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Patrick Mugadza has been told he undermined the authority of the longtime Zimbabwean leader, who turns 93 next month. He was later charged with criminal nuisance, according to the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

The pastor made the prophecy last week.

Mugadza first came to prominence in December 2015 when he was arrested for staging a one-man protest against Mugabe in Victoria Falls.

Gift Mtisi of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights said: "He was arrested on charges of undermining the authority of the president."

"They are claiming he made a public statement – I think at a press conference – that President Robert Mugabe would die on 17 October [2017] unless he prays.

"He says it’s not an offence [because] he just conveyed God’s message, a prophetic message. Upon arrest he was told of the charge but he hasn’t been formally charged."

Mugabe's health is a regular subject for speculation in Zimbabwe.

Mugadza is understood to have been arrested at a court in the capital where he was due to go on trial for wearing Zimbabwe's national flag without permission in November last year.

Anti-government protesters last year turned the Zimbabwe flag into a symbol of opposition to Mugabe's long rule. The pastor draped his over his shoulders. Prosecutors said he "disrespected" the national symbol.

Gambian President-elect Adama Barrow met Saturday in Mali with world leaders trying to arrange a peaceful outcome of the West African country's leadership crisis.

Barrow was officially declared the winner of last month's election by a slim margin. Yahya Jammeh, who has been power in Gambia since a coup in 1994, originally accepted defeat but reversed himself and filed suit to challenge the results, citing voting irregularities.

The presidents of France and Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and Francois Hollande, both called on Jammeh to step down when his current five-year term of office ends during the coming week.

Jammeh, however, has said he intends to remain in office until Gambia's Supreme Court rules on his legal challenge to results of the December 1 vote. Informed observers in Banjul estimate it could take the court months to rule.

Barrow, attending the annual France-Africa summit in Bamako, said he was continuing to plan for his inauguration on Thursday.

West African regional bloc ECOWAS has placed its military force on standby to take action if Jammeh does not step down as scheduled.

Hollande said in Mali that Gambia's elections were credible and transparent, so the results "must be respected."

'De facto recognition'

Mali's Keita said the reception Barrow was given at the France-Africa summit was "de facto recognition" of his legitimacy as Gambia's head of state. "I dare to hope that proverbial African wisdom will inspire our brother Yahya" to step down Thursday, he added.

Under Jammeh, the Gambian government has been accused of numerous rights abuses, including arbitrary arrests, torture and forced disappearances.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari and other regional leaders traveled to Banjul on Friday to offer Jammeh asylum if he steps down peacefully, but no deal was reached.

Speaking about the ECOWAS high-level mission to the Gambian capital, the head of the U.N.'s office for West Africa and the Sahel, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, told the Security Council on Friday that there should be "no doubt about the determination of ECOWAS to use all necessary means, including force, to have the will of the Gambian people upheld."


The Ridley Thomas, ship in charge of carrying out the ocean floor studies for the laying of a sub-marine cable between the Cameroonian town of Kribi and Fortaleza in Brazil, finished its mission after 80 days of activities, Camtel, the historical telecoms operator in Cameroon, announced.

After this phase, the company highlights, “the experts and engineers will analyse the capital information for the actual laying of the cable. This will help in particular to determine the route for the 6,000 km of cable crossing the Atlantic ocean and the protections to be implemented, from Kribi to Fortaleza, and define the particularities of the cables for their production”.

As a reminder, the company Huawei Marine Networks, Chinese firm in charge of deploying this sub-marine cable, first infrastructure of this type to link Africa to Latin America, has already awarded the production of this cable of 6,000 km to the French company Nexans.

The Indomitable Lions in their first AFCON game have drawn 1-1 with Burkina Faso with experienced players like Charles Kabore, Bakary Kone and others.

The Stallions entered the game with vigour mounting pressure on the Lions but missed a chance scoring from an off-side position.A great save from Ondoa, prevented the Lions from conceding an early goal during the first half.

The Lions gradually entered the game with Njie searching in vain to hit the target from a free kick. A fault on Jacques Zoua in provided Cameroon with the opportunity to open scores.

Captain Benjamin Moukandjo took his responsibility and sent a free kick pass goalkeeper Kouakou Koffi. The Lions went on break with a 1-0 advantage.

The first half showed a good combination of play from Ngandeu Ngadjui and Jacques Zoua upfront and Clinton Njie from the left flank threatening the Stallions goal on several occasions.

Mounting pressure after the Lions kept the pace though shooting off target as the Njie Clinton failed to secure a goal from Jacques Zoua’s bounced back shot.

They lost many chances only for Burkina Faso to turn the fault from Mabouka into a goal at the 80th minute through Issoufou Dayo.


Common Law Lawyers of Southern Cameroon extraction in practice and Spirit, meeting in a general Assembly yesterday in the Olive city of Kumba have created a committee to draft a Two State Federation Constitution that will be followed by a Referendum wherein ONLY Southern Cameroonians will vote.At the conference yesterday at PYC Fingo-Kumba, most Common Law Lawyers, i spoke with told me in the affirmation, we are not going back, its now or never. Here is the full details of the Proclamation: CAMEROON COMMON LAW LAWYERS’ CONFERENCE.
JANUARY 13, 2017

CONSIDERING the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948;
CONSIDERING the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966;

CONSIDERING United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1608 XV of 21st April 1961;
COGNIZANT of the Cameroon Common Law Lawyers Conference Resolutions of the 9th day of May 2015;
COGNIZANT of the Cameroon Common Law Lawyers Conference Declaration of the 13th day of February 2016;
TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the Resolutions of the Constituent Assemblies of the four Common Law Associations (FAKLA, MELA, MALA and NOWELA) of the 6th of October 2016;
TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the Resolutions of the Constituent Assemblies of the four Common Law Associations (FAKLA, MELA, MALA and NOWELA) of the 15th October 2016;
TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the Resolutions of the Constituent Assemblies of the four Common Law Associations (FAKLA, MELA, MALA and NOWELA) of the 28th October 2016;
TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the Resolutions of the Constituent Assemblies of the four Common Law Associations (FAKLA, MELA, MALA and NOWELA) of the 4th of November 2016;
TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the Resolutions of the Constituent Assemblies of the four Common Law Associations (FAKLA, MELA, MALA and NOWELA) of the 15th of November 2016;
TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the Resolutions of the Constituent Assemblies of the four Common Law Associations (FAKLA, MELA, MALA and NOWELA) of the 30th of December 2016;
Meeting in Kumba, this 13th day of January 2017, we, the Common Law Lawyers of Cameroon do hereby agree and Proclaim as follows:

1- That we ratify and approve all actions and or engagements undertaken by the Presidents and executive of our various Associations on behalf of Cameroon Common Law Lawyers between the 13th of February 2016 till date.

2- That the Cameroon Common Law Council is this day dissolved and the following members unanimously elected as the steering Committee of the Cameroon Common Law Bar Association:
– Harmony Bobga
– Agbor Balla
– Sopseh Emillien
– Eyambe Elias
– Kemende Henry
– Ebah Ntoko Justice
– Mbokeh Divine
– Njualem Charles
– Sone Ngole Edward
– Mbah Eric

3- These elected Officials are designated our sole representatives in the various Committees set up and or contemplated by the Government to seek lasting solutions to the grievances contained in our different Memoranda.

4- That we remain resolute on the attainment of all the objectives contained in our previous Resolutions and Declarations.

5- That in this regard, proposed draft bills shall be presented to the Government on the Amendment of the Constitution to accommodate the demands including a call for a Referendum reserved exclusively for those who voted (South West and North West Regions) in the United Nations supervised plebiscite of 1961 on the form of Government that will best suit their aspirations and way of life this day.

6- We reiterate the demand for the immediate and unconditional release of all persons arrested from the beginning of our sit-strike and carted away to Yaoundé and other destinations (not ascertained by us for now).

7- We call on ALL Common Law Magistrates to examine their consciences and join this struggle instead of sitting and determining Suits in the absence of Lawyers and in process occasioning gross injustice to Litigants by violating their rights to fair trial.

8- We applaud the support of the Common Law Lawyers and the Constituent Assemblies for the Monday 9th January 2017 “Ghost Town” called by the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium and encourage all to continue to lend their support to the coordinated actions of the said Consortium.

9- A Commission for the drafting of a Federal Constitution to revisit a two State Federation is hereby created and the following members elected thereto:
– Sonkwa Victorine
– Tifuh Ochard Nkeng
– Mokom Jude
– Buriya Atuabo Unuase
– Ntuiabane John
– Pascal Nanje Meloko
– Nalowa Bih
– Mbuya Gladys
– Ajong Stanislaus
– Molongwe Imoh
– Legenju Vitalis
– Forbishi Edward Ndikum
– Pende Eddie Nelson
– Tchana Anthony
10- That we shall reconvene in April 2017 in Mamfe to assess the level of implementation of this Proclamation.
And the Strike Continues
Done at Kumba, this 13th day of January 2017.

Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has cancelled a Press Conference that was scheduled for today for security reasons.In a press briefing released earlier today, they have called for a GHOST TOWN IN THE ENTIRE WEST CAMEROON FROM MONDAY 16 TO TUESDAY 17 JANUARY 2017 FROM 6:00AM — 6:00PM to protest against the continuous shooting, arbitrary arrest and maiming of our people by Cameroon police and gendarmes.



Our Fellow West Cameroonians.
In the last two days, Consortium representatives, Union leaders. Parents and the Clergy from the Northwest and Southwest Regions met with representatives of the govenunent in the conference room of the Govemor of the Northwest Region to discuss the issues that prompted West Cameroon teachers to go on strike on the 21st of November 2016.
At the start of the talks. our history was evoked and the treacherous path West Cameroon has gone through in this tiresome union with La Republique du Cameroun. A plethora of issues was discussed ranging from the future form of the union, admission into professional schools, the non respect of certain laws to the creation of institutions to serve West Cameroon.
The talks were frank, heated and occasionally cordial.. Infact most participants at the dialogue appreciated the process and hoped that it might lead to an eventual resolution of the crisis.
In spite of the non release of those children kidnapped and taken to Yaounde where they have been tortured mercilessly, the Unions still accepted to talk to govenunent in the hope that reason might prevail. While the teachers were preparing to educate the public on the discussion and the resolutions, today 14th January, elements of the police and gendarmerie went on rampage at about midnight yesterday shooting four unarmed young men and severely wounding them.

The Consortium hereby:

• Denounces the continuous militarisation of the Northwest and Southwest Regions
• Condemns the continuous disproportionate use of force against unarmed civilians
• Condemns government hypocrisy evident in the simultaneous use of dialogue and lethal force against West Cameroonians
• Calls on all West Cameroonian to rise up in unity and pursue our freedom from oppression through peaceful resistance
• Declares a GHOST TOWN IN THE ENTIRE WEST CAMEROON FROM MONDAY 16 TO TUESDAY 17 JANUARY 2017 FROM 6:00AM — 6:00PM to protest against the continuous shooting, arbitrary arrest and maiming of our people by Cameroon police and gendarmes.
• Urges everyone to avoid burning of tires, confrontation, provocation, violence and the destruction of our own property. Preferably everyone should stay at home with their families
The Consortium demands:

• That the government should organise a referendum without further delay so that West Cameroonians can effectively return to the two State Federation
• The UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE of all West Cameroonian youths kidnapped, abducted or arrested from their homes and taken to unknown destinations.
Our people are determined to peacefully resist the sadistic unlit, occupation which has continued unabated for half a century.
Due to general insecurity in town, the Press Conference scheduled for the 14th of January 2017 at am at the Presbyterian Church Center has been cancelled.

The Consortium wants to cease this opportunity to remind all West Cameroonians to go to their respective places of worship this weekend to. God for delivering us from the yoke of oppression.
God is our strength.
Barr. Nkongho A. Felix
Dr. Fontem A Neba
Wilfred Tassang

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