Headlines|FF0000 http://cameroon-concord.com Sat, 24 Mar 2018 07:59:35 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon: Tension so rife again in the Southern and Northern Regions. http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-tension-so-rife-again-in-the-southern-and-northern-regions http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-tension-so-rife-again-in-the-southern-and-northern-regions Cameroon: Tension so rife again in the Southern and Northern Regions.

French tabloids must as a matter of urgency stop lies telling about what what is happening in the Southern Cameroon's. These incongruous write-ups is part of the cheap state propaganda and cheap blackmail that the state had paid French tabloids to carry out, in order to frustrate the Restorationist.

A French tabloids like Popouli and Messenger attempted in their folly comparing the Restoration forces to Boko Haram insurgents. If I may ask,What is the ideology of Boko Haram and What is the ideology of the Restoration forces of the Southern Cameroon's? Boko Haram insurgents assume that Western styled Education is evil and on the other hand,,the restoration forces have no link with the Boko Haram insurgents. If LA Republique Du Cameroun had accepted the glaring truth that can't be defaced or challenged,that resolution 1608 granting independence to British Cameroon's, this contraptions won't have been taking place.{loadposition myposition}

French tabloids writers have refused to learn historical trajectories and have been blinded by greed and avaricious intentions. The kidnappings that have become rampant and were made dramatic last Saturday have become a new way of obliging LA Republique Du Cameroun to the negotiation table and thus separation of ways. The purported 100 million francs claim has been rubbished and disclaimed by these restoration forces. No amount of money was requested from anybody and French tabloid writers should understand that no military approach can subdue the people of Southern Cameroon's.

Those kidnapped in Fontem, Alou and Lebialem was orchestrated by the obnoxiously, obnoxious attitude of LA Republique Du Cameroun, characterized by clandestinely transporting people to places to deceive public and international opinion. Why were students from Dschang University being ferried to Lebialem to stand and dance, pretentiously welcoming the newly appointed members of government, when they weren't from Lebialem? Prof Lekie Ivo Tambo was released unconditionally and given a letter to the regime. Paul Tasong narrowly escaped being picked up but his home at Alou got razed down by fire. He took refuge in the residence of the Senior Divisional officer for Lebialem Division. The former mayor of Alou, Fogap Pierre was wounded by bullets, when he was attempted clearing the mounted barricades Latter on some classes of the Saint Peter and Paul minor Seminary were gutted by fire.

Fire incidents also occurred in a school in Buea. Whenever fire accidents occurred in the Northern and Southern zones, the fires weren't an accident but acts of vandalism, perpetrated by Southern Cameroon's rebels but this same accidents occurring in French Cameroun, are tagged as electrical accidents caused by short circuits.

According to Ungithoh Zachary Cheikoh,the Senior Divisional officer for Lebialem, one hundred Million francs was requested. This is falsehood and lies telling, so common place with the poorly trained, educated and poorly oriented ENAM graduands. No franc was requested for the liberation of Professor Lekie Ivo Tambo. What caused his liberation is his poor health and advanced age.{loadposition myposition2}

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Biya's rare Cabinet meeting: Security, Decentralisation, 2018 Elections top Council of Ministers Session http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/biya-s-rare-cabinet-meeting-security-decentralisation-2018-elections-top-council-of-ministers-session http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/biya-s-rare-cabinet-meeting-security-decentralisation-2018-elections-top-council-of-ministers-session Biya's rare Cabinet meeting: Security, Decentralisation, 2018 Elections top Council of Ministers Session

 President Paul BIYA chaired a Council of Ministers meeting at the Unity Palace on Thursday 15 March 2018. This was the first contact with Members of Government after the 2nd  March cabinet reshuffle and the first of such cabinet meeting since 2015.

Below is Mr Biya's full speech at his rare cabinet meeting:




15 March 2018

 Mr. Prime Minister,

 Honourable Members of Government, You are welcome to Unity Palace on the occasion of this Council of Ministers Meeting which is taking place following the cabinet reshuffle of 2 March 2018. I would like to warmly congratulate those who have been newly promoted, as well as those who have been maintained.

Do strive to be worthy of the trust bestowed upon you! I urge you to work diligently so that, together, we meet the multiple challenges confronting our country. Our people expect nothing less from us.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Despite an unfavourable global economic context, the consolidation of our economic performance, the improvement of our people’s living conditions and the fight against unemployment must remain the Government’s core priorities. In this light, it is necessary to pursue the smooth implementation of the Programme concluded with the IMF.

There is also an urgent need to finalize the implementation of major structuring projects, the Emergency Growth Acceleration Plan and the Special Youth Plan. The operationalization of the Kribi Deep Sea Port and the second bridge over the Wouri augur well in that regard. 2 These and many other projects that have been or are soon to be completed may be commissioned this year. However, despite these excellent performances, we must not forget that much remains to be done. As I underscored recently in my message to the Nation, the Government should continue to put a special focus on outreach services, such as water and electricity supply, health, and road infrastructure.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I strongly reiterate my instructions on the need for judicious use of public resources, reduction of public spending and the fight against corruption. {loadposition myposition}

Each of you, in your respective spheres of competence, should rise to the performance challenge. The pursuit of the general interest and efficiency, solidarity, team spirit and respect for hierarchy, should guide your action at all times and in all circumstances; they constitute the standards by which you will be judged.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, Thanks to the firm action of our defence and security forces, we have been able to drastically curb the atrocities perpetrated by criminal groups in the Far North, North-West and South-West Regions. Efforts in that regard need to be continued, especially to ensure that economic and social activities return to normalcy. Our populations countrywide have continued to express their desire to be closely involved in running the affairs that directly impact their daily lives. The creation of the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development is geared towards speedily addressing these repeated calls.

In the short term, I am expecting detailed proposals and a timeline for fast-tracking the on-going decentralization process. 3 Several elections are scheduled for this year, starting with the senatorial elections which will be held in the days ahead. Necessary measures must be taken to ensure that they are conducted in total calm and security.

The effective establishment of the Constitutional Council, whose members have just taken the oath of office, is a further guarantee of our determination to forge ahead with our democratic process. The necessary resources must be provided to ensure its optimal functioning. I am pleased with the efforts made thus far regarding preparations for AFCON 2019. I urge the various government services concerned to step up these efforts for Cameroon, Africa and the world to celebrate a grand and excellent football festival.

 Mr. Prime Minister,  Honourable Members of Government, The daunting task devolving upon you requires the full and total commitment of each and every one of you. It is your duty to fully mobilize the human resources under your authority to provide concrete answers to the legitimate concerns of our people. Such is and should always be the ultimate goal of your action. Thank you for your attention.

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Anglophone Crisis, Sanctions May Push MTN Out Of Cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/anglophone-crisis-sanctions-may-push-mtn-out-of-cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/anglophone-crisis-sanctions-may-push-mtn-out-of-cameroon Anglophone Crisis, Sanctions May Push MTN Out Of Cameroon

MTN Group Ltd on Thursday March 9, said it is considering investing in countries such as Cameroon, classified by the group as “conflict markets.
In a recent review on its markets across Africa and the Middle East, the mobile-phone company states that is doing a spring clean of its empire in these countries.
According to the Group Chief Financial Officer, Ralph Mupita, the company plans to take “appropriate action” if any of these countries are not cash-flow positive.

Regarding Cameroon, Mupita said MTN received a $6.6 million fine from Cameroon’s telecommunications regulator and a one-year reduction in its license term for allegedly not complying with spectrum and subscriber registration regulations.
Mupita also revealed that the company was also ordered to disconnect 3 million subscribers.“It’s a big priority to resolve this in the near term,” Mupita said. “If it’s not resolvable, then it’s not resolvable. We want to find an amicable resolution to stay.
Cameroon’s government, it would be recalled, had exhorted mobile companies including MTN, to cut internet from subscribers, in an attempt to douse protests from English speaking Cameroonians. Despite pressures from rights groups and international organisations against the ban, government remained adamant. {loadposition myposition}
Government’s shutdown of internet in English speaking Cameroon had made life extremely difficult for millions of people in the country. Citizens in dire need of internet connectivity were forced beyond endurance to hunt for the high-tech communication technology in neighbouring cities making them to be tagged as internet refugees. The Internet blackout did not only slow down businesses but shut them out with associated heavy financial losses
A coalition of rights groups monitoring internet outage recently disclosed that Cameroon lost over $2.69 million during the internet shutdown.
Internet in Anglophone Cameroon, was partially restored on April 20, 2017, after three months blackout.
MTN Cameroon FY revenue falls due to lower subscriber base
MTN Cameroon’s total revenue in 2017 decreased by 6.6 percent on an organic basis to ZAR 5.38 billion, hit by the lower subscriber base and offset by 21.1 percent growth in data and a 27.4 percent rise in digital revenue. MTN still experienced a challenging operating environment, following the data shutdown and a slowdown in economic activity, which had a material impact on subscriber and revenue growth in the year.
The business suffered a number of operational challenges, too. The subscriber base closed the year at 7.1 million, after the disconnection of approximately 3.0 million subscribers in early October 2017 to comply with regulatory requirements on subscriber registration. The company had stated 9.45 million subscribers on 30 September and 9.87 million at end-2016.
Active Mobile Money customers increased 194.2 percent to 1.1 million, with revenue up 767 percent year-on-year
By Elah Geofrey with additional reports from Journal du Cameroon

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Cameroon: Paul Biya convenes a council of ministers on Thursday http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-paul-biya-convenes-a-council-of-ministers-on-thursday http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-paul-biya-convenes-a-council-of-ministers-on-thursday Cameroon: Paul Biya convenes a council of ministers on Thursday

Cameroon: Ministerial conference holding today, 15th of March,2018.

It's the first ministerial conference since the last ministerial appointment and cabinet reshuffle.
It must be noted that the last cabinet reshuffle took place on the 2nd of March,2018.
President Paul Biya shall be meeting the entire cabinet of ministers at the Presidential Palace at Etoudi.
Invited to this cabinet meeting are the following according to their ministerial rankings:
The Prime Minister
Vice Prime Minister.
Ministers of state.
Minister Delegate and secretary of States. {loadposition myposition}
The meeting is scheduled for 11am and shall entirely dwell on " The special Presidential press release, being the lone agenda."
It's worth noting that the last cabinet meeting, held on the 15th of October 2015,shortly after after the previous cabinet reshuffle of 2nd October, 2015.
During this cabinet meeting, President Paul Biya overwhelmingly prescribed to the ministers " The acceleration of work towards the very highly awaited African Nations cup tournaments for both women,scheduled for 2016 and Men, schedule for 2019."
Today's cabinet meeting shall be the first cabinet meeting for those newly appointed ministers.
Those newly appointed members of government are Joseph Le, Gaston Eloundu Essomba, Elanga Obam George, Paul Tasong and Nalova Lyonga.

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Cameroon: The Anglophone crisis: The Brigade Commander of the Nguti Gendarmerie Brigade killed by restoration forces. http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-the-anglophone-crisis-the-brigade-commander-of-the-nguti-gendarmerie-brigade-killed-by-restoration-forces http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-the-anglophone-crisis-the-brigade-commander-of-the-nguti-gendarmerie-brigade-killed-by-restoration-forces Cameroon: The Anglophone crisis: The Brigade Commander of the Nguti Gendarmerie Brigade killed by restoration forces.

Guy Robert Berlin Lontsi died as a result of the heavy gun battle that erupted between forces of LA Republique Du Cameroun and the restoration forces on Tuesday the 13th of March, 2018, in Nguti , a locality in the South West Region. This happened in the wee hours of the morning as the restoration forces stormed the Gendarmerie brigade, armed to teeth.{loadposition myposition}

From 6am to 11 am, the forces of LA Republique Du Cameroun and the restoration forces confronted headlong in Nguti. This deadly confrontation saw the killing of the Brigade Commander, Guy Robert Berlin Lontsi, recently appointed to Nguti.

He was heavily wounded during the brutal confrontation with the restoration forces and died afterward in the hospital. A student Gendarmerie element was equally wounded and it's reported that three of the restoration forces were overpowered by the forces of LA Republique Du Cameroun and their weapons seized.{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: Anglophone crisis: Two Gendarmes killed in Songwa. http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-anglophone-crisis-two-gendarmes-killed-in-songwa http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-anglophone-crisis-two-gendarmes-killed-in-songwa Cameroon: Anglophone crisis: Two Gendarmes killed in Songwa.

Two Gendarmerie elements were killed on Sunday after their check point was destroyed by restoration forces defending the territory of Southern Cameroon's. {loadposition myposition}These two had left their post to answer to nature's call and were repelled by the restoration forces. The military also lost weaponery namely: AK 47 and Fal to the restoration forces.{loadposition myposition2}


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EU MP calls on the European Union to engage in the release of Ambazonia leaders http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/eu-mp-calls-on-the-european-union-to-engage-in-the-release-of-ambazonia-leaders http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/eu-mp-calls-on-the-european-union-to-engage-in-the-release-of-ambazonia-leaders EU MP calls on the European Union to engage in the release of Ambazonia leaders

The Most quoted resolution 1608 of the United Nations General Assembly of 1961 that granted independence to British Southern Cameroon's is now quoted by the European Union obliging the Satanic regime of Paul Biya to deescalate the very tense sociopolitical climate heightened by the savage militia or thugs that have burnt down homes,villages, burnt human beings in their sleep as well carted away money and belongings like fridges, mattresses, television sets,,bikes and vehicles.

The European parliament has requested for a very heavy hand on treating the excesses of the Biya's regime. The European Union has started categorically that the illegal kidnapping of the Government of Ambazonia in Nigeria wasn't the right approach in handling the crisis that started in 2016.{loadposition myposition}

From the European Union headquarters in Brussels, a political lobbying group led by Frederica Mogherini has requested that the European Union as economic partners with the African, Caribbean and Pacific Nations could insert enormous pressure both financially as well as economically.

This pressure group is obliging the unconditional and immediate release of the members of the Southern Cameroon's leaders from the stinkingly dirty detention centers across French speaking Cameroun. According to him it's imperative to stop this crisis before it spreads like wild fire across the gulf of Guinea.

" The European Union Commission has the mandate to mediate and resolve conflicts affecting their partners in a manner of objectivity and neutrality" This task equally involves the former colonial masters who have an obligation to ensure peace. Arne Gericke, the coordinator of MEP GRATUIT ELECTEURS and the Coordinator of the group ECR have asked the ACP delegation to the European Union for the promotion of autonomy to be state fast.

Ambazonia has become the latest hot spot in Africa and demands the muscular intervention of the former colonial masters so that peace can reign. It must be recalled that the African Union through the Human Right Court for arbitration ruled in favour of the peoples of Ambazonia. This ruling asked LA Republique Du Cameroun to withdraw both its administrators and its military from the territory of Southern Cameroon's.

This is because they are a people with a right to self determination and self actualization. "The European Union has a particular responsibility towards the people of the Anglophone regions of Cameroon".{loadposition myposition2}

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Senatorial election in Cameroon 2018 http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/senatorial-election-in-cameroon-2018 http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/senatorial-election-in-cameroon-2018 Senatorial election in Cameroon 2018

The Electoral Commission of Elecam has published the list of candidates and the list with the majority carries the day. The Electoral Commission of the Elections Cameroon has just published the list of retained candidates for the March 25 Senatorial election. Following the list of 42 deposited by nine political parties by nine political parties that indicated their willingness to participate in the Senatorial election, only 36 were retained and 5 were rejected.

The Social Democratic Front, the main opposition party has withdrawn its list from the Central Region. The list of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement and her ally,UNDP of Bello Bouba Maigari had retained their list in ten regions. The Social Democratic Front of John Fru Ndi shall contest in 5 regions: Adamawa, Centre, Littoral, North West, South West and West. ANDP( The National Alliance for Democracy and Progress of Hamadou Mustapha has been retained to contest in four regions (Far North, Littoral, South and South West) The CDU ( The Cameroon Democratic Union) of Adamou Ndam Njoya is retained to present candidates in( Littoral and West) UPC( Cameroon's People's Union) The emblematic political party is contesting in two regions ( Centre and Littoral) The National Salvation Front of Isa Tchorima Bakary another ally of the CPDM is contesting in the North.{loadposition myposition}

UDP and UMS that aren't represented in the senate are presenting candidates only in a single region, that is in the North West for UDP and West for UMS. MRC of Maurice Kamto sees it as a miscarriage of justice and chasing of shadows because the present sociopolitical climate does not support such masquerade taking place tagged elections.

It's the only political party represented in the National Assembly that has opted for a boycott of the elections. It should be recalled that the senatorial college had been summoned for the 25th of March, 2018. The Senatorial election in Cameroon only vies for 70 seats as the president of the Republic has the latitude to appoint 30 persons to make up the 100 senate chamber.{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: Victims of the cabinet rebrand attempt jumping out of the Country. http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-victims-of-the-cabinet-rebrand-attempt-jumping-out-of-the-country http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-victims-of-the-cabinet-rebrand-attempt-jumping-out-of-the-country Cameroon: Victims of the cabinet rebrand attempt jumping out of the Country.

Atangana Kouna stopped net from jumping out of Cameroon for fear of the unknown, mostly believed to be Kondengui central Prison for his embezzlement charges Corruption and total abuse of Finances by Ministers in Cameroon are always that giant trap that catches up with them as nemesis. If Atangana Kouna was told that someday moving out this carelessly drawn triangle, called Cameroon was going to be a near impossibility, he won't have admitted even in his wildest dream.

Today Atangana Kouna was stopped from boarding a plane destined for France. It's saddening that most African Ministers are empty headed and so callous minded, so much so that they fail to understand that they are mere servants, called to serve the state in their various ministerial portfolio.{loadposition myposition}

The case of Cameroon is so pathetic and regretting because most Ministers aren't audited by an external auditing firm so as to ascertain how much was granted as the budget and how much wasn't dispensed for use as credits? Struggling to smuggle himself out using the Turkish Airlines this morning.

It's certainly as a result of the development in the residence of his friend, brother and former minister like him, Mebe Ngo'o that had been placed on super surveillance, that he thought of jumping the boat of turbulent waves and troubled waters. Atangana Kouna has now been placed in a house arrest and prohibited from receiving well wishers in his residence. The entire frontier post and Police have been firmly instructed by the head of state through the Inspector General of National Security to stop these excessively illegal enriched moguls.{loadposition myposition2}

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Anglophone Crisis: Cameroon- Corpse of a Gendarme officer discovered in Mundemba http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/anglophone-crisis-cameroon-corpse-of-a-gendarme-officer-discovered-in-mundemba http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/anglophone-crisis-cameroon-corpse-of-a-gendarme-officer-discovered-in-mundemba Anglophone Crisis: Cameroon- Corpse of a Gendarme officer discovered in Mundemba

The unfortunate victim got missing after the very fierce battle that took place on the 27th of February, 2018 at Ikassa that saw the death of three restoration forces. The corpse of the gendarme was recovered on Friday, the 2nd of March,2018, not far off the locality of Mundemba, Ndian division of the South West Region.{loadposition myposition}

The sub officer of the Gendarmerie was presumably killed by the restoration forces before dumping his corpse into the steam. According to media reports, there was a bloody confrontation between the restoration forces and scouts of LA Republique Du Cameroun in Ikassa. Two Gendarmes were missing since the 27th of February following an attack on the Marine by close to fifty restoration forces.

Gendarmes were therefore deplored in Mundemba. It was after this incident that these two Gendarmes got missing. Three presumed restoration forces were killed on that fateful day.{loadposition myposition2} 

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