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Clad in robes, more than 60 teachers carrying placards are presently staging a protest in-front of the Ministry of Finance in Yaounde-Cameroon. They are  demanding 25 months of unpaid salaries and other benefits.  
One of the teachers told Cameroon Concord that  government has not paid them since their posting 2 years ago. Most of them have been transferred to remote areas under very difficult conditions.


Most of are struggling to survive. When they forwarded their worries to the Ministry of Higher Education, they were told their files have been forwarded to the Ministry of finance. But they are yet to touch their salaries.

Their frustrations have been worsened by some unscrupulous officials who are demanding motivation“gombo” before their files could be looked into
Armed security forces have blocked the entrance of the Ministry, preventing the demonstrators from entering. No official has come tto listen to them.
More than 20.000 teachers are affected by the situation.

Fru Jonathan last week in Santa assured the population that schools were sure to begin in Mezam II this Monday March 27 2017.

“We have been holding meetings with the Fons and all the traditional authorities; we have even been in touch with the religious authorities to explain to them what government has done. We are confident that they understand and we are confident that they are going to respect the declaration which they took. To set an example Militants of the CPDM have accepted that they will take their children to school on Monday” says Fru Jonathan. 


According to the CPDM die heart, Santa people in collaboration with the police, gendarmerie and the administration have overcome fear so there is nothing to worry about as far as sending children to school is concerned.

Fru Jonathan says “Santa has a mobilized group of young men called Santa Peace Force who have decided to go out and protect the population of Santa to ensure that nobody comes from outside to burn, to destroy, kidnap or to cause any problem to anyone. The population is confident because the peace force works with the gendarmerie, police and the administration and together they have succeeded to conquer fear.

On the other hand protesters of the ongoing North West and south west strike have demands to be met before schools can reopen.

“We have two conditions before schools can reopen; we need our internet installed back in the northwest and southwest regions and we demand for the unconditional release of all those who were arrested and taken to Yaounde” says a disgruntled protester. “If these two preliminary conditions are not met then the government is wasting its time” he adds.

The big question that lingers in the minds of many now is: For how long will the government and protesters continue this tug of war?

CRTV' ace sports analyst, Fon Echeloyi, who is also Deputy Director Coordinating new television channels the corporation still has to create, has been summoned to appear before investigators at the dreaded Secretariat of State at the Ministry of the Defense in Charge of the National Gendarmerie, code named in French- SED.


According to the summons served on Fon Echekiye, he is expected to show up on Tuesday the 28th of March at 9 am, purportedly at the behest of hierarchy. Although the accusations leading to his being summoned are not expressly mentioned on the documents served on the avid sports analyst, the sections of the Criminal Procedure Code quoted indicate that he is being called up in relation to treason. That links him to the Southern Cameroons Question which has left the country devastated, occasioning the questioning and arrest of numerous Anglophone elite.

If arrested this Tuesday, Fon Echekiye shall be the ninth Anglophone journalist being held in connection to the crisis. Fon Echekiye's summons leaves many wondering how his name could come up, since he reports sports and sports alone, while the Anglophone problem is in the domain of politics. Sources close to the case indicate that the matter has been brought to the attention of the journalism watchdog institution, the Committee to Protect Journalists, CPJ.

The Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF has said he will not support fleeing Hon Joseph Wirba.

Speaking at the opening of the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting at his Nkolfolou residence on the outskirts of Yaounde on Saturday March 25, Ni John Fru Ndi said Hon Wirba’s famous intervention in parliament on the Anglophone problem was the MP’s personal point of view.


“When he talked in parliament the way he did I congratulated him and told him he talked more on a personal point of view; using I not we,” the SDF chairman said about Hon ‘Joe’ Wirba.

Fru Ndi disclosed that he cautioned the SDF Member of Parliament for Jakiri Special Constituency and told him that in the future when he’s talking, he should make sure that he’s talking as an SDF member.

“But he went and organized a rally in Nso, his other colleague MPs were not there, the Mayor of Kumbo was not there, the SDF electoral district chairman for Kumbo was not there, the divisional coordinator of the party for Bui never attended that rally. And so when all this is done, you want me to make a statement, what statement?” the SDF chairman said in relation to an appeal for support by the escapee SDF MP.

“When somebody does something and does not involve the party, should I just jump in and start supporting?  Is the SDF a place for opportunism where you come and start your own thing, running in your own direction or it is a place where we can sit down, discuss and agree that we are going in this direction and we find ourselves going?” Fru Ndi questioned further.

It should be recalled that Hon Wirba is on the run following a warrant of arrest for him. In a message on social media page, he has vowed to continue to the fight till the Biya regime recognizes and respects the rights of Anglophones in the country.

My dear brothers and sisters,

I speak to you all today with a heavy heart and profound frustration resulting from both confirmed, and unconfirmed reports of several acts of vandalism and atrocities against some individuals as well as infrastructures in the West Cameroon. Setting up human beings in flames, attacking some with acids, and torching down infrastructures are not reflective of the admirable values in our culture and character as West Cameroonians. Such actions that lack respect for humanity are associated to the colonial government of La Republique du Cameroun.

I strongly condemn these horrific and inhuman acts. Beware that our oppressors in their desperation can do this to justify their brutalities on our people. Our struggle in reclaiming our rights and freedom is legitimate and we have no need for anything violent. The virtue in our character and culture as West Cameroonians will continue to be demonstrated through our peaceful resistance.


Our brothers and sisters are continuously being unlawfully abducted and detained, tortured and abused beyond human imagination. That is what they do best. While they struggle to find legitimacy through oppression, we will maintain our pride by respecting humanity. We will reclaim our rights and freedom by resisting their oppression peacefully.

I hear you all. I see you all. We share the same pain and frustrations, but we will forge ahead holding each others' hands tighter than ever, wearing the batch of our unique culture with undeniable pride. We must never allow ourselves to act like them. We are different from them and will never imitate their violent ways. I encourage you all to verify any information concerning me or from me on my official Facebook page for authentication. Thank you all for the immense support and prayers. Please share to all you can.

Be strong
God bless


They may take my freedom away from my people, they may keep me in the dark, they may deprive me of the right to express my emotions towards my father land, they may deny me the right to fight for the freedom of my people... But they can never take away my determination to fight for the liberation of my dear Southern Cameroon.


No matter what they do to me or what they offer to me, my determination and zeal to free my people is stronger by the day. The road maybe rough but we shall get there.

I therefore call on all southern Cameroonians to stand firm and stronger towards our course for the struggle continues. I will not fail to communicate to you my brothers and sisters with every little chance i get.

Please God is watching at our struggle and will soon answer our prayers.

Pray harder for us all........ALL FOR ONE,AND ONE FOR ALL ..One love:

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