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Two weeks after their kidnapped kidnapping, two adolescents still being sort for by the Police. The Bafoussam Police search light is being beamed across the towns of the Western Region and beyond to garner clues of information that might have been helpful to unravel this mystery. These two adolescents were kidnapped during an armed robbery attack , perpetrated by unknown individuals, who had attacked their home in the night.

  The father of the kidnapped adolescents explains how the drama unfolded. " When he arrived home at 23 h, he did ring the bell at the gate for the children to come and open the gate. It was at this moment that the bandits entered. They took everything that we had in the house, the kids and the vehicle " This painful narration was made by Jacques Kamdem, the father of the kidnapped Adolescents.. This is a real picture of insecurity in Cameroon that is getting out of hand. Ransom hostage is becoming so frighteningly real in our cities. Please watch your back.

The said parent said in tears that his intention was just to inflict punishment on the child for haven used the money meant for his Examination fee. The young Steve Loic , a student in a School in Ebolowa( South Region) died some days ago. He died from an adult dose of a punch given him by his own father, Pauline N, who thought he was giving him a lesson that he won't forget not even in a hurry.

 The father of the decease thought he had kept the Bepc examination fees out of the child's reach, unfortunately unfortunate, that wasn't the case as the father latter learnt. The father, Pauline N got infuriated with anger and it took over a better portion of his composure. This anger caused the passing away of his son Steve Loic, who is equally reputed to be a drug addict, struggling with Tramol addiction. The Young man died on his way to the Hospital.

 Santa is a Sub Division within the confines of Mezam Division, situated in the North West Region of Cameroon. It's thanks to the robust intervention of the North West Fire Fighting Brigade that the market wasn't completely consumed.

 The said Fire accident broke out around 9pm on the 20th of February 2018. The source of the fire or the cause of it remains unknown . It could have ravaged the commercial sector of the Market if not for the rapid intervention of the population and the Fire fighting Brigade.

The President of the Republic of Cameroon has been aptly described as the absentee Land Lord. This is because he spends a greater chunk of his days out of Cameroon and in Switzerland in particular or sometimes in France. However his excessive bills spent in the Continental Hotel have drawn international condemnation and a lot of people can't understand how a relatively poor Country like Cameroon can allow such extravagant expenditure of the President of the Country?

Spending a walloping some of 65 million dollars( 32.5 billion Francs CFA) This walloping sum does not include what is kept monthly in the black account that carters for the payment of air tickets,chartering of planes and advertisements. This picture is negatively presented by an International Association of investigative Journalist, abbreviated using a French acronym OCCRP.


It's assumed that 855000$ was wasted to foot the bills of 50 passengers in a round ticket from Yaoundé to Geneva. Other expenses that were incurred by Paul Biya and his ballooned entourage of fifty persons include 117million Dollars. This body of investigative Journalist tagged in English as " Organized Crime and Corruption reporting project" has revealed how Paul Biya and his wife Chantal Biya waste state resources in private trips abroad, excluding the official trips.

In 2009 Paul Biya passed almost the whole year out of the Country in the Swiss Continental Hotel, often occupying the last four floors at the expense of the state of Cameroon that can't tar her roads, build bridges, state of the art hospitals as well as make life affordable as well as comfortable to the citizens. Whenever he is out or is coming back nothing even bothers him.

The train Accident that saw the death of 79 persons in Eseka including pastors and other Clergy or the ugly confrontation of the state Police, Gendarmes as well as Soldiers on the 22 of September and 1st of October 2017,reveals an unrealistic President completely cut off from the reality on the ground or an Elitist President.


The much trumpeted Social Democratic Front convention to hold in Bamenda is threatened by a very tense sociopolitical climate heightened by threats by disgruntled as well as disenchanted youths. The people have of the entire North West and South West Regions have denounced the manipulative tendencies of John Fru Ndi and his Parliamentarians and senators.

Yes they danced and blew trumpets during the last Parliamentary and Senatorial Sessions and it still didn't bring in any results. The incessant torture, disappearances, killings, illicit incarcerations have continued without any show of restraint. The people of the two Regions that make up the Northern and Southern Zones have said John Fru Ndi can't continue to take them for a ride.

The Social Democratic Front now caught in a storm is struggling to get a secured and private ground where their convention shall hold unnoticed. This pressure mounted on John Fru Ndi is a barometer indicating how John Fru Ndi's popularity has pummeled in the North West Region and in Cameroon as a whole. As of today, the so much noise and false bravado with which he spoke on Monday and Tuesday have has been tremendously reduced.

The Social Democratic Front is in its ebbing days as militants keep distancing themselves from the party that has distanced itself from its original manifesto and ideology.

John Fru Ndi has made it categorically clear that come rain, come shine the Elective Congress of the Social Democratic Front shall hold successfully and hitch free in Bamenda as from the 22- 24 of February, 2018. John Fru Ndi says that Bamenda is the bastion of the Social Democratic Front.


The delegates to this elective Congress shall be coming in from all the four corners of the nation, to participate in the election of a new executive that will redefine the Social Democratic Front and its orientation. The Social Democratic Front is holding their convention at a time that When threats by the radical secessionists can't be dismissed.

Following a lot of threats made here and there on the social media, the threats made by the Ambazonia Federal Republic of Southern Cameroon's must not be taken as nothing. This threats are raging high across the two regions Northern zones and Southern zones. On the other hand, the threats aimed at sabotaging the Social Democratic Front lies even within the Social Democratic Front.

This threats which are not even taken seriously by the Party Executive of the Social Democratic Front, who have over the ages have stood for a Federal Structure. According to the Social Democratic Front, the Federal structure remains the best of options that can resolve the present sociopolitical crisis rocking the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.


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