Mon, 09 Dec 2019 07:13:43 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon:Minister of public works Nganou Djoumessi son's life at risk. Cameroon:Minister of public works Nganou Djoumessi son's life at risk.

Boris Judicaël Nganou,Senior Executive at Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel, Cameroon's leading public telecommunications operator),  is involved in an alleged scandal of misappropriation of a sum of 3 billion in the Camtel Mobile Network (CMN) project of which he was the Director, the time when the latter was Minister of Economy, Planning and Spatial Planning (MINEPAT) ).{loadposition myposition}

He was already part of a group of Camtel leaders and former leaders banned in March 2018 from leaving Cameroon by a decision of the General Delegate for National Security, pursuant to the instructions of the President of the Republic.

It is therefore possible that in the days to come, the two officials will be taken to one of the prisons in Yaoundé, as has become a custom in Cameroon where the slightest questioning amounts to a presumption of ... guilt and leads on a detention pending trial, even the "justice" is embarrassed too much of the rules of criminal procedure to wring havoc on the rotten Republic who know too well make their shenanigans undetectabe.

The case of embezzlement of public funds to Camtel could lead to life imprisonment for its actors and protagonists if they were convinced of the crime, considering the exorbitant amount of the sum at stake

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Burundi: Release of three school girls accused of scribbling photos of president Nkurunziza Burundi: Release of three school girls accused of scribbling photos of president Nkurunziza

Three schoolgirls, who had been arrested for scribbling the photo of President Pierre Nkurunziza were released.{loadposition myposition}

Burundian justice minister announced the release of three schoolgirls aged between 14 and 17, imprisoned in the north for scribbling photos of President Pierre Nkurunziza

Aimée Laurentine Kanyana, Minister of Justice, told RTNB (national television) that girls enjoyed temporary freedom. Similar events in the future will be prosecuted, she said.

"We call on parents to strengthen the education of their children, we remind children that they must respect the authorities, that the age of criminal responsibility is 15 years," she said.

Since the arrest of schoolgirls, several Internet users have launched an online campaign on social media around the hashtag #freeourgirls.

In 2016, more than 230 students were temporarily stripped of their school for contempt after scribbling photos of Nkurunziza and then sentenced to 20 years in prison before being laundered and reinstated in their school against the outcry.

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Cameroon: Gambling,the other addiction of the youths. Cameroon: Gambling,the other addiction of the youths.

More than thirty years after the arrival of the first casinos, PMU and other slot machines, gambling experiencing real success with the Cameroonian youth with the arrival of "Pari Foot".{loadposition myposition}

The kiosks of " Pari Foot " have invaded the streets of the big cities of Cameroon and even those of small remote localities.

We now find slot machines in almost every bar and dozens in almost every neighborhood.
During the day and in the evening, students under the age of 10 or more, high school students young people with no jobs and sometimes women scramble to win and "become a millionaires."

It is 9 o'clock this Wednesday morning at a place called Pétrolex d'Olembé (a district of the first district of Yaounde), Stephen and Andy in their early twenties watch the results of meetings the day before.

Both lost in Tuesday's game. Stephen bet for more than 2,000 FCFA and Andy says he lost 1,500 FCFA. They are going to bet again this Wednesday.

"It's the game. One day you lose, another day you win. One day I will win. My friend earned 800 thousand FCFA the other day, "says Stephen.

The young clothing salesman, spending 10 to 15 thousand FCFA per week to play "Pari foot."

Our attention is attracted by a young student of about 15 years in high school uniform of Nkozoa. He goes quickly to the manager of the kiosk to whom he gives 50 FCFA to receive in exchange the list of matches of the day.

"He's a regular," says the kiosk manager. However, there is a mention that proscribes games to minors under 18 years.

"The principle of the game is simple. We play from 300 FCFA. You can choose up to 15 matches, "explains the kiosk manager.

"There are people who often bet here 15,000 FCFA per day," he adds.

Many Cameroonians are addicted to gambling. They hope to make millions and get out of their poverty.

In these games rooms, we meet women, police and military but especially young people.

Until 2016 there was only one sports betting company in Cameroon. Mutual Urban Cameroonian Bet (Pmuc).

Since the liberalization of the sector we have seen the appearance of the " Pari Foot " and Cameroonian football fans have become notorious snags with the hope of winning every day.

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Cameroon: President Paul Biya, has been appointed president of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) for the next 12 months. Cameroon: President Paul Biya, has been appointed president of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) for the next 12 months.

Following the 14th Ordinary Session of the Conference of  Heads of State of the Subregion held in N'Djamena, Chad, Biya succeeds Idriss Deby at the time of the organization's many projects including the end of obstacles to the free movement of people and goods that is still not a reality on the ground despite the lifting of the last barriers in 2017 by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.On the roadmap of the new president-in-office of CEMAC are the questions of financing of the reform program.{loadposition myposition}

Cemac indeed needs money of a lot of money to finance the many projects registered in the program and Idriss Deby let it know, "the bold reforms undertaken by the CEMAC countries have produced very encouraging results but we must reinforce the momentum to boost growth and offer better prospects to the people of the sub-region, "the Chadian head of state told his counterparts.

Before insisting, "finance ministers must settle the arrears of the Community integration tax on December 31, but also pay the dues of 2019."

Among Cemac's many projects are the repatriation of export revenues, especially from large companies, multilateral surveillance, finalization of Institutional Reforms, the free movement of nationals of the sub-region and their property in Cemac, the operation of the Inter-State Center for Higher Education in Public Health of Central Africa (CIESPAC), the return of the Commission to its headquarters in Bangui.

An extraordinary joint ECCAS / CEMAC summit is announced in the near future. The fifteenth ordinary session of the CEMAC Heads of State Conference will be held in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 2020.

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Burundi: Three Students sent to jail for scribbled on presidents picture. Burundi: Three Students sent to jail for scribbled on presidents picture.

Six students were detained on Tuesday, March 12, in Kirundo province in northeast Burundi for scribbling on pictures of President Pierre Nkurunziza in five textbooks. The students were accused of “insulting the head of state.

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The National Federation of Associations Engaged in Children's Welfare in Burundi (FENADEB) reported that another student, 13, had been immediately released because he was a minor under the age of 15.

Three students were reportedly provisionally released on Friday, March 15, but, the remaining three were kept in custody. The girls, aged 15 to 17, if found guilty, risk up to five years in prison for insulting the president. Iwacu newspaper reported that families affected were deeply distressed.

“Scribbling [on the president’s picture] is a punishable offense under the Burundian law,” according to a Reuters report. However, the age of the offenders may serve as a “mitigating circumstance” in these students’ trial.

As a teacher anonymously noted, the textbooks had not been checked for several years and are often shared by students, so it is difficult to know who marked them.

A similar episode occurred in 2016, following the controversy over the president’s third term, where high school students scribbled on textbook pictures of Nkurunziza. Authorities took this as a serious insult and expelled hundreds of students from various schools across the country. Eleven students were charged with “insulting the head of state” and “threatening state security,” although they were reportedly later cleared.

These actions were highly criticized. Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, issued a statement on June 29, 2016:

I am dismayed by continuing reports of the suspension and arrest of schoolchildren and students for having scribbled on pictures of the president in textbooks.

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Cameroon: French parliamentarians put pressure on Biya's regime to release former CRTV GM, Amadou Vamoulké Cameroon: French parliamentarians put pressure on Biya's regime to release former CRTV GM, Amadou Vamoulké

French MPs and Reporters Without Borders (RSF) participated in a press conference in the  French National Assembly.
During the session, they asked for the "immediate" release of the former CRTV GM  who has been jailed for more than 30 months.{loadposition myposition}

The former head of the Cameroonian public broadcaster [CRTV] is being sued for alleged embezzlement of 4 billion FCFA (6 million euros), for the sole benefit of the media he led between 2005 and 2016.

At the end of January, 9 French parliamentarians had sent a letter to Emmanuel Macron and Jean Yves Le Drian to ask them to use their diplomatic relations to ensure the "immediate release" of the former boss of the state radio and television.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that the prosecution has not "provided evidence of the relevance of its action" in this case.

Amadou Vamoulké, former managing director of the Cameroon Radio and Television (Crtv), is tried for alleged misappropriation of public funds..{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: Tiko plantation workers sustain severe injuries after attacked by unidentified gunmen. Cameroon: Tiko plantation workers sustain severe injuries after attacked by unidentified gunmen.

Some Tiko plantation workers were attacked yesterday by unidentified gunmen and rendered.  Fingerless and earless. Sources say “they were attacked for going to work.{loadposition myposition}

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and food

These gunmen took time to chop off the hands, fingers and ears of about least six plantation workers. The injured workers are presently receiving treatment at a medical facility in Tiko as security officers open investigations to track down the perpetrators. This is not the first time plantation workers in Tiko are suffering such attacks from gunmen in the locality. Close to two dozens of workers have had their fingers chopped off in previous attacks in the area.

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STORY OF MY DEADLY JOURNEY! By Nakinti Besumbu Nofuru STORY OF MY DEADLY JOURNEY! By Nakinti Besumbu Nofuru

I cannot believe I finally made it to my house alive, with part of my family on board. It's been a bloody long journey from Kumba to Bamenda, via Mamfe. As I approached Widikum round about, I saw some people looking at us in a suspicious and sorry look. And then, one man summoned courage to tell me aloud:{loadposition myposition}

"Madam, small small ya, the road is not ok."

I quickly slowed down, and just a few meters ahead of us, we saw a wild crowd rushing and gathering. As we drew near, we heard loud cries coming from there and some women rolling on the ground crying. I knew it was serious than we imagined. As I Initiated the bend to park well, oh my, the road was black. A bunch of military people had covered the road, and over 7 armored cars lined the middle and corners of the road.

God! We parked and rushed to where the cries were coming from -- Oh no! A woman and her little son have been taken by stray bullets. Their corpses lay still in a Carina E that was transporting them. Before I could cry, some one explained:

"Sister, this woman is part of the convoy transporting that corpse to their village, and the corpse is her husband..."

Jesus! Corpses of husband, wife, and son were there, sur place. She was going to bury her husband, now she and her soon too, will be burried. Oh Lord! The convoy passengers cried their lives out. In a twinkle of an eye, a passenger bus heading to Mamfe brought another injured man/passenger whose hand had beed scattered by bullets.

Now, the millitary then asked all the cars going to Bamenda to line up and allow them use armored cars to escort us. That is how we all struggled to match the speed of those war machines. I tried too. Driving 110 to 130 was another dead trap. We just tried.

A few kilometers into Batibo, a human leg, from thigh down, lay idle in the middle of the road. No one around. We passed in great speed. We reached Batibo, they left us to face the rest of the journey on our own. God, we embarked and prayed and God answered.

As we entered Bamenda, just before we could engage in discussions of relieve, a little boy of about 8 years old was hit by a car around Azire new church. He was lying there in his own blood, dying, until one bike rider rushed him to hospital.

To the family that perished, my heart bleeds. I cannot question God. RIP my sister, son and husband. To those of us who are alive, we owe our world a lot of peace. We cannot continue like this. #PeaceIsPossible.

We are home, painfully though. My mum is still shaking. My younger sister cannot eat. My son has remained mute. For our eyes have seen wonders in war!

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The alleged story behind the death of the proprietor of Miss Bright Hotel (Mr Tantoh Felix) revealed by his Daughter The alleged story behind the death of the proprietor of Miss Bright Hotel (Mr Tantoh Felix) revealed by his Daughter

The daughter of Mr Tantoh who was killed by unidentified gun men took to her Facebook page yesterday 14 November 2018 and revealed some stories about the death of her father as seen on the screenshots below.


This is an open letter to Lucy Tabe late Miss Brights wife.. {loadposition myposition}

Part one.

Since my dad died I have been very quite about certain things, not because am a fool. You (Lucy Tabe) go around telling lies to people so you can get sympathy. I will share the story to everyone so they know the kind of wife you have been to the man who made you what you are today.
July 17 at 2:35pm (7:35pm Cameroon time) I had a text from my dad asking if I was ok, an I said yes . 2 days prior to that we paid some men to follow you up coz my dad suspected you of cheating... it came back you were cheating with a married man in Maryland...look at the pictures.... my dad was heart broken and he asked u and off course you denied it. I was the last person who spoke to my dad befor his demise ( when he told me Steph someone is at the door I will call u back & that was the last I heard of him). 5:38pm American Time you (LUCY)called me & and told me my dad has been killed by his best friend ( his name I will withhold) . That same day I purchased our ticket for the next day to go to Cameroon. Once we got to Cameroon all the cars documents where handed to you plus 3 million which was found in one of the cars. you requested for him to be buried 3 days after that which the family declined. On thé 23rd which was a Monday at 3am Cameroon time you transported all his 5 luxury cars out of his compound. When u were questioned about your action you claim the Fon of Bamendannkwen asked you to do so. Which were all lies. The family decided to ignore that act and focus on their lose. After so many meetings we picked a date sept 7 which was the date you picked due to your daughters surgery. We all abided to that dates an all burial preparations where done. Sept 1 st u called me requesting I buy u and your kids flights back to the Cameroon after u had told the family you already bought the flights . I declined coz we were not in good terms. Sept 6 th i tried reaching you only to discover you were no were to be found ( so many stories came out but God alone knows where u were at that time). You placed a court order on my dads corpse which didn’t allow us bury him on that day. All burial preparations had been done at that time .which was a loss but I didn’t complain because I knew the kind of Person I was dealing with. On several occasions you tried doing the burial but it was abortive. On the 10th u tried biting him as a rejected corpse by calling the council to do the burial and again it was aborted. Today Wednesday 14th of November you succeeded in doing the burial without no family member , no children n non of your family. I just have one question for you. What did my dad ever do wrong to deserve this treatment? From what I gathered you have sold 3 of his cars which that’s what you used to finance all your atrocities. You plan on selling the hotel and fleeing to the USA to apply for asylum in the name of the government killed your husband. Am not writing all these to gain sympathy but it’s to tell the world what you did to a man who showed you love. I don’t need any of what my dad left you can have it coz that’s what u have been fighting for. Don’t forget when he was alive u could barely manage the shops he opened for you. Ask yourself can you manage what he left for the next 2 years?How will your kids look at you? Did you mourn you husband? I know you don’t have a conscience but heyyy we have God who doesn’t like ugly.

Part two

After his death on our way to Cameroon you told me let’s go to Cotonou Benin for protection. I asked you protection for what and against who. You went quite. You go around telling people to borrow you 23 million to do your husbands contract. I pity who ever gives you that money. 4 days after his demise you went to all his banks so you can have assess to his money but you were told that you are not his second signature. When you were told that I was his second signature to all his accounts you went wild. You even tried to bribe some of them to give you asses to the exact amount on the accounts. You then decides to start selling his cars because financially you were down. Your Maryland married man advised you to sell everything and start your life in the USA. My question to that man . Do you think if you marry her she will treat you different? Just a question. You went ahead & filed for the letter of administration ( you told the lawyers not to include my name on it as a beneficiary) I really don’t care about things like this. Back to the night my father died..... only you & I knew that my dad had to leave town that day I not return.... ???? only you & I knew he changed his traveling date. My question to you. Why are you bent on burying him without his family and chiefs. Is there anything you are hiding. Why can’t you sleep at the house in Bomaka ( you claim we drove you out what a lie). Did you tell them that you saw something in your room which chased you out and you never returned since then. No you didn’t. What did u go to do in Cotonou Nigeria ??. These are just questions which I would like to know the answers. How did you know the last things my dad said when he was attacked by these unknown men......coz no one was there. Why are you Bent on not accepting to bury him with family or give family assess to his corpse . I will leave it right here. Let God who doesn’t love ugly be the judge. Don’t forget you have kids. You go around painting a very bad picture of me. That I was not my fathers child/ am a bastard. Only an illiterate will ask such questions. You go around sleeping with men while your husband lies in the freezer and today you bring out you married certificate that you were legally married to him. Hahahahaha tell them the last time my dad slept with you..... off course you will lie.... he never slept with you when he found out you were sleeping with that guy in buea his name I will not call. He even drives my dads cars around town .. oohhhhh what is this life we leave in. Lucy Tabe don’t forget all these things are vanity. We are all passerby’s. My dad died because someone was so greedy. One of the bayangi boys that killed my dad was arrested and he decided to confess only for us to come the next day he was dead....what a life we leave in. Tell them why it took you more than 3 years to come to the USA after your last trip some years back. You came here and slept with one young guy and his wife called my dad and complained. You were almost thrown out of you married. Did you ever ask yourself who begged on your behalf. No you didn’t. Well I have a massage for you. You have buried him fine. Let God who doesn’t love ugly be the judge. I rest my case. This is just part of the story but I needed the world to know what kind of woman you are. Thanks {loadposition myposition2}

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Delly Singah Philips took to her Facebook page on the 24th of August 2018 and posted;Hello Family...... Delly Singah Philips took to her Facebook page on the 24th of August 2018 and posted;Hello Family......

Delly Singah Philips is an ambitious UK based Cameroonian lady.She is the Founder of Delly Singah Foundation, Delly TV and Delly Matchups. Delly is out to empower, enligten and advice people (young and old) through all her social media platforms.

{loadposition myposition}

She has hosted a number of Cameroonian celebrities, footballers and entrepreneurs like; Eyong Enoh, Wax Dey, Ngassa Nina, Commy Mussa, Nkanya Nkwai, Nchifor Valery, Itambi Delphine and many others on her Online TV (Delly TV) Facebook page to share their ideas and experiences about their different fields of life.

Delly Singah Phillips took to her Facebook page on the 24th of August 2018 and posted;

Hello Family,
Launching our August Give away to the best project for a start up Business/Project.
Prize: 100.000FCFA
Comment your project in the comment section and let's decide who gets the best project to be funded. 
This is in Collaboration with The Delly Singah Foundation and other anonymous Sponsors.


  • Should be unemployed. 
  • Should be community Oriented.
  • Should be based in Cameroon. 
  • Should be flexsible.

NB: The Best 3 projects will be selected.
Deadline: Tomorrow at midnight!
Good Luck.

The competition ended and and the winner is Ateh Ngwenyi Vera Havilah whose Project is 

Enterprise name: HAVILAH AND CO
Havilah means city of gold. The purpose of Havilah and co is to keep Cameroon cities clean and make them "Havilah" . Maintain high level of hygienic conditions in Cameroon homes, streets, quarters despite the poor nature of some infrastructures. 
*Door to door collection of waste that is your waste is collected in your house
*Weekly cleanups in the quarters
*Weekly cleanups on the streets
*Rally youths in each quarter to do the work. This is because they have full mastery of the terrain.
*Sensitise the population on need to maintain high level of hygienic conditions. 
*Make households see the benefits/use of the enterprise
*The environment will be neat hence free from mosquitoes and other disease causing insects
*Youths who idle in the quarters smoking, drinking, stealing will have something to keep them busy hence reduction in crime wave
*It will save households the stress of waiting for HYSACAM or looking for the nearest available trash can
*Areas not accessible to HYSACAM will have an easier way to dispose their waste.
*It will avoid waste disposal in streams and "gauters" which cause flooding
*How to rally the youths cuz we Cameroonian youths don't like volunteering
*How to get equipment to be used like uniforms, trashcans and other clean up accessories needed
*How to dispose of waste after clean ups and collection.

Delly replied one of her followers on Facebook; it’s with tears I read most of the projects. The passion with which they were presented and the dying desire to see them come to pass. I just want to sponsor every one of them. It is a privilege for me to answer this call and I thank God it has created an impact. 

This great gesture by the UK based lady made most followers of her social media platforms to see the zeal in Cameroonians youths who wish to excel in life yet no capital to startup. This is a call to Cameroonians and people around the to assist those in Need to realize their dreams irrespective of how small it is. Remember Little drops of water can make an oceans.

More grease to your elbow Delly.

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