Entertainment http://cameroon-concord.com Mon, 24 Sep 2018 18:30:57 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Delly Singah Philips took to her Facebook page on the 24th of August 2018 and posted;Hello Family...... http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/delly-singah-philips-took-to-her-facebook-page-on-the-24th-of-august-2018-and-posted-hello-family http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/delly-singah-philips-took-to-her-facebook-page-on-the-24th-of-august-2018-and-posted-hello-family Delly Singah Philips took to her Facebook page on the 24th of August 2018 and posted;Hello Family......

Delly Singah Philips is an ambitious UK based Cameroonian lady.She is the Founder of Delly Singah Foundation, Delly TV and Delly Matchups. Delly is out to empower, enligten and advice people (young and old) through all her social media platforms.

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She has hosted a number of Cameroonian celebrities, footballers and entrepreneurs like; Eyong Enoh, Wax Dey, Ngassa Nina, Commy Mussa, Nkanya Nkwai, Nchifor Valery, Itambi Delphine and many others on her Online TV (Delly TV) Facebook page to share their ideas and experiences about their different fields of life.

Delly Singah Phillips took to her Facebook page on the 24th of August 2018 and posted;

Hello Family,
Launching our August Give away to the best project for a start up Business/Project.
Prize: 100.000FCFA
Comment your project in the comment section and let's decide who gets the best project to be funded. 
This is in Collaboration with The Delly Singah Foundation and other anonymous Sponsors.


  • Should be unemployed. 
  • Should be community Oriented.
  • Should be based in Cameroon. 
  • Should be flexsible.

NB: The Best 3 projects will be selected.
Deadline: Tomorrow at midnight!
Good Luck.

The competition ended and and the winner is Ateh Ngwenyi Vera Havilah whose Project is 

Enterprise name: HAVILAH AND CO
Havilah means city of gold. The purpose of Havilah and co is to keep Cameroon cities clean and make them "Havilah" . Maintain high level of hygienic conditions in Cameroon homes, streets, quarters despite the poor nature of some infrastructures. 
*Door to door collection of waste that is your waste is collected in your house
*Weekly cleanups in the quarters
*Weekly cleanups on the streets
*Rally youths in each quarter to do the work. This is because they have full mastery of the terrain.
*Sensitise the population on need to maintain high level of hygienic conditions. 
*Make households see the benefits/use of the enterprise
*The environment will be neat hence free from mosquitoes and other disease causing insects
*Youths who idle in the quarters smoking, drinking, stealing will have something to keep them busy hence reduction in crime wave
*It will save households the stress of waiting for HYSACAM or looking for the nearest available trash can
*Areas not accessible to HYSACAM will have an easier way to dispose their waste.
*It will avoid waste disposal in streams and "gauters" which cause flooding
*How to rally the youths cuz we Cameroonian youths don't like volunteering
*How to get equipment to be used like uniforms, trashcans and other clean up accessories needed
*How to dispose of waste after clean ups and collection.

Delly replied one of her followers on Facebook; it’s with tears I read most of the projects. The passion with which they were presented and the dying desire to see them come to pass. I just want to sponsor every one of them. It is a privilege for me to answer this call and I thank God it has created an impact. 

This great gesture by the UK based lady made most followers of her social media platforms to see the zeal in Cameroonians youths who wish to excel in life yet no capital to startup. This is a call to Cameroonians and people around the to assist those in Need to realize their dreams irrespective of how small it is. Remember Little drops of water can make an oceans.

More grease to your elbow Delly.

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Cameroon:The Story Of King Wazalion By Wazal Ayissi http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/cameroon-the-story-of-king-wazalion-by-wazal-ayissi http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/cameroon-the-story-of-king-wazalion-by-wazal-ayissi Cameroon:The Story Of King Wazalion By Wazal Ayissi

Between the scissors and the pen, fashion designer Wazal Ayissi makes no difference. His overflowing inspiration led him into writing and narrating the story of King Wazalion in the Wazalvilles Kingdom:

"The Legend of Wazal as narrated is a tale that has its framework in Africa. It is not just a story for entertainment. Imagining this tale through the cosmic strip aims this part of Africa which is the basin of Lake Chad and the countries that make up this region, including Cameroon.

Landscapes - architecture - customs - prohibitions - rituals - clothing cultures - fabrics - accessories - hairstyles - colors of everyday life ...

Through the comic strip 'The legend of Wazal' I tell my culture, my source of inspiration, my gift, my passion for fashion that I received from my late father, the couturier Ayissi Nga Pierre Célestin:

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Bambalang -kingdom to exhibit cultural festival Sunday 18th February 2018 http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/bambalang-kingdom-to-exhibit-cultural-festival-sunday-18th-february-2018 http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/bambalang-kingdom-to-exhibit-cultural-festival-sunday-18th-february-2018 Bambalang -kingdom to exhibit  cultural festival Sunday 18th February 2018

The people of Bambalang -kingdom in Ndop will on Sunday 18th February 2018 exhibit a rich custom at the cultural festival known as SHA'ATANG.

This year 's 85th edition will be presided by the Minister of Culture and Arts under the theme " Our dances ,heritage for cultural outreach "{loadposition myposition} 

Diplomatic missions accredited will be in Bambalang -Ndop to savor the undiluted culture of the people of Mbaw -yakum.

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Controversial Miss Cameroon results annulled http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/controversial-miss-cameroon-results-annulled http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/controversial-miss-cameroon-results-annulled Controversial Miss Cameroon results annulled

On Thursday 25th of January 2018, the Miss Cameroon Committee, the President of the Jury for the 2018 edition have been invited this Thursday, 25th of January 2017 at 4pm to appear before the Judge of the Court of First Instance for Mfoundi. These persons are accused of fraud and cheating by Caroline Biloa Kounou, the twentieth candidate who was fraudulently selected as Miss Cameroon, instead of the ninetieth. {loadposition myposition} The procedure engaged was to immediately suspend the mandate and activities of Miss Cameroon The search of Miss Cameroon continues unabated until it's concluded that the most qualified Miss Cameroon is elected and validated by the competent committee and jury. The President of the court of First Instance have ordered that an hourly report be submitted to him on how things are evolving by the Organising Committee of COMICA. {loadposition myposition} 

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Miss Cameroon 2018: The Courts requested to annual the results of the truncated jury. http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/miss-cameroon-2018-the-courts-requested-to-annual-the-results-of-the-truncated-jury http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/miss-cameroon-2018-the-courts-requested-to-annual-the-results-of-the-truncated-jury Miss Cameroon 2018: The Courts requested to annual the results of the truncated jury.

Scandals of such magnitude in Cameroon keep multiplying on a daily basis. How could a young luxuriant beautiful woman without brains be crowned Miss Cameroon, whereas the criteria is that she must be bilingual,intelligent, humble, submissive, duce and above all a brand that can sell Cameroon. {loadposition myposition}

Unfortunately unfortunate, this miscreant couldn't even sing the Cameroun anthem even in her native Douala nor in French. Caroline Biloa Kounou was amongst the candidates who contested in the flawed elections of most beautiful woman in Cameroon of her age. Unfortunately for her the Foundi Court of First Instance has been requested to annual the said corruption ridden election that was marred by overtly overt fraud and doubts about her Cameroonian nationality of the heroic winner.

Judging from the video that was recorded on the closing ceremony of Miss Cameroon organized by COMICA, it is alleged that the Lady that was supposed to be on the 20th position called on the 11th position. The said Caroline Biloa Kounou is claiming the organizing committee the sum of Thirty Million francs for damages.

An agreement has been reached by Mrs Ingrid Solange Amougou, the President of the jury who unfortunately wasn't there to answer questions. {loadposition myposition}

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P Square breaks up http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/p-square-breaks-up http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/p-square-breaks-up P Square breaks up

Reports going round suggest Nigerian duo P Square have split up after a misunderstanding .
Peter and Paul Okoye, twin brothers, have reportedly gone wild on social media lately.
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According to media reports, Peter has sent a letter to their lawyer Festus Keyamo, demanding a termination of their agreement.

Peter accuses Paul and their elder /manager Jude of being unfair to him.

Paul is no longer willing to cooperate with him, going as far as cancelling their planned US tour this year without informing him, Peter claims.

Peter adds that Paul has slandered his wife and children on social media. His family has even received threatening messages, he says.

He further alleges that Jude had threatened to kill him and shoot his wife. This happened in the presence of Paul and the first lady of Cross River State Mrs Imoke, he alleges.

Jude also said he would have a coffin for Peter should he come to his home, Peter claims.

Meanwhile  we have not had the reaction of the other brothers, Paul and Jude.

In the meantime, Peter has gone solo under the name Mr P, according to media reports.

This is not the first disagreement between the two brothers. Previous misunderstandings were brought under control.

Peter has however reiterated his love for his brothers.

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Coming Soon: Rigobert Song Documentary http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/coming-soon-rigobert-song-documentary http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/coming-soon-rigobert-song-documentary Coming Soon: Rigobert Song Documentary

Reports say a documentary on the life of the former captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon will be presented at the Ecrans noirs film festival which gets underway in Yaoundé on July 15.
"Rigobert Song: On the Threshold of Death" is a loose translation of
"Rigobert Song: Aux frontieres de la mort" .
This film comes some months after Rigobert Song narrowly escaped death. The former captain of  the national football team  of Cameroon had fallen seriously ill in October last year and was flown to France on the special order of President Paul Biya.
Before official recovery, it was rumoured that Song had died.
Ecrans noirs is an annual film festival set to promote African films.{loadposition myposition}
The 21st edition of the event will start on Saturday at the Yaoundé Conference Centre.
Films will be projected in Yaoundé and Douala, according to media reports.
"Rigobert Song: On the Threshold of Death" is the handiwork of Leonie Bwemba, according to Cameroon-Info.Net.
Some media outlets set to cover the event are the French channel TV5, and Canal2 International.
The event will span seven days.
The documentary is meant to portray Song as a legendary and mythical figure, reports Le quotidien de l'economie.
Rigobert Song is one of the most revered former players of the national football team of Cameroon.
He started playing for his country in 1993 and resigned in 2010.
He has begun a coaching career for the time being.
He is the uncle of Alex Song .{loadposition myposition2}

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False news: Don Moen announced “DEAD” by fake website http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/false-news-don-moen-announced-dead-by-fake-website http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/false-news-don-moen-announced-dead-by-fake-website False news: Don Moen announced “DEAD” by fake website

The American gospel singer has tweeted after he was reported to be dead by a certain website, HoustonChronicle-TV.com on Wednesday 12 July 2017.

This information is unfounded as the circumstances outlined by the site as the ones which led to the singer’s death are all false. The website lied that, Don Moen died of stomach pains at a fictitious hospital, General Acute Care (GAC) hospital which does not actually exist.

{loadposition myposition}    

Franky Edwards a renowned Nigerian gospel singer, learning about the false information and being assured by Don Moen’s son Michael that his father is still alive, equally tweeted downing all of the claims reported by the dubious website.

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Douala: SDO bans Maahlox from performing in Bonamousadi http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/douala-sdo-bans-maahlox-from-performing-in-bonamousadi http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/douala-sdo-bans-maahlox-from-performing-in-bonamousadi Douala: SDO bans Maahlox from performing in Bonamousadi

The SDO for Douala 5, Tchakui Nounde Jean Marie, has signed a release banning the controversial Cameroonian musician, Maahlox le vibeur from holding a musical jamboree which comes up on July 6th 2017 in the snack bar MERMO at Bonamousadi, one of Douala's beautiful quarters.

The SDO stands on grounds that Maahlox's musical shows  are often rife with tensions due to controversial declarations which usually put many people at loggerheads.{loadposition myposition}

Mr Tchakui has urged the Douala 12 commissioner of public security to take all necessary measures to see that the decision is fully  respected without any compromise.

The artist who has been at the center of many scandals these days is yet to react to the decision.

The author of popular songs, 'ça sort comme ça sort and tueur pour tueur' is said to be coming out of a hospital bed  after an aggression in a night club  two weeks ago. Before his aggression, le vibeur as he is porpularly called, was summoned to answer questions at the secretary of state for defense ( SED)  following his outrageous and opprobrious declarations made concerning the demise of the late bishop of Bafia, Jean Marie Benoit Balla when he went missing.

Most Cameroons who do not adhere to his musical genre have concluded nemesis is fastly catching up with Maahlox.{loadposition myposition2}

bogus@bogus.com (Concord Newsdesk) Entertainment Sat, 01 Jul 2017 13:21:12 +0000
Yaounde: Malhox hospitalised after being attacked http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/yaounde-malhox-hospitalised-after-being-attacked http://cameroon-concord.com/entertainment/yaounde-malhox-hospitalised-after-being-attacked Yaounde: Malhox hospitalised after being attacked

Cameroonian rapper Mahlox, who is popularly known for his song "ça sort comme ça sort", was reportedly agressed yestersay June 17.

He had gone to perform at the OG night club, but unfortunately for him, he was severely brutalised by unknown individuals.{loadposition myposition}

Earlier today, the artist posted a message on his facebook page saying,"I'm presently at the hospital, perhaps gravely wounded. I was agressed at the OG night club".

This has provoked all sorts of reactions by fans and other observers, who think that's just a tip if the iceberg, considering his foul utterances during the period bishop Benoit went missing.

At the time sympathizers were cracking their heads on how they were going to find their missing Bafia Shepherd, he went on to provoke their sad spirits. Since the bishop was said to have jumped into the water at that time, Mahlox posted on social media, asking what the man of God was doing under the water, had he become fish? The public judged this to be unwise for a man in his right senses.

Under much pressure, put by protests on social networks against him, "tuer pour tuer" author pulled himself back and said, he would apologize and even write a song dedicated to His lordship Benoit Balla, provided the suicide allegations are proven wrong.{loadposition myposition2}

bogus@bogus.com (Pavel Joseph Nyuysuliy) Entertainment Sun, 18 Jun 2017 16:26:24 +0000