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LA liga, the Spanish Professional Football league and the Cameroon Professional Football league have signed a partnership contract aimed at improving the game in Cameroon. This collaboration shall be enhanced as well as conjointly carried out for mutual understanding and benefits.

The partnership contract was made public on Monday the 12th of March,2018, at the Headquarters of the Spanish football Institute, cum Spanish Football Federation. This contract was cosigned by Tebas, the President of the Spanish Football Federation and Pierre Semengue, the President of the Cameroon Professional Football League.

On the basis of this contract, the Spanish League shall play the role of technical advisers to their Cameroonian counterpart on different matters concerning the efficient and effective management of this sporting discipline. This advice shall be in the domain of raising finances through the sourcing of vibrant sponsors, marketing, corporate social responsibility,conception and actualization of sports infrastructure and security at sports complexes.

On other hand, the Spanish football league, LA liga shall benefit in the sourcing of raw talent by understanding the youthful exuberant football enthusiasts and the attitude as well as behavior of football fans in Cameroon.

Guy Robert Berlin Lontsi died as a result of the heavy gun battle that erupted between forces of LA Republique Du Cameroun and the restoration forces on Tuesday the 13th of March, 2018, in Nguti , a locality in the South West Region. This happened in the wee hours of the morning as the restoration forces stormed the Gendarmerie brigade, armed to teeth.

From 6am to 11 am, the forces of LA Republique Du Cameroun and the restoration forces confronted headlong in Nguti. This deadly confrontation saw the killing of the Brigade Commander, Guy Robert Berlin Lontsi, recently appointed to Nguti.

He was heavily wounded during the brutal confrontation with the restoration forces and died afterward in the hospital. A student Gendarmerie element was equally wounded and it's reported that three of the restoration forces were overpowered by the forces of LA Republique Du Cameroun and their weapons seized.

The special high level envoy from Nigeria has reportedly stormed Yaoundé aimed at warning LA Republique Du Cameroun to warn its poorly trained and poorly educated Beti scouts to stop the illicit incursions into Nigeria by the Gendarmes and the beast tagged BIR.

This high level envoy from Nigeria has come at a time when the sociopolitical crisis rocking the Nation has gotten worse.

The British Southern Cameroon's case has ridiculed the international community as it has become common place to know that British Southern Cameroon's had its independence on the 21st of July 1961.

The illegally incarcerated people of Southern Cameroon's have a right to their sovereignty and this isn't negotiable.

Atangana Paul Nji had made so much noise about his ability to fight against the Secessionists as well as terminate this menace that has rocked LA Republique Du Cameroun.

The Batibo battleground has humiliated the scouts of LA Republique Du Cameroun and has silenced the so much noise that Atangana Paul Nji made when he promised Paul Biya to deliver.

Atangana Paul Nji has come to realize there is a limit to folly and there is a limit to stupidity as his controversial ban on motorbikes instead has made matters worse.

Now with confusion looming everywhere 

Atangana Paul Nji is in a position of dilemma as every move that he has taken hasn't made things better.

Shockingly and frustratingly Atangana Paul Nji made falsehood declarations that LA Republique Du Cameroun has only lost twenty seven scouts since this heavily misguided war was launched.

Is Atangana Paul Nji's place to declare the number of the scouts who have been killed since this illegal war was declared?

Why is LA Republique Du Cameroun afraid to announce the actual number of their scouts that have been slain and why is LA Republique Du Cameroun afraid to announce that she has hired Chadians and South African mercenaries to help them in this fake war?

In 2017, a survey carried out by one of La Republique du Cameroun’s tabloid ‘Le Quotidien de l’economie’ showed that the Cameroons’ economy, was losing billons due to the ongoing revolutionary conflict in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia. An economist of LRC origin, Dieudonné Essomba, stated in the report that Southern Cameroons play a very strategic role in the colonial economy, and argued that the disruption of economic activities in Ambazonia through the ghost towns and boycotts could only lead to a bleak economic future for the colonial economy.

Citing the Southern Zone of Ambazonia for instance, Essomba asserted that it is undoubtedly the most nutritive economic feeding bottle for LRC, considering its oil production activities, huge agro-industries like CDC and PAMOL, Timber exploitation, production of Cocoa beans and other big economic activities. The economic sabotage MUST now take centre stage.

Abdourahman puts FECAFOOT and FIFA once more on heat as he takes his case once more to the arbitration Committee Football in Zurich,Switzerland.

Football is supposed to be apolitical and void of government interference but that of Cameroon is overtly politicked and has caused Cameroon football a lot of trouble.

Abdourahman the President of Etiole Filante of Garoua, one of those who with the desire of fighting the cause of righting the wrongs that FECAFOOT has chosen to fight this cause till the end.

According to Abdourahman extending the mandate of the Normalization committee for another six months is abnormal and abnormal and is a violation of the original purpose or plan of FIFA.

The petition written to the football arbitration Committee is aimed at seeing the prolongation annulled.

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