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The 51-year-old wealthy businessman is currently out of Democratic Republic Congo seeking medical treatment.

He was found guilty of illegally selling a property in Lubumbashi, his eastern power base.

The court in Lubumbashi, DR Congo’s second city, also fined the football tycoon $6m (£4.1m) for illegally selling the property, which a Greek citizen claimed belonged to his family.

Katumbi flew out of the country on 20 May, a day after the authorities issued an arrest warrant for him on separate charges of hiring foreign mercenaries – allegations he denies.

Moise Katumbi was governor of the south-eastern Katanga province for almost a decade.

In September last year he broke ties with the ruling party when he accused President Kabila, his former ally, of wanting to cling to power.

His popularity is partly down to his job as the president of a great source of Congolese pride – football club TP Mazembe who are Africa’s reigning football champions, having won the African Champions League for the fifth time in November.

Katumbi had the backing of seven opposition parties to run for the presidency in elections due to be held in November.

The first devastating effect of Birds Flu has been recorded in Noun Division, West Region. A poultry farmer in his 40s plunges into the Noun river and died following the persistent lost of fowls, resources and most especially money he borrowed from a bank.

Simon Nguemo drove his car, packed beside the river, dived inside and was gone. He leaves behind a wife and child.

Cameroonian ministers going by article 127 of the revised penal code, will have immunity just like MPs and President. SDF MPs walked out of Parliament in protest. According to Hon.

Esther Ngala, appointed ministers cannot have same immunity with the People's representative, this means the power of MP has been reduced.


Joshua Osih, 1st National Vice Chairman at Social Democratic Front  had this to say:

Because the immunity of Ministers (Article 127) is contrary to good governance and transparency of public finances,

Believes imprisoning citizens because they have two months of unpaid rent (Article 322) is a dispute that can be resolved by civil remedies instead of inserting drastic sanctions in our criminal code;

Because several provisions are contrary to our international commitments;

Because the death penalty (ART 18) is contrary to all our commitments and our humanity,

I cannot afford in the state to vote this law on the penal code currently under debate.

It will take a change in diet to bring Cameroon in modernity.

For best Cameroon,

Hon. Joshua Nambangi OSIH

It was on the 26th of June 2003 in a Confederations cup Semi final game pitting Cameroun-Columbia, when Marco fondly called dropped dead at the 72nd minute of the game. MARCO collapsed at the centre circle alone and was tried to restart his heart by mouth to mouth resuscitation to no avail. He was stretched off the field to the stadium medical room where he died 15mins later.

It should be noted that the Team coach Winfried Schafer noticed some fatigue before his collapse and had signalled his replacement which Marco refused that he would play on.
A second autopsy saw evidences of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a hereditary condition known to increase risk of sudden death during physical exercise.
Foe's widow Marie-Louise stated that he had been ill with gastric problems and dysentry before the match.
FIFA Confederation Cup is a tournament played by continental champions from 6 continents, World cup holders and the next host Nation.
MARCO played the wins of Brazil and Turkey and rested against USA because Cameroun already qualified.
Marc Vivien Foe was born 1st May 1975 in Yde. He started as a junior with 2nd Division Union Garoua and later moved to Canon Yde, one of the biggest clubs in Cameroun. He won the Cameroun cup in 1993.
His international debut was against Mexico in Sept. 1993. He was part of the national squad for USA 94, starting all the 3 matches.
Junior category.
91-92 Union Garoua.
92-94, Fogape Yde.
Senior career.
94-99, Canon Yde.
99-2000, West Ham united.
2000-2003, Lyon.
(2002-2003) Man City on Loan.
National team. 1993-2003.
You left a legacy! Marco RIP.

Despite the anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from the "Leave" campaign, not all British citizens of African decent believe that the UK should remain in the EU.

The eyes of the world are on the UK this week as it heads into its historic referendum to decide whether voters want Britain to leave the European Union (Brexit) or remain a member of the bloc. Among those taking to the polls Thursday are hundreds of thousands of Africans, both British Africans and Commonwealth citizens living in the UK. Around two percent of the country's population described themselves as black African or mixed African in the last census.

The vote has been described as the decision of a generation and for many voters it's a tough choice. At a market in the northeast of the city, Londoners from all over the world are buying and selling everything from brightly coloured fabrics to dried fish. Opinions about Brexit are just as varied.

Ian Campbell, a perfume trader, was born in London to Nigerian parents. He finds himself split between the two options because much of his business is linked to European trade.

"As a self-employed person, one side says leave and one side says remain. It's hard! What's best for my children?" he asked.

African voters

Campbell is one of over half a million British Africans living in London. Around the country there are also hundreds of thousands of Africans eligible to vote because they're citizens of the Commonwealth, an organisation mostly made up of countries which were formerly part of the British Empire, including 18 African states.

This has angered some people who say only British citizens should be allowed to vote. But it is also something that the euro-sceptic UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the "Leave" campaign have been trying to capitalise on.

"The leader of the UKIP party said that if they are to leave the EU, there will be better chances for those from Commonwealth countries of which I am one," said Clement Edeh, a 29-year-old Nigerian studying for an MBA in London.

He is, however, not convinced that a Brexit would be good for Commonwealth citizens and has picked up on the racial undertones in some of the anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from UKIP. And because of certain comments from the party which Edeh considered "racist," he is not leaning toward a Brexit.

Fear remains

Other citizens of African decent are prepared to overlook such undertones in the Leave campaign's anti-immigration policies. Fifi is a 55-year-old beauty therapist from Liberia who has been in Britain for 25 years. But even as an immigrant herself, she is wary of welcoming too many additional immigrants.

"I'm terrified of all this terrorism," she said. "I don't think the government has control over the situation at the moment so I really do not think I will be voting to remain [in the EU]."

But not all British Africans fear an influx of immigrants. Esther Koroma came to the UK from Sierra Leone and appreciates the opportunities she has had as an immigrant in London.

"If God granted me the opportunity to stay, I believe someone else should also have the opportunity," she said.

Militants and sympathisers of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) thronged the ruling party’s birthplace at the Bamenda Congress Hall to be witnesses to the commissioning of pioneer Permanent members of North West Regional and Divisional delegations of the Central Committee on June 22, 2016.  

While enjoining them to improve the quality of political work and increase performance, the Secretary General of the Central Committee, Jean Nkuete, prescribed solidarity among the new structures conceived to accompany and support grassroots militancy.

Leading the North West Delegation was H.E. Philemon Yang with members and Chargé de Missions who include; HRH Aneng Francis, Mrs Regina Mundi, Alhadji Baba Ahmadou Danpullo, Dr Nwana Sama Bernard and  Okie  Johnson. Hon. Waingeh Albert Ndim, Shey Jones Yembe, Nji Fidelis, Uphie Chinje Melo, Prof Daniel Lantum and Atanga Nji Paul respectively head the Boyo, Donga Mantung, Menchum, Ngoketunjia, Bui and Mezam delegations.

Going back to the December 9, 2015 and May 19, 2016 appointment decisions by the CPDM National Chairman, Paul Biya, Jean Nkuete said it is all about a vast modernisation exercise which involves major political and strategic operations to firmly sustain the CPDM party. Setting the tone for the event, Mezam 1B Section President, Cletus Anye Matoya appealed for party Chairman, Paul Biya to launch the next Presidential elections in Bamenda, North West region whose party faithful have stated preparedness to stand by him as their candidate.

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