameroon: Camair-co began operating as an aviation transport company on the 28 Mars 2011. Today with an ever expanding demand for domestic flights run from airports or aerodromes, Camair-co reignited the huge dream of becoming that reliable travelling partner. In order to rebrand this struggling company,,the state of Cameroon had to sign a refurbishment contract with the famous American Aviation production company, Boeing.

The state has allocated the sum of 35 billion francs aimed at restructuring the lapses of the company as requested by Boeing consulting Company. The urgent desire to have Camair-co refurbished came as a result of its huge debts, worth 35 billions francs, this includes salaries, logistics and other sundry expenses. Today a Canadian Company has promised adding this fleet by three new Bombardier planes. These three planes will boast the image of Camair-co.

The Anglophone Crisis: once more the Cameroonian military has proven beyond dispute that there are by far worse than scouts. How could the Military take armoured cars to the the bridge at Ekom, a frontier locality with Nigeria.

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