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Resignation of Jacob Zuma: What lessons to other ruling parties in Africa ?

 Jacob Zuma's roller coaster ride as President of Africa's third largest economy,  and the most sophisticated, is over.

Since rumours began swirling around about his resignation, the Rand, the country's legal tender, is according Bloomberg, one of the best performing currencies on their chart of emerging economies.

No one expected that the man married to several wives and who has resurrected several times politically, while declared dead, will ever tender or accept to go as he has done. Zuma is a political phoenix or he is a political cat with 9 lives. But this time around, it was time up.

The credit for Zuma' resignation goes to the ruling party, ANC, that he was the head of intelligence during guerilla warfare and also as chairman. While the party has been supporting Jacob Zuma to the point of helping him survive several no confidence votes in parliament initiated by the opposition, the same ANC has to decided force their now erstwhile champion out of the political scene.

Why? Simply because, Jacob Zuma was no longer a political asset, but a liability to the ANC. The ANC under the stewardship of Zuma was characterized by divisions an as President of the Republic of South Africa, he was marred by successions of scandals.

He did not only ruin the reputation of South Africa, he made seemingly invincible ANC, vulnerable. It is now left to be seen whether its new leader, Cyril Ramaphosa will be able to turn around the battered image of the party of Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu.

What the cadres of the ANC have done, shows that, they have their party and country at heart. It is what the ruling parties in Congo Brazzaville, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo would have done or should emulate.

Take Cameroon for example, its ruling CPDM party has been in power since 1982, but has nothing to show of not political and economic degradation. It's because of the ruling Cameroon's People Democratic Movement, that the Anglophone crisis has degenerated.

Sadly, members of the ruling party of Cameroon have never thought it wise to force Biya out because he has become a liability to the party and the country. On the contrary and shockingly, some members of the ruling party want the old tired President who is officially 85 to run for the top job of the land this year.

The Republic of Congo Brazzaville is in a similar situation. Its long-standing President, Denis Sassou Nguesso has destroyed the country, yet the ruling Congolese Workers Party, PCT is clinging to a man who is running the country as a family and tribal business.

Cadres of the PCT even when the extra mile of supporting Sassou Nguesso to change the constitution in 2015. To pay them back, immediately he was fraudulently elected in April 2016, he sparked a war in Pool region. It is a classic example of human orchestrated disaster. For 80 thousand people in the Pool region need assistance that the broke government can't afford and many more have died or missing.

Normally, cadres of the PCT would have sat down and decide to force Sassou Nguesso out of power. Perhaps with has happened in South Africa, which is not the first though, political party leaders, especially those of the ruling party will now understand the need to put country first before their individual or political interest.

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