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SCNC calls on anglophone Cameroonians to sign the referendum petition

The Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC is asking Southern Cameroonians whether they have sign the referendum petition. In a statement issued on October 3 ,2016 the SCNC Chairman Nfor Ngala Nfor said it was the legitimate right for compatriots to sign and that they violate no law by doing so. The release further states how between late September and early October 2016, activists were arrested in different parts of Cameroon West of the Mongo amid heavy troop deployment. He also denounced attempts at sabotaging the collection of the signatures . Nfor Nfor said the signing of the referendum petition was to defend inherent rights to freedom, justice and sovereign independence adding that nothing will stop the restoration of the sovereign statehood of BRITISH SOUTHERN CAMEROONS under a federal system of government.


3: 10: 2016


Since the launching of the signature referendum, the occupation forces of la Republique du Cameroun have ignited their diabolic tactics of intimidation, harassment, arbitrary arrests and detention of patriotic and law abiding Southern Cameroonians.

This started in Njinikom, Boyo County with the arrest and detention of Mme Mary Ankiambom and Samuel Chia. In the Southern Zone the situation is proving to be worse. On Thursday September 29, 2016 Mr. Simon Ngwa, the National Youth Officer was arrested in a Taxi on his way from Mbalangi to Kumba, Meme County. His phone was seized by the la Republique Police Officer as he tried to inform me of his arrest.
 I heard him shouting and intimidating in French, the language of the masters. From Thursday afternoon to Sunday October 2, no one knew the where about of Simon Ngwa.

It was evening of Sunday after frantic search in all police and gendarmerie cells and Prison detention that Simon Ngwa was located at the Kumba Central Police cell. A huge quantity of referendum documents were confiscated from Simon Ngwa.

In Fako County, Friday morning witnessed the invasion of the private residence of Pa Andrew Kang, the LGA Chair for Buea by the occupation forces. After a thorough search and finding nothing incriminating, they still arrested Pa Kang and the daughter, Vivian Kang Iwi, a student in spite her ill health. They were released Sunday morning. Though Vivian’s laptop and other personal documents were given back her smart phone is still in the keeping of the forces. In Mutengene, Tiko LGA, Pa James Sabum, a regular customer of Police and Gendarme cells was visited by the stationed crack down force. After ransacking his house the occupation forces looted all the referendum documents in his keeping. He was at the Mutengene Police cell from Friday Sept. 30th to Monday Oct. 3rd 2016 noon.

Diligent efforts have succeeded in procuring the release of Mr. Simon Ngwa in Kumba and Pa Sabum in Mutengene. They were back in their respective homes enjoying partial freedom under annexation and colonial occupation by afternoon Oct. 3rd 2016. As people who have had this baptism several times, their vow is clear; this only re-enforces their determination to work harder for the liberation and independence of their Fatherland, in which the people will be their own masters. On Saturday 1st October, 2016, troops were all over in the major towns and County headquarters, of British Southern Cameroons, Buea, Victoria, Tiko, Mutengene, Kumba, Kumbo, Ndu, Nkambe, Mbengwi, Bamenda, where military truck loads of battle-ready aggressively looking forces took special interest near the SCNC National Secretariat.

As usual arrests were made in many towns, with Okada riders and hawkers being the main targets, purposely to extort money from the victims. For how long will these agents of imperial la Republique continue to suck you dry of your hard earned money? But they did not get their targets. They failed in their own traps.

All these are acts of desperation. The annexationist regime and agents must not have a free ride through intimidation. We must wisely defend our inherent rights to freedom, justice and sovereign independence. We must courageously resist intimidation. Arbitrary arrests and detention must not make us chicken out of the historic mission we have committed ourselves to. The colonialist is always on the wrong side of history. Self-determination, an eternal will of the people, is an unstoppable phenomenon of this dispensation of human history. We are wining that is why the annexationist regime is desperate. He who is on the side of TRUTH and LEGALITY has never failed in his drive for human freedom and justice.

And the LORD who ordained this land our eternal heritage is leading us to victory. No more FEAR!

Have You Signed The Signature REFERENDUM?

In self confidence and exercise of your legitimate and legal rights go NOW AND SIGN. It is a mark of your commitment to peaceful separation. You violate no law of la Republique du Cameroun. No one was arrested and detained in Scotland for voting in the Scottish referendum. No one was arrested and detained for voting in the Catalonian referendum.  It is our inherent right to do what is right, legal and in defense of our identity. We are not stepping on the toes of la Republique and they should not step on our own. Time has come for President Paul Biya to learn from the Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia.

And that TIME IS NOW! Nothing under heavens will stop the restoration of the sovereign statehood of BRITISH SOUTHERN CAMEROONS under a federal system of government with effective devolution of powers to empower the people and answer to the urgent needs of fast and equitable development.

British Southern Cameroons will be FREE!
Nfor N. Nfor

National Chairman (SCNC)

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