Newly Appointed Ambazonian President, Dr. Emmanuel Tita Resigns

Dr. Tita Emmanuel, the president of the faction of the Interim Government of Ambazonia has just resigned.  Barely a few days into power, the newly appointed president decided to let go of his position.

He was elected president of the Interim Government (IG) on February 17 by a dissident faction of the Ambazonian movement fighting for the independence of the people of Southern Cameroons. Today February 22, 2022, Dr Tita Emmanuel, a pharmacist based in Florida in the USA ??, gave up his post.

In his letter of resignation, Dr. Tita explains:


Dear Compatriots, I joined this revolution like most of you to fight the enemy, take our country back and fight anything and anyone who stands in our way. I was one of those who believed that the Restoration Council had a genuine case against the President as presented by some of our compatriots, and I believed that if properly impeached he should be replaced but I was mistaken. I am objective, and I believe in institutions and in the supremacy of the constitution. I engaged in this process of change - the purported nomination and election to the office of President of Ambazonia, to replace our current President, with the belief that it was the right thing to do, but with the intention to also investigate and be sure that history will not put me on the wrong side. Fellow compatriots, I have some alarming discoveries which have caused me to reconsider my judgment today.

My conscience will not allow me to continue in what appears to be an enterprise of hate that has the propensity to destroy our struggle Iota free homeland. I discovered after close observation and investigation that most of what Chairman KOMETA and his group based their so-called impeachment on were innuendos and fabrication.

I was not given a single credible proof. And from the integrity of my heart, I have decided that I won't be part of a project founded on lies. I believe that our house - the IG needs some fixes. I also believe that the struggle needs some fixes, but we can not do these through hate and self-destruction. I want to ask Ambazonians or anyone who thought before now, that I thing the wrong side to forgive toe. But I also believe that if I didn't do this, I probably wouldn't have discovered the true intentions of the masterminds of these enterprises of hate against our struggle. Some time in the future I will speak to you and others in greater detail about toy discoveries and all the reasons that informed toy decision to withdraw from the flawed process of replacing the president of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia Dr. Samuel lkome Sako; and even if our intentions were good and the process wasn't flawed, and everything was done in full legality and constitutionality, toy family's security is paramount at this time.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and understanding.

Emmanuel NJI TITA, PHARM.D, RPH SoS of the Department of HSS. (A.KA. Interim President-Elect )-

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022 CC,

The President Of FRA

The Restoration Council

The Ethics Committee

The Cabinet of FRA

The People of Ambazonia

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