Editorial http://cameroon-concord.com Tue, 17 Oct 2017 13:12:33 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon: The October 1st Genocide on Southern Cameroomnians http://cameroon-concord.com/cameroon-the-october-1st-genocide-on-southern-cameroomnians http://cameroon-concord.com/cameroon-the-october-1st-genocide-on-southern-cameroomnians Cameroon: The October 1st Genocide on Southern Cameroomnians

Genocide is ‘ an international crime involving acts causing serious physical and mental harm with the intent to destroy, partially or entirely, a nation, ethnic, racial or religious group’. The hybrid word, ‘Genocide’ is a combination of the Greek word ‘genos’ and Latin suffix-cide which means, race or people and act of killing, respectively. The Holocaust led by the Nazis in Germany and the Rwandan genocide are examples of attempts at genocide.
The U.N General Assembly Resolution on Genocide of December 11, 1946, stands as an exquisite, remarkable and fabulous job resulting from a one-man Champaign – Gorge Schwarzenberger. The draft convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of Genocide was adopted by the General Assembly on December 9, 1948, and unanimously recommended for adherence to the members of the United Nations, with the Republic of Cameroon inclusive. Notedly, said piece of international legislation came into force in October, 1950.{loadposition myposition}

Staggering reports, hold that, on the 1st of October, 2017, 100 plus unarmed Southern Cameroonians, some with peace plants and or flowers were killed by security operatives in the North and South West Regions of Cameroon while demonstrating peacefully. I call it, an Anglophone Genocide and you? Yet, we did witness, neither a condemnation nor a statement of restraint from the government. On the contrary we did observe praises emanating from the government spokesperson, to said security operatives and condemnations against groups, such as, REDHAC, who did report the carnage. Such praises and or condemnations noted above, could be called alternative facts, and in part, it reads: ‘…. On the field, the law enforcement units showcased a remarkable sense of duty and restraint in the operations acting only in legitimate self-defense… It was this moderation in the retaliation of the law enforcement forces that helped to limit the loss of lives even though the regular troops were harassed by armed assailants …, … false reports advanced by fantasy and irresponsibility by some organizations, such as REDHAC which does not hesitate to report the massacre of civilian populations in the regions concerned…  ’
Said unprecedented and barbaric acts of said security operatives, went viral, and would have exposed the degree of complacency and indifference of the present government in Cameroon pertaining to the worries of Cameroonians, and more specifically, the worries of Anglophone Cameroonians. Nonetheless, the UN Human Rights Committee, which monitors the implementation by states of one of the main international human rights treaties, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, meets in Geneva from the 16 October, 2017 to 10 November, 2017, to review the human rights situations of Countries such as Cameroon, Australia and Jordan, amongst others.

Further to said ‘Anglophone Genocide’ and or review aforesaid, It is germane to note that, Southern Cameroonians are a people, a given group of people, with distinct cultures and traditions (laws) which have been practiced/ observed for a very long period of time and developed through a system of precedent which implies a particular process of reasoning from case to case. Many are of the considered opinion that, the failure of the government to initiate constitutional and or administrative reforms has led to the emergence of many schools of thoughts in Southern Cameroons, with horrendous views and or opinions seemingly repugnant to the constitution. ‘Secessionists’ and ‘two state federalists’ to name a few, are the most protuberant and or famous of such schools.
Proponents/advocates of ‘two state federation’ intimate unequivocally that, the inaction or indecision of the government towards said form of government is thwarted by the provisions contained in section 101(1) of the Penal Code, cited as Law NO: 2016/007 of 12 July 2016, (herein after referred to as the Code). Going by the provisions of said section 101(1) of said Code, as read with section 1(2) of Law N0:96/06 of 18 January 1996, to amend the constitution of 2 June 1972, these proponents were/are forced to conclude conclusively that, the former gives room for further interpretations by contradicting the latter (the constitution) which legally takes supersede over the former, relating to ‘the state and sovereignty’ of the Republic of Cameroon. Said contradictions as noted herein above, as would have appeared in said Code imputes doubts as to whether the Republic of Cameroon is a decentralized unitary state and or a federated state with federated law(s).
We are perhaps relatively well-placed to respond to these new political complexities or challenges of today. We need to think seriously about how to respond to new and emerging challenges, Southern Cameroonians are a given people with distinct attributes that must be respected and or observed, and until said uniqueness is observed honestly, then could there be peace in Cameroon, for even a genuine dialogue cannot resolve the present ramifications and or complications in Cameroon without said acknowledgement as noted herein above. Genocide is unfounded in international law. God bless Southern Cameroonians, God bless Cameroon.
TEL: (00237) 77 62 73 08
www.thetimelawfirm.com{loadposition myposition2}

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The Manyu Honor Roll of Shame with Blood on their Hands http://cameroon-concord.com/the-manyu-honor-roll-of-shame-with-blood-on-their-hands http://cameroon-concord.com/the-manyu-honor-roll-of-shame-with-blood-on-their-hands The Manyu Honor Roll of Shame with Blood on their Hands

It appears there is no limit to the odium Anglophones would endure in the hands of Paul Biya, and his CPDM sycophants. After endorsing the ongoing genocide against their own people, these self-seeking morons have been asked to go back home and talk to the same people their paymasters in Yde are calling terrorists, dogs and rats; the same people who have been brutalized and dehumanized; the same people who are still grieving over their loved ones killed in cold blood. For these so-called elite who stood by and watch soldiers massacre their own people without raising a finger in protest, the insensitivity of even contemplating such a trip is simply mind-boggling and inexcusable. Hopefully, they will be accompanied by truck loads of soldiers because the blood of the innocent on their hands will be crying out for justice. {loadposition myposition}
By this singular act of civic callousness, dancing in mockery and naked provocation to grieving Anglophone families, these elite who lack the courage of their convictions to speak truth to power, have advertised, in spectacular fashion, a certain hollowness in morality that betrays an unprecedented low in their proclivity towards materialistic wooliness and self-centered pedestrianism. In all the 13 Divisions, we should just compiled the lists because these people will be held accountable. Honestly speaking, the impropriety is pathetic, disgraceful and devoid of any perfunctory exaggeration. Do these people have any sense of shame?

{loadposition myposition2}

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The Sun Newspaper Editorial: Much ado about dialogue Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue http://cameroon-concord.com/the-sun-newspaper-editorial-much-ado-about-dialogue-dialogue-dialogue-dialogue http://cameroon-concord.com/the-sun-newspaper-editorial-much-ado-about-dialogue-dialogue-dialogue-dialogue The Sun Newspaper Editorial:  Much ado about dialogue  Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue

Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue, the only glorified option that is capable of healing gaping wounds in any given conflict or crisis, now seems to have become illusive on the agenda for a lasting solution to what has in the past several decades been referred to as the Anglophone problem.
And if we are resounding the word ‘dialogue’’ it is to emphasize its importance in all crisis resolutions. Which is why, we strongly believe that, the current crisis engulfing the country should not be an exception. Whichever way we look at it, dialogue still remains the only way out. Let us purposefully and earnestly pursue its course.
Fortunately, this perception seems to have become a ubiquitous concern including even to the international community. Most encouraging is that even the head of state has openly declared that the current situation calls for frank dialogue.
Ironically however, time has since been running so fast that the absence of any initiative towards such a dialogue is known to have provoked extremist mind-sets. If we can remind ourselves, We shall discover that it is on record that a Dr. Simon Munzu, who has played a major role in finding a solution to the Anglophone problem as far back as the early nineties, one of the conveners of the All Anglophone Conferences, recently took the initiative of organizing an Anglophone dialogue forum which invited Anglophone Parliamentarians, Senators, Traditional Rulers Elite of the two English speaking regions, to use their positions to persuade the head of state to honour his widely acclaimed declaration on the dialogue issue for him to set up the modalities for a forum for dialogue.{loadposition myposition}
The response by two female members of the National Assembly of the CPDM party was not only discouraging and devastating for an initiative that was considered by many as one step forward, but also fell short of what should be expected from representatives of a people purported to have elected them to speak for them. Their argument was that they rely more on the head of sate’s piecemeal approach, based only on the Teachers’ and Common Law Lawyers’ strike actions.
This was however in total disregard for the root cause of the Anglophone problem. Obviously we have reached a point where we cannot turn away from the course towards a meaningful and frank dialogue, only to adopt mere rhetoric as a way forward.
The truth is that the stage at which the situation has reached today, is certainly not a pleasant one. We think we have allowed time to overtake us on our way. It all started with the call for a return to federalism.
It was encountered by a rebuff that the form of state is non-negotiable. At the time there was ample opportunity for the 1996 constitutional provision of Ten Autonomous regions, backed by an honest decentralisation mechanism, we must certainly have gone far away from what has now given birth to the fragile and extremist thinking in the crisis.
In spite of this however, we cannot allow this to dry away our hope for the option of a meaningful and frank dialogue. After all only recently the Speaker of the National Assembly added his voice to the call for dialogue. Out of the country, The United Nations Secretary General, has also called for government to handle the situation with caution and to adopt a dialogue process that will look into the root cause of the Anglophone problem.
Therefore, if at every turn of the road, the general call is for a frank dialogue that goes right down to the root of the Anglophone problem, so be it. To attempt to ignore such a candid wish is a monumental error. But then, the major question is who has the responsibility to initiate this demanding dialogue. We think there is no one else than the head of state himself.
This being so, we also want to believe that time is running out on us. We urge the head of state to break his silence and give his much needed assurance that the concern shown by everyone in relation to the situation in the country reflects the current global focus on peace as expressed by the world leaders at the just ended U.N. General Assembly, where the head of state fully participated.
Obviously global peace takes its roots from the small unit that is every member-nation of a wider world community. Cameroon forms one of such units. We are known for managing crisis situations. Why not our own crisis right there before our very eyes? Certainly the world will hold us to blame that they admonished us, but we remained adamant and responded only to our little wisdom.{loadposition myposition2}

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Our greedy Elites and the thank you his excellency the head of state syndrome http://cameroon-concord.com/our-greedy-elites-and-the-thank-you-his-excellency-the-head-of-state-syndrome http://cameroon-concord.com/our-greedy-elites-and-the-thank-you-his-excellency-the-head-of-state-syndrome Our greedy Elites and the thank you his excellency the head of state syndrome

Take it from here. "We are thanking the head of state mr. Biya for the cpdm uniforms and salt he is been sending to fool our people. We thank the headof state for killing our royalty and chiefdom by forcing us with traditional rullers most of which are never heir to the throne they inherit just because he needs those he can influence through his colonial thieves in the name of administrators.
We thank the head of state for exploiting our resources to enrich himself and his crime syndicate members.
We thank the head of state for appointinnd senators who represent him not the community. {loadposition myposition}
We thank the head of state for appointing misniters who lie at any given opportunity thus changing the communication ministry to be ministry of Lies and corruption.we thank the head of state for this new new ministry.
We thank the head of state for making corruption a virtue in cameroon.
We thank the head of state for creating a governance of know me and I know you.
But today the AMBAS are:
- thanking the head of state for making them decide to go their ways
-thanking the head of state for making them see th truth of disunity through violence upo the amba people.
- thanking the head of state for making them decide to fight for the restoration of their dream nation.
They will stand against all odds and straight tall to defend and
protect their land.
Today we are thanking the head of state for making our greedy elites being disgraced in their communities and we final thank him for making it possible through their various lie that all motion of supports address to him where lies. Since all his ministèrs are liars.

{loadposition myposition2}

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Morning Meditation:"The Lord Will Reward Your Patience...!" http://cameroon-concord.com/morning-meditation-the-lord-will-reward-your-patience http://cameroon-concord.com/morning-meditation-the-lord-will-reward-your-patience Morning Meditation:

I know that God's will cannot lead you to where his grace cannot sustain you.
Our God is the perfect model for time consciousness, reason why we say God's time is the best.
The Holy Book tells us that "God has set the time for everything under the sun..." In common parlance we say, "banana wey e get for ripe must ripe, no matter how you cover am." Yes, what will be, will be.
Human beings cannot force-fulfill God's plan. It takes patience to see the fulfilment of the Lord. He is not also a God of chaos! He is a God of order and decency!
God's time isn't "chronos" time. God's time is "Kairos" time - the right time or appointed time.{loadposition myposition}
Patience is the keyword to those who wait on God. To wait with patience is not to sit idle in the land of "Lotus eaters" listening to the sweet melodies of the "Sirens" until death sweeps you away. Not at all! The farmer waits with patience to harvest the crops he cultivated. While waiting he ensures that weeds do not overrun the crops.
While we wait with patience, tough times and rough days fall on us. That shouldn't lead us to murmurings and being judgmental of one another.
The prophets of old and the legendary Job are our models of patience.
No matter the travails that assail us now, "the Lord is very compassionate and of tender mercy."
He will not abandon us in midstream!
In all these, let us not join the bandwagon of liers who oppress and kill us and add to their evils by covering up with blatant lies! "Let your yes be yes and let your no be no; so that you do not fall under God's judgment!(Jam. 5:7-12).
Be patient and you will be rewarded because God is compassionate and of tender mercy!
Have a blessed weekend! Peace be with you!{loadposition myposition2} 

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"Remain Confident And You Will Be Rewarded!" http://cameroon-concord.com/remain-confident-and-you-will-be-rewarded http://cameroon-concord.com/remain-confident-and-you-will-be-rewarded

Life is full of challenges. We are confronted on a daily basis with obstacles, untold upheavals, trials and temptations.
Sometimes we are overburdened with pain and sorrow. We wear artificial smiles to keep up appearances, but we are weeping and hurting beyond comfort. At such moments our tears cannot be seen because they flow inwards!
At such moments when not only our world but the world around us seems to be crumbling, we may add to our burden by giving up hope.
My friend hope undaunted is what you need. {loadposition myposition}
Rise up, pick up the pieces, mend it and keep moving on. Don't cry over spilt milk! Life has never been a bed of roses, even if it was, roses grow on thorny shrubs and to pluck a rose you become vulnerable to the thorny shrub!
Fear, frustration and despair are never boon companions to faith.
Bereavement, harassments, coercions, mockeries, afflictions and public ridicules should not lead you to frustration and despair.
Like the persecuted Hebrews, "take joyfully the spoiling of your goods, knowing in yourselves that you have in heaven a better and an enduring possession."
This is to say you are more than possession and flesh. Let the world take both material possessions away from you and break your bones, give it to them! But never allow anyone to break your spirit! "Don't throw away your confidence because it has a great reward." Exercise "patience and after you have done the will of God you will receive the promise."
Yes my friend, in the midst of the vicissitudes of this life, keep the faith, because "the just shall live by faith."(Heb. 10:32-39).
"Trust in God and do the right."
Have a blessed weekend and keep out of trouble if you can! Peace be with you!{loadposition myposition2} 

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MILITARY KILLINGS/PILLAGE IN AKWAYA http://cameroon-concord.com/military-killings-pillage-in-akwaya http://cameroon-concord.com/military-killings-pillage-in-akwaya MILITARY KILLINGS/PILLAGE IN AKWAYA

It is a celebrated story that Ayah Paul Abine was chosen as the paramount chief of Akwaya on July 30, 1998, and enthroned as such. In their all-engulfing war against Ayah, the Biya regime purported to replace Ayah some three years ago with a drug addict who is defrauding people the world over as a pentecostal pastor in Douala – a certain Akpana Valentine Odevo.

On October 1, 2017, it was Akpana and his family relations who took soldiers from house to house of their imaginary “enemies” to cause havoc. He called in aid one Chief Ndumbe of Miyerim. It was at Miyerim that soldiers shot and killed the first two persons. Others were shot in the legs with no-one aware of their fate as of now.{loadposition myposition} 

The murderers were led to my residence at Akwaya where the doors were destroyed and there followed a barrage of shootings, accompanied with intense tear gassing. My younger brother’s widow, the sole soul in the compound who had been virtually bed-ridden for years, survived only through the constant swirling of the face in the bedroom.

The next target was my sister’s house and my girls’ orphanage. Here all the doors were destroyed but not a single soul was found. When they returned to the compound and met the status quo, the soldiers shot at just anything.

On the allegation that the first deputy mayor of Akwaya Council, though CPDM, had a soft spot for me, the soldiers gave him a snake beating and locked him up…

At one point in time, the soldiers went hysterical: they broke into the houses of “Ayah’s men”, their stores and off-licences… They looted what they could, and set on fire what they could not carry away. In a certain house at Bamenda Quarters, the young lady indoors was ordered to produce her husband. When she couldn’t, she was thrown outside and her legs were shattered with bullets. They found a young man next door and gunned him down…

As of now, three deaths are confirmed. Because telephones lines are blocked, nothing is known of the fate of the lady with shattered legs who was carried to Nigeria on a home-made stretcher. Nor can one tell how many more fatalities there are among the persons the soldiers chased into the bushes and killed.

I hear some media claiming that Akwaya youths, armed with RIFLES, went into a counter attack. That is purely Issa Tchiroma-like propaganda because no single Akwaya man has anything above a Dane gun. And all the young men are scattered and are in hiding in the bushes. They cannot regroup or even come to the town individually because the fraud-pastor, Akpana Valentine Odevo, has submitted a list of their names to the military; and there is confirmed information the military are ready to shoot dead those persons on sight…

Akwaya is now a ghost town where the military and the Akpana fmily are looting everything of value. The scorched-earth GENOCIDE is on INDEED!{loadposition myposition2} 

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Morning Meditation:"The Dangers Of Dictatorships!" http://cameroon-concord.com/morning-meditation-the-dangers-of-dictatorships http://cameroon-concord.com/morning-meditation-the-dangers-of-dictatorships Morning Meditation:

Colleagues from Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan make mockeries of us who come from Cameroon and Zimbabwe. I feel so terrible inside because a new Tanzanian president is lifting high the banner of honest and humble leadership. The other day he declared his salary which is just a quarter of what his predecessor used to earn. Kenya may have pockets of protests here and there but the Kenyan judiciary and the incumbent president have demonstrated to the world that two people must agree before they move together and that Africa too has people of integrity; with the goodwill of free reign of the three arms of democracy! {loadposition myposition}
Turn to Zimbabwe, thirty-seven year rule and still counting!
Come to Cameroon, thirty-four year rule and still counting!
The children who took to the streets and were massacred, the ones who were pulled out of their parents' homes and gunned down and the hundreds carted away and tried overnight, in the majority are below thirty-four years old!
And you will say we have democracy!
All parents who have children know that from time to time the children violate the commands of the parents, but no parent orders the killing of a child because of disobedience!
Why are we questioning who ordered the killings when the instructions of the Governors are there in black on white!
Is it history repeating itself?
Manslaughter is the handiwork of dictatorships!
The word of God provides certain history that should serve as yardsticks for us.
Leaders should weigh their words, concert with their collaborators before making it a decree. When that is done bloodshed can be averted!
Be careful the kind of promise you make and where you make it!
Do not also try to maintain your pride and ego by wanton killings, because that's what has been happening in Cameroon since October 1st!
Herod beheaded John the Baptist because of a careless promise made without proper reflection and concerting with his collaborators. His wicked wife saw her opportunity to destroy her worst enemy, John the Baptist!
So many actors took part in the death of John that night. Herodias, her daughter, Herod, his lords, high captains and chief men and the executioner!
It happened because none of these persons were courageous enough to stand and tell Herod, "King you can't do this!"(Mk. 6:2129).
My friend, it is time we think less about our own lives safety and rise up and tell the King, "King you can't do this!"
Remember, "No condition is permanent!"
God save our land and give us the courage to defy Herod when he orders to kill! Peace be with you!{loadposition myposition2}

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PAUL MAHEL ON THE 'ANGLOPHONE' CRISES! http://cameroon-concord.com/paul-mahel-on-the-anglophone-crises http://cameroon-concord.com/paul-mahel-on-the-anglophone-crises PAUL MAHEL ON THE 'ANGLOPHONE' CRISES!

Renown francophone journalist of VOX AFRIQUE media house by name PAUL MAHEL (on picture), gives his opinion on the current status quo vis-a-vis the much talked about dialogue. Hear him (translation):

"I am very surprised today to hear everyone in this country talking about dialogue here and there. It makes me laugh out my lungs. Some people (who know themselves) seem to have forgotten that less than a year ago, anglophone lawyers, teachers and students insisted on dialogue but they were battered, arrested and human casualties recorded. Later.{loadposition myposition} 

They came together under a group called the CONSORTIUM, which group was banned by the State with consequences that we all know. In my opinion, when you treat credible and legitimate persons this way, you get what you now get from the people who look up to them and give voice to extremists who in my opUnion, though a minority, have a huge capacity to constitute a nuisance.


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Anglophone Crisis Cameroon: Too Little Too Late. http://cameroon-concord.com/anglophone-crisis-cameroon-too-little-too-late http://cameroon-concord.com/anglophone-crisis-cameroon-too-little-too-late Anglophone Crisis Cameroon: Too Little Too Late.

It is tough to be an anglophone journalist when on the one hand you have emotions like all human beings and on the other hand bound by professional ethics requiring fair and balanced news reporting regardless of your feelings.

Recounting details of the sheer savagery inflicted on unarmed English-speaking Cameroonians be it in Yaoundé in predominantly anglophone neighborhoods or in the Southern Cameroons subjected to unfathomable atrocities is by now needless.

What prompts this commentary is President Biya's statement on the epic violations of human rights. Hear him. ".... It is not forbidden to voice any concerns in the republic. However nothing can be achieved by using verbal excesses, street violence and defying authority. Lasting solutions can be found only through peaceful dialogue"{loadposition myposition}

If Paul Biya sought to deescalate the volatility he shot wide off target. Nevertheless his anecdotal statement is quite telling. Either he brazenly disingenuous or he takes anglophones for fools. Here is why.

How come Paul Biya only now knows the need for peaceful dialogue on a conflict which has been festering for over a year now? Thankfully he acknowledges the futility of applying heinous military suppression as a pathway to conflict resolution. The president must have underestimated the resolve of a people sick and tired of discrimination.

"......It is not forbidden to voice any concerns in the republic" Really? How did Paul Ayah, Mancho Bibixy, Agbor Mballa deserve herded into political dungeon except for voicing their concerns about institutional injustice? If this is not textbook definition of dishonesty I don't know what it is.

Most laughable of it all is Mr Biya's pretentious denunciation of verbal excesses. So he did not hear his governor in the South West Region call peaceful protesters rats, dogs and terrorists? Is Biya suffering from dementia or just plain taking anglophones for idiots?

What Cameroon's commander in-chief of the armed forces has impeccably done is sowed and watered seeds of hatred. How can relatives of the young girl whose head was blown up by the soldiers he commands ever forget their child did nothing to deserve dying?
How can peaceful protesters, unarmed ever forget live ammunition was used on them for only complaining of unfair treatment of anglophones? And what they meet is an insatiable zeal to exterminate them?

Does President Biya expect this same population to cooperate with murderers-soldiers in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists? Whatever his social media communication was intended to achieve instead reveals hypocrisy and is too little too late.{loadposition myposition2}

bogus@bogus.com (Divine Nchamukong) Editorial Mon, 02 Oct 2017 16:14:07 +0000