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Concord Essen

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Saturday, 16 September 2017 18:52

African Union appoints Moukoko Mbonjo Pierre

The former Minister of External relations in Cameroon, has been appointed to head a team in charge of the reformation of institutions in the African Union.

According to sources, this acts as a reward for this IRIC lecturer who was chased out of the government by the head of State eventhough Paul Biya had personnally sent him to represent the presidency at the Assembly of the United Nations at that time.

He was deposed as Minister of External relations a few minutes before he spoke in front  of the UN assembly. when he finished from there, he took his plane back to Cameroon no longer a Minister.

That is all in the past now, for he presently has won the hearts African Union dignitaries.

Minister Koung A Besike is accused by inhabitants of the quartier golf in Yaounde of Mafia and corruption to the profit of rich persons of that area.

In 2013, this population, sent a memorandum to Paul Biya, outlining their worries concerning their pieces of land.

The president ordered an investigation but till date, nothing has been done about it.

This time around, the minister is accused of illegally giving parcels of land to pot-bellied embezzlers of the regime to add to their stolen money. Among them is the head of CONGELCAM, Fosso Nguchingue.

Saturday, 16 September 2017 18:38

Douala: Stray bullet kills woman in market place

A woman has died as result of a stray bullet which got her right in her business place, in the Nyalla-chateau market in Douala. This incident took place on Thursday 14 September.

Eyewitnesses say that the bullet came from a military target practicing field, beside the market. One of the observers recount that he was with the lady before she died. 

They were discussing about the cleaning of the marketplace.

All of a sudden they heard a sound as if it was someone who had farted. They looked around but it didn't seem to be the case. They only saw the woman crumbling down and when they went closer to her, blood was seen oosing out of her head.

After noticing her in that state, she was immediately taken to the hospital but she ended up dying.

The CPDM affiliated lord mayor of Santa is no more. Mr Khan Moses passed on early this morning at at St Mary hospital in Bamenda .

Sources say the mayor collapsed while doing his regular morning exercises at his home. He is said to have taken part in a meeting yesterday in Bambui, what seem to have been his last public outing.


The late mayor has ben an outspoken critic of the struggle for independence of Southern Cameroons. Activists call his actions selfish because of his quest for higher political position with Biya's government .

Mayor Khan had served in various capacities in the finance sector of public service including Donga Mantung Divisional Treasurer. He is former Paymaster General of NW. Voted as mayor of Santa council after September 30th 2013 municipal elections. He was also President of United Cities and Councils of Cameroon for the NW.

The mayor is also the founder of the Synagogue house of prayers at sonac street in Bamenda.


Separatists calling for the breakup of Nigeria have crossed a red line and the country’s unity is not negotiable, President Muhammadu Buhari said on Monday (August 21) in his first speech since returning home after three months of medical leave in Britain.

Ethnic tensions have surfaced in the last few months amid calls for a separate southeastern state, known as Biafra, while some in the restive southern Niger Delta oil hub have called for independence and Boko Haram militants seek an Islamic state in the northeast.


In a televised speech, broadcast two days after his return on Saturday (August 19), Buhari said he followed events in Nigeria on a daily basis during his absence and was concerned by discussions over the possible dissolution of the country.

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation with 180 million people, split roughly equally between Christians and Muslims and about 250 different ethnic groups who mostly live peacefully side-by-side.



The truth in Cameroon is that people are living in fear. Believe me, if you talk to Prof. Ako or search his heart of hearts, he is disgruntled with the Francophone government. I have not talked to any Southern Cameroonian alias Anglophone personally, but I know even they are not happy with the Francophone government. Who will be happy when out of 35 ministers in Cameroon, only one (1) is English speaking and even the one (1) was educated in France. In the line of succession, if the President is not there, the next person is the Speaker of the National Assembly (Francophone), the next is President of the Senate (Francophone) and then the Prime Minister (fourth position - Anglophone)! Even the Prime Minster does not have the powers some Francophone Ministers have.

The Prime Minister is deceived that he is head of government, does he appoint any minister? Does any minister take orders from the Prime Minister? Someone appropriately called the office of Prime Minister as sinecure position and that is what it is. Yes, our son Minister Mengot knows himself that nobody regards him as anything in the presidency. I am not there and nobody told me, but I know that is the truth. All Southern Cameroonians alias West Cameroonian are frustrated people in the Republic of Cameroon. Everyone is afraid.


To show that 95% of Southern Cameroonians are frustrated with being under the Republic of Cameroon, that is why the ghost towns are more effective in villages than in the cities. In the cities, francophone children go to school, francophone business people open their stores, but in the villages you cannot try it.

No one goes out to warn people not to send their children to school, but every family knows that his/her daughter has a degree but is jobless meanwhile all the jobs (menial and important) are occupied or filled with francophone children. Wait till when francophone become totally bilingual in a way that you will not be able to distinguish when the speak English, all jobs will be filled by their children. Some of us think the push for bilingualism is to advantage us. No! If we do not succeed to address the situation now, the situation ahead would be devastating. Even the crumbs we now enjoy will no longer be there. Francophone might even come and seize our lands and tell us to go to hell.

Some of you were not born when the Igbos were in Cameroon. What happened then and push our fathers to jump from fry pan to fire, will return. At that time the Ibo man would force you to buy his/her merchandise and if you did not, you called the police man, he was Igbo, went to court, the lawyer and magistrate were ibos, etc. It would be worse! even those pro La Republique du Cameroun will not be exempted.   

The not closing of Anglophones schools in La Republique du Cameroun is due to fear. The Catholic bishops, Moderator of Presbyterian church had to open their schools because of fear. Has anyone heard that the President ever responded to the letter to written to him by the Catholic bishops of Southern Cameroons outlining the grievances that brought about the strike? When bishop Balla of Ebolowa was eliminated, everyone is now afraid. Bishop Tutu never succumb to apartheid government of South Africa but our bishops have been cowed. English schools in LRC would have been shut down in solidarity but if they did, most of them would have been dead meat now. Fear is what is ruling in Cameroon.

Anglophones in high positions in LRC are grumbling quietly in their homes and small circles. Dying in silence. Our parliamentarians would perhaps have left LRC as our forefathers did in Enugu, but they fear we might led them down since fear controls us. The Wirbas are few. The Paul Ayahs are few.


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