Editorial http://cameroon-concord.com Fri, 21 Sep 2018 18:57:05 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb US ban its citizens from travelling to the North West & South West regions of Cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/us-ban-its-citizens-from-travelling-to-the-north-west-south-west-regions-of-cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/us-ban-its-citizens-from-travelling-to-the-north-west-south-west-regions-of-cameroon US ban its citizens from travelling to the North West & South West regions of Cameroon

A Security Alert issued by the US Embassy in Yaounde, on Aug 24, 2018, cited: "reports of increased violence in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

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All but mission-essential travel by US Embassy personnel to these regions is prohibited, limiting our ability to provide emergency services to US citizens in these areas. Additionally, some medical facilities are reported to be understaffed in these regions due to the unrest. Actions to Take:

Do not travel to the Southwest and Northwest Regions.

Always carry proof of your legal presence in Cameroon, such as a U.S. passport with visa, or a residency card. Since Cameroon does not recognize dual citizenship, U.S. citizens of Cameroonian descent should never attempt to use a Cameroonian passport or identification card"

Before Biya regime apologists and CPDM cheerleaders jump up with their predictable bashing of America, the message should be clear to anyone not blinded by self-interest that the US believes the deteriorating security situation in the NW and SW casts a credibility shadow on the upcoming elections; and public life, including schools, cannot function smoothly in the NW and SW regions. You might disagree, but that is the view from Washington.

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Behind the Anglophone War http://cameroon-concord.com/behind-the-anglophone-war http://cameroon-concord.com/behind-the-anglophone-war Behind the Anglophone War

What the Ayah family and the Ayah Foundation are going through.

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Many are already aware of what the Ayah Family and the Ayah Foundation are going through by reason of their humanitarian endeavours. But to drive the point home, it could be salutary to mention a few pointed instances of hostilities here again.

In 2016, a representative of the Obaki Foundation in Buea was falsely arrested and detained on the flimsy ground that the foundation had sent money through him for the St Valentine Centre, Buea. Even when it was discovered that the transaction was genuine, the Legal Department extorted 10.000 (ten thousand) francs from their senior colleague, Ayah Paul Abine, for the release (bail) of the innocent young man.

The fact is conspicuously notorious that threats to shoot down members of the Ayah Foundation on sight for providing food and shelter for the orphans, the widows, the frail and elderly, the wounded, and the victims of the Anglophone War, generally, in the forests/bushes has brought the life-saving project to a halt.

Not any less notorious is the freezing of our bank accounts, Paypal accounts, mobile money accounts... On the last point just mentioned, I have received from one of my children 305.000 through MTN mobile money account once since the opening of the account. I have not sent any money through that account any one time, nor have I received any other sum of money through it ever.

I was surprisingly summoned up by MTN to regularize the account in the first quarter of 2018. That I did personally, additionally; and on April 2, 2018, MTN sent me the following message:
“L’information personal [PERSONAL?] a été mise à jour pour AYAH PAUL ABINE.”
Only for the very MTN to send me a message on August 10, 2018, closing my account, ostensibly, for irregularity!

Clearly, the Anglophone War is in facets: overt and covert; direct and subtle; general and targeted. So too is the coalition of the belligerent forces. And MTN is incontestably one of them, wearing a mask!

One thing, though! The Ayahs have been in the domain of humanitarian endeavours since 9th January, 1989, when St Valentine Centre, Buea, was founded – way back before the beginning of the current Anglophone War. Any attempt to smear us; all scheming to intimidate us; all insidious manoeuvres to set us up; all such diabolic, criminal efforts are doomed to end up in fiasco!

The inner DRIVE is the BLOOD in our veins!


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Anglophonizing the Anglophone Crisis SW Provincialists & the Graffi Derangement Syndrome http://cameroon-concord.com/anglophonizing-the-anglophone-crisis-sw-provincialists-the-graffi-derangement-syndrome http://cameroon-concord.com/anglophonizing-the-anglophone-crisis-sw-provincialists-the-graffi-derangement-syndrome Anglophonizing the Anglophone Crisis  SW Provincialists & the Graffi Derangement Syndrome

Graffi Derangement Syndrome (GDS) patients blame Northwesterners for everything that is wrong with the SW and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and self-inflicted disasters.

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In what unfortunately, has become the unedifying trademark of their favorite pastime, there is a surge of Graffi-bashing on social media platforms by self-elected guardians of the SW estate who are engaged in a well-orchestrated campaign to divide and break the Anglophones resolve and resistance in the face of the genocidal war of attrition being waged by the vampire regime of the 85-year-old president Biya, now tottering on the borders of senile decay. These self-aggrandizing buccaneers and CPDM hacks masquerading as SW opinion leaders have been gas lighting the dead horse of NW/SW divide, with a revanchist, xenophobic narrative that Northwesterners are the strawman of the ongoing Anglophone crisis. They are shamelessly vilifying Northwesterners for Biya’s genocide, even as the carnage continues unabated as soldiers struggle to contain a crisis that has escalated from a low-intensity conflict to full-blown military insurgency. We have seen this movie before, hence no one is fooled. The vast majority of Southwesterners know the Graffi man is not their enemy: it is the successive Francophone-dominated regimes from Ahidjo to Biya that have pillaged the SW region of its natural resources to finance a gangster kleptocracy in Yaoundé, leaving Southwesterners in abject poverty and misery. One million hate speeches and xenophobic attacks on Northwesterners will not change this reality; it is a fact!

Whilst it is true that the inflammatory postings by these CPDM cheerleaders are irritating, despicable and dishonorable; and although it may be annoying that this demented cast of sycophants, wallowing in such demeaning drama of adulation, can even pretend to speak on behalf of Southwesterners, their actions reflect the abysmal level of ignorance, misguidedness and mischief being communicated to gullible Anglophones, who might be tempted to believe their hallucinations. This would be a sad mistake. If anything, these ranting SW Provincialists are sick are demented and need help to get out of their impertinent self-flagellation. They suffer from Graffi Derangement Syndrome (GDS): a personality disorder which manifests as obsessive, compulsive and visceral hatred for anything graffi. GDS symptoms include inferiority complex, self-defeatism, impulsivity and self-denial and prognosis range from acute, chronic to critical, where patients have to be confined to the ICU –intensive care unit of xenophobia.

GDS patients blame Northwesterners for everything that is wrong with the SW and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and self-inflicted disasters. Just read or listen to their garrulous banter and rationalizations for their Graffi-phobia and you will notice the illogical absurdities in their apposite attacks on Nwesterners, is matched by a penchant for finger-pointing, actuated by a primitive vendetta of self-abnegation and a certain blind, narrow-minded hate, borne of an unseemly grievance prejudice against the Graffi man. For example, nihilistic soldiers have burnt down villages in the SW, raped, tortured, murdered and arrested thousands and forced thousands of other Swesterners to flee their villages into the bushes. Anyone who claims to be a defender of SW interests would be calling the regime out for these crimes against humanity and gross human rights violations. But these sycophants want us to blame the Graffi man. If this is not the climax of hypocrisy that stinks to the high Heavens, one wonders what else is.

Externalizing the problems bedeviling the SW and trying to make Northwesterners as the bogeyman will, in no way alter the calculations on the ground where the guns are now doing the talking. Whatever moral equivalency these self-elected defenders of the SW estate try to establish, the fact remains that they do not speak for the majority of Southwesterners. Their bile and vitriol, ornamented with bellicose and provocative grandiloquence against Northwesterners, advertises in spectacular fashion, the fact that the so-called one, united and indivisible Cameroon is a hoax! These self-seeking opportunists, lack the intellectual capacity to understand the explosive danger and futility of divisive micro-nationalism. Else, how can Southwest CPDM elite and their Graffi-hating bigots be preaching national unity, while at the same time declaring Northwesterners as persona non grata in the SW; in violation of the Constitution which gives every Cameroonian the right to settle in any part of the country?

It is a pity that we must witness the circus of this pathetic skullduggery unfolding on social media. Indolent Southwesterners will always play the victim and pander to the regime for political crumbs by increasing their nuisance value to seek for public notice. Unfortunately, it is a waste of time trying to use facts, logic and reason to cure GDS. Now that we know these ranting SW Provincialists are afflicted by Graffi Derangement Syndrome; now that the flatulence of their fibs and their shameless attempt to distort and muffle our history has been exposed, we should not condemn them; rather we should pity them. Obviously, they are vexatious to the spirit, but our collective memory can filter whatever narrative they want to foist on us. They believe they are winning when other well-meaning Anglophones engage them on social media. We should therefore ignore them, and instead pray for the remission of their sins against Ambazonia.

Anglophones cannot afford to be distracted by people who speak the language of yesterday with such profound recklessness without any due consideration of the consequences of projecting such a narrow political agenda. That anyone not blinded by prejudice or self-interest would champion hypocrisy and double-speak as the war cry for SW nationalism is clearly beyond commonsense. How can anyone really believe that because he had an unsavory experience with one Northwesterner, all Northwesterners are bad people? How can anyone argue that a mistake made in 1961 was a life sentence that Anglophones cannot correct? Southwesterners must not allow themselves to be stampeded by an eccentric minority of Graffi-haters and detractors. The regime is desperate to break the momentum of the resistance because it cannot win the war on the battlefield. We must unite with our NW brothers and sisters because together we cannot fail. We must keep faith with the sacred covenant signed with the blood of those who have paid the ultimate price, so that we should be free. This struggle is no less our struggle; than it is that of the Ambazonia fighters on ground zero or the Anglophone Diaspora.

The challenge for Southwesterners is to rise above narrow ethno-tribal geo-political considerations that undermine our struggle for freedom. The fury of the enemy continues to be unleashed on our people, many of whom have been killed. Why should we give up now when nothing has changed? Think about those who have paid the ultimate price for this struggle. And then ask yourself: was it a Graffi man who burned my village? Was it a Graffi man who raped my daughter or sister? Was it a Graffi man who arrested, tortured and killed my father, mother and brother? Granted that the NW/SW relationship has many challenges, there is more that unites us than divides us. If we as one people remain resolute and defiant in the face of genocide; if we recognize that this struggle is not about us individually and focus on the big picture; then, Southwesterners should not continue in coward servility because it is folly to listen to the advocates of the enemy’s cause, and to fancy that if we castigate Northwesterners, Southwesterners will henceforth cease to be second-class citizens and the SW region will no longer suffer marginalization and discrimination.

On a personal note, I would ordinarily not join issues with these Graffi Derangement Syndrome victims, because they are mentally challenged and their arguments are neither grounded in historical facts nor logic, reason or commonsense; but on subjective personal emotions. But I feel constrained to speak out, particularly now, because there is a misdirected campaign by revisionist bigots to re-write Southern Cameroons history, while acting out the divide-and-conquer script written by the CPDM regime. It was Ayukogem Stephen Ojong; Publisher of The Median Newspaper who remarked in exasperation that Southwesterners held the Prime Minister’s job for 12 years and nothing substantial came out of it for the region. Achidi Achu held it for four years and created an expansive business and middle class in the NW region. And when push came to shove during the fundraising for Biya’s humanitarian genocide relief for Anglophones, just four Northwesterners - Baba Danpullo, Shey Jones Yembe, Eric Njong and Goddy Talla contributed about FCFA 100 million; more than the total amount raised by the entire Southwest region. Of course, the Graffi man is responsible for the inability of Southwesterners to rise up to the challenge of personal example, which is the hallmark of true leadership!

Those ranting SW provincialists and their paymasters must understand that Graffi-bashing as a national pastime and favored political sport by SW CPDM elite has had its day and must now end in the interest of the collective Anglophone struggle for freedom. The ridiculous assertion that the Graffi man is responsible for everything that is wrong with the Southwest is laughable and should attract no further comment. Let me assure our Northwest brothers and sisters that the silent majority of Southwesterners are not afflicted by Graffi Derangement Syndrome.

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In Defence of American Ambassador: It’s time for Biya to go http://cameroon-concord.com/in-defence-of-american-ambassador-it-s-time-for-biya-to-go http://cameroon-concord.com/in-defence-of-american-ambassador-it-s-time-for-biya-to-go In Defence of American Ambassador: It’s time for Biya to go

Rather than castigate the US Ambassador for advising Biya to step down after 36 years in power, Cameroonians should hail Ambassador Barlerin for speaking truth to power. If there ever was any doubt about the abysmal level to which governance or leadership in Cameroon has fallen and how small the minds are in very high places, the utterly reckless and bizarre response to the US Ambassador, Peter Henry Barlerin, for advising President Biya to think about his legacy; a move interpreted by Yaoundé as a call for Biya to step down, is a melodrama which speaks to the intemperate desperation of Cameroon’s vampire elite in their quest for Biya to remain in power, and provide cannon fodder for their bare-face corruption and pillage of the nation’s wealth.

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In a readout after an audience with President Biya at Unity Palace last May 17, the US envoy said: “…the President and I discussed upcoming elections. ‎I suggested to the President that he should be thinking about his legacy and how he wants to be remembered in the history books to be read by generations to come, and proposed that George Washington and Nelson Mandela‎ were excellent models.” While lamenting the absence of dialogue which has escalated the Anglophone crisis, Ambassador Barlerin indicted security forces for “targeted killings, detentions without access to legal support, family, or the Red Cross, and burning and looting of villages.” Jolted by self-righteous indignation and a mundane craving to ingratiate themselves to the corridors of power, gaffing, goofing, dilatory goons, masquerading as intellectuals and opinion leaders; including fifth columnists and sundry regime apologists, took to the airwaves to castigate the Ambassador; casting banal, vituperative aspersions on his person and declaring him, persona non-grata. The bile and vitriol, including the obnoxious threat by one Banda Kani; who on live TV, said Ambassador Barlerin will return to America in a coffin, is a diplomatic sacrilege that does not edify Cameroon as a nation. Cameroon deserves better. The impropriety of inflaming primordial sentiments against a resident ambassador is simply mind-boggling and inexcusable. And never again should it happen! The attacks, like the sycophants behind them, are not only pathetic; they are cheap and only reinforce Cameroon’s image as a banana republic with highly dysfunctional institutions where bizarre things can happen. In the event, the civic callousness by self-seeking morons who plumbed the abyss of diplomatic rascality and drag the nation to a hitherto unprecedented low; did a great disservice to the nation. This is a shame and Cameroonians deserve full explanation for this embarrassment. On the face of it, there is nothing the Ambassador said that has not been in the domain of public discourse. Images of arrests, torture, executions and burning of Anglophone villages have gone viral on social media. It also does not require a rocket scientist to figure out that Biya is tired. At 85, Biya is far on the left side of the average age of African Presidents which is 63; that’s pension time, or nearing it, in most countries. Put in context, the European equivalent is 55; which is also the average age of American presidents at their inauguration. Since taking office in 1982, Biya has seen five French presidents - Francois Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, Francois Hollande and Emmanuel Macron. In the same period, Americans have elected six different presidents – Ronald Reagan, George H Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Biya is also Africa’s oldest president and the second longest- serving ruler; behind Equatorial Guinea’s Obiang Nguema, in power for 38 years. The president’s frequent trips abroad for medical tourism continue to fuel speculations about his failing health. Keen observers can determine Biya is showing more wear and tear mostly in the wrinkles on his face; the deterioration in his husky voice; the alleged diapers, uncontrollable flatulence, protracted anal blasts and the declining swagger of his gait as witnessed during official outings when he can barely walk. Biya now cuts the picture of an isolated man, frail, distraught, distracted and completely out of touch. Honestly speaking, to vilify the US Ambassador for advising an 85-year-old president to step down, after 36 years, is a travesty that insults and diminishes even Biya’s own person. Beyond the specifics of avuncular admonition and verbal castigation, the assault on Barlerin is nothing more than self-seeking, ignominious, whimsical and disdainful diplomatic brigandage; more so as it transcends the fine line between free speech and hate speech. Those sycophants, who saw Barlerin’s statement as an attack on their power and unearned privileges, must be told in whatever language they understand that Biya, like every mortal, will eventually leave power.

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French mentality of stupendous stupidity exposed by French speaking Cameroonian fake geopolitical analyst http://cameroon-concord.com/french-mentality-of-stupendous-stupidity-exposed-by-french-speaking-cameroonian-fake-geopolitical-analyst http://cameroon-concord.com/french-mentality-of-stupendous-stupidity-exposed-by-french-speaking-cameroonian-fake-geopolitical-analyst French mentality of stupendous stupidity exposed by French speaking Cameroonian fake geopolitical analyst

Since the beginning of this genocide that was well plotted, hatched and executed by the French backed LA Republique Du Cameroun, francophones went into frenzy moods as well as jubilant moods as their French speaking thugs shot at close range the people of British Southern Cameroon's.

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They didn't for see the possibility of their poorly trained, poorly educated and poorly managed sons and daughters been shot, arrested and killed in retaliation by the restoration forces of British Southern Cameroon's.


Today the stakes are so high and thousands of their sons and daughters have been buried in mass graves in the forest and many more are missing.


Why must the French assimilated mind conspicuously assume that any revolt that is manifested in Africa stems from an attempt by the west to destabilize the African continent?


Does an African in any shit hole African Country need to be manipulated by anybody in the west to know that there isn't a veritable health care system that has the state of the arts equipment, good social insurance scheme, retirement scheme, civil service run on trust and competence than on tribal, ethnic or cabal lines, sound educational system that runs on a sound educational curricula, an independent judicial system that deliberates judicial matters without political interferences etc?


If the answer is definitely non, then francophones across Francophone Africa must dump their lopsided analysis into the deepest abyss of the Mediterranean sea.


The problems in Africa stem from the creation of cabal lines, bad governances, occultist tendencies and tin god images wherein African rulers are worshipped and venerated like king and Pope Paul Biya.


Francophones in LA Republique Du cameroun must automatically cease referring to the people of British Southern Cameroon's as their brothers because that's falsehood, delusion and manipulative tendencies.


How can francophones in Cameroon ever vindicate themselves amongst the people of the British Southern Cameroon's when French speaking thugs and bandits clothed with tax payers money had ravaged communities in the British Southern Cameroon's at their splendid desire and overwhelming satisfaction?


How can such cheap minded simpletons who pass for analyst misinform the world with distorted and disoriented facts?


It's an established fact that the German Kamerun ceased to exist according to international law and therefore destroys the fake premise of their one and indivisible Cameroon.


After the defeat of the Germans in 1916 by Britain and France, the Cameroon's were partitioned into two with France given 3/4 and Britain 1/4.


From the above statistics how then can such moribund minds day dream and say the contrary?


Today after persevering, enduring and patiently holding on with the believe of a unified Africa that begins with Cameroon as expounded by Professor Emeritus Bernard Fonlon in his write up titled " Shall we make or mar", the people of British Southern Cameroon's have concluded that they have been insulted enough as(Anglofools, enemies in the house, Biafrans, leftist, dogs, gnats, monkeys, chimpanzees and donkeys)


Today as a matter of urgency and as exigency permits as well as demands, the People of British Southern Cameroon's through their overwhelming declaration of their Unilateral declaration of independence that their Interim Government and President, Sesesko

 Ayuk Tabe Emmanuel has come to stay.


LA Republique Du Cameroun has often made so much noise about being a military colloid in Africa but the very young dynamic and determined boys from the British Southern Cameroon's have demystified the paper tigers or paper lions.


The purported military including the Police, Gendarmerie as well as the beast tagged BIR are dangerously underpaid and stinkingly corrupt.


This corruption tendencies and strong desire for sex and alcohol has rendered the purported national borders the most porous in Africa South of the Sahara.


Unfortunately unfortunate the Biya's junta thought that the people of British Southern Cameroon's have been deliberately been excluded from lucrative jobs and therefore can't sponsor any revolution of great magnitude as the one being run or sponsored by the British Southern Cameroon's Diaspora.


The amount of money raised is into billions and will cause a tornado in LA Republique Du Cameroun.


Today armed with sophisticated weapons and used by a vigorous battery of energized youths with an ambitious desire to be free citizens of their own country Ambazonia.


They now have rocket propelled lunchers that can destroy any military tanker or armoured car as well as bring down planes and copters at any time and destination in the British  Southern Cameroon's.

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"The Prospect Before Us" By Joseph M. Ndifor http://cameroon-concord.com/the-prospect-before-us-by-joseph-m-ndifor http://cameroon-concord.com/the-prospect-before-us-by-joseph-m-ndifor

The Republic of Cameroon—a former French colony—which once prided itself as an oasis of stability in Sub-Saharan Africa, is in disarray. Its minority English-speaking people (“Anglophones”), who’ve been victims of Cameroon’s assimilationist policies since October 1961, are in open revolt against this calamity that has stricken them.  Eighteen months ago, fed up with the scourge of assimilation—some of which involves sending French-trained Cameroonian teachers, mayors and magistrates into English-speaking regions, in order for them to manage these regions’ affairs— English-speaking teachers and lawyers took to the streets in protest, demanding that this practice be abandoned by the government. 

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In response,  Cameroon’s President Paul Biya— a wily and cocky politician, who has ruled Cameroon with an iron grip for the last thirty five years—promised reforms, but reneged on the promise a few months later—instead ordering the arrest of thousands of Anglophones who now languish in Cameroon’s notorious prisons.


What began as a lawyers’ and teachers’ protest soon morphed into a vortex of political and cultural nationalism, when last October, unfazed by Biya’s crackdown on the protesters, Anglophones unilaterally declared an independent state— The Federal Republic of Ambazonia —for themselves.  The immense feat of having this freshly-minted state recognized by African countries —and other countries around the world —was placed in the hands of an interim government.


The Biya administration —and to some extent those not conversant with Cameroon’s Anglophone history—have raged against that declaration of independence, calling it a cheap shot at secession. Among Anglophones, however, the declaration evoked old memories of Southern Cameroons, their one-time, self-governing territory that was dissolved (through Cameroon’s government machinations), and for which they are today yearning for its restoration.


Not until October 1961, when Anglophones got stuck between the rock and a hard place—I’m referring to the arbitrary October 1959 United Nations order, which mandated  that Anglophones choose, by October 1961, either to be integrated into the Republic of Nigeria or join the Republic of Cameroon (they chose the latter) —Anglophones freely elected their own prime ministers, had their own police force, had their own judiciary, had their own parliament, had their own educational system and had their own semi-independent state, called Southern Cameroons.


Fifty seven years later, Southern Cameroons — or “West Cameroon”, as it was later known (both names no longer exist) — is a shell of its old self. Its aforementioned institutions, which were already under assault during President Amadou Ahidjo’s reign, have been annihilated since Biya’s ascension to power in 1982.


This is what has roused Anglophones’ resentment against the government over the years. It’s one of the darkest chapters in the Republic of Cameroon’s history, but unlike like Germany and the United States— two countries that have courageously made amends for their past iniquities associated with Nazism and slavery, respectively—President Biya and his administration have neither acknowledged, nor are willing to find solutions to these issues that Anglophones today collectively refer to as “The Anglophone Problem”.


Buoyed by the notion that justice is on their side, Anglophones have deployed an array of actions once successfully used by British colonies —in their quest for independence—to exert pressure on the Biya regime to relinquish its rigid control over their territory.


Last October’s peaceful declaration of independence, the numerous non-violent demonstrations that followed and the “ghost towns” currently being strictly observed in the Anglophone regions, perfectly capture Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha or Passive Resistance, the weapon that Gandhi brilliantly used against Britain as India strived for its independence.


And like Gandhi, who once wrote—“To Every Englishman”— that, it wasn’t the British people whom he was attacking but the system of British Administration—Anglophones have, throughout their protests, profusely said their attacks aren’t aimed at Cameroon’s majority French-speaking citizens; rather, they are protesting against Cameroon’s government assimilationist policy, which targets them.


The grisly response to these peaceful protests by Cameroon’s military—in which a 92-year-old woman was reportedly burnt to death in her hut in the village of Kwa Kwa —has drawn the world’s attention to the plight of Anglophones, thousands of them who currently live in refugee camps across neighboring Nigeria, because of this climate of fear.


There were dissenting views a few years ago on whether the demise of Sam Nuvalla Fokem, Akwanka Joe Ndifor, Albert Mukong and Bobe Jua had muffled the voices of those who could rekindle the Anglophone cause on the world stage.

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bogus@bogus.com (Joseph M. Ndifor) Editorial Thu, 12 Apr 2018 09:09:40 +0000
SOUTHERN CAMEROONS INDEPENDENCE ACHIEVED BUT NOT ENJOYED (ANOTHER ISREAL IN CENTRAL AFRICA) http://cameroon-concord.com/southern-cameroons-independence-achieved-but-not-enjoyed-another-isreal-in-central-africa http://cameroon-concord.com/southern-cameroons-independence-achieved-but-not-enjoyed-another-isreal-in-central-africa SOUTHERN CAMEROONS INDEPENDENCE ACHIEVED BUT NOT ENJOYED (ANOTHER ISREAL IN CENTRAL AFRICA)

The present stalemate in the Southern Cameroons (Former West Cameroon) began in October 2016 with the Common Law Lawyers Association’s1(MELA, FAKLA, MALA AND NOWELA)strike and followed by the Anglophone Teachers Trade Unions (SYNES, TAC, CATTU, PEATTU, CEWOTU, and BATTUC) strike in November amid serious and numerous grievances underlying a political volcano.

The Francophone state-‘La République du Cameroun’ had her independence on January 1, 1960 and at the time Southern Cameroons as part of the British Cameroons2was a trust territory administered by Britain under Nigeria. And on October I, 1961 the Southern Cameroons gained independence through a plebiscite3 of February 11, 1961.{loadposition myposition}

The present agitations is resistance to 21st century slavery and neo-colonialism administered by the repressive government of ‘La République du Cameroun’ on the Anglophone regions of North West and South West commonly referred to as the Anglophone problem which has come after 45 years or 56 years of frustration of our people. The Anglophone problem is deciphered as the LOSS OF POLITICAL POWER BY THE ANGLOPHONE4.The Francophone has produced two presidents in since 1960 as against none for us.

Francophone nationalism has been exercised by confiscating power and denying the Anglophone political rights and freedoms (state terrorism-police and gendarme brutality-rape, murder, kidnap or abductions, arbitrary arrest and imprisonment without trial, cut of internet, no freedom of speech and communication and other ills you can think of). And the Anglophone nationalism can be seen exhibited in pluralist democracy5.

I urge Cameroon Concord team of investigators to paint a true story of this broken promise of bad faith perpetrated by the Francophone and their dictatorship government, especially now with the availability of the declassified files of the Southern Cameroons’ independence at the UN library in New York.



[1]Cameroon as a bilingual state has a Bi-Jural System- the other is Civil Law which is French Law for Francophones;

2The British Cameroons included Southern and Northern Cameroons that were trust territories of the United Nations administered by Britain under Nigeria;

3Plebiscite-A referendum administered by the UN on February 11, 1961 on the British Cameroons where the Southern Cameroons voted to join ‘La République du Cameroun’ and the Northern Cameroons voted to join the Federal Republic of Nigeria;

4Instances of loss of power-1961:Federal Republic of Cameroon- A federal system of 2-states in which Southern Cameroons became West Cameroon and ‘La République du Cameroun’ became 'Cameroun du L’Estwithout a union treaty; 1972: United Republic of Cameroon-A false referendum where the minority Anglophones and the majority Francophones were consulted on whether they shall continue to live together as a united republic with the answers ‘YES’ or ‘OUI’ instead of the minority Anglophones as was the case in 1961; 1984-A return to ‘La République Du Cameroon’ by a Presidential decree (a name Francophone Cameroun had on independence on January 1, 1960);

5Pluralist democracy-democracy of interest or pressure groups-associations, syndicates and unions, etc.;

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bogus@bogus.com (Egbe Samuel Bisong) Editorial Tue, 03 Apr 2018 14:41:40 +0000
Creation of Universities in Cameroon and their irrelevance. http://cameroon-concord.com/creation-of-universities-in-cameroon-and-their-irrelevance http://cameroon-concord.com/creation-of-universities-in-cameroon-and-their-irrelevance Creation of Universities in Cameroon and their irrelevance.

Since 1993, Paul Biya has established mushroom universities across the national territory as showmanship rather than an intentional act aimed at providing solutions to the myriad problems that Cameroon face on a daily basis.

Ask Biya or his self acclaimed Professors to give the mission and Vision statements of the various state glorified primary Schools tagged Universities and see the embarrassment in their faces?

There isn't any state university that was founded on the foundation of a solid vision and mission statement.{loadposition myposition}

Mission and vision statements are fundamental blue prints that are conceived as fundamental guiding principles that constantly rudely remind those managing it and its students of the purpose of being in that university.

So long as our universities won't cease being certificate mills, the graduands shall continue to be worthless institutions that weren't created to provide answers to questions but a problem creating institutions.

How can our universities continue to be 
Theorists whereas the world today is gradually becoming practical inclined so that graduands can hitch freely inter grade into the mainstream society?

So long as our graduands aren't provided the leeway to become free thinkers, then our universities will continue to be empty and irrelevant structures where junk headed persons are awarded empty certificates.{loadposition myposition2}

bogus@bogus.com (Concord Newsdesk) Editorial Thu, 08 Mar 2018 06:15:23 +0000
Food for thought: The mood in Cameroon is not jolly http://cameroon-concord.com/food-for-thought-the-mood-in-cameroon-is-not-jolly http://cameroon-concord.com/food-for-thought-the-mood-in-cameroon-is-not-jolly Food for thought:  The mood in Cameroon is not jolly

The mood in Cameroon is not jolly, even though supporters of Paul Biya's regime in Washington DC, Paris, Brussels and London would want the world to think differently. There are killings every day of civilians and soldiers. And it is not any good for life is precious.

Yes, those backing Biya are the same pretentious people who market liberal democracy to as the best form of human governance. And it's true.{loadposition myposition} 

Since genuine pro-democracy are out of stage in the U.S., France, Britain, Canada and Germany, we are left with westerners who have no values and can sell everything including their mothers because of money.

It may explain why, they are ready to allow a repugnant and barbaric regime who inflict regular bouts of horrific violence on its people to survive longer than expected, as long as they can secure contracts.

Are you now surprised that, the United States is supporting Saudi Arabia that is killing innocent Yameni children every day? They can growl at Iran, pretend on Burma, an evil regime practising ethnic cleansing on the Royinga people.

Their only crime? Because they are Muslims. I just wish to tell the brave people of West Cameroon, who are daily humiliated and disparaged in their own country to know that, they are on their own. An orphan must know how to fend for itself or know which fights to pick and fight . Good morning from Lagos, Nigeria.{loadposition myposition2} 

bogus@bogus.com (Elie Smith) Editorial Tue, 06 Mar 2018 05:25:28 +0000
Anglophone Crisis: The Consortium bounces back http://cameroon-concord.com/anglophone-crisis-the-consortium-bounces-back http://cameroon-concord.com/anglophone-crisis-the-consortium-bounces-back Anglophone Crisis: The Consortium bounces back

The recent changes in government is welcome by majority of Cameroonians and saluted by the International Community.The regime has started reacting to the Anglophone cry of marginalization.This appointments is part of the demands tabled by the consortium of lawyers, teacher and syndicates of the civil society, we hope the process be speed up to touch all the grievances advocated. {loadposition myposition} 

Cameroonians should accept that better late than never and there is no time limit for peace. Mr Biya is not Cameroon, he is neither Methuselah, he will certainly leave the stage. Balla, Fontem and Co should equally press for the release of the arrested Cameroonians, bring back the refugees and instill confidence in the people, together we dialogue and build a strong and united country.

Those with agenda to divide Cameroon must understand that not all demands are accepted by God and he does not listen to evil prayers. Every delay by nature has a reason. We need peace and unity in Cameroon not war at a bitter cost. The Consortium should be saluted for putting reason above anger and emotions and take back leadership in a process they initiated. {loadposition myposition2} 

bogus@bogus.com (John Agbor Obi) Editorial Sun, 04 Mar 2018 13:49:05 +0000