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About a few days ago the Cameroonian frontier Police and Gendarmerie orchestrated an arrest of a Chadian General alongside some fifty well armed mercenaries that had intentions to topple the regime of the President of Equatorial Guinea. The President of Chad after being squeezed on the matter, declined responsibility for the coup d'etat and asked that the hardest punishment be meted on the perpetrators of the foiled coup d'etat.


The President of Equatorial Guinea expressed his outmost appreciation to the people of LA Republique Du Cameroun and its government for the great job of preserving peace and serenity in his country.

The tense atmosphere at the borders around Koise forced it to be closed until deemed necessary. However it must be noted with satisfaction that the frontiers with Equatorial Guinea have been opened.

"Why do we want people from all these shithole countries here?" the president asked, referencing Haiti and countries in Africa, according to a report from NBC News. "We should have more people from places like Norway."

The president thinks an immigration system based on "skills" will keep black and brown immigrants out and let more white ones in. He thinks, if we implemented his immigration policies, we'd get more immigrants from places like Norway. Places where people are tall and blond and look like they could have been in the Hitler youth.


In practice, a more skills-based immigration system would be unlikely to attract many immigrants from Norway. Norway's GDP is $71,000 per capita. If you're a highly-skilled person in Norway, you probably want to stay there.

As the demographer Lyman Stone notes, immigrants from Africa tend to be far more educated and affluent than typical residents of Africa. A skills-based system would look to the characteristics of individual immigrants, not to the countries they come from.

A key metric in any skills-based immigration system is English proficiency. And there are hundreds of millions of nonwhite English speakers around the world, many of them in Africa.

A policy shift toward more skills-based immigration would probably result in a larger fraction of immigrants coming from Asia and a smaller fraction from Latin America, not a large shift toward Europe, and certainly not toward Norway.

But this immigration policy talk is all kind of beside the point. It was never about the skills.

Wonks and most politicians talk about immigration policy like it's a labor-market policy. But for most voters on both sides of the issue, it's mostly about culture — what kind of people do we want to live around?

Those are the terms in which Trump discusses immigration. He wants a whiter country. And that's why he said what he said.


Pseudo Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo one more attempted to justify the unjustifiable with his now infamous PBHIv. During the graduating ceremony of some two hundred and seventy seven pharmaceutical and medical doctors from the University of Douala,, Fame Ndongo announced the arrival of one hundred thousand more of the Computers.

Without any iota of Shame he us still insisting that 32 GB i more efficient and is equal to a computer with a memory capacity of 500 GB. This action rubbished his reputation and drags to mud his academic robe and certifications. His justifications trying to rob his shit on Microsoft can be sickening.


Fame Ndongo isn't any Information Communication Technology expert and therefore must be quite. Let him squander his loot quietly rather than attempt justifying what he can't justify. This remains the greatest state scam organized in recent times. These computers were designed and fabricated in China,obtained through an Exim Bank of China loan.

How relevant are these junk computers to the students when they have better computers themselves.

This scandalous scandal from the purchase of these junk computers have infuriated Paul Biya and his anger was openly displayed during the presentation of new year wishes to the President. President Paul Biya is totally aghast and flabbergasted by such stupendously stupefied attitude of a learned Professor like him just because of greed.

Two Cameroonian soldiers are reported dead during clashes with the notorious Boko haram terror group. The corpses of the two soldiers were handed to Cameroon on Monday, reports say. They were part of the multinational joint task force actively fighting the terrorists. The incident is believed to have occurred in the Sambisa forest in Nigeria, where the radical group is based.


This comes at a very crucial period in Cameroon. Tensions are mounting between security forces and Ambazonian separatists in Southern Cameroons, as the Anglophone struggle intensifies.

The political atmosphere looks pretty cloudy, with very little certainty over the fate of upcoming elections.


The recent abduction of Ambazonia leaders in Nigeria has sparked a serious outcry across Cameroon, even in Francophone Cameroon. Even though the sincerity of Francophone Cameroonians in the outcry could be questioned, there's no doubt that Mr Biya and his men are pushing Southern Cameroonians to the wall. The arrest of President Sisiku and his men is arguably the most glaring indication that Mr Biya has no intentions to hold talks with leaders of the Anglophone struggle.


A young politician in Francophone Cameroon has asserted in very strong terms that Mr Biya and his men have simply set a trap for Southern Cameroonians by arresting their leaders. To Mr Cabral Libii, the abduction is a provocative move to push Southern Cameroonians to get radicalised. The presidential hopeful was speaking on Equinoxe TV at the weekend, reports have said. The abduction of these leaders would be the last tactical error any wise president would make in a struggle of this kind.

The struggle has moved beyond the influence of leaders. Apparently no single person can stop the train: The people are on the move. That's why the people are ready to appoint new leaders at anytime.


Barrister Bobga Harmany has taken over as interim president of Ambazonia.the announcement was made on SCBC by Milton Taka, Undersecretary for Communications for the Interim Government in a Live coverage on January 9th 2018.Barrister Bobga will lead the affairs of the Interim Government alongside two others as reported in the announcement.

In the live video, the undersecretary as well called on all Ambazonians worldwide to stage protest marches at all Nigerian Embassies worldwide untill the release of its leader by the government of president Buhari.

Bobga Harmony was the President of the Common law Bar Association now christened Southern Cameroon Bar. He led Common Law Lawyers strike against the Republic of Cameroon, he fled the country in early 2017 when the government of president Biya began a crackdown  of the lawyers strike.

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