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For some days now, many televisions have been continually broadcasting a message from Camair-Co, informing Cameroonians that the public airline company transported 235,686 passengers in 2017. Compared to the numbers of travelers in 2016, this represents an increase of 94%.


The company explained that this performance was due to numerous efforts they made in 2017. First, they acquired five new planes, a 767-300 (le Dja), two new generation 737-700 and two MA-60. Then, they covered more regions in Cameroon (it now flies to 8 out of the 10 regions in the country) by increasing the frequency of weekly flights from 70 to 100.

Finally, since October 27, 2017, the company has been conquering the African sky. It now flies to Dakar (Senegal), Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), N’djamena (Chad) and Bangui (Central Africa). Thanks to these investments, the company was able to reduce its monthly deficit from CFA2 billion to CFA62 million between 2016 and 2017.



Senator Victor Mukete, the oldest senator lampoons Biya and says it's due to his nonchalant and airy nature that the Crisis rocking the nation has gone off rail.

Narrating the journey of the crisis, the Senator laments that if the members of the Consortium weren't arrested and detained, if the moderates weren't arrested and kept incommunicado, the atmosphere that we have today won't have been.

Senator Victor Mukete believes that President Ahmadu Ahidjo was more assessable than Paul Biya today and that issues affecting the livelihood of the state are supposed to be treated with figure and commitment. The senator wonders at the method of using the military or gun boat philosophy in resolving a sociopolitical crisis.


According to him, the military won't resolve any crisis and that the only solution will be a ten state Federation. However it's really challenging even to arrive at such conclusion because a lot of people of the Southern Cameroon's no longer desire any Federation with the Francophones whom they accuse for the death, missing ones, the maimed and the incarcerated.

The fabric of brotherhood and togetherness has been badly damaged, beyond dispute and repair. For centuries to come the bitterness that this crisis has generated, shall forever hunt those who wanted to become the state or play the state. Their excesses shall hunt them and thousands shall face human right charges at The Hague.


 More than 200 people have been convicted in Nigeria on charges related to their involvement with militant Islamist group Boko Haram, the justice ministry said on Monday.

The convictions of 205 people in mass trials mark the conclusion of the second stage of the country’s biggest legal challenge to Boko Haram, which began an insurgency in 2009 aimed at creating an Islamic state in northeastern Nigeria.

“Most of them were convicted for professing to belong to the terrorist group, (or) concealing information about the group which they knew or believe to be of material assistance that could lead to the arrest, prosecution or conviction of Boko Haram members,” the justice ministry said in a statement.


Jail terms ranged from three to 60 years, said the ministry.

It also said a total of 526 people allegedly affiliated with Boko Haram had been released for rehabilitation during the second stage, and said 73 cases had been adjourned. [nL8N1Q80F4]

More than 20,000 people have been killed and two million forced to flee their homes since the insurgency began.

Humanitarian groups have criticised the Nigerian authorities’ handling of some of those detained for infringing on the suspects’ rights.

Some whose cases were heard last week at a detention centre in central Nigeria had been held without trial since 2010, according to the justice ministry, which added that some had been released for lack of evidence against them.

In October, the ministry said 45 people suspected of Boko Haram links had been convicted and jailed. A further 468 suspects were discharged and 28 suspects were remanded for trial in Abuja or Minna.



The Fons of the thirteen Villages that make up Batibo Sud Division have decried the incessant torture and waste Of live caused by this crisis which gets Worse every passing hour and day.

The Governor of the North West Region Meeting with the Fons gave them an Ultimatum to bring back the Sub Divisional Officer for Batibo The Fons have made it abundantly clear That they are merely victims of the Sociopolitical crisis rocking the nation.


The Sub Divisional Officer for Batibo Was whisked off from the grand stand Taken into an unknown destination and Kept in incommunicado for more than a week.

Where is the state scouts investigative Police and the Gendarmerie brigade If the state had a professional team, the Sub Divisional officer won't have gone missing.


This crisis had witnessed the killing of a student Gendarme on Sunday at Nguti and at Talangai. Fighting erupted between government forces and the Restoration forces. The Gendarmerie Post came under heavy attack, situated along the Kumba - Mamfe Road. This attack was carried out by three heavily armed separatist fighters who have a deep hatred for the Gendarmerie elements,whom they say aren't supposed to be in Southern Cameroon's because it isn't a French territory.

These separatist fighters opened fire on the 18th of February and killed the young student Gendarmerie officer, Degoume Jean Claude. On the same day on Mamfe - Bamenda express, there was as well another confrontation ground between the forces of LA Republique Du Cameroun and the separatist fighters.


This confrontation was necessitated in order to dislodge the separatist fighters, who have mounted a control post. These separatist fighters were now doing control of vehicles and it resulted to hold up and traffic flow became to challenging. After the intervention of the military, traffic flow became more fluid and no casualties were recorded .

The confrontation in Talangai has orchestrated another vast movements of people moving out as refugees. These people are fleeing from the silly and huge inappropriate retaliatory attacks og the scouts of LA Republique Du Cameroun. Driven by malice , deep hatred for Anglophones and the vicious instructions of the President and the Minister Delegate in charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo. The separatist fighters are fighting for a cause vastly supported by the population and this is frustrating the state scouts.


The speaker of the Cameroon's House of Assembly has summoned his circus clowns for another hand clapping session, so that government bills are rubber stamped into law. The main objective is the presentation of the eleven man bureau of the Constitutional council, recently appointed.

This body shall be in charge of the arbitration of the flaws and irregularities of the up coming Senatorial Election coming up March 25, 2018.. It's a routine of the National Assembly and the Senate to have their respective bureau renewed, but its not surprising that this wasn't a priority,since the CPDM has an overwhelming majority in both houses. Intervening in the context of the guerilla warfare used by the separatist in the North West and South West Regions, this time around the National Assembly shall discuss this taboo topic during this one month session.


Not forgetting that the once a taboo topic was brought to a poisoned session in December that was earmarked for the presentation of the state budget. The CPDM was vigorously opposed to this proposal from the Social Democratic Front, the main opposition party in Parliament, who were requesting that the topic be tabled Today the issues affecting the People whose cultural identity is Anglosaxon have become radicalized and hardened by the viciousness of the state militia in handling this crisis. This sociopolitical crisis has gone from bad to worse affecting national interest and the constitutional frame work.

However the people of Southern Cameroon's adamantly are asking which Constitutional frame work and legal justification are the Francophones buttressing? Where is the Federal Constitution and what instruments of legality were used to top due Article 47 of the Federal constitution. The peoples of Southern Cameroon's feel rightly that they have been short changed in a Union of equal status.

Francophones must be rudely reminded that there wasn't any Province or Region before 1977 except West Cameroon and East Cameroon. This falsehood of Francophones being majority and that the majority should swallow the minority was cooked up by French mechanism and today the results are here for all to see and behold. This poorly handled crisis, presumably as easy as anything that a military crack down was the magic wan.

The military even in the next one thousand years can't resolve this crisis. Ideological warfare can't be checked by an armed military.


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