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Biya's ten regional governors shall be starting a meeting in Yaoundé tomorrow 25th of July in their first ordinary semester conference for 2017. The regional representatives of the head of state are meeting in a moment when insecurity, social tensions and many other societal ills have been  sources of nightmare to the administrators. Some of the governors expected to be at the center of discussions include, Okalia Bilai of the south west, who will give a double report, firstly, he has to explain the possible causes of the recent military ship wreck which claimed the lives of over 30 elite commandos, some civilians and a huge quantity of military arsenal.

More to that, what provoked the stiff resistance mounted by Nigerians in the Bakassi area as regarding tax collection and the alleged killing and torture of the foreigners though refuted by governments of both countries and above all, what he is doing to ensure a hitch free school reopening despite calls of boycott from protagonist of secession.

The worrisome proportion taken by  boko haram suicide bombings in the far North region against strong military presence and surveillance, will also bring the regions number one man at the spotlight. Adolph lele Lafrique will also give a detail account on how he has been managing the wave of growing social tensions  in the north west region and how ready he has prepared the region for school resumption.

For three days, the regional heads will evaluate their works and also receive fresh instructions and guidelines from mr Biya through their immediate boss Emmanuel sadi, minister of territorial administration and decentralisation.

A suspected armed bandit has been reduced to ashes in the West Region of Cameroon.
The incident happened on Sunday .
The man, identified as Charles Fokou, was part of a gang of three.
The gang is believed to have launched attacks on locals on Saturday.

But the start of the tragedy began earlier on Sunday when the gang fell on a judo practitioner , who raised the alarm.
The public came out and tortured Charles Fokou beyond repair before setting him ablaze, CRTV reports.
Reports say, Charles' guardian-his aunt -could identify the corpse only through his toes.
In the meantime, the police have opened an investigation into the incident, especially to identify the rest of the gang.

CPDM youths have beseeched their National Chairman, Paul Biya, to rescue them from yawning unemployment and heavy taxes.

They were speaking in Mbonge during a party conference convened by the Section President, Senator Andrew Otte Mofa.

According to the youths, heavy taxes are sending hundreds of youth out of business.

“The numerous would certainly push some of us into activities which are not accepted in the society.”

The youths acknowledged the importance of taxes to the Government, but pleaded that the tax drive could be done with reservation, regarding the situation of things in the Anglophone Regions.

“The unending challenges youths go through sometimes account for the disdain which some of us develop in the activities of our party.

Despite all these challenges, we have remained patriotic to the activities of the party.”

The youths saluted the President resolve to sustain Cameroon's cultural identity and unity through the creation of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism and the steps which President Biya has taken to resolve the Anglophone Crisis and the Boko Haram attacks in the Northern Regions of Cameroon.

Two chiefs in the Bakassi peninsula have been dismissed by the Senior Divisional Officer of Ndian after discovering that they  had spread false information that 97 Nigerian fishermen were killed by Cameroonian officials in connection with tax collection.
The decision was taken during a facts-finding mission co-ordinated by Nigerian and Cameroonian delegations on Thursday.
Both delegations concluded afterwards that no Nigerian had been murdered as was rumoured.
The chiefs of 'Diabame I' and 'Diabame II' were then found 'guilty' and sanctioned.

"From our intervention, we have come to realize even one person was  not killed...," the SDO said on CRTV.
"[...] no Nigerian was killed," the consular assistant at the Nigerian consulate in Buea who led the Nigerian delegation said.
"Everywhere we find ourselves, we should be law-abiding," he cautioned.
The SDO also cut the tax from FCFA 75,000 to FCFA 37,500.
The story of Cameroon killing Nigerian fishermen had made headlines, as people feared a new escalation of violence between both states. The Bakassi peninsula was a highly disputed area between Cameroon and Nigeria until the International Court of Justice ruled in favour of Cameroon.

Cameroon’s octogenarian President, Paul Biya, has outlawed the purchase of porch cars for officials of his bloated Government as salary cuts and heavy taxes looms over Cameroonians.

Biya’s embargo is contained in a recent presidential fiat, which gives orientation on the 2018 draft budget.

The presidential fiat is not unconnected to the activities of some Government predators, who have fashioned an administrative racket in which very expensive cars are bought every year.

The purchase of such cars, are not informed by the necessity of service or need, but by individual gains.

Going by recent statistics, Government officials in Cameroon bought over 14,000 administrative vehicles in 2015, but such cars were bought without the approval of the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, as prescribed by the law.

Form the findings gnarled by Cameroon Concord, some top Government officials have about four to five very expensive service cars for themselves, but paradoxically, their ministries or institutions lack vehicles to perform their task.

Despite a well stipulated law that a car in a Government institution is supposed to be used for at least five years, some Government officials have made it a norm to buy cars every year and auction the old ones to themselves.

Besides the abusive buying of such cars, which the officials misuse, the cars also inflict an additional financial scare on the Government in terms of maintenance.

It is based on this financial burden on the State that President Biya has prohibited the reckless purchase of porch cars, especially at when there is looming rumours about a possible devaluation of the Francs CFA that will possibly lead to salary cuts and increase in taxation.

Some 400 new CPDM party shirts displayed at the Mbonge Marumba Grandstand recently fuelled a discord between SDF and CPDM militants.

When the CPDM Section President for Meme II, Senator Andrew Otte Mofa, announced that some opposition militants had decamped, commotion engulfed the grandstand.

At first, three persons previously militants of the SDF showed up for decoration in the CPDM party regalia.

While this was in progress, more persons forced their way out of the crowd to the high table for decoration as SDF militants who had decamped to join the CPDM party.

The influx of tens of such persons caused the Section President cum donor of the party fabric, Otte Mofa to suspend the sharing of the party shirts to the new militants.

 Otte said the sharing was going to continue after those who changed their former party have registered at the level of CPDM Sub Sections found in their areas of residence.

The sharing of the new party shirts to the SDF militants seemed to have caused other CPDM party sympathisers without the fabric to attempt a smart move to get one.

Given the item on the agenda at that point in time, it was difficult to decipher SDF militants who had decamped to the CPDM.

It was equally difficult to decode those CPDM militants who came out because they wanted to get hold of one of the 400 shirts.

At the time of dressing the new militants, Senator Otte had mentioned the name of one SDF militant before advancing to  request for the others to show up for the cross-carpeting ritual.

Given the uncontrolled rush for the shirts, the activity was temporarily suspended.

The CPDM party barons at the occasion moved on to greet the SDF militants who had decamped to the CPDM.

Before now, the Senate Questor brandished the shirts to his comrades at the Section Conference, boasting that it was the first of its kind in the entire Southwest Region.

To him, having already sewn party shirts distributed to militants was a sign of a Section, whose activities at the base remain unshakable.

For the CPDM militants, it was announced that the party shirts will be shared to them at the level of the four court areas that constitute Mbonge Sub Division.

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