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The lead Counsel following the abduction case of the Ambazonian Interim President and some members of his cabinet says he has had direct talks with the Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs who has confirmed that our leaders were whisked off by the government.

Talking to me by telephone, the confident - breathing Counsel also said he has urged the government through the Minister of Foreign Affairs to speedily arraign the IP Sisiku AyukTabe and members of his cabinet to court.

This information comes amidst growing speculations fueled by some Yaounde - based media organs that the Ambazonian leaders had already been transferred to Cameroon for detention and trial.

The release of this information represents a major breakthrough in a week long battle to ascertain the whereabouts of the abducted leaders.

There are hopes that in the hours or days ahead, the abducted dignitaries could be allowed to hold talks to their counsels.

Nigeria and the UN have announced that more than 15000 Southern Cameroonians are seeking refuge in Nigeria, the BBC has reported.

The people of the two dominantly English-speaking regions of Cameroon are fleeing from government's brutality in the wake of the Anglophone crisis. Clashes between government forces and Ambazonian separatists have intensified lately.

Apparently the Biya administration is unwilling to bring peace in the regions. The people of Southern Cameroons are yet to know where their abducted leaders are.


'Mr Sisiku, president of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia', and several others were kidnapped last Friday in Nigeria. International pressure for their unconditional release is yet to yield any fruit, as Biya and Buhari remain adamant.


The ambazonia leaders abducted in Nigeria are safe and sound and only a step away before they regain their freedom.

In the name of God, in the high safety interest of Ambazonia Leaders abducted in Nigeria and in the highest interest of peace and security between Francophones and Anglophones and between Ambazonians and Nigerians all over the world, I engaged the services and resources of United Support for Peace NGO (a US based International NGO) to locate the whereabouts of Ambazonia abducted Leaders.

Now I can confidently state that we believe we have located the whereabout of the abducted Ambazonia leaders. They are safe and sound.

Contrary to earlier reports that they were abducted by NSS, their abduction was actually carried out by the ONSA (Office of the National Security Adviser and not NSS. After interviewing them, the ONSA transferred the Amazonia leaders to DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) in Abuja where they are currently being held. And they are safe and sound.


In my capacity as a US citizen and President of (United Support for Peace), I want to take this unique opportunity to call upon President Donald Trump (the leader and champion of the free world USA) to give President Buhari and President Biya a phone call each and ask them to release President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and all members of his cabinet abducted in Nigeria last weekend.

PRESIDENT TRUMP, tell Mr. Buhari and Mr. Biya freedom of association is guaranteed under the Nigerian Constitution just as it is guaranteed under the Cameroonian Constitution.

PRESIDENT TRUMP, tell Mr. Buhari and Mr. Biya freedom of association is guaranteed under international law and therefore, it can not be denied the AMBAZONIA leaders abducted in Nigeria during a meeting to help refugees fleeing bombs and bullets fires by LRC forces in Manyu.

Dear PRESIDENT TRUMP, your phone call, especially to President Buhari, if accompanied by the release of Ambazonia Leaders will go a long way in diffusing a lot of built up tension between citizens of Ambazonia and Nigeria on the one hand and citizens of LRC on the other hand caused by this abduction that transend all norms governing civilised societies.

United Support for Peace NGO stands with all oppressed people and USP will not stop its humanitarian services on this matter until all abducted persona regain their God given liberties and freedoms.

Signed For United Support for Peace NGO: Founder and President Dr. David Makongo.

A school in Ngoketunjia division of the North West region of Cameroon has been visited by flames. GBHS Bamessing was set ablaze on Wednesday night by unidentified individuals. The fire is said to have consumed the administrative building of the school. This is just one in a series of arsons on schools in Southern Cameroons in the wake of the Anglophone crisis.

Government reports point accusing fingers at Ambazonian separatists, who are campaigning against a smooth flow of the academic year. However, schools are neither completely grounded nor operating effectively in Southern Cameroons.

 He asked how many edifices do bear the name of the head of state and of what significance is the abbreviated name of the Paul Biya on the computers? The politician before declaring his intention to run as an aspirant Presidential hopeful for 2018, expressed his opinion during a press briefing offered to a home based Television channel.

Barrister Akere Muna gave his own vision of how Cameroon can be inclusively run for the mutual understanding and mutual benefits of every Cameroonian. The 2018 elections shall be a turning point in the history of elections in Cameroon. In his interview with Jean Bruno Tagne didn't express surprise at the arrest of the Interim Government of Ambazonia.


According to him the arrest carried out on those kidnapped was a regular judiciary process and it was timely. This show of support is merely gastrointestinal because of his quest for power withing the purported one and indivisible Cameroon. According to him the arrest falls in line with the government plan of action. It's absurd that even when government action is wrong in Cameroon, people who are pro government don't see anything wrong about it.

He cautioned Cameroonians to see, hear and say things just as there are. Furthermore he rhetorically asked whether Paul Biya had asked any effigy to be erected on his honour anywhere in Cameroon? In conclusion he ended by saying that President Paul Biya doesn't like being so detailed in his end of Year speech.

Most often lots of fake agents have infiltrated the anti corruption network in a stinkingly corrupt nation like Cameroon.

Today out of desperation people who work with the public have been warned to be so careful against these fake agents who come in sheep cloth but are wolves. Dieudonne' Massi Gamsi, the chairman of the commission has declared that their tactics are well known and can be easily detected. CONAC agents are well known and carry badges that are issued by the Chairman, Rev. Duuedonne Wansi Gams.


Bertoua the Regional Capital of East has become the easiest bait for such con men who have raided the town. Unfortunately it's said that excesses are always the arch heel of most crooks.

The main perpetrator of the scamming deal is now in the drag net of the Bertoua Regional Police who through the Judicial Police napped Mr. Samba René Yesus after thorough scrutiny and meticulous observation.

Tough the cry and hue of the National Anti corruption Observatory is heard loud and clear, the agency is to be blamed as well. The absence of a radar and monitoring mechanism has exposed the agency to such marauders and fraudsters.

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