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Nadine Njoya, Cameroonian born UN worker stationed with the UNHCR offfice in Juba Sudan who ranted loud with an air of supremacy over anglophones found herself  pushed in a tiny corner and forced to delete her Facebook account after reactions to hateful comments she posted on her wall against Southern Cameroonians.

Inner City Press, on September 5, reported that  Njoya posted a comment  in relation to the current anglophone crisis palguing Cameroon in which she called anglophone activists "terrorists" and urge her parents and grand parents (Là Republique du Cameroun), to use very hard measures and a more repressive force to deal with Southern Cameroonians:

 «Ce sont de véritables terroristes et il font croire au monde qu’il s’agit d’un mouvement populaire. Il est temps de mettre en place une répression plus dure en espérant que cela calme un peu ces bandits de grands chemins et ceux qui sont tapis dans l’ombre»


 “They are real terrorists and they make believe the world that ‘this is a popular movement. It is time to put an end to this with a tough crackdown, hoping that it calms a little these vagabonds (highway robbers) and those who are hiding in the shadows “.

Below is the reaction on the comment from Innercity Press:


After UN Staff Urged Repression in Cameroon, UNHCR Sends Complaint Link to Inner City Press

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, September 12 – How does the UN respond when its staff call for "harder repression" of their opponents, linking themselves with the UN? The spokesman for UN Secretary General Antonio "Mr. Refugees" Guterres has three times refused to answer this question from Inner City Press, UN video here. Now the UN's refugee agency UNHCR has provided a bureaucratic answer, but an answer nonetheless, complete with a link to an online form. We will continue to follow this case of a Francophone Cameroonian UNHCR staffer who called for more of the crackdown already underway from the Paul Biya government in Anglophone Cameroon, deriding the Southern Cameroons movement as not a popular movement. On September 13, a week after Inner City Press asked UNHCR in writing, the agency's Babar Baloch told Inner City Press: "Hi dear Matthew, UNHCR takes allegations of misconduct seriously and has formal procedures in place to follow up as appropriate. This matter is being dealt with in line with the existing protocols. For information on UNHCR’s oversight function, please visit" There it is said that "the Inspector General’s Office (IGO), based in our Geneva headquarters, has [as]functions to investigate allegations of misconduct by anyone working for the refugee agency and to conduct inquiries into other types of incidents that could affect the reputation of the organization. Misconduct can include threats to others [or] acts or behavior that would discredit UNHCR." There is a link to a form to request action: Now what? As outrage grew, UNHCR told Inner City Press that the staff had deleted the Facebook post. But is that enough, when UNRWA has done more? Is this all that would be done if the post were about the Rohingya and Myanmar? Inner City Press asked four spokespeople at UNHCR, and on September 12 received this from spokesman Babar Baloch: "The UNHCR social media policy includes an obligation for staff to act with impartiality, to exercise discretion and to refrain from making public statements on personal accounts on controversial matters. Any violation thereof may be considered as misconduct, and complaints will be investigated as such. Complaints about possible misuse of social media or possible misconduct on social media platforms are referred to UNHCR’s Inspector General's Office." So have these complaints about the Cameroon post been referred to UNHCR’s Inspector General's Office? We've asked. Dujarric dodged the question of UN-wide policy on September 11 then amid follow up questions from Inner City Press, he simply walked out, saying, "I'm done." UNTV video to follow, unless they edit it out. UNHRC - and ex-chief now UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and his spokesman Stephane Dujarric appear to believe that initially refusing to answer, then merely deleting the post while essentially justifying it is enough. Would this be the approach at UNRWA? Even at UNHCR, would it be the approach if the group targeted by the staff member was, say, the Rohingyas in Myanmar, with the staffer making a broad-brush characterization as "terrorist" and not a popular movement and calling for harder repression? It seems not. So why does the UN system, including it seems UNHCR, treat this struggle differently? We'll have more on this. Inner City Press has asked five UNHCR spokespeople: "I'm still left wondering what UNHCR's (and, if different, the UN's) policy is, when staff members link themselves on social media with the UN. Is it still a 'personal' page if as here it lists the UN, four times ? Even if they are angry at a flier - which Inner City Press would like to see, if you can forward it - should a person self-identifying as with the UN call for harder repression? Is UNHRC's response here consistent with what's done at other UN-affiliated organization, and if not how are staff members to know what to do?" We are awaiting response.  In New York at the September 6 UN noon briefing Inner City Press asked Secretary General Antonio Guterres' lead spokesman Stephane Dujarric about something it first tried to ask UNHCR in writing: a self-described UNHCR "Community Protection Officer" Nadine Njoya born in Yaounde calling Anglophone protesters and urging a "harder repression." Inner City Press then tweeted the photos, here.

Dujarric said he would look into it. But when Inner City Press asked again on September 7, he passed the buck to UNHCR - and the UN transcript edited out Inner City Press saying it HAD asked, or tried to ask, UNHCR (by emailing the photos to Antonio Guterres former spokesperson and adviser Melissa Fleming). So Inner City Press emailed not only Ms. Fleming, the long time spokesperson for now-Secretary General Antonio Guterres, but also three other UNHCR spokespeople, and has just received the response below: "Dear  Matthew, The comments posted were not a UNHCR position and were done in staff member’s personal capacity. Please note that the staff member has since deleted the post, after realizing it was inappropriate and also receiving death threats. We are sharing with you below her response on the issue. “…..I do confirm that I did a comment on Tuesday 05/09 on my personal Facebook account. That comment was to give my opinion on the content of some flyers carrying threatening messages that are currently dispatched by unknown people in my country (Cameroon). I have attached the flyers here to and as you will notice, parents are warned not to send their children to school and the unknown persons behind the flyers, clearly promise to kill the children that would be sent to school or anyone who will not comply with their “ghost town” instruction. Therefore, my comment was to condemn the authors of those 2 flyers, as I felt that the rights of the Cameroonian children to safety, life and education were violated and fear/terror among the population was disseminated! It’s unfortunate that my words were taken out of their context. I do take note of your advice and please be informed that I had to delete my Facebook account yesterday……”  On the Burundian refugee returns from Tanzania: UNHCR stands ready to assist any refugee who expresses the desire to return to Burundi – as long as the decision is voluntary. In a recent meeting with UNHCR on August 1, Burundi and Tanzania reaffirmed their commitment to the principle of voluntary repatriation of refugees. The two countries also acknowledged that while some refugees may opt to return, others may still have well-founded reasons for not returning." We'll let it speak for itself, except for asking, When did UNHCR know about this? Why was the question never answered until Inner City Press asked four UNHCR spokespeople? Is this how, for example, UNRWA or even other UN agencies operate? Finally, for our readers to comment on online on Twitter and elsewhere, is UNHRC's and UN's response appropriate? Watch this site.


A group campaigning for the secession of a part of southeastern Nigeria, formerly known as Biafra, on Tuesday accused the army of laying siege to their leader’s home, a charge the armed forces denied.

Rising tensions prompted the governor of Abia state, where the leader’s residence is located, to impose a curfew.

Abia state governor Okezie Ikpeazu said in a statement that people were advised to observe a curfew from 6 p.m. (1700 GMT) to 6 a.m. (0500 GMT) from Sept. 12 to Sept. 14.

Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) group said soldiers had surrounded the home of leader Nnamdi Kanu. Groups have stepped up calls for secession since Kanu was released on bail in April after being detained for nearly two years on charges of criminal conspiracy and belonging to an illegal society.

“There was no surrounding of Nnamdi Kanu’s residence. It is not true,” said army spokesman Sani Usman.

Secessionist sentiment has simmered in the region since the Biafra separatist rebellion tipped Africa’s most populous country into a civil war in 1967-70 that killed an estimated one million people.

The military presence in southeastern Nigeria has increased in the last few weeks to crack down on crime.

The IPOB also said that soldiers stormed Kanu’s family compound on Sunday, which the army also denied.

Politicians waded into the dispute on Tuesday. A caucus of southeastern lawmakers in the Senate, the upper chamber of parliament, said in a statement through its chairman Enyinnaya Abaribe that the military had sent a “strong signal that the region is under siege, which should not be so in a democracy”.

Renewed calls for Biafran secession prompted President Muhammadu Buhari to use his first speech after returning from three months of medical leave in Britain, in August, to say Nigeria’s unity was “not negotiable”.

Amnesty International in 2016 accused Nigeria’s security forces of killing at least 150 Biafra separatists at peaceful rallies. The military and police denied the allegations.




Definition: West Cameroon as used in this document refer to the inhabitants of the area who were born and bred in the former British Southern Cameroons. tater known as West Cameroon, covering tor. North West and South West Regions.

1) Take judicial notice of genocide perpetrated on our people, Monday 4. September 2017 by the Commanding Officer Cameroon Gendarmerie military forces of Bui division; who ordered his men to mastermind the cold blooded killing of a 16 year old form 3 student,Sevidzem Cyprian and Abdul .12, and at least 10 others shot and wounded, some of whom are In critical condition In the local hospitals; with silent complicity and blessings of President Paul Blya as Commander In Chief of the Arm. Forces of Cameroon, who a few days earlier shocked our people by putting West Cameroon under direct military rule by deploying thousands of armed troops to this territory on the pretext of securing 'school reopening" In West Cameroon;

2) Take judicial notice of President 1:1,a earlier ordering forceful Interruption and severance of Internet services of communication, which lasted for over 3 months selecting West Cameroon for this Indiscriminate sanction, and In the process killing Infant small and medium site businesses and compromising the future of young West Cameroonian entrepreneurs with the silence of the international community, especial, when the cutting of Internet was being used as strategy of genocide. Internet was restored after 3 months without an apology, or a, kind of compensation for West Cameroonian: who went out of business because of this reckless management and repression of West Cameroon grievances, which were not only educational and judicial spheres but also economic. political and social, and the general injustice done to this minority
group which existed as a people with a defined geographical zone, government and parliaments

including the House of Chiefs; an advanced justice machinery which allowed free and fair
elections and orderly change of government; where the Prime Minister of Southern Cameroons in 1959, Dr lohn Ngu Foncha took over helm of government from Dr EMI. Endeley in the capital of Buea.

Following the subversive illegal referendum of May 1972 in which West Cameroonian became victims, this situation of injustice has been used to consider all Cameroonians as suspects following the injustice done to them by the 1972 mascaraed organized by Ahidjo, to preserve French interests in Cameroon at the expense of West Cameroonians, and when there was no real problem to justify the illegal change of the form of the Federal Republic of Cameroon with 2 federated states of equal power and statues. Since then,the history of Cameroon has been distorted and hidden from young Cameroonians in order to hide the mischief and shame of 1972 in which West Cameroonian victims have been forced to celebrate the death of their freedom, the death of their culture and the death of their state bs annexation, when the 20th May day was forced on our helpless people.

3) Take judicial notice that in spite of my constitutional immunity as Member of Parliament, a written order was issued for my arrest, in an attempt to deprive me of my liberty to speak out against injustice to the people of West Cameroon; and the police and gendarmes chased me through the country until I had to run for my dear life and take refuge In neighbouring Nigeria, where I spent 5 months in reflections which gave me the patriotic courage to decide on my return to my homeland despite the dangers, to confront our oppressors, and either go to jail or get killed for defending my people. All of this being part of the total contempt for all West Cameroonians by the institutions of the Republic of Cameroon, where the rule of law has given way and been sacrificed for political interests and expediencies to ensure the survival of a regime that treats our people with the disdain of slavery;
4) Take judicial notice that at this material time of September 2017, because of the blind and arbitrary mass arrests unleashed against West Cameroonian lawyer Agbor Balla Nkongho, the learned and distinguished Supreme Court Magistrate Ayah Paul Abine, university Don Dr Fontem (who have just been temporarily released); there still are hundreds of West Cameroonians incarcerated In various prisons in Yaounde, among whom are Mancho Biblixy and Penn Terence. Presently, there are more than 500 West Cameroon opinion leaders on the run for their lives, among them Lawyers, teachers and civil society leaders, many of whom have suddenly become refugees in neighbouring Nigeria, a nation to which we give special thanks for their hospitality, assistance and solidarity;
5) Take judicial notice of systematic and planned destruction of all strategic West Cameroonian key private businesses such as NANGAH Company, K. Company, Atabong Enterprises, Che Company, Carncroon Bank with head office at Victoria, AMITY BANK Cameroon with head office at Bamenda; which has been with the complicity of the MINFI/National Monetary Authority and has been killed principally by COBAC (Banking Commission of Central African States) which is managed by BFAC (Bank of Central African States) through the French Treasury; to help keep all West Cameroonians poor and weaken them politically and to exclude them from vital and strategic economic sectors. For 17 years, the West Cameroonian Founder of Amity Bank has been denied audience by all successive Ministers of Finance and National Monetary Authorities
of Cameroon, thus defrauding thousands of West Cameroonian investors of their huge

The outspoken and lionhearted Member of Parliament for the Jakiri Special Constituency, Hon Joseph Wirba, has once again petitioned the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres,

accusing the Biya regime of Man slaughter in Southern Cameroons.
Hon Wirba drew the attention of Guterres to the recent Kifem massacre in Bui Dvision of the North West Region which some locals were slain by the forces of law and other and urged the UN Scribe to intervene before things degenerate.

Reports emerging in London hold that all paper works have been concluded for the British House of Commons to meet with the independent advocates of Southern Cameroons in the least possible time.




Denizens in the South West Regional capital, Buea, for 48 hours now have been living in the dread of the hour following the drafted in of Ambazonia Defence Council( ADC)


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