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The house of clowns have once more dramatized their acts of folly. To have maintained the same faces and persons in their respective bureau doesn't make any sense or doesn't make it look democratic. Must a consensus list of the CPDM party nominees for any position in the National Assembly come from the Presidency?

If the answer is yes, then there isn't any need to have either the legislative or the Judiciary arms of government in Cameroon? No wonder the state of Cameroon is suffocating under the weight of a bad leader. How can the speaker of the National Assembly be allowed to be in the Parliament for 48 years and 26 years as the President of the National Assembly? 140 parliamentarians voted Cavaye Yeguie Djibril as the Speaker of the National Assembly and 18 null votes. The First vice presidents is Hilarion Etong and five other vice Presidents, four Questor's and twelve secretaries that were already voted in 2017. 


The parliamentarians were summoned for the March Parliamentary session that's generally meant for the the reconstitution of the bureau of the National Assembly. The 6th of March shall witness a joint session of both the Senate and the National Assembly, in order to receive the 11 newly appointed members of the Constitutional council, being the first in Cameroon. 


Sunday, 04 March 2018 13:21

Cameroon: Emmanuel René Sadi's Archives

After seven years as the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Emmanuel René Sadi expresses his gratitude to Paul Biya for haven appointed him to work at the Presidency in charge of Special duties. Edgar Mebe Ngo'o and Rene Emmanuel Sadi have always been presented to public opinion as the possible successors of Paul Biya.

If Edgar Mebe Ngo'o has suddenly fallen from grace to grass, following the government reshuffle of the 2nd of March 2018 by the President of the Republic, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, as for him falls amongst those ruling the Country. Being the former Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM, the political party in power,gives directives within government hierarchy. After seven years as the minister of territorial administration and decentralization, Rene Emmanuel Sadi was yesterday appointed, minister in charge of special duties at the Presidency of the Republic. A position he has occupied for two years between 2009 and 2011. 


Before then he had worked or occupied a similar position before the coming to power of Paul Biya, as Assistant Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency. He is therefore honoured to be going back to work at the Unity Palace or to the Etoudi Quarter in Yaoundé, a house that he knows all the corners and corridors. " its thirty years that I have been around the president of the Republic. He has trusted me and has given very key positions of responsibility such as the ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization for seven years. I believe that evidently I have not disappointed him in that portfolio.

I have learned tremendously, abundantly received gifts during working sessions, through all he could do across the national territory. I wish to sincerely and abundantly thank the head of state of the Republic of Cameroon for everything. Today the head of state has decided to reappoint me to be besides him. It's a mark of great esteem, it's a mark of trust to be reappointed once more to work at the Presidency.

According to me it's of great joy and great satisfaction. It's a house that I know so well. I have lived my entirely life in this house. I have lived my entire life working as Senior Administrative staff and its the experience that I shall live anew that I will meet and feel working at proximity with the President of the Republic, which is certainly very motivating. Certainly I am so happy. I am going to give my at most best as usual to be at the best to merit such confidence and trust" This was the joyous declaration of Rene Emmanuel Sadi immediately the cabinet reshuffle was made. 


Following the turbulent waves ignited by the Anglophone crisis, Paul Biya appoints for the first time an Anglophone as Minister of Territorial Administration and Secondary Education. The President of the Republic appointed ministers from the Anglophone regions to key positions in government.

Unfortunately this strive to quell the ravaging crisis rocking the very foundation of the nation has failed because its timing is too late and its effect of too little effect. It's for the very first time that the emblematic ministry of Territorial Administration is being headed by an Anglophone according to the Presidential decree signed on the 2nd of March, 2018.

Paul Biya did choose Paul Atanga Nji to occupy this important portfolio. Minister in charge of special duties at the Presidency for more than ten years,as well as the permanent secretary of the National Security Council. He was born in Bamenda in 1960. This banker represent the central opposing figure to John Fru Ndi's Social Democratic Front in the region. 


It's by chance that Atanga Nji Paul is the President of the Mezam 1 Section President of the CPDM. His promotion sounds as a response to the revindication made by the Anglophones that has rocked the nation. Amongst the revindication sent to the authorities in Yaoundé during this sociopolitical crisis rocking the North West and South West Regions for more than one and half year,the absence of the peoples of Anglosaxon culture in key positions was glaring and worth complained. Another Anglophone appointed to a key ministry is Madam Nalova Lyonga Pauline Egbe, former Vice Chancellor of the university of Buea.

This University don appointed in 2017 as the Board Chair of the Douala General Hospital is a native of Buea of the South West Region of Cameroon. The choices of appointment aren't unrelated to the upcoming Senatorial election, Municipal elections, Parliamentary and Presidential Elections. 


In Cameroon, the most recent arrestations orchestrated by the forces of Lawlessness and disorder within the ranks of embittered teachers has infuriated the opposition " There is a very large proportion of infuriated persons amongst the intended Presidential candidates of the forth coming Presidential elections that tentatively shall hold either on the 14 of September or the 14th of October 2018. 


If Akere Muna presented by his militants as a serious alternative to President Paul Biya, who was the first candidate to postulate as a Presidential Candidate for 2018, has overwhelmingly condemned the arrestation of the teachers who are only asking for their rights. "According to Muna ,the arrestation of these teachers doing, revindication for their rights, demonstrates that the government hasn't learnt any lessons from the Anglophone crisis" "Using the strong primitive repressive hand to resolve a crisis invokes radicalism and the consequences are calamitous" After the declaration of Akere Muna then came those of Serge Espoir Matomba of Puts, Joshua Osih of the Social Democratic Front and Maurice Kamto who unanimously and unequivocally condemned the arrestation of the teachers as instructed by the brutish Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seal and the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization.

It's worth recalling that in the morning of the 27th of February, 2018, a group of teachers, members of a teachers Trade union made up of the newly recruited teachers of Cameroon, abbreviated ( NCEIC) had staged a public manifestation in Yaoundé. This manifestation was peaceful and was at the esplanade of the Ministry of Finance. These teachers were protesting against a protracted accumulation of their arrears and the non payment of their allowances as well as the non respect of the teachers status dating over 20 years. After the demonstration, 56 teachers were arrested, that is 49 male teachers and 7 female teachers. 


Electricity theft is a common practice is well established or accustomed in Cameroon. As we can see from the image taken from a garage in Yaoundé. This garage is situated in the 1st District of Yaoundé. Located precisely in the Olembe Quarter that has operated for years without the proprietor paying a single bill and does not have a legal meter. 

  This young Entrepreneur from the West Region admitted that he was doing good business, though not footing his electricity bills. The electricity cable that hangs above a truck that leaned directly on an electricity poll that does recording. In broad day light and seen by all passersby, the garage operator isn't bothered. His garage is run quietly and its activities are unperturbed. On the spot, it was revealed that the said garage has functioned for four years. It was by chance that an agent of Eneo coincidentally saw it. From them an old bill 2000 FRS or 5000 as shown by the entrepreneur. Very few garages bother to register their garages on the Customer data base at Eneo, according to a source from an enterprise, whereas they exercise all categories of activities that often badly need electricity. 

The weak have been transformed into uncontestable traitors and time killers. Paul Biya installs three close collaborators within the his close collaborators in a manner that facilities the precipitation of the head of state in governance. The Close collaborators of the President of the Republic are as follows: Ngoh Ngoh Ferdinand: 

  Minister, Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic aged 56

. Diplomat Elung Che Paul, assistant Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, aged 49, Treasury Inspector.

Cabinet: Mvondo Ayolo Samuel: Minister Director of the Civil Cabinet, 61 years Former Ambassador. Bakoke Oswald:

Minister Delegate at the Director of Civil Cabinet, Diplomat, aged 46 The used personalities who are leaving the presidency but retained as Ministers are

: Atanga Nji Paul appointed Minister of Territorial Administration 58 years.



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