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The President spends much of his time inside his sumptuous palace in Mvomeka, in the South of LA Republique Du Cameroun. This heaven of peace is a no go area for the natives who live in the neighborhood or in the environment. Mvomeka has become the epicenter of power and the fantasy of those who aspire to attend political power.

The route to Mvomeka is a large route constructed at the heart of the Equatorial forest. It's one of the greatest achievements that he could be credited for when he became Prime Minister of the United Republic of Cameroon. Whenever Paul Biya leaves Yaoundé for his Mvomeka residence, two helicopters and s heavy motorcade accompanies him and his entourage.

It's Saturday and a visiting delegation is on its way to Mvomeka,almost at the entrance into the little town. Most Cameroonians from other parts of Cameroon haven had the opportunity to visit Mvomeka. Mvomeka is located one hundred and eighty kilometres away from Yaoundé and is located in Meyomessala Sub Division of of the Dja and Lobo Division.

The head of state is getting much better as each day passes relaxed from the fatigues of office work and routine. The President visits his native town so often during the year and the number of days that he spends in his palace per month has greatly increased.

Few kilometres away from his residence is a no nonsense checkpoint controlled by three heavily armed Soldiers and looking at the matriculation of the car used by the visitors, one of the soldiers asked why was the car not matriculated in the South because the number plate had a Littoral Region Number plate. Our response at least makes him satisfied.

The airports across Cameroon and its airspace security is heightened by the ever impending security threats in the aeronautic transport domain.

Henceforth all passengers travelling by air withing the Cameroonian airspace shall be subjected to thorough scrutiny and search if need be by various security outfit.

All weapons or dangerous objects are deemed illegal and can constitute a motif for interrogation by the airport security.

The Police post at the airports are there to beef security as well as check threats and impending danger.

African Bar Association issues statement following recent arrest of Ambazonian leaders
Unlawful arrest /abduction of Cameroonian refugees by Nigerian Security agents

On behalf of the African Bar Association, I write to bring to your esteemed attention and to formally protest the unlawful arrest and abduction of scores of Cameroonian refugees resident in Nigeria by Security agents believed to be from the department of State Security, the Military intelligence or other security organs of the Nigerian State.

Information of this unfortunate incident which reportedly occurred in Abuja on Saturday was made available to the African Bar Association by some of the refugees who witnessed the abduction and managed to escape .

Honourable Attorney -General Sir, it may interest you to know that most of the abductees are Lawyers and registered members of our Association.

Furthermore, these individuals had their privacy invaded and whisked away without a warrant or any explanation at all and taken into custody at an unknown location.

Needless to say that the political problems in the Republic of Cameroon are notorious and in the domain of the international Community with the attendant consequences.

We make bold to say that Nigeria as a respectable and responsible member of the international community has Legal obligations under the United Nations Convention on Refugees, the African Charter on human and people’s rights and several other international and local legislations that gives rights to refugees and other endangered civilian Nationals of other Nations which must be taken into account at all times as Nigeria has obligations to protect these rights.

If the motive for these unlawful acts is to return the refugees to Cameroon, then Nigeria would be violating international Law that forbids Countries from returning refugees to the Countries they are fleeing from.

Cameroon right now is in total chaos with wide spread state sponsored terrorism, political persecution, intimidation, mass rape and murder particularly against the citizens of the Southern part of that Country which has led many to flee the dictatorship there to temporarily reside in Nigeria and other Countries within and outside the African Continent. It may interest you to know sir that Afba has been working hard with other likeminded Continental and international bodies to see that this crisis is resolved and normalcy returns to Cameroon but so far the Government of that Country has prefered Facism and Gestapo tactics to dialogue.

Sir, the African Bar Association as a responsible Professional Association cannot sit by and allow this type of situation to stand where Security operatives under whatever guise or directives violate Human Rights and international Law especially of members of our esteemed Association .

In the circumstances, the African Bar Association demands as follows :

(1)immediate release of all those abducted by Security agents of the Nigerian State.

(2)apology and adequate compensation to these innocent individuals for these grave legal infractions and

(3) thorough investigation into the circumstances which led to this unfortunate incident and adequate punishment for those found culpable.

While we trust in the ability and speedy attention of your good office to meeting these Lawful demands, we shall however not hesitate to approach the Local and international Courts to seek Legal redress if this matter is not resolved with the next 48 hours.

Meanwhile, please accept the assurances of the cooperation and high considerations of the African Bar Association.

Best Regards

Hannibal .E. Uwaifo


African Bar Association

8 Ribadu Road, S/W Ikoyi,

Lagos Nigeria


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Ambazonian activist Atam Milan has called for a worldwide demonstration by Ambazonians/Southern Cameroonians at Nigerian Embassies worldwide.The call comes after the abduction of H.E Ayuk Tabe Juluis, president of the interim government alongside 9 other  delegates of Ambazonia last week Friday in an Abuja hotel.

He made the call on his official Facebook wall some early Tuesday, 09.01.2017.Below is what he posted on his wall:

January 09, 2018
My Fellow Country Coordinators and Compatriots,

If organizing rallies ever had a bearing on our struggle, this is the time. Please go ahead and organize as soon as possible.

The Nigerian Government is under tremendous pressure from Cameroon and France to hand over our leadership.

The deal which was organized in such a manner that everything would be done under the radar and all of us transferred to Cameroon without anyone noticing failed. A number of things happened:

1. The planned worked perfectly except that they left one person behind. God works in mysterious ways. Noticing that something was wrong, we blew the alarm. When they realized their error, they came back for me but I had left the hotel. They then picked up the medication of the comrades who had booked into the hotel and took to them, including Sisiku's daily tablets.

2. With the planned abduction now blown open, they are caught between the rock and a hard place. They cannot extradite them officially but also need to find good reason for their release. We need to give them that reason.

3. The intentional community is hovering and paying attention. They are asking questions and Nigeria is under the spotlight. She had to be seen to do the responsible thing and respect the rule of law and human rights. And Nigeria is a proud country.

Therefore let us continue to pile the pressure through media outlets(blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit etc), through high profile individuals, international organizations and other networks we may have.
Even through your friends and neighbors who are Nigerians.

Most of all let us organize those rallies in front of the Nigerian embassies.
Our message should be simple: appeal to the good sense of the Nigerian government, knowing that it is a country that has been especially kind and hospitable to us thus far. But also knowing that she is under tremendous pressure.

Yaounde will only succeed if we relent. The net is closing around me. Yaounde has made clear it needs the missing piece of the puzzle. The relentless search by members of their security cluster is on and should I get arrested/abducted, I can rest assured that I have played my part and it is now in your hands.

I have managed to get the legal fraternity in Nigeria to work. I have had a series of high profile meetings and thanks to our Compatriots in Nigeria, we have managed thus far.

This is a God-ordained struggle and we are all called upon at some point or another to play our part. Now is time to reach out to every Nigerian of good conscience and get them to play a role on our behalf.

We shall overcome!
Millan Atam

Today barely a day after the false euphoria generated by the alleged arrest of the Interim President of Ambazonia and some of his cabinet members, a three days ghost towns was declared and sumptuously respected across the towns and cities across Southern Cameroon's.

This frightened losing state of LA Republique Du Cameroun got pissed up because it exposed the lies that the regime had fabricated and announced to the world by their propaganda and lies telling CRTV,

that calm and normalcy has returned after all the noise of the agitators.
Its effectiveness and its effervesce was mesmerising and awesome to behold. Even birds, the sun, clouds and weather were in perfect harmony and had a rendezvous with the ghost town.
The sun looked sober and dull looking, a perfect reflection of the gloom and despair that has held the populace hostage for the past two years.

Even the songs of the sweet melodious larks that sing sun rise songs didn't sing with their enchanting flay and dexterous dexterity.

The mere fact that the much trumpeted one and indivisible Cameroon had announced two distinct Second Term resumption calendar dates is laughable and drama in real action.

The resumption dates of 3rd January for the Anglophone subsystem and 8th of January for the rest of French speaking Cameroun is a tell tale story of the state of Topsy turvy situation in the minds of the Ministries of Basic, Secondary and Higher Education as well as the state of LA Republique Du Cameroun.
It's saddening that most of the attempted policies aimed at forestalling the crisis, instead makes matters compounded.

Schools have a degree of serenity on its learning environment that must be respected for sound academics to be guaranteed.
For the past two years running, this basic environmental ingredients haven't been guaranteed and therefore learning is naturally hampered.
The Schooling program again in itself must graduate from the certificate mill that it is to that of the holistic formation of the mind, body and the soul. This kind of broad band education is aimed at building capacities and geared towards knowledge acquisition and not certification.
LA Republique Du Cameroun prefers the status quo so that those brain washed graduands shall become the cows for the state to milk through the state scamming public recruitment examinations meant to recruit potential job seekers into the public service.

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