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Since the beginning of 2017, fish has been a rare commodity in most house holds around the country. House wives have been complaining of severe increase in prices of imported frozen fish in local markets .

"...Two months back, a kilogram of machoiron which was sold for 850frs has gone up to 1000frs, the most consumed variety of fish, Marquereau is sold at 1300frs instead of the 1100fsr few months back...with this situation, it becomes very difficult for us to make good business since costumers turn to prefer vegetables...." Alain Kuam, a cold store owner at the Nsam market in Yaoundé told Cameroon Concord.


Consumers on their parts have been so bitter about the situation accusing the government for not taking adequate measures to avert the economic crisis."....It is difficult to fine chicken in the market and even when you see it, the price is too high to the point that it can 'break one's neck' more to that, meat is meant for the rich because its very expensive and some of us low income earners resorted in eating fish but price hikes is already sending us away... 'Chaii mr Biya' lamented Marry Ngong, a house wife."

The inflation which has hit the fish sector,..."is not due to scarcity because our freezers are full with varieties of imported fish but business is very slow. A supplier told us..."

The main cause of the hike is the reintroduction of 5% customs duties in the 2017 finance law on imported frozen fish. Since the start of this year, importers have been struggling to adapt to this new market rule. A customs officer hinted us. He added that, reintroducing this tax is not aimed at encouraging local aquaculture which is developing at a snail pace but rather because it has come to the notice of officials that fish hitherto imported into Cameroon free of customs charges was re-exported to neighbouring countries of the  sub region meanwhile prices in local markets remain very high. But this custom official reiterated that this action is just a pretext to curb the illicit trade deal and the impact should not fall on consumers.

Imagine Cameroon on June 26 after beating Germany to qualify for the semi-finals...Marc-Vivien Foe!
That's nothing else but the image of  broken dreams .
Cameroon and their fans have entered the second day of morning following their 3-1 defeat by the all-powerful young German team at the ongoing 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia.
The Lions failed on Sunday to qualify for the semi-finals.

That defeat was not an ordinary tale, but a finger that pulled the trigger of tears in Cameroon.
Victory on Sunday would have comforted the lions who wanted to give a triumphant honour to their senior teammate who collapsed on the pitch and died during the 2003 Confederations Cup.
Marc-Vivien Foe, whose 14th anniversary clocked today June 26, collapsed on the field during a match against Colombia.
In spite of this huge lost, Cameroon didn't bring the trophy home, as they were beaten by the merciless French team, which was never willing to sympathise with the broken boys.
And worse still, the same Colombia were merciless with Cameroon during their international friendly on June 13, 2017 in Spain. They beat the Lions 4-0.
But the boys of Hugo Broos appeared to be dreaming bigger, hoping to trample on so-called young and inexperienced German squad as well as Australia and Chile.
But then it was rather hallucinatory. The Lions left Russia without a win and just two goals.
A win over Germany would have attracted the same drama which they acted recently in Gabon after beating Egypt to win the trophy.
They had displayed jerseys in honour of Foe, with the  inscription "Champions" , bearing the number "17", Foe's.

Hon Wirba speaks On THE INSIDE On Equinoxe Television in an exclusive interview  Hosted by Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji. A must watch !!!

An atmosphere of confusion reigns at the Presbyterian Church Nsimeyong in Yaounde after the sum of 7 million Francs CFA is alleged to have been stolen from the church coffers.

According to information gathered, the sum of 14 million Francs CFA was collected from a fund raising on Sunday 18 June and added to 7 million Francs CFA which was already in the church coffers.

On the 19th of June, some Christians while coming to church early in the morning noticed the door to the office of the church treasurer open and they raised an alarm. It was discovered that the save in the office was forced open and the sum of 7 million from the 21 million was missing while 14 million was still intact.


Rev. Pastor Kang Denis while heading to Buea that morning was informed and he made a U-Turn to Yaounde to assess the situation and investigations have been opened.

Some arrests have been made for interrogation and an official statement is still awaited from the Synod Office.


GCE subjects previewed for Monday 26 June have been postponed to July 1.
The information is contained in a communiqué issued by the Minister of Secondary Education .
Monday has been declared public holiday in Cameroon in honour of the feast of Ramadan which was celebrated on Sunday.  The president wants Muslims to prolong  feasting.
This is not the first time the controversial GCE examinations are experiencing a postponement. The deadline for registration was extended by two weeks. Another two weeks were added to the written part. That is why the written part began on June 12 instead of late May as tradition has it in recent times.

These were desperate efforts from the regime to turn things round when West Cameroonians showed little interest in whole show.
In the wake of the unrest in West Cameroon, schools have experienced unusual problems.
The most cherished GCE exams have recorded the lowest turnout ever, with less than half of the student population in the two English-speaking regions of the country boycotting them.
West Cameroon began the struggle actively in November 2016.
They decry their marginalization by the eight populous  French-speaking regions.

Monday, 26 June 2017 10:28

Biya keeps watchful eye on his ninjas

The security atmosphere in Cameroon has been rather unfriendly to Biya's taste. Boko Haram up north, Anglophone Problem, and the recent failed strike action by some soldiers are some of the thorns in Biya's flesh.
That's  certainly why he dispatched the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence to major military headquarters across the nation.
Joseph Beti Assomo embarked on the mission at the weekend . He visited Kolofata, tell his boys that there was no room for 'indiscipline'.
This perhaps was a strong warning following the strike action by some soldiers fighting the terror group in the Far North.
The men in uniform had voiced their concerns about unpaid bonuses and other expenses some weeks back.
But Biya had reacted like a hungry lion in the land of stray goats.

They were airlifted to Yaoundé the following day, pending 'disciplinary actions.'
Assomo has considered them 'militiamen' , not soldiers. He also reminded the soldiers that they could not compare their pay with that of  UN soldiers involved in peacekeeping missions.
Joseph Beti Assomo's delegation also went to assure Biya's loyal ninjas that the country's strong man was with them in wake of sporadic suicide bombings by Boko Haram.
Like every other dictator, Biya loves and protects men who carry arms. After all, every nation relies on men in uniform for security and survival. No doubt the US is what it is today.

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