Our course is genuine, our morale is high, God is with us.

After the SDF forthcoming convention, there shall be no representation of The Southern Cameroons in La Republique Du Cameroun.
Ni John Fru Ndi has been a controversial leader from conception and creation of his famous, infamous Social Democratic Front, the SDF. It is said and believed that the conception and creation of the SDF was to fight for the Southern Cameroons course. The gullible Fru Ndi as leader of the party hijacked the central aim of the organization and made it a La Republique du Cameroun thing.The controversial Fru Ndi: chair of the SDF

He ignored the founding fathers, betrayed their course, because of the popularity to which East Cameroun and West cameroon welcomed him, he thought he could win elections in the French majority country. He was mistaken. Some said he won the 1992 median multiparty elections, majority believed he did not win, because at proclamation of results, Paul Biya was declared winner.
Fru Ndi and his social Democratic Front emerged from the 1992 elections as the lead opposition party in the Cameroun Republic. This made him pride himself like a gullible Chanticleer, he closed his eyes while crowing and Paul Biya with his CPDM sycophantic attitude, cajoled him and grasped him and the SDF from the throat.  The two best Friends at the detriment of their people.


Fru Ndi would later dined and wined with the CPDM. He even went soya tasting with Paul Biya, went to the unity palace year in year to wish Mr. Paul Biya happy new year. At the demise of his wife, he was given as condolence, bribed for 28 millions Frs CFA for her burial. The social Democratic Front later on blended with the CPDM as he, Fru Ndi was made leader of a regional party. He could not win elections in his own district talk less of the whole North West region. With shame and disgrace he went so low to contest a Senatorial seat, which he lost.
Now that age and shame and disgrace have weight on him, he wants to relinquish power, gives up leadership because of this corrective generation. This generation has done what he could not do in twenty six years, doing it their own way.
Fru Ndi will go down in history books as the traitor, as the man who had the opportunity but because of greed and selfishness, he let his people down.

Fru Ndi’s legacy.

As a man he might be a great family man, but as a politician he leaves behind a broken catalogue of rhetorical achievements, his report card is all in red ink, Ambazonians would mock him, ridicule him, in the new Federal Republic, many will point to his home stead with the left hand. Some will pee on his tombstone. Generations after generations will associate his name to the Muna’s and other traitors blacklisted in the history books of Ambazonia. His time as a politician will be a curse on us for he knowingly allowed us, Southern Cameroonians into servitude. Many will wish his era be flushed into the gutters of oblivion for he never thought or looked beyond his shadow.

Can Fru Ndi still redeem himself?

The SDF chairman has no place in the new Federal Republic, that is why he is stuck to the statue quo. He believes very much in the Cameroun Republic that he did not stopped or withdrew his parliamentarians from the colonizers’ House of Assembly to save the blood of young Ambazonians that flow in our land today. He was silent when KwaKwa, Dadi, Tadu and other localities in the Southern Cameroons were razed, food destroyed and many escape to the bushes or into exile.
Till today he has said little or nothing regarding our kidnapped leaders, like the sellout, who he is, he commended Nigeria for arresting them. He mourned with the enemy when one paramilitary police was killed but did not sympathized with Ambazonians when they were massacred on october 1st. Even the international community knows that he is a greedy leader who thinks only of his stomach. For example, the commonwealth scribe came, and did not visit him, the British minister for African affairs came and did not care to visit him either. They went to Buea, to have talks with Barrister Balla with Fru Ndi watching in the TV.


Fru Ndi gives up leadership.

From the 22nd – 23rd of February, delegates of the Social Democratic Front will converge in Yaoundé or Bamenda to choose a new party leader. This shall be an opportunity for francophones to enjoy this position. Anglophones shall fight to keep it as their own share of the national property. The SDF would emerge from this elective convention broken and in disarray. The francophones in cunning faith would take over, this shall served as the complete political assimilation of the anglophones.
 The likely next SDF chairman: Mr. Joshua Osih

The first vice president of the party: Mr. Joshua Osih, shall be the next SDF chairman. He shall nationalize the party, move the headquarters permanently to it Yaounde location. The SDF parliamentary group would change too, as the SDF will win none or nothing in the North West or South West regions. Remembers these regions shall not have elections as war is ongoing and many people there respect and take orders only from the interim government of Ambazonia, the new Federal Republic.
The present parliamentarians and senators of these regions are confused because nobody would vote them. Eventually, the Southern Cameroons will not be represented in Yaounde and the liberation of the Southern Cameroons shall be completed.

The Ambazonian liberation, a certainty.

Our course is genuine, our morale is high, God is with us. The one who wanted dialogue like President Sisiku was kidnapped, today no one knows if he is alive or not. If there shall be dialogue who are going to dialogue with who?
We must fight, fight and fight until our blood pricks the core consciences of the Cameroun Republic. We must fight until we retake the head of this revolution again.
The Ambazonian Revolution is like no other revolution in history. The chronicle shall state that never in the history of revolutions did a people start from zero % to 99% within a year and achieved everything but 1%. The remaining 1% is the arm struggle that many revolutions start with. The Cameroun Republic in their present war against Ambazonia hinges on 1%
Presently, the tides are turning back, we are gradually grasping the control button again. When this is eventually achieved, we shall dialogue not as the underdogs but as the superior, on our terms. And the underlying terms shall be how to separation and be good neighbors.

Korokoto Makambo, the soothsayer has spoken.
TJ Nsoyuni
Opinion Writer.