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Words are going round suggesting that two presidential hopefuls as are 'set to form a coalition to defeat President Paul Biya in the upcoming presidential election.' Akere Muna and Maurice Kamto met on Thursday in Yaoundé behind closed doors.

The content of their encounter has not yet been revealed. But some persons have concluded that it's a possible step towards a coalition to overpower Mr Biya.

President Biya is in his 36th year in office. He has won several controversial elections over the years. Some analysts have attributed the failure of the opposition to a lack of a strong coalition to dismantle the 'dictatorship'.

But some opposition leaders, like Edith Kah Walla, have blamed it on the absence of a second round of elections.

 Le Monde news site A French news site has pointed out that Cameroonians lack the desire to live together like one people. After all, they are not one, it has added.

Le Monde Afrique made the statement at the backdrop of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

A nation is bound by two factors: A common past and the desire to live together, the site has revealed.

But Cameroon is missing both factors. The 35-year-old regime is unable to make the people feel at home.

A great part of Southern cameroons doesn't feel as if they belong in Cameroon, the news site has said. Some observers could embrace the assertion, given that hate speeches are still commonplace in both Francophone and Anglophone Cameroon.

Words and phrases like "les Bamenda", "francofools" are yet to disappear from the lexicon of so-called united Cameroon.

This is coming at a very crucial period, when Cameroon has to organize several elections while battling with the Anglophone crisis and Boko Haram.

And it's very unlikely that Mr Biya will step down at the end of his current mandate in a bit to avoid throwing the nation into chaos.

Taking the common painkiller ibuprofen has been linked in a small study with a condition affecting male fertility problems.

Male fertility is dropping around the world and the researchers wanted to see if ibuprofen might be contributing to this.


Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug sold without a prescription for short-term treatment of pain, inflammation from injuries, and fever. Health professionals may recommend longer-term use.

It is known to increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke if taken regularly in high doses for a long time.

It has already been linked with fertility problems in women taking the drug.

Common brands of ibuprofen include Advil and Motrin.

The Danish and French study looked at 31 athletic men between the ages of 18 and 35.

Half the group took 600mg of ibuprofen twice a day – the maximum recommended dose in the U.S. is 800mg up to four times a day -- for 2 weeks. The other half took a dummy (placebo) tablet. Samples were taken before and after the trial for comparison.

Those who took the ibuprofen were more likely to have indications of testicular problems -- including a condition called compensated hypogonadism that affects reproductive health -- meaning men are less likely to be able to father a child. This is more common in older men than younger ones.

Ibuprofen appears to affect the pituitary gland that's involved in production of the male hormone testosterone, as well as other processes linked to sperm production.

'Landmark study'

Several experts have reacted to the study findings.

Richard Quinton, MD, from Newcastle University in England and the Society for Endocrinology, says: "This is a landmark study that elegantly combines clinical and basic research, at both tissue and cellular levels, to show that ibuprofen, a common over-the-counter painkiller, can reversibly hinder testosterone production by testicular cells."

Before now, he says, "most warnings regarding this family of painkillers have focused on limiting long-term use in the elderly to prevent gastrointestinal, renal and cardiac adverse effects. This study should give pause for thought to sportsmen using them routinely for exercise-induced aches and pains.”

Professor Allan Pacey from the University of Sheffield, cautions: "The results suggest that long-term use (several weeks) of ibuprofen can affect the production of the male hormone by the testicles. The authors speculate that this could have health implications for such men, given the known links between the disruption of such hormones and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and infertility.

"However, this is currently speculative. So, for the time being, I would urge men who need to take ibuprofen to continue to do so. However, it is recommended that if men (or women) need to take it for more than 3 days consecutively then they should first consult their family doctor."

Kevin McEleny, PhD, from the British Fertility Society says: "This was a short-term study and the effects seen on testicular health may be reversible. No direct effect on fertility was shown, but the results of this initial study suggest that it warrants further investigation.

“Long-term use of ibuprofen has other negative effects on overall health so people should only be taking it over a period of weeks, months or years if a doctor has prescribed it.”

Source: Webmd

Eto Fils Samuel the greatest African Footballer is so angry and grossly disappointed by some silly commentaries made about his changing complexion. According to him, it's his personal issue but some people see it as an inferiority complex issue. Most people feel that his black skin isn't of any value to him because probably he could have achieved much if he wasn't black skin.

Unfortunately Eto Fils Samuel just like other persons who have breeched or are bleaching haven't understood the disadvantages of bleaching. Bleaching destroys the melanin and exposes the body to cancer of the skin.

Most beached people suffer from very offensive body ordure that is very nauseating and irritating. His anger got explosive on the Wednesday the 10th of February 2018, when he organized a press conference aimed at clearing the air on the matter once and for all.

Beer drunkards went into a frenzy when the minister of Finance and minister of Trade and Commerce announced that Beer prices remain unchanged for 2018. Most Cameroonians have never understood the reason why Beer culture is heavily promoted by the state . The reason is simple. Let these nuisance get terribly drunk, so that their brains are norm and made dull.

This will check threats and critical reasoning from the populace. It's therefore reported as well as it's on record that drunkards in Cameroon misappropriate forty eight billions on liquor.

This whooping sum could have been used in constructing marvelous homes for themselves and guarantee excellent education and health insurance for themselves as well as for themselves.

The Kribi Sea port though shredded with controversy is another port that will ease the congestion witnessed at the Douala Water port. The Kribi Seaport was primarily constructed for the Chadian Crude oil to be transported via oil pipes, from Duba to Kribi. The Kribi Sea port stands a heavy risk becoming another white elephant project that will ridicule Cameroon.

Its inaugural is slated for the 1st of March 2018 by the Minister Delegate in charge of Transport. The port was constructed by a joint Chinese and French Tagged Cma-Cgm and group Bollare and another Chinese company tagged Chec. The Kribi Sea port stands to be a total misadventure because it was constructed without any exemplary environmental Impact analysis and comparing other projects of such magnitude in neighboring countries.

Nigeria has enlarged its Seaport facilities in Lagos, Calabar, Libreville in Gabon, Point Noir in Congo Brazzaville and Bata in Equatorial Guinea. All the Central African Countries formerly were making use of the Douala Seaport as a transit port for their goods.

Today the paradigm has changed but LA Republique Du Cameroun didn't have the clairvoyance to see and make alternative arrangements.

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