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Easing traffic flow on the access route in "Quarter Bafia" The Government Delegate to the Douala city Council, Fritz Ntone Ntone, visited on February 18,2018, to fast track the realization. Of equal importance is the construction of the Military Hospital of the Second Military Region.

Having an on the spot analysis, the Administration of the City of Douala,which include the Governor of the Littoral, Samuel Ivaya Diboua and the Government Delegate to the Douala city Council, Fritz Ntone Ntone. Assessing the work done on the quarter tagged as "Bafia Quarter" on Sunday the 18th of February,,2018.


All members of the Delegation visiting the site, took time to assess the parallel routes that shall ease traffic flow within the city of Douala.

The team came to assess the level of work done so far, taking into consideration that the work was still in progress.

"The Control mission and the contracting firm are still having thorny issues to handle and taking into consideration the harsh economic climate"

It was announced that the Douala City Council shall take other measures, aimed at providing safety across the city of Douala.


Cameroon: Louis Paul Motaze, the Minister of Planning and Regional Development shall organize an economic forum at the GICAM in Douala.


Withing two days, the participants, who are overwhelmingly business operators, shall run on the theme " Diversification of the economy and the transformation of local products" Information coming in from GICAM , with its head quarters based in the Bonanjo Neighborhood of Douala.. This meeting began holding on the 20th of February as from 9: 00am till the 21st February 2018. This forum is organized by the Minister of Planning and Regional Development, Louis Paul Motaze, under the theme " Diversification of the economy and transformation of local products "
The criteria of selection shall be done the general census of Business Enterprises. The dynamics of selection shall be chosen by the state for 2018, following the small and Medium Size Enterprises having access to the European Union market as well as the Business Climate for 2017.


Equatorial Guinea has gone to the United Nations’ highest court to challenge a conviction in France against its vice-president for embezzling public money from the oil-rich but impoverished west African country – on the grounds that he has diplomatic immunity.

The extraordinary dispute over the status of Teodorin Obiang, whose fleet of Bugatti and Porsche cars was towed away by police during the French investigation, is being argued over at the international court of justice in The Hague this week.

The court, which usually deals with disputes over international borders, heard submissions from French lawyers on Monday morning that the claim on behalf of Obiang, 48, whose father is president of Equatorial Guinea, should be struck out. 

“France has not accepted the jurisdiction of this court under any title whatsoever to entertain those facts on which Equatorial Guinea seeks the court to rule,” the French representative, François Alabrune, told the ICJ.

The dispute erupted six years ago after France, under pressure from anti-corruption campaigners, began to move against Obiang, whose father, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has run Equatorial Guinea since 1979.

The landmark case – spearheaded by two anti-corruption NGOs, Sherpa and Transparency International – marked a turning point in France, which for a long time turned a blind eye to the families of corrupt foreign dictators buying Parisian real estate and going on luxury spending sprees.


Last October, a court in Paris tried Teodorin Obiang in absentia. He was given a three-year suspended prison sentence and a suspended fine of €30m (£26.5m) for embezzlement, money laundering, corruption and abuse of trust.

The court also demanded confiscation of assets including Obiang’s €107m mansion near the Champs-Élysées, which boasts a hammam steam bath, disco, gym, hairdressing studio, gold-plated taps and hundreds of art works.

Obiang was accused of spending more than 1,000 times his official annual salary on the six-storey mansion on Avenue Foch, one of Paris’s most exclusive streets. The house was decorated with more than €40m worth of furniture, including a €1.6m Louis XV desk, a Rodin sculpture and a dozen Fabergé eggs.

Obiang owned two Bugatti Veyrons, the most expensive and fastest street car in the world, costing about €1m each and capable of reaching 250mph. They were part of a luxury fleet that filled the garages around the cobbled courtyard of his mansion.

During the investigation, French police needed trucks to tow away 11 luxury cars worth around €5m, including a Porsche Carrera, an Aston Martin and a Mercedes Maybach. More lorries were used to clear other assets, including bottles of wine worth thousands of euros each.

Obiang’s lifestyle was in contrast with that of ordinary people in Equatorial Guinea, where more than the half the population lives on less than €1.65 a day, despite the country being one of Africa’s top oil producers.

Obiang’s lawyer said he would appeal against the decision in the French courts. In the meantime, Equatorial Guinea lodged a complaint with the ICJ.

Equatorial Guinea maintains that not only was the Vienna convention, which conferred diplomatic immunity on Obiang, breached, but French officials failed to uphold the diplomatic status of a building that the country maintains is its embassy in Paris.

In 2016, the UN judges in The Hague urged France to ensure the protection of the diplomatic mission in Paris, but sidestepped Equatorial Guinea’s request for Obiang’s trial to be halted.

Relations between the two countries have furthered deteriorated after Equatorial Guinea’s foreign minister, Agapito Mba Mokuy, said an attempted coup in December had been hatched on French soil, although he said the French authorities had “nothing to do with” it.

The Gaurdian


Ndiga Vera 26 y shot this morning at Nkwen by an element of the BIR .A taxi driver wounded as he resisted a routine check by forces of law and order. Respect of basic human rights threatened in the NW and SW regions.A young medical Doctor has been shot by military men loyal to Mr Biya early this morning in Bamenda.

she was shot while sitting  in a taxi on her way to work, Tuesday February 20, 2018.

According to a passenger who was in same taxi, they stopped at Gana Street to drop a military woman who was in the same taxi. The passenger narrates that it's then that the officers standing at Mobil-Nkwen held the driver for parking wrongly.

Reports say as an argument ensued, the taxi driver refused to give his car documents and instead took a U-Turn back into Gana Street. According to eyewitness accounts, they officers opened fire, shooting indiscriminately and unfortunately, Dr Veh Dinga-Nyoh of PMI Nkwen Bamenda was caught in the back.

She's presently at the Bamenda Regional Hospital for urgent surgical intervention. She was shot on the lower part of the back precisely on the right side, we have been told.

National Telegraph has also gathered that the urgent surgical intervention is being carried out to extract the bullet and to verify if any damages were done on her internal organs especially as the bullet hole is closer to the kidney. Reports just in say She has been flown to Yaounde for proper care.

 Eric Tataw for National Telegraph, USA.

In the highest interest of peace and security of our people whose representatives were denied a right to raise a finger or voice in both Houses of Parliament regarding their plight, our God fearing people should not fall into another dead trap called "Senate Elections" with their eyes wide open.

In today's Cameroon, it has been proven time and again that SENATORS represent the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC not the people. Let those who are seeking to become Senators therefore, seek APPOINTMENT from the PRESIDENT and not VOTES from our people they have engaged in a systematic SELLOUT and elimination.


It is incumbent on all of us to make sure that Senate elections exclusively organized to keep the rich and wicked minority in power while maintaining the poor and marginalized majority in permanent poverty do not hold.

If allowed to hold, this elections will continue to legalize pain and poverty in Ambaland, while undermining peace and prosperity throughout British Southern Cameroons.

Before you elect to participate in this election, please, first ask yourself, how many more people must they rape, maim, abduct, kidnap or kill before you stop endorsing their selfish agenda over our desperate masses?

Southern Cameroons must be free for all.

David Makongo


This year, the general directorate of treasury, monetary and financial cooperation of Cameroon’s ministry of finance will continue the identification and closure of public administrations’ bank accounts opened in commercial banks.

This measure mentioned in the general report of the central and external services of the ministry of finance’s annual conference, held in Yaoundé, will contribute to the single treasury account’s consolidation.


According to public authorities, this account will allow transparency and an efficient management of public revenues by centralizing them. At the ministry of finance, it is said that this account will also help end the bad practices of some public officials. Indeed, it is said that these public officials do not hesitate to invest with the public funds in commercial bank accounts.  

Incidentally, this measure will once again weaken those financial institutions, large fund providers for government and its institutions, which have been confronted with liquidity issues for some time now.   



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