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French mentality of stupendous stupidity exposed by French speaking Cameroonian fake geopolitical analyst

Since the beginning of this genocide that was well plotted, hatched and executed by the French backed LA Republique Du Cameroun, francophones went into frenzy moods as well as jubilant moods as their French speaking thugs shot at close range the people of British Southern Cameroon's.


They didn't for see the possibility of their poorly trained, poorly educated and poorly managed sons and daughters been shot, arrested and killed in retaliation by the restoration forces of British Southern Cameroon's.


Today the stakes are so high and thousands of their sons and daughters have been buried in mass graves in the forest and many more are missing.


Why must the French assimilated mind conspicuously assume that any revolt that is manifested in Africa stems from an attempt by the west to destabilize the African continent?


Does an African in any shit hole African Country need to be manipulated by anybody in the west to know that there isn't a veritable health care system that has the state of the arts equipment, good social insurance scheme, retirement scheme, civil service run on trust and competence than on tribal, ethnic or cabal lines, sound educational system that runs on a sound educational curricula, an independent judicial system that deliberates judicial matters without political interferences etc?


If the answer is definitely non, then francophones across Francophone Africa must dump their lopsided analysis into the deepest abyss of the Mediterranean sea.


The problems in Africa stem from the creation of cabal lines, bad governances, occultist tendencies and tin god images wherein African rulers are worshipped and venerated like king and Pope Paul Biya.


Francophones in LA Republique Du cameroun must automatically cease referring to the people of British Southern Cameroon's as their brothers because that's falsehood, delusion and manipulative tendencies.


How can francophones in Cameroon ever vindicate themselves amongst the people of the British Southern Cameroon's when French speaking thugs and bandits clothed with tax payers money had ravaged communities in the British Southern Cameroon's at their splendid desire and overwhelming satisfaction?


How can such cheap minded simpletons who pass for analyst misinform the world with distorted and disoriented facts?


It's an established fact that the German Kamerun ceased to exist according to international law and therefore destroys the fake premise of their one and indivisible Cameroon.


After the defeat of the Germans in 1916 by Britain and France, the Cameroon's were partitioned into two with France given 3/4 and Britain 1/4.


From the above statistics how then can such moribund minds day dream and say the contrary?


Today after persevering, enduring and patiently holding on with the believe of a unified Africa that begins with Cameroon as expounded by Professor Emeritus Bernard Fonlon in his write up titled " Shall we make or mar", the people of British Southern Cameroon's have concluded that they have been insulted enough as(Anglofools, enemies in the house, Biafrans, leftist, dogs, gnats, monkeys, chimpanzees and donkeys)


Today as a matter of urgency and as exigency permits as well as demands, the People of British Southern Cameroon's through their overwhelming declaration of their Unilateral declaration of independence that their Interim Government and President, Sesesko

 Ayuk Tabe Emmanuel has come to stay.


LA Republique Du Cameroun has often made so much noise about being a military colloid in Africa but the very young dynamic and determined boys from the British Southern Cameroon's have demystified the paper tigers or paper lions.


The purported military including the Police, Gendarmerie as well as the beast tagged BIR are dangerously underpaid and stinkingly corrupt.


This corruption tendencies and strong desire for sex and alcohol has rendered the purported national borders the most porous in Africa South of the Sahara.


Unfortunately unfortunate the Biya's junta thought that the people of British Southern Cameroon's have been deliberately been excluded from lucrative jobs and therefore can't sponsor any revolution of great magnitude as the one being run or sponsored by the British Southern Cameroon's Diaspora.


The amount of money raised is into billions and will cause a tornado in LA Republique Du Cameroun.


Today armed with sophisticated weapons and used by a vigorous battery of energized youths with an ambitious desire to be free citizens of their own country Ambazonia.


They now have rocket propelled lunchers that can destroy any military tanker or armoured car as well as bring down planes and copters at any time and destination in the British  Southern Cameroon's.



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