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The Minister of Secondary Education has issued a communique informing the public that sports and physical education practicals for the examinations organized by his ministry starts today.
The communique from Jean Ernest  Ngalle Bibehe was read on the national broadcaster, CRTV on Sunday, 23.04.2017.
Every part of the nation without exception will do the practical, says the message.The education atmosphere in Cameroon has been very unstable and uneven during this ending academic year.
French-speaking parts of the nation have had a stable and normal academic year, while students and pupils in the English-speaking regions have barely nothing to brag about.
 Since the start of the unrest in November 2016 in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, most schools have remained temporarily inactive.Very little practical lessons have been done by students studying the sciences in these two regions. 

Southern cameroonians marching to The white house on Saturday 22 April 2017 after protests held in front of the IMF building in Washington

The Coordinator of the Anglophone Dialogue Forum says Dialogue must be all inclusive to end the crisis in the Anglophone regions.

Taking part in CRTV's flagship program, Press Hour, Dr Simon Munzu reveals that only the Head of state has the responsibility of calling a national dialogue to discuss the Anglophone Problem. To him, this dialogue must embrace all issues affecting the anglophone community.  The problems of lawyers and teachers are just a fallout of political injustices in 1961 and 1972.

Commenting on steps made by government on the judicial and educational sectors as the restoration of the internet in the North west and South west regions, the outspoken legal figure says those steps cannot solve the pains of Anglophones.

He is calling on all parties to be free to chat about all every issue that affects their existence. Dr Munzu has warned the regime to stop censoring opinions and allow Anglophones to discuss in a free atmosphere without room for intimidation.

Saturday, 22 April 2017 17:39


1) The more they call us Extremists , Terrorists the more we dig in to discover who we really are . And thanks to the Assimilation , we now understand perfectly our history , culture and who we really are .
2) The unity slogan of " cameroon is one and indivisible" has provoked us to understand better that there is no smoke without fire given room for research to know how that so loud unity came fruition . Now we understand we were an Independent State .
3) By disconnecting the Internet , we have learnt  a lesson of self-sustainance . Not even the disconnection of water , electricity would mean anything anymore to us.
4) For soldiers to display their tiny muscles and armoury to an unarmed People , we have only been empowered to fight on .

Just one southern cameroonian is capable of taking on five of La Republique's scouts .
You dare ? Lets go . One on One .
5) The lies that have been broadcasted on crtv has only made the southern Cameroonian believe that a chinese language tv/radio could even be more distracting than watching news or listening to crtv .
6) The more our children , fathers , mothers , Leaders are captured ,  tortured , gives us the bile and venom to be transformed leaders , fighters and guerrillas in our own right to defend ourselves and our loved ones . The "ready to die attitude" has been injected into system- dna .
Now that we know who we really are , and fully aware we cohabited with a disguised backstabber , wisdom has superseded mere knowledge .
Thanks to La Republique , we now understand that our fate lies in our own hands and noone else .
We can see clearly now the throughway to the Independence of Southern Cameroon thanks to the good work of La Republique Du Cameroun.

The government of Cameroon that has been under sustained international pressure to re-instate internet signals in the North West and South West regions of the country has, according to reports been working on a strategy to control conversations and be able to spy on the people before taking any steps to restore such communications.

A highly trusted source at the Cabinet of the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Mme Libom Li Likeng nee Mendomo Minette revealed to The Times Journal that senior officials of a US-based firm known as- Spirit Ventures LLC, led by its President, Dr. Gareth E. Murray were received in audience by the Minister on the 28th of March, 2017 in the meeting room of that Ministry. He pointed out that the audience was negotiated by the US Embassy in Yaounde in a mail dated the 27th of March, 2017 (a copy of which was handed to us) and addressed to the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications.

Our informant that generally talks on basis of anonymity, noted that the Spirit Ventures LLC Delegation was made up of Dr. Gareth E. Murray, Mr. Preston D. McGee Senior- Managing Director of iQ-iA, Mr. Thierry Wandji- Senior Solution Engineer- ART Cyber, Mme Madeleine Belomb- Director, Sales and Marketing at ART Cyber and Mr. Christopher Ekom- Commercial Specialist at the American Embassy in Yaounde. The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications took part at the meeting with two of her close aides, The Times Journal gathered: Dr. Wilfred Mfuh- Technical Adviser N0.2 and Dr. Banga Mbom Calvin- Director of Network Infrastructure Security.

The Ventures LLC Delegations is said to have made a presentation on how communications on the social media could be monitored in real time within the geo space of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. They expounded on ways of spying on conversations on networks such as facebook, Twitter and Instagram without anyone involved taking note that their chats were under serious surveillance at all times.

Our source read from his notes that the monitoring solutions proposed to government turned around; “Full monitoring of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram conversations and chats within a given “Geo-Space”, notably the North West and South West regions, with the monitoring team sometimes participating in the conversations to influence discussions, the collection and analysis of data from the chat rooms using complex algorithms to establish intelligence such as the full cyber-profile of those emitting or forwarding data as well as their view points within the given geo-space and finally enabling government to pick up intelligence on any criminal activities in planning or unfolding within the given geo-space and even enabling knowledge of the meeting points of key actors”.

These proposed solutions seemed acceptable and enticing enough to the Minister and her close aides because they had the potential to make the people of the North West and South West regions stay in perpetual bondage for years without ever being able to “surprise” the government with an uprising of this magnitude ever again, our informant cried out, adding that; “it makes Anglophones in Cameroon all criminals until they demonstrate that they are not offensive. It also punishes all Southern Cameroonians equally, both those in government who think they are seen as part of the system and those who are currently determined to ensure the restoration of the independence of the former British colony”.

Although the American visitors took off time to explain how workable their proposed solutions could be, making references to earlier live demonstrations of the said solutions to the Prime Minister, Head of Government and some security agencies; General Delegation for National Security, Ministry of Defence and the General Directorate in Charge of External Research, our source said the Minister still identified some weaknesses of concern.

Mme Libom Li Likeng is said to have expressed concern that the solutions did not include WhatsApp, considered the most used social media in Cameroon. Again, it was revealed that she did not like the fact that the proposed solutions did not require the collaboration of local network operators, insisting their non-involvement could make it difficult for government to physically identify and probably arrest those producing and distributing unacceptable cyber literatures or engaging in criminal activities.

As could have been expected, our source intimated that the Minister regretted the fact that the proposed solutions would operate on a centralized architecture whereas “interested stakeholders in Cameroon, mainly the police, gendarmes, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and well others functioned each in their own fief with little or no information sharing, necessitating a hierarchical structure.

The Minister’s recommendations, our informant noted, insisted on the need to include WhatsApp with all data processing conducted in Cameroon to safeguard national sovereignty, the importance of government having to use cyber evidence- technically known as cyber forensics to indict or convict offenders in the North West and South West regions and much more.

Although the US-based company promised that in no distant time they could be able to crack into WhatsApp, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, our source specified, paid greater attention to a proposal by one of the members of the delegation, Dr. Murray identified as a former and first Black Senator of Maryland in the United States of America who revealed that they had developed a rich legal framework in Maryland which takes into consideration cyber evidence, promising to share the framework with Yaounde to assist the Ministry of Justice and other interested local agencies.

While the two parties agreed to meet once more at the end of the month of April, 2017, the Minister reportedly settled down to dispatch memos to the Prime Minister’s Office for onward transmission to the Presidency of the Republic. At the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, one of our regular informants confirmed that a write-up from the Star Building in that regard was received on Thursday the 13th of April, 2017.

PCC moderator case postponed to the 5th of June, close to 6 weeks from now, nothing yet is mentioned to that of the Bishops and priests in Buea.

The second is a disturbing news that the GCE Board which the Anglophones fought so hard in the early 90s to get has been moved to Yaounde to be managed by BACC,

GCE Board is the board which organises the Anglo-Saxon exams. BACC board organised the French exams. Before the GCE Board came to life, our parents and people protested. It came with a cost. Anglophone Cameroon currently has no political power over the board. As a result of this strike action, it is now clear that GCE will not take place in Southern Cameroons. Any exams organised by the GCE Board in Southern Cameroons will lack credibility as students have been home since November 21st, 2016. Any student taking such exams is doing him or herself a disservice. Parents should caution against that.

The worst is about to happen. La Republique is doing everything possible so that GCE Board organises this exam at least for their children in French Cameroon undertaking Anglo-Saxon education. As a result of this, CANAL 2 English yesterday March 21st in the morning during their press review revealed that GCE Board management will be transferred to Yaounde to be managed by the BACC Board. This will be a sacrilege but not strange as La Republique could do everything possible to taint the struggle.

These are the issues we are complaining. We have no political power over our education, legal system and all other institutions. The cosmetic solutions provided by La Republique now cannot be sustainable unless the form of the so-called union changes and that can only happen in the restoration of our lost state. Southern Cameroonians should be prepared now than ever before to defend the motherland.

However, BaretaNews in speaking to a source at GCE Board refused to confirm or deny the story. Our source pleaded with us that staff of the GCE Board calls could be monitored and that he/she will get to us through another means.

Worthy of note is that the Post newspaper on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 published the story and can, therefore, confirm the story. Southern Cameroonians should be ready to resist. The time is now.

Ghost towns Monday 24th

Mark Bareta.

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