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Anglophone Crisis: Curfew extended by the Governor of the North West Region

The curfew that was Imposed on the North West Region as a result of the whisking off of the Sub Divisional Officer of Batibo, got extended. The trillion dollar question that is begging for an answer is " Can a people be subjugated and subdued through violence and at the same time accept to be governed by those they see as their tormentors"?

The curfew is as irrelevant as the person who has made it. Take away the militia that is used by the same Governor to maim, torture, arrest and even make some disappear, then that curfew is raped and abused. Curfews are imposed in Countries where there is a law and order and not in lawless and reckless nations.


The Governor can't show any authorization warranting the curfew and can't show how effective it has been. Was the Sub Divisional Officer for Batibo whisked off at Night? It was a broad day light operation and it was smooth and hitch free. LA Republique Du Cameroun must stop dreaming that it can use its military might and artillery to crush the mind set of a people who have said " Enough is enough" The now famous declaration of the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroon's is irreversible, irrevocable and permanent.

Ayuk Tabe was only the voice of a people so distraught, disappointed and short changed by the Francophone Cameroonian, whom he trusted but can't continue to trust because her trust was raped and abused. The said curfew runs from 8pm to 6am and was prolonged or extended on Sunday the 18th of February, 2018.According to the press release any defaulter will be severely dealt with.


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