Headlines|FF0000 http://cameroon-concord.com Sun, 27 May 2018 21:30:06 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Anglophone crisis: Black Friday in Pinyin, Santa subdivision http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/anglophone-crisis-black-friday-in-pinyin-santa-subdivision http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/anglophone-crisis-black-friday-in-pinyin-santa-subdivision Anglophone crisis: Black Friday in Pinyin, Santa subdivision

Over 20 persons have been killed in Menka, Pinyin in Santa subdivision, after indiscriminate firing of guns at a crowd by the military at a Motel in that area.

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The armed forces invaded the area, shooting and killing everyone around the vicinity. Those who fled the compound at that time only came back later on to find lifeless bodies all over the place.

According to what Cameroon Concord gathered, security forces invaded the motel where they were made to believe that Ambazonian fighters were hiding.

It consequently happened that they arrived the compound when the fighters had left as reports have it.

The victims of the shooting were all boys including an 18 year old girl. Others who got injured were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

In reaction to the killings, Barrister Agbor Balla, president of the Fako lawyers association said “Pinyin, Bali, Batibo our hearts are with you during this painful moment. Seeing images of more than 40 youths dead in 48 hours. We must stand up together as one and reverse this senseless war. The barrister said.

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Cameroon: Minister of External relations tells US Ambassador to respect Cameroonians http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-minister-of-external-relations-tells-us-ambassador-to-respect-cameroonians http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-minister-of-external-relations-tells-us-ambassador-to-respect-cameroonians Cameroon: Minister of External relations tells US Ambassador to respect Cameroonians

According to the minister of External relations Le Jeune Mbella Mbella, the US ambassador, Peter Henry Balerin, was wrong in making negative statements about the Cameroonian armed forces fighting in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

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The minister revealed in a declaration which he made on 22 May 2018 that, the soldiers fighting in the two English speaking Regions of Cameroon, are doing their job with professionalism.

He debunked every information that is circulating about the misbehaviour of the security forces in the Anglophone Regions.

Reacting to the accusations against him, the US Ambassador said, his statements were misinterpreted by the press.

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Cameroon: Mayor of Bangem abducted by Ambazonian fighters. http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-mayor-of-bangem-abducted-by-ambazonian-fighters http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-mayor-of-bangem-abducted-by-ambazonian-fighters Cameroon: Mayor of Bangem abducted by Ambazonian fighters.

The Mayor of the Bangem council, Ekuh Simon and his deputy Enongene Epie Manga, have been abducted by armed men suspected to be Ambazonian fighters.

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Mayor Ekuh and his deputy are reported to have been taken hostage because they had been trying to convince youths of that area to take part in the 20th May celebrations.

In videos circulating on social media, the two men are seen seated in a forest with their hands tied behind their backs and guns pointing at them.

The abduction took place in the village of Ndibsi in Bangem subdivision, and the kidnappers said no one in that area should take part in the march past, else the two men would be killed.

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US ambassador accuses Cameroon of human rights violations http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/us-ambassador-accuses-cameroon-of-human-rights-violations http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/us-ambassador-accuses-cameroon-of-human-rights-violations US ambassador accuses Cameroon of human rights violations

The US ambassador to Cameroon has accused the Biya regime of gross human rights violations in fight against Anglophone separatists in the two English-speaking regions of the nation.

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Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin made accusation in a state on the website of the US embassy in Cameroon after meeting President Paul Biya on Thursday.

"On the side of the government, there have been targeted killings, detentions without access to legal support, family, or the Red Cross, and burning of the separatists, and burning and looting of villages," he has discussed with Biya.

"On the side of the separatists, there have been murders of gendarmes, kidnapping of government officials, and burning of schools," he has added.

The US diplomat however appreciated the historic decision by Cameroon to investigate an alleged case of torture by government forces. He lauded Defence Minister Joseph BetiAssomo's recent communique about eventual punishment for military men who tortured a suspected separatist to death recent.

"We continue to call on both sides to stop the violence immediately. I asked the President to use his leadership to encourage both sides to listen to each other. One cannot have a dialogue until both sides are willing to listen to the others point of view," he pointed out.

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2018 election in Cameroon: Did US ambassador ask Biya to step? http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/2018-election-in-cameroon-did-us-ambassador-ask-biya-to-step http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/2018-election-in-cameroon-did-us-ambassador-ask-biya-to-step 2018 election in Cameroon: Did US ambassador ask Biya to step?

US ambassador to Cameroon has technically advised President Paul Biya to step down. Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin made the revelation in a statement on the website of his embassy following a meeting with Cameroon's strong man.

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The two men met in Yaounde on Thursday.

He said he told Mr Biya to think of leaving a legacy and proposed that he should follow the example of Nelson Mandela and George Washington.

"Finally, the President and I discussed upcoming elections. I suggested to the President that he should be thinking about his legacy and how he wants to be remembered in the history books to be read by generations to come, and proposed that George Washington and Nelson Mandela were excellent models" Ambassador Barlerin has revealed.

Mr Biya has been in power since 1982, apparently unwilling to hand over the mantle to someone else. By contrast, Nelson Mandela voluntarily stepped down as first black president of South Africa after his very first mandate.

George Washington in a similar spirit set the pace in US democracy by stepping aside after his two terms in office as first president of one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Cameroon looks forward to organising presidential election later in the year. Mr Biya is likely going to stand again after more than three and half decades in office.

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Anglophone Crisis: Cameroon admits human rights abuses for first time  http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/anglophone-crisis-cameroon-admits-human-rights-abuses-for-first-time http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/anglophone-crisis-cameroon-admits-human-rights-abuses-for-first-time Anglophone Crisis: Cameroon admits human rights abuses for first time 

Cameroon's defence minister has admitted for the very first time that his men have violated human rights in their handling of the unrest in the English-speaking part of the nation.

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Joseph BetiAssomo made the confession recently in Yaounde, days after a suspected Ambazonian separatist was tortured beyond repair by the armed forces.

Images circulating on social media featured a man being kicked, beaten, and rolled in mud by men in uniform.

While some sources believed the suspected separatist, popularly known as General, did not survive the torture, the minister stayed silent on the topic.

Mr Assomo revealed that the soldiers will be held accountable, as investigations are being carried out.

Cameroon has denied previous claims of the use of excessive force on Anglophone separatists and civilians. Several rights groups have criticised Mr Biya's approach to the unrest in Southern Cameroons.

Scores of civilians are believed to have been shot and killed, beaten to death, tortured to death in detention, and a lot more. Allegations that the Biya regime has all rubbished.

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Pan-African parliament: Roger Nkodo Dang re-elected president http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/pan-african-parliament-roger-nkodo-dang-re-elected-president http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/pan-african-parliament-roger-nkodo-dang-re-elected-president Pan-African parliament: Roger Nkodo Dang re-elected president

The Cameroonian, Roger Nkodo Dang, has been re-elected the president of the Pan-African parliament.

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The elections took place in South Africa and he won with 132 votes, while his runner up Mostafa El-Gendy of Egypt had 47 out of 224 votes.

This re-election in which he won an absolute majority, reveals that the Cameroon is popular and trusted by African parliamentarians despite a hostile campaign notably from members of the Southern African caucus.

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Cameroon-senatorial appointments: Senators vow to fight for Biya's stay in power http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-senatorial-appointments-senators-vow-to-fight-for-biya-s-stay-in-power http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-senatorial-appointments-senators-vow-to-fight-for-biya-s-stay-in-power Cameroon-senatorial appointments: Senators vow to fight for Biya's stay in power

Paul Biya, made public on Thursday 12 April 2018, a list of 30 appointed senators, to add to the 70 elected ones on 25 March, and a host of these recently appointed individuals say, they will do everything for Biya to stay in power.

After, the announcement of Biya's appointments, the homes of the appointed ones became flooded with people coming from all over, to congratulate them.

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Media organs were equally present to get first hand reactions from the 8 newly appointed and 22 reappointed senators, who expressed immense satisfaction.

"I'm expressing my gratitude to the head of State, and I will do everything to keep earning his trust.  I will start sensitising the population in my Division and Region, to have themselves registered on electoral lists. I will do everything I can so that the president is re-elected, so that great accomplishments should continue to be a reality." Mpongmoni Jean Marie told the CRTV.



Mohaman Gabdo, Moussa Sambo, Djaratou Mohamadou


Alirou Mamadou, Daouda Oumarou, Mme Hadjidjatou



Nkodo Laurent, Mpongmoni Jean Marie, Mbida Mvondo Albert




Bihina Eloundou Floribert, Abanda Metogo Valère, Abessolo Nomo Thierry Martial




Ze Nguelé Réné, Diwala Moni Hilarion, Aboui Marlyse




Aleokol Jean Marie, Voumia Rigobert, Gbwa Zacharie


Extreme Nord


Mahamat Bahar Manouf, Dakollé Daïssalla, Babaya Chefchef




Essena Mahamat, Daroue Jean Claude, Moustapha Halilou



Madiba Songue,Etame Massoma David Siegfried,Ngayap Pierre Flambeau




Essombadje Patrice, Celestin Ketchanga, Mme Ngossing epse Dikobo




Aboubakari Abdoulaye, Hayatou Aïcha Pierette, Boubakari Ousmanou




Bouba Samari Bernard, Mohamadou Bayero Fadil, Nihi Dawaye




Fon Doh Ganyonga III, Fon Chafa Issac, Mme Regina Mundi




Djadje Manu Guy Dado, Atanga Charles, Aga Martin Kum




Mbombo Njoya Ibrahim, Ndjomo Kamga Honorée, Niat Njifennji Marcel




Paboutam Mariatou epse Montapon, Kamdem Didier, Ouembe Ken Samuel.




Ngally Ngoua Pierre Henri, Menye Ondo François Xavier, Bisseck Paulette



Mme Ndo Angeline, Edou Emmanuel, Oyono Robert



Fon Mukete Essimi Ngo Victor, Chief Anja Simon Onjwo, Leke Bessongo Akemfor




Mambe Aniece, Monono Humphrey Ekema, Mbou Lucie

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Ambazonian Fighters Arrest Divisional Officer for Wabane in Lebialem Division http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/ambazonian-fighters-arrest-divisional-officer-for-wabane-in-lebialem-division http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/ambazonian-fighters-arrest-divisional-officer-for-wabane-in-lebialem-division Ambazonian Fighters Arrest Divisional Officer for Wabane in Lebialem Division

The Divisional Officer for Wabane in Lebialem Division has been arrested by restoration forces while he was driving through the locality of Ashong, in Batibo LGA this 3rd of April 2018 about 2pm.

The arrest was conducted by a group that is yet to be identified and the administrator has been ferried to an unknown destination.{loadposition myposition}

Eyewitness accounts indicate that the DO was pulled out of his car as he was passing through the village and whisked away by the heavily armed restoration forces.

Details on this story will be reported as more news trickles in.


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Chinese visit: Biya, back in Cameroon but through Switzerland http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/chinese-visit-biya-back-in-cameroon-but-through-switzerland http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/chinese-visit-biya-back-in-cameroon-but-through-switzerland Chinese visit: Biya, back in Cameroon but through Switzerland

After their official stay of 72 hours in the People's Republic of China, the Cameroonian presidential couple did not spend much time outside of the country as usual, as they are already back in the nations capital, even though they didn't forget to make a stop in Switzerland.

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Having left Cameroon on Sunday 18 March 2018, the head of State arrived back in the country at about 6pm on Monday 26 March 2018. He was from Switzerland, where he had made a stop after leaving China.

Paul Biya and his delegation were on a visit to China which ran from 22 to 24 March 2018.

Apart from the private discussions the two heads of States had, the Cameroonian leader, met with the Chinese prime minister, the president of the local National assembly, and many other influential actors from around the world.

"Where ever the head of state went to, he received a warm welcome. The outcome of this visit is a very positive one. This visit has strengthened the links between Yaounde and Beijing after the signing of a number of accords" sources from the communication unit at the presidency of the republic commented.

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