Headlines|FF0000 http://cameroon-concord.com Thu, 19 Oct 2017 01:40:45 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb 24 US Congressmen call on the US Mission to the United Nations to hold briefing on Anglophone crisis http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/24-us-congressmen-call-on-the-us-mission-to-the-united-nations-to-hold-briefing-on-anglophone-crisis http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/24-us-congressmen-call-on-the-us-mission-to-the-united-nations-to-hold-briefing-on-anglophone-crisis 24 US Congressmen call on the US Mission to the United Nations to hold briefing on Anglophone crisis

Congress of the The United States
Washington, DC 20515
October 17. 2017

The Honorable Nikki Haley
United States Representative to United Nations
United States Permanent Mission io the United Nations
799 United Nations Plaza
New York. New York 10017

Dear Ambassador Haley.

On behalf of the Camcroon American Council (CAC) and the Cameroon diaspora of New York, we are troubled with the deteriorating conditions for the English-Speaking (Anglophones) minority in the Northwest and South-west regions of Cameroon.
The concerns of the CAC arc serious: mass arrests. black out of Internet services for 94 days in the Western region of Anglophone-only communities, using live ammunition to disperse protests, and diminishing freedoms of the press. These beliefs arc strengthened by the U.S. State Department's 2016 Human Rights Report on Cameroon, which makes clear that the government of Cameroon has taken actions to undermine the equality of all citizens before the law.
In addition to the concerns arising in the Western, Anglophone region, Cameroon faces humanitarian crises in other regions. In the North, Cameroon is combating famine and Boko Haram, and in the east. there is a flow of refugees fleeing the Central African Republic. The confluence of these events poses unique threats to the stability of Cameroon and to United States interests in Cameroon. {loadposition myposition}
We respectfully request that the US Mission to the United Nations hold a briefing for the Cameroon Diaspora and their allies in the coming weeks. We believe a briefing will enable this very active community to better understand the situation from the perspective of the United Nation's Security Council, and will help the community communicate better with their family members, business partners and friends back in Cameroon.
Thank you.

Daniel M. Donovan. Jr.

Member of Congress Member of Congress

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Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province creates fund for victims of violence http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/bamenda-ecclesiastical-province-creates-fund-for-victims-of-violence http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/bamenda-ecclesiastical-province-creates-fund-for-victims-of-violence Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province creates fund for victims of violence

The Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province has announced the creation of a fund to support those affected by the violence during demonstrations in the Anglophone regions of the country.
The announcement was made by the Auxiliary Archbishop of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province, Michael Miabesue Bibi on Saturday October 14, 2017 during a mass to pray for those who have lost their lives during the Anglophone crisis.
The Auxiliary Bishop asked Christians to pray for all those who shot others to death and those who ordered for their shooting. Without stating clearly the angle of this prayer request, the prelate emphasized that, “Only God gives life and only God should take lives”.

The church which is the moral pillar in every society has continually played her role since the start of the Anglophone crisis as a mediator and the broker of peace for all, by looking at the evolution of Cameroon history objectively and making pertinent suggestions to government on the way forward.{loadposition myposition}
It is based on this fall out that the Archbishop of the Bamenda Ecclesiastical Province, His Grace Cornelius Fontem Eshua chose Saturday October 14, 2017 for all churches under his command to pray for the repose of scores of people who lost their lives during recent demonstrations in the NW and SW regions and to pray for the country as a whole.
In a solemn homily at the Bamenda Metropolitan Cathedral where hundreds of Christians answered present, officiated by the Auxiliary Archbishop, Michael Miabesue Bibi, the church unanimously prayed for the peaceful repose of the lives of those who died since October 2016 in connection with the Anglophone crisis. Prayed as well for those who have been arrested and tortured, both known and unknown and for the families of all those affected.
During his homily, the Auxiliary Archbishop called on Christians to pray for this nation like never before at a time when uncertainty is the next certainty in the Northwest and Southwest regions.
He cautioned all, Christians like non-Christians to keep away from trouble, calling on them not to provoke the military or give room for the military to provoke them while warning that “life is sacred”.
The man of God did not fail to re-echo the stance of the church with regards to the Anglophone crisis. He condemned strongly the abduction of Anglophones to unknown destinations and called on government to put an immediate stop to the arrests.
He equally urged government to push fast for a genuine and inclusive dialogue so as to find lasting solutions to issues affecting national peace.
Finally, the prelate appealed with the population to continue offering masses to pray for the lives of those who were killed during the Anglophone crisis.


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Cameroon: Ambazonia Governing Council files genocide claims against Biya's government at ICJ http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-ambazonia-governing-council-files-genocide-claims-against-biya-s-government-at-icj http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-ambazonia-governing-council-files-genocide-claims-against-biya-s-government-at-icj Cameroon:  Ambazonia Governing Council files genocide claims against Biya's government at ICJ

The Southern Cameroons Governing Council officially informs the ICC on genocide actions committed in Southern Cameroons by La Republique forces and its sponsors

Southern Cameroons,Ambazonia


International Criminal Court
The Hague, the Netherlands
You r Lordship

SUBJECT: Application for Investigation against Identified Government officials of La
République Du Cameroun Genocide and Crimes against Humanity
committed on the people of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia)

This Application is made in accordance With Article 158(1) of the Rome Statute of the
International Criminal Court. which mandates the Prosecutor to initiate investigations priori motu on the basis of information on crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court

The undersigned. whose address appears above, have the honour to request you to undertake any appropriate method of investigation in connection with the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity committed on the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambatonia (North West and South West Regions of Cameroon as people are made to belief in violation of Articles 6 and 7 of the Rome Statute, consequent upon Government's intransigence in carrying out such investigation as requested by the UN Secretary General following the killings and atrocities of
the first of October 2017. {loadposition myposition}

The following personalities/government officials are in their individual capacities. directly
responsible for the killings, torture and maiming, rape, abduction and forcible transfer of
abductees and disappearances Since October 2016:

1) Mr Paul President of La République du
2) Mr Rene Sadi, M of Territorial Administration and
3) ESSO, Minister of Justice
4) Mr Jacques Fame Ndongo. Minister of Higher Education
5) Mr Issa Tchiroma Bakary. Minister of Information and Government Spokesman
6) Mr Joseph Beti Minister Delegate at the presidency in charge of Defence
7) Mr Martin Belinga Eboutou, Director of Civil Cabinet at the presidency
8) Mr Rene Claude Meka. Head of the Army
9) Mr Jean Baptist Bokam, Head of National Gendarmerie
10) Mr Adophe l' Afrique, Governor of the North West province
11) Bernard Okalia Bilal. Governor of the South West province

The background to the current crisis that has met with excessive armed repression. which ii
and urgent Motion is not taken may escalate the on-going Crimes against humanity. stems deprivation of the right to Which has led to the Violation of a range of Other universally recognised human rights, particularly the right to life and security of the human person. The facts are brief.

Following legitimate anti government protests and Civil disobedience initiated by common law lawyers and teachers' trade unions Since October 2016, the government's excessively lethal response has left hundreds of the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia dead. and others wounded while the entire Southern Cameroons/Ambazonian population remains
subjected to repression with recorded instances of cruel and inhumane treatment, rape.
abductions, extra-judicial killings and disappearances.

In the last couple of weeks since the 22" of September 2017, demonstrations culminating in the commemoration of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia independence on the 1st October 2017, the above named persons orchestrated the Shooting
of civilian (With peace plants in their hands) in the Streets of major Cities
and towns Within the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia (Or legitimately asserting the right to self-determination, to exist as a separate state. Over 5O people. including children are
confirmed dead while Some are hospitalised for Sustaining gun Shots and hundred Others
remain missing.

May We be permitted to draw the attention to the fallowing provisions of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal that have been Continuously and systematically violated in the
Course of the 56 years Since 1961 which has in precipitating the present
revolt by the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.
Article 6: Genocide
a) Killing members of the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia
b) Causing serious body or mental harm (torture, maiming aand incarceration in lifeless
bunkers) to the people of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia:
c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its
physical in whole or in (cultural genocide perpetrated through the
imposition of the French language in schools and courts);
d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group(vaccination of school
in the 1990s);
Article 7:; Crimes against Humanity

a) Murder (on-going killings since December 2016 when 8 young protesters were shot to
on the streets of Bamenda to the recent killings on 1st of October 2017);
b) Extermination (the government's policy of assimilation into the dominant francophone
system is intended to exterminate the minority Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia population).
C) Enslavement (56 of treatment as second class citizens with an extensive record of
discriminatory practices against the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia);

d) Deportation or forcible transfer of population (abductions and arbitrary transfer of the
abductees to prisons detention facilities in Yaoundé and Cities in La
République du Cameroun):

e) Imprisonment or Other severe deprivation of physical liberty in Violation of
fundamental rules of international law (many of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonian
leaders and activists are Still currently detained arbitrarily in bunkers and
concentration camps in Yaoundé);

f) Torture (many recorded instances of torture and degrading treatment, including
against women and Children of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonian decent):
g) Rape (rape of Students of the University of Buea among Other instances are on
h) persecution (hate speech propagated with impunity by people of La Republic du
On public media and arbitrary arrest and detention of people of the
Cameroons/Ambazonia with no apparent offence except the fact that they
are from that part of the country;
i) Enforced disappearance of persons (many families have since 2016 reported
the disappearance of their family members whose whereabouts remain unknown to this

j) The crime of apartheid (apartheid style discriminatory treatment perpetrated by the
government against the people of the Southern Camecoons Ambazonia. For example,
internet access was shutdown in the whole of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia
territory for 93 days 17 January to 20 April 2017 While the rest of the Freach speaking part of the country enjoyed unperturbed access to internet. Currently also,
internet is suspended in the whole of the Southern Cameroons/Ambatonia since 1st
of October 2017 While the rest of the country remains connected to internet);

k) Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering or
serious injury to body or to the mental or physical health.
Attached to this application are Video footages, newspaper photos, audio recordings
and press statements issued by human rights relating to atrocities committed on
the people of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

Prof Anyangwe
Julius AyukTabe
Wilfred Tassang
Milan Atam
Carol Chi Ngang

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UN Human Rights Committee to review the following countries: Australia, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Mauritius, Romania http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/un-human-rights-committee-to-review-the-following-countries-australia-cameroon-democratic-republic-of-the-congo-dominican-republic-jordan-mauritius-romania http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/un-human-rights-committee-to-review-the-following-countries-australia-cameroon-democratic-republic-of-the-congo-dominican-republic-jordan-mauritius-romania UN Human Rights Committee to review the following countries: Australia, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Mauritius, Romania

The UN Human Rights Committee, which monitors implementation by States of one of the main international human rights treaties, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), is meeting in Geneva from 16 October to 10 November 2017.

The Committee will review these countries on the following dates: (18-19 October) Australia, (24-25 October) Cameroon, (16-17 October) Democratic Republic of the Congo, (17-18 October) Dominican Republic, (19-20) Jordan, (23-24 October) Mauritius and (25-26 October) Romania.{loadposition myposition}

The above are among the 169 States that have ratified the ICCPR and so are required to be reviewed regularly by the Committee of 18 international independent experts. The Committee will also hear from NGOs and national human rights institutions.

The public sessions, which will be webcast at http://webtv.un.org/, will take place from 10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00 at Palais Wilson, Geneva.

More information, including submitted reports by the States, can be found here.

The Committee’s findings, officially termed concluding observations, on the countries reviewed, will be published on 9 November 2017 here.

A news conference to discuss the findings is scheduled for 13.30 on Thursday, 9 November 2017, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva (Press Room 1).

For media requests please contact: Nicoleta Panta, +41(0) 22 9179310/npanta@ohchr.org

Media accreditation – click here.


Human Rights Committee members are independent human rights experts drawn from around the world, who serve in their personal capacity and not as representatives of States parties. The Committee’s concluding observations are an independent assessment of States’ compliance with their human rights obligations under the treaty. Find more information about HRC here and watch HRC stories of impact here


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Cameroon: SDF Castigates Biya’s Junta Over October 1 Mass Killings http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-sdf-castigates-biya-s-junta-over-october-1-mass-killings http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-sdf-castigates-biya-s-junta-over-october-1-mass-killings Cameroon: SDF Castigates Biya’s Junta Over October 1 Mass Killings

Cameroon’s frontline opposition political party, the Social Democratic Front, SDF, has castigated the Biya regime for the mass slaying of unarmed civilians in the Northwest and Southwest Regions during the September 22 and October 1 peaceful demonstrations.

The party vented out her frustration in a recent press release signed by the National Chairman of the party, Ni John Fru Ndi.

In the communiqué, the SDF writes: “the killings, the maiming, the destruction of public and private property, the mass arrests and abductions at the instigation of the Biya junta have been unprecedented in the history of our nation. This is evident of a weak and a dying regime at the verge of collapse that has resolved to annihilate the lives of the citizens.”

According to the SDF, the Biya Government ordered its armed military to shoot and kill armless protesters carrying peace plants, including children below the ages of 10.{loadposition myposition}

“The SDF has come to realise that the Biya regime promoted and facilitated hate speech, the build-up of false allegations of terrorism and planned provocations which induced its army to kill at random and hundreds of lives are reported lost. This carefully crafted genocide must be stopped,” partly read the release.

To the SDF, the looting, breaking into homes, destroying of property, raping of women and minors that ensued are veritable testaments to the fact that the troops we acting on the high instruction of the CPDM Government.

The party however made this clarion call: “we call on all victims and all Cameroonians of good will to assist us in the collection of this   material evidence that constitute flagrant and unprecedented human rights violations against the Biya regime and its Government.”

The SDF urged its members and sympathizers to constitute a solidarity fund in a bid to assist the September 22 and October 1 victims.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Communication and Government Spokesperson, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, has repeatedly refuted all allegations of mass killing, looting and raping.

According to him, even if the military killed, they did so in self defence. He promised hell to all demonstrators, who are trying to destabilise the country. Such ‘terrorists’, he said will be dealt with according to the law.{loadposition myposition2}





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Anglophone Lawyers Suspend Strike Order Biya Repent Else... http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/anglophone-lawyers-suspend-strike-order-biya-repent-else http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/anglophone-lawyers-suspend-strike-order-biya-repent-else Anglophone Lawyers Suspend Strike Order Biya  Repent Else...

Common Law Lawyers in Meme Division, Southwest Region under the umbrella of the outlawed Meme Lawyers Association, MELA, have suspended their one year strike action.

The Lawyers also issued a six months’ ultimatum for Government to initiate an inclusive dialogue forum to look into the grievances of the Anglophone polity.

The decision marked the high point of a call-over court session at the Meme High Court on Wednesday, October 11.

It marked exactly one year since the Common Law Advocates downed their robes.

Speaking at the court session, the President of the Meme High Court, Justice Paul Ngute, said the Lawyers took the decision in the interest of humanity.

"Today marks the beginning of a new dawn in the courts, for many things have happened in the past one year. Our colleagues of the private bar have once more decided to be part of the judicial process. People have suffered; there are so many inmates who could be innocent. I know it is not an easy decision. It takes courage to be humble. This would help people who have issues to be handled by the courts," Justice Ngute said.

Shortly after the comments, Ngute gave room for the Vice President of the Meme Lawyers Association, MELA, Barrister Jacob Mpako Njume. 

In his submission, Barrister Mpako gave reasons why the lawyers were resuming work.

Inferring from the deliberation of a September 25 conclave, Barister Mpako read out the resolutions of the advocates in Meme Division. He said, they agreed to ”suspend their decision of 11/10/16 to down their robes and resume court appearances for a period of six months to allow Government sufficient time to completely redress the grievances expounded in the declaration of May 9, 2015, in Bamenda".{loadposition myposition}

Shortly after the pronouncements, the State Prosecutor, Justice Emmanuel Afah Annah, said it was time to give peace a chance.

Afah inferred from Mpako's speech that Government has gone the extra mile in handling the crisis and so it was time for things to return to normal for the interest of humanity and justice in Cameroon.

Mpako Faces the Press

 Responding to questions from journalists, MELA Vice President made the following declarations.

'' the rationale behind the decision is first of all on humanitarian reasons...you have many people who are in prison awaiting trial and they need to be defended........ even if committees are formed  they would not be as effective as if all lawyers are back and go to work and they can go to different towns and defend people differently’’.

On the absence of most lawyers, Mpako said “You see many of them are complaining that they didn't know that officially this was how the ceremony was going to take place but they are all aware of this date that we are starting today because this date was discussed in two different meetings and voted for”.

On why the appellation MELA and his position as Vice President was still being mentioned in open court whereas Government had banned the association, Mpako retorted: “I am not the person who called  ...you can ask the person who called ....well that's is what I am saying that I am not the person who called that Vice President of MELA or so and if you want to know whether the decision has been revoked or not, you meet the person who made the statement’’.

 Quizzed if the Meme lawyers were acting solo, Mpako said some zealots have hijacked the movement. “no..no..let me tell you, some zealots ....let me put it that way have hijacked this movement and think that their opinion must prevail over any other person. The constituent assemblies have made every effort to meet as a body and move ahead but threats will not permit them. So behind the door scenes, the constituent assemblies decided that let’s take respective actions and as we are sitting here, FAKLA is sitting. In some other places, some lawyers are already going to work. In Bamenda there are two camps those who are going to court and those who are not going to court. So why is it only Meme?”

Commenting on rumours of bribes to call off the strike, Mpako said he was ready for proofs. “I think that is not a new phenomenon.

According to some people when you don’t reason with them you have collected money. Must you collect money before you do something...I never collected money from anybody and anybody who knows that I was given money... anybody who knows that I have collected money please I am ready for interrogations at anytime. I work with my conscience and not because of pressure or name tag,” Mpako told The Post

Bar Council Representative

Barrister Divine Mboke, Southwest representative of the Bar Council President, said the occasion was very solemn given that it marked one year since the lawyers strike began.

“There is no situation that will last for eternity and at this point in time the wisdom of the Meme Lawyers prevailed and we decided that we paused a bit , come back to the courts, assist the litigants you know and that the machinery should flow the way it is supposed to.”

On the evident absence of the younger advocates, Mboke said “we will not drag them all or forcefully bring them to court, but we hope that in the days ahead, they will follow. Let us not make any mistake, this struggle concerns all of us and I will tell you it is our lives. We are resuming for six months, to give the Government time to fine-tune what they have started and if after six months it is not satisfactory, we will resume the strike".

Mboke also had a different answer on the issue of the ban on the constituent association of Common Law Lawyers in the Northwest and Southwest.

“Those issues are in process and they are in progress and we hope that in the days ahead all of that will be taken care of. In fact, I am sure the Vice President spoke to you about a memo we have drafted to the President of the Republic and all of that is in that Memo,” Barrister Mboke disclosed.

Court Atmosphere

Business rumbled off at 11:11 am when a college of six Judges made their entry into the courtroom. Some seven senior advocates in Meme were present.

Six full professional outfit and one in assorted dresses. With brief submissions from all judiciary angles, the President of the Meme High Court closed the session at 11:28 am.

Scores of advocates mostly of a younger generation were spotted at different positions within and without the court premises.

While some looked indifferent to the recent developments, a host of others maintained a suspicious silence. A meeting of members of now-outlawed Fako Lawyers Association, FAKLA, has resolved to suspend Common Lawyers’ strike that has been running for one year (since October 11, 2016).

The decision was arrived at after the lawyers met at the Southwest Court of Appeal in Buea, to deliberate and settle on a consensual way forward.

The Fako lawyers’ decision will take effect as from Monday, October 16, when members of FAKLA will officially return to the courts.

At press time, the lawyers were yet to issue their official communiqué with details of their resolutions.

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Cameroon: ENAM announces the hiring of professors to teach specialized courses for anglophone students http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-enam-announces-the-hiring-of-professors-to-teach-specialized-courses-for-anglophone-students http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-enam-announces-the-hiring-of-professors-to-teach-specialized-courses-for-anglophone-students Cameroon: ENAM  announces the hiring of professors to teach specialized courses for anglophone students

Cameroon's prestigious National School of Magistracy ENAM has announced the hiring of professors to teach specialized courses for exclusively anglophone students.

In view of the impending launching of the Common Law division in the country's magistracy, lecturers recruited will be expected to teach Civil Court Practice, Law of Evidence, Probate Proceedings and professional ethics.
Applications must reach ENAM latest November 10 2017.{loadposition myposition}

The Minister of Higher Education points out in a press release that President Biya has also ordered the creation of the dept of juridical and political science in the University of Buea.
According to the cabinet member, the head of head had also instructed him to prepare texts for the creation of departments of English Law in various universities around the country.
The governement communique stresses that the measures taken are in response to demands of anglophone lawyers and a strategy to boost the volume of anglophones in the nation's magistracy

Divine Nchamukong/ Camerooninfo.net

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bogus@bogus.com (Concord Essen) Headlines|FF0000 Thu, 12 Oct 2017 20:20:00 +0000
Kumba-Cameroon: Governor's Curfew Lands Police Commissioner In Trouble http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/kumba-cameroon-governor-s-curfew-lands-police-commissioner-in-trouble http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/kumba-cameroon-governor-s-curfew-lands-police-commissioner-in-trouble Kumba-Cameroon: Governor's Curfew Lands Police Commissioner In Trouble

Moves to implement the 72 hours curfew which Southwest Governor imposed on the Region last weekend has landed the Commissioner of the Kumba Central Police Station, Wilson Njume Njikang, in trouble.

Accusations have emerged tagging the Police Commissioner’s name to the killing of a protester, Basil Enongone on Saturday, September 30 in Fiango.

But his collaborators say such reports are meant to blackmail the police boss

Njume surfaced at the Fiango neighbourhood alongside Meme SDO, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong on Saturday September 30 to observe the population response to the curfew.

A group of protesters descended to the streets and few  minutes after the administrator and Commissioner left,  a casualty was reported at the scene as soldiers came dispersing the crowd.

Hours after news of the shooting of Enongene broke, the SDO informed the Commissioner to confirm the reports from the field.

Fast police movements were made to Hope Clinic and the victim was later identified by the police at the Kumba District Hospital, KDH.{loadposition myposition}

Social Media Sparks Investigation

A day after the Saturday incident, a controversial video on social media accusing the Commissioner of killing Enongene triggered rebuttal from the security forces.

A close aid of Njume, who spoke to The Post, said the video is an act of blackmail against the Commissioner.

The officer who opted for anonymity claimed that his boss succeeded in shutting down the Fiango Market and freeing travellers entering Kumba that Morning. “Njume was not dress in police uniform that morning as accusers claim,” he said.

The officer showed the pistol of the Commissioner with 12 bullets stating that if Njume shot a bullet throughout the curfew it would have been reasonable to accuse him.

Our source stated that all through the period of the curfew, police officers were not authorised to shoot. The same source stated that it was the military that effected shootings in response to provocations from certain neighbourhoods.

Police Suspect Prisoners

Our source revealed that so far investigations traced two suspects. The duo are said to be persons recently freed from the Kumba Principal Prison. Other police sources claim they might have been hired to defame the Police Commissioner.

The security investigator said from the video posted on social media, the suspects staged-managed a person and forced words into his mouth to say that it was the Commissioner who shot somebody.

Torture Accusations

While the police were yet to rest from the shooting incident, news went viral on social media that hundreds of detainees at the same police station were being tortured.

When The Post visited the police cells on October 4, only three persons where in detention

Police Condemn Blackmail

Since the accusations surfaced, security forces in Kumba have condemned what they say is rising blackmail against their job and family.

A handful of them who spoke to this reporter without authorisation are accusing Diaspora activist of conniving with locals on ground to attack the police.

In the case of the Commissioner, pictures of him and his family have gone viral on social media platforms generating diverse reactions.{loadposition myposition2}


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Cameroonian Bishops Cry Out To Biya: Stop The Bloodbath, Genocide In Anglophone Regions http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroonian-bishops-cry-out-to-biya-stop-the-bloodbath-genocide-in-anglophone-regions http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroonian-bishops-cry-out-to-biya-stop-the-bloodbath-genocide-in-anglophone-regions Cameroonian Bishops Cry Out To Biya:  Stop The Bloodbath, Genocide In Anglophone Regions


Bishops of the Bamenda Provincial Episcopal Conference, BAPEC, have once again issued a sterling memo to President Paul Biya, urging him to “stop the bloodbath and genocide that has skillfully been initiated in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.”

The seven page document is titled: Declaration of the Bishops of the Bamenda Provincial Episcopal Conference following the massive demonstrations and the curfew imposed on the Northwest and Southwest Regions:”

The memo, signed by the BAPEC Bishops viz: Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua, Mgrs. Immanuel Bushu, George Nkuo, Andrew Nkea, Agapitus Nfon and Michael Bibi, is dated October 4.

According to the Prelates, Anglophones went through a torrid period from September 22 to October 2.

“From Bota in Fako to Ako in Donga Mantung, from Bakassi in Ndian to Menji in Lebialem, families are weeping for their children... Since September 29, there have been various forms of violence and atrocities that have bedevilled most towns and villages of the Northwest and Southwest Regions... The groans from the dying and shrieks of the wounded make our hearts bleed from pain. The sighs of those who have lost property through looting or arson, the pain of anxiety inflicted on families and friends of those abducted or missing, the trauma caused on the young and the old by the fright from the warlike atmosphere in particular have left another heap of painful memories in our minds and hearts.

We want, in the first place, to express our profound grief and sympathies to those families who in the recent crisis have lost their dear ones, we express our solidarity with those who have sustained injuries and those suffering in any way, those arrested and incarcerated, and the families that have been separated from their loved ones or displaced. May the crucified Lord, with whom they are now hanging on the cross, be their consolation,” they wrote.

The men of God recalled that following the escalation of the crisis in 2016, they (BAPEC Bishops), said it was important to respect the country’s bicultural and bijural nature.

“We also condemned in very unequivocal terms the violence perpetuated by some groups of young people on one hand and the acts of brutality, torture, inhuman and unjustified treatment meted out on some youths by the forces of law and order on the other hand.

We called on the Government to restrain such barbaric action of the forces of law and order and to bring to justice those of them who had been irresponsible, so that peace may reign.”

The men of God bemoaned that Government did not heed their appeal, but rather “the CPDM ruling party went on to organise a so-called Peace March, which provoked the resistance of most of the people and the subsequent reaction of the forces of law and order that led to further violence on  December 8, 2016.

The consequent result of the violence on that day was the shooting of unarmed youths by the forces of law and order.”

The Prelates regretted that despite their request for audience with the Head of State to brief him of the exact situation in the Anglophone Regions and to present a Memorandum on the Anglophone Problem, was discarded by the presidency.

 “In the Memorandum, we gave the historical background of the Anglophone Problem, articulated the Problem, gave various instances in which the Problem is manifested and proposed a way forward to solve the socio-political impasse in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.{loadposition myposition}

The requested audience was never granted...rather, we have been erroneously accused of being the invisible hand supporting the activists and keeping the schools closed as it is evidenced by the fact that we were dragged to court for treason... and other related accusations.”

The Bishops said September 22, was a turning point in the Crisis, as people of all walks of life stormed the streets of the former West Cameroon to express their right to self-determination.

To the clergy, the climax of the Anglophone Crisis came in prelude to October 1, when Government slammed a curfew on the two Regions, forbidding movement and public assembly of more than four persons

“On October 1, some Priests and Christians were prevented by the ...military from going to church and so they failed to exercise their constitutional right of freedom of worship. In some areas, we noted with disgust that some Christians were tear-gassed as they came out of Mass... BAPEC is sad and disturbed, having learned that some of our Christians were pursued into their houses, some arrested, others maimed and some were simply shot to death...

Elsewhere in the world, the forces of law and order protect demonstrating citizens. In our country, peaceful demonstrations, except those organised by the ruling party, seem to be an opportune moment for our Armed Forces to demonstrate their shooting prowess both from the ground and from the air on unarmed and helpless civilians.”

Prelates Whack Tchiroma

The Bishops slammed Communication Minister for lauding the professionalism of the Armed Forces, in total disregard of the brutality and barbarism meted out on the population.

“Either the Minister of Communication was not adequately informed or he was misleading the national and international communities. The enthronement of lies, no matter from which side in our country, does not help in nation building.

It rather destroys the efforts of honest and God-fearing Cameroonians who truly seek to be free and responsible, not only for themselves but also for others and for their environment.

Today, at least in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, there is a huge gap of credibility between the population, those calling for restoration and the administration.”

They condemned the irresponsible use of firearms against unarmed civilians.

“The divine injunction: “Thou shalt not kill!” remains valid even in such circumstances. We call on the Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, to stop the bloodbath and genocide that has skilfully been initiated in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

Mr. Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General, said “a genocide begins with the killing of one man – not for what he had done – but for who he is”.

The statement by Government Spokesperson that some Anglophone Cameroonians are “terrorists” is a subtle call for what can be described as “ethnic cleansing” or a genocide as all Anglophone Cameroonians are now considered as ‘terrorists’ and as such qualify for elimination, just because they are Anglophones.

We need to stop the imminent genocide. We, as a nation, need a change of orientation to forestall any further deterioration of the situation in the Anglophone Regions.

We call on all stakeholders to exercise restraint, develop a sense of respect for the truth and for human dignity and return to an inclusive and facilitated dialogue that will begin a process of national healing and reconciliation.”

The Bishops said the massive turnout of people on September 22 and October 1 has proven that: “The Anglophone Problem now truly touches the hearts of very many people in all villages, towns and cities of the Northwest and Southwest Regions, it is no longer just a problem of “a few disgruntled Anglophones at home and in the Diaspora, as some people have tried to play it down and it is no longer just a problem of lawyers and teachers, as it seemed to be from the outset last year.

At the moment, the Anglophone Problem can no longer be taken lightly or ignored. It needs urgent attention, to avoid the growing genocide.

People have lost loved ones to brutal killings and do not even know where some of their corpses are. Every individual who is killed increases the number of aggrieved persons and families, resentment and anger, which are very difficult to address.”

BAPEC Condemns Irrational Way Of Achieving Independence

Meanwhile, the Prelates condemned the intoxication and exploitation of the masses by restoration groups and the irrational marches into Government offices to arrest civil administrators to reclaim their territory on October 1.

To the Bishops, the results of this irrational and unfeasible move were torture, arrest and killing of so many people.

The clergy denounced biased reporting, military acrobatic display with the use of helicopters on civilians, the killing of peaceful demonstrators and the arrest and transfer of Anglophones to Yaoundé.

“This adds to those arrested earlier during the year whose release the populations have been requesting from the Government. This only makes a bad situation worse.

Citizens of these two Regions have been branded as terrorists and are being treated as such. It is hard to believe that the hundreds of thousands of children, men and women, who came out to demonstrate peacefully on September 22 and October 1 are all terrorists.

We shall soon all be considered terrorists. Anglophones living in Francophone Cameroon are now targets.

The military have broken into some of their homes, looted and arrested people. The mere fact of being an Anglophone now looks like a crime in itself.

Hypocrisy Of Cameroon’s MPs

“The very fact that the Presidents of the Senate and of the National Assembly organised a rally at the Reunification Monument in Yaoundé on the same October 1 under the pretext of celebrating National Unity, when the military was intimidating, torturing, arresting and killing people in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, can be considered a mockery of the Anglophones, who were literally under siege and brutality for daring to air the same concerns.

This is an indication that the Government is insensitive to their problems and welfare and that they do not belong.”  

Appeal For School Resumption

Meanwhile, the Prelates further stated that since all men ...have an inalienable right to education, all children in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon should be given the opportunity to continue formal education.

“The Church believes that the school as a place of learning should always remain open, no matter what problems the people are undergoing.

The reason is that learning is absolutely essential for the better mastery and resolution of the same problems. It is precisely because such problems can take years to resolve, the best way for children to be involved in the struggle is by being in school, by studying.

We urge and encourage everyone to stand by all the schools in our two Regions so that our children may not be left behind through our own fault.”

The Prelate urged Government to release all arrested Anglophones, return the corpses of those killed on September 22 and October 1 and demilitarised the two Regions.

“We condemn all forms of threats, intimidation, wanton arrests, torture, and killings. We call for honest and meaningful dialogue with the right people to determine the nature and form of the State to be undertaken as soon as possible...”

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bogus@bogus.com (Concord Essen) Headlines|FF0000 Mon, 09 Oct 2017 08:15:06 +0000
Barbarism against Southern Cameroonians: Barrister Agbor Balla issues statement http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/barbarism-against-southern-cameroonians-barrister-agbor-balla-issues-statement http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/barbarism-against-southern-cameroonians-barrister-agbor-balla-issues-statement Barrister Agbor Nkongho has decried the harassment, intimidations, beatings and inhumane treatment of


We know that we are all disturbed by the images of brutality, looting, arrests, inhumane treatment and violence upon peaceful. unarmed and harmless citizens by the military all across the North West and South West Regions.

We condemn with all energy, these acts of barbarism, irresponsible and unprofessional acts by the military. It is the duty of every soldier to protect, respect and defend every citizen.{loadposition myposition} 

Young and old, men and women are currently arrested from their homes, detained and transported to Yaounde. Some are forced to flee to farms and bushes to seek refuge, homes and properties have been destroyed and businesses reportedly looted.

Several families have been left in pain and hurt, not knowing the whereabouts of their loved ones, this is totally unacceptable in a nation that claims to respect human rights and all international conventions.

We strongly condemn the harassment of Anglophones in Yaounde and Douala. Cameroonians are free to live and work in any part of the country. No one should be stigmarised because they are Anglophones or Francophones. Freedom of association should not be selective!

There is no excuse for this, no words to describe the horror faced by the people, this must stop!

Nkongho Felix Agbor

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