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Concord Essen

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The Governor of the NW region issued a regional order banning the movement of persons within his jurisdiction.Below is the full regional order



Regional Order No /R 0/6/G Nw R/Gs/

Prohibiting the movement of persons from one Division to the other in the North-West Region for the period of 24 hours.
Mindful of the Constitution; Mindful of the Law No 901-54 of 19 December 1990 relative to Maintenance of Order;

 Mindful of Decree No 70/0F/264 of 04'" June 1970 relative to the Internal State Security; Mindful of Decree No 2008/376 of 12 November 2008 bearing on the Administrative Organization of the Republic of Cameroon;

Mindful of Decree NO 2008/377 of 12 November 2008 defining the attributions of Heads of Administrative Units and the organization and the functioning of their services;

Mindful of Decree No 2012/109 of 14/03/2012 appointing Mr LELE LAFRIQUE TCHOFFO OBEN Adolphe, Governor of the North-West Region; Considering the Necessity of the Maintenance of Law, Order and the Internal Security of the State,

Article 1: Movement of persons from one Division to the other in the North-West Region is hereby strictly prohibited Article 2 for period of 24 hours .

Article 2:This period shall from Thursday the 21. September 2017 at Midnight to Friday 22 September 2017 at Midnight.

 Article 3 : Any person or persons who violate or attempt to violate this Order shall face the consequences as Provided for by the Law.

 Article 4 : The present Order shall be registered and communicated Whenever and Wherever necessary.

Today in the early hours of the morning in Bamenda, an alleged grenade explosion occurred on a military pick up carrying BIR elements around Hospital Roundabout. Immediately as usual those who had stage managed it like the so many other occurrences, like the Governor and his entourage as well as the Senior Divisional officer for Mezam These state lark birds called around to amplifier lies and convert them into truth or at most acceptable lies.

Gush how naïve and primitive these state Lark birds are? How could they be referring to atrocities committed by state thugs as acts committed by a rebellious group? However how could these state larks be referring to grenade explosion to bomb explosion? All the burnt structures across the length and breath of Southern Cameroons are the handiwork of state thugs call them BIR,Police,Jamjamarie elements or Soldiers.

How could structures super guarded be scorched down by arsonist? How could all the students of Sacred Heart College Mankon be in their School auditorium at 9pm that faithful Sunday breaking Monday morning when their form three students dormitory got engulfed by flames from unknown arsonist? Seemingly it's a well planned and well calculated attempt to destroy infrastructure and a portion blame on the Southern Cameroon's struggle.

These acts they sheepishly thought could pave a way for the regime to declare a state of emergency and wantonly arrest ask many as possible and incarcerate in Kondengui and why not kill some as usual.

The political dynamics have changed for good and the UN charter once more is that orbital that determines the pace of the UN. The call for the right to self determination is a clarion call that sounds like the Catholic church bells that ring out wake up calls.

Thursday, 21 September 2017 20:35

Cameroonian Anglophones: Look Before You Leap.

I can audaciously say this: President Biya in 1982 was more popular in the two English-speaking provinces than in his native Mvomeka. I was in Bamenda when he came on his maiden visit and watched women and men shed tears of joy when the young successor to Amadou Ahidjo uttered the first words of his speech in English. People had been tired of his predecessor's quarter-of-a-century rule.

I can also say without any fear of contradiction that in 1992 that same person who in 1982 made a triumphal entry to the city of Bamenda became an anathema to the same population in its immense majority. So why the 360 degree turn? How does someone so loved become so despised a few years after and to the point that some go as far as calling for outright cessation?

In 1992 when Fru Ndi was said to be cheated of a presidential election victory, there hostilities began in earnest. A firestorm of ghost towns was launched. Buildings and roads were set on fire and the aim since all actions have goals was to cripple the economy and hopefully dethrone Mr Biya. All actions have consequences and the consequences were dire. Infrastructural degradation aside, armed banditry surged and the economy of the town/province tanked. The town was near ungovernable.The objective to get the economy tailspin, render the towns lawless achieved but Paul Biya is still in power and apparently waxing strong. Logic therefore dictates the question : were we drinking poison hoping that the person popular anger targeted died first?

Anglophones are incontestably very smart Cameroonians but we must not again be the smart people that do dumb things. Rightly frustrated by today's happenings: people unjustifiably arrested and locked up for months for only questioning institutional injustice and some losing their lives in the process the drumbeat by some for military confrontation is understandable. I did not say winable. For one thing to win in a battle field assumes that you have not only the better army, you have better equipment. Anything short of this is suicidal. In fact choosing to fight a lion with bare hands isn't bravery.

Let's look a endless ghost towns as a strategy since much has been said about school boycott. Precedence provides instruction hence the question what did the 1992 bone-dry ghost towns achieve except the road degradation we are left with and complaining about today? Do we want a repeat of the surge in widespread unemployment and armed banditry of the early 1990s as a a result of rendering the towns ungovernable? Like then, today most of those calling for social chaos as a strategy don't live in the chaos, they are comfortable in their homes drinking wine, their children going to school and many driving luxury cars. Who then takes the heat? The common man who can barely afford a plate of beans and puff-puff.

I am by no means asking for the marginalized to do nothing. I am saying there is a wrong way to do even the right thing.We must think and act smart. Decisions taken in anger almost certainly backfires since they are driven more by emotions than reason.

That is why we must look, think before we leap.

Divine Nchamukong

A group of angry youths in Bafia Village, Muyuka Sub Division went amok in the early hours of Tuesday September 19, disrupting lectures at its lone Government High School and upsetting commercial activities at the village market.

The youths reportedly pledged allegiance to the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Consortium United Front, SCACUF, and chased students and teachers out of classrooms.
Tutors on duty were forced to lift their hands up and paraded across the streets chanting secessionists’ songs.

The people of Southern Cameroons are carrying out mass mobilisation ahead of President Paul Biya’s address to the United Nations tomorrow.
Biya’s address at the UN concerning the Anglophone Crisis may either make or mar Cameroon.

A few days ago, the Southern Cameroons ‘Governing Council’ that took over from the outlawed Anglophone Consortium, called for street demonstrations in the Northwest and Southwest Regions on September 22.
The population is on tenterhooks and Biya must watch-out.

Brigitte Soppo the executive director of SICC, is involved in a situation in which her company was reported to have robbed Cameroonians of over a billion FCFA. she was called before the judiciary police on 14 September to give an account of what had happened.

The construction company, the Southwest International Construction Company (SICC) that was presented as an American group of people, who launched activities in Cameroon in 2010, started receiving hell from the public, after they got into an agreement to construct lodging facilities in Yassa Douala, which they never did after having collected money from people and boasting of 40 years of experience.

Immediately they were given the project, they convinced in no space of time over 182 people both within and without Cameroon to get involved in their activities. These Cameroonians who were now interested in buying the houses to be constructed by SICC, had to make an upfront payment of 10% of the amount for the kind of house they preferred to go in for.

Credit Fonciere came into the deal as the bank where the buyers had to pay their money. Most of them paid between 2.5 and 47 million to the bank.

Seven years later today, the families that paid for the houses have seen nothing. They even went to credit foncier to ask for their money but the bank told them SICC had removed everything and gone silent, while Soppo claims those people complaining had been given back their money.

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