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Cameroon Defence Ministry spokesman admits War crimes

Three more Gendarmes are killed in Kembong on Feb. 11
Cameroon Defence Ministry spokesman admits War crimes
Soldiers launch punitive expedition as three more gendarmes are killed in Kembong on Feb 11. Defence Ministry spokesman, Col. Didier Badjeck, who made the announcement, also defended the army's collective punishment reprisals against the local population, telling the French news agency, AFP, that "you cannot make omelettes without cracking eggs."

Badjeck also took a swipe at the EU and other international organizations that have criticized the regime's use of force, arguing that innocent civilians in places where soldiers are killed are complicit and deserved to be punished. This clearly is a man who talks before he thinks. If Badjeck thinks such tough-talk would earn him applause, then he's mistaken, because he just inadvertently admitted that Cameroon security forces are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ambazonia. The world is watching as the resistance continues.


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